China Tests Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon of All Time

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Submitted by Zachary Zeck via The National Interest,

China conducted a flight test of its new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) this month.

This week, Bill Gertz reported that earlier this month, China conducted the fourth flight test of its DF-41 road-mobile ICBM.

“The DF-41, with a range of between 6,835 miles and 7,456 miles, is viewed by the Pentagon as Beijing’s most potent nuclear missile and one of several new long-range missiles in development or being deployed,” Gertz reports.

He goes on to note that this is the fourth time in the past three years that China has tested the DF-41, indicating that the missile is nearing deployment. Notably, according to Gertz, in the latest test China shot two independently targetable warheads from the DF-41, further confirming that the DF-41 will hold multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles (MIRV).

As I’ve noted before, China’s acquisition of a MIRVed capability is one of the most dangerous nuclear weapons developments that no one is talking about.

MIRVed missiles carry payloads of several nuclear warheads each capable of being directed at a different set of targets. They are considered extremely destabilizing to the strategic balance primarily because they place a premium on striking first and create a “use em or lose em” nuclear mentality.

Along with being less vulnerable to anti-ballistic missile systems, this is true for two primary reasons. First, and most obviously, a single MIRVed missile can be used to eliminate numerous enemy nuclear sites simultaneously. Thus, theoretically at least, only a small portion of an adversary’s missile force would be necessary to completely eliminate one’s strategic deterrent. Secondly, MIRVed missiles enable countries to use cross-targeting techniques of employing two or more missiles against a single target, which increases the kill probability.

In other words, MIRVs are extremely destabilizing because they make adversary’s nuclear arsenals vulnerable to being wiped out in a surprise first strike. In the case of China, Beijing’s acquisition of a MIRVed capability is likely to force India to greatly increase the size of its nuclear arsenal, as well as force it to disperse its nuclear weapons across a greater sway of land to prevent China from being able to conduct a successful decapitation strike. Such a development in Delhi would upset the Indo-Pakistani nuclear balance, likely prompting Islamabad to take corresponding actions of its own.

China’s acquisition of a MIRVed capability is also likely to upset the strategic balance with Russia. As Moscow’s conventional military capabilities have eroded since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has leaned more heavily on nuclear weapons for its national defense. It therefore seeks to maintain a clear nuclear advantage over potential adversaries like China. Beijing’s acquisition of MIRVed missiles threatens to erode this advantage.

As Gertz’s notes, the U.S. intelligence community believes that the DF-41 will ultimately be able to carry up to 10 nuclear warheads. Such a development would likely force China to increase the size of its nuclear arsenal. To date, China and India (as well as the world’s other nuclear powers) have maintained relatively small nuclear arsenals compared with Russia and the United States.

The introduction of MIRVed technologies into the Asian nuclear balance may render this no longer true. For this reason— along with its long-range and solid fuel—the DF-41 is the most dangerous nuclear weapon in China’s arsenal.

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Rod Of God meet Pow Of Mao.

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Don't fall for the establishments call for war. All of the wars are bankers's wars. If someone is pushing us toward war, you can be sure that they are working for the globalist bankers!

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Money Counterfeiter (not verified) realmoney2015 Aug 21, 2015 6:47 PM

What bullshit we gave that technology to the USSR in 1972. Zero hedge is a fucking mouthpiece for the money counterfeiters now. Fucking pathetic. More War The Zionist are shitting their pants that China will get desperate and go to gold or silver and they are throwing this shit out there to justify nuking China back to the stone age, along with their stack of gold.

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Actually, the guidance system for the Chi-Com ICBM's came courtesy of Bubba and a corporation called Loral Space for a pittance of campaign donations.

You may also remember (or not) former Sec of Commerce Ron Brown who "patriotically" paid the ultimate price for his country! ;-)

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

So...long Australian uranium?

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>Our country is a mess.

>I listen to the people.

>I get the biggest crowds.

>I'll take jobs back from China.

>Their leaders are better. Their negotiators are better.

>There's nothing to apologize for.

>I love the Mexican people and their spirit.

>We have very stupid people negotiating for us.

>You know you're acting like you're the great reporter, bapbapa, you're not bringing up anything new.

>China manipulates their currency. I never thought I'd see it so fast again.

>They're not after Yemen, they're after oil.

>I've made a lot of money in all of these countries.

>Everybody hates us.

>Hillary was the worst. In the history of the United States.

>I've got relationships.


>China wants ANYTHING Trump.

>You're a very naive person.

>Our leaders are idiots. Total idiots.

>Try getting it out!

>You don't even know what you're talking about.

>You know what,


>It's a very sad situation.

>Believe me, they will pay for the wall.

>I built a great empire.

>I will make that wall IM-PENETRABLE.

>You're so negative.

>Jeb will never take us to the promised land.

>America will be great again


>T R E M E N D O U S

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China doesn't need a 7,000 mile range ICBM to strike India or Russia ........ just say'n.......I dont think China is developing it to start a central asia arms races

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It feels like only minutes ago that North Korea was the enemy de jure.  

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Bah, we don't need to worry about any of this shit. Aliens will step in and save our asses:

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Me thinks your MIRV is no threat to my SLBM.

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after giving china all americas manufacturing and jobs, along with the beverly

hillbillies class and taste to go with them, bombing us would be mighty ungrateful.

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Yea, let Scooby write the next article on ZH? OK.


(Cartoon of Chinaman teaching Jooshman how to put on ISIS costume)

Presented with no comment.

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Newly flush Iran is interested.

Single warhead capability is so '50 s.

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Glad I dont live on the west coast, looks like they are  going to get a double dose of radiation fallout first from FUKUshima and next form a long dong missile

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It's a veritable Doom mega chubby.

Everything under heaven is in chaos; the situation is excellent.
    -- Mao Zedong (1893 – 1976)


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White House Communications Director Anita Dunn favorite Philosopher was Mao Zedong and lets not forget


'We welcome China's peaceful rise. We believe that a strong and prosperous China is one that can help to bring stability and prosperity to the region and to the world'

U.S. President Barack Obama

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If the whiskey don't kill me, I'll live till I die.


Tex Ritter

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oh not to worry, all well...

the Shoes of the Fisherman is coming to the UN to speak peace, isn't he?

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Yeah, the rope-a-dope pope ('I'm dodgin', I'm duckin', I'm hoppin' and poppin', my adversary don't know where I'm gonna strike next') will preach hope at the UN - (he's hoping he can turn the UN into a global govt the Church can screw with, he's hoping he can get the Church in the global driver's seat, he's hoping for real geopolitical power...)

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Not a Latin  American persective.

Does HE need a prompter or a loan of Val Jarret?

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Why are we worried about expensive Chinese MIRVs when they can send thousands of nukes over to the U.S. in containers of crap for WalMart?

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Every time I see your name and avatar, I am reminded of an old song by 'The Fixx'.

So, maybe I'll win (saved by Zero).

I don't sell soap on airplanes, like Tyler Durden does. Nevertheless, I am SAVED by ZERO (Hedge) and the contributors and commenters here.



If you are truly 'stuck on zero', you have NOTHING. As a wise man (named Gerald Celente) once stated, 'If you've got NOTHING, you've got NOTHING TO LOSE!'

Food for thought, in the coming onslaught.

ThroxxOfVron's picture

"Why are we worried about expensive Chinese MIRVs when they can send thousands of nukes over to the U.S. in containers of crap for WalMart? "



I think that China just demonstrated how very well their shipping containers go BOOOM!, white flash, mushroomy cloud and all...

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It's really difficult to learn how to say 'Fuck the E.U.' in Latin (since this isn't his native language anyway). Of course, if you are discussing  'Estados Unidos' (E.U.); then Valerie's your best choice. Due to upgrades by the current 'HOTFW' Hussein Soetoro (blessed be his name), teleprompters are now available in the 'Popomobile' (as well as 'ONSTAR [tm]'). The 'Micheal Hastings' option has been pre-installed by Windows 10 (in case the Popo doesn't stick EXACTLY to his script).

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Boom boom boom, lets go back to my room,

So we can do it all night and you can make it feel right,

Wooahh, boom, boom, boom, ......


Make no mistake, these ting tongs know how to party.

After what the nips did the chinks during the Rape of Nanking, i dont think its the US that needs to worry first up about how big a zipper heads bomb gets.

Besides doesn't "talk to the hand" protect us from nuclear warfare too?? I better call Sasqueena and get her baby daddies mommy to find out.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

China and Russia have been upgrading their fallout shelters for a number of years now, they know a conflagration is likely.

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Damn, nmewn.  Forgot all about that.  +1998 for you, my friend.

Here's the Congressional Record of that timeline.

And a nice article about it too

BandGap's picture

Sorry, not true. That is unless you have a reference.

Loreal provided for launch abilities, with guidance being a small subset. There are substanciated claims that the US used this "traitorous" act to plant a lot of passive listening and data breach systems in the Chinese defese structure.

China's missiles do suck. Again, they look good and might appear capable but they are not good. Then again, these are nuclear devices.

nmewn's picture

Loral paid the largest fine ever under the Arms Export Control Act for something, for what, did they forget to dot an I or cross a T? This was AFTER Bubba ("President" Clinton) took the authority away from the Department of Defense and gave it to Commerce (Ron Brown) in order to even deal with the fucking Chi-Coms.

I don't need to reference jack shit, it's historical fact.

Mr. Magoo's picture

It is certainly no secret but definitely a fact the Clinton criminal gang has sold out the U.S to bring us to where it is today

frankly scarlet's picture

I agree...when Bubba was pres it was like the door to the Jet Propulsion Lab in California was left open for the Chinese to wander about and pick up technologies as they pleased. Some say it advanced China by 20 years. This may have had somethinmg to do with the "most favored state" and a large loan of Mao gold to the Fed et al. Also in the deal was access to IRA stream of payment for the gold.  just sayin"

MontgomeryScott's picture

I wonder what would have happened if Howard Hughes had managed to live a little longer.

Fucking SUMMA CORPORATION broke up the Hughes companies in to tiny little bits that were RIPE FOR THE PICKING by the globalist industrialist corporatocracy that now inhabits the 10-square.


The Chinese have nuclear-tipped MIRV's now, along with a REALLY LARGE stack of GLD (PHYZ). Have you ever heard the term 'MY way, or the HIGHWAY'? The CONUS AT LARGE is going to be SO SORRY that they bought that patriotic rhetoric spewed from the mouths of Bush, Bush, Clinton and the like (for about 5 seconds; that is, before their nation is eridicated before their eyes [which are literally melting from thier sockets]).

By the way, I'm a natural-born citizen, still residing here.

The ONLY OTHER OPTION is total enslavement and servitude to the 18-trillion (PLUS!) debt-load that is saddled upon the population of the CONUS by the International Zion Bankster Elitists whose true goal is the eradication of the human race (but first, total debasement and enslavement).


In all my years of research, it seems that old Howard was 'taken care of' much like Micheal Jackson was (a 'trusted physician', and all). A little 'M.K' here or there... I just poked in 'CIA DIRECTOR' as a search, but GOOKLE wanted to suggest 'CAST OF SOYLENT GREEN'. Interesting! The current one has a strong-sounding Mick (Irish cat-lick) name ('John. O. Brennan'), nominated and appointed by that illegal alien Kenyan motherfracker Barry Soetoro, (of course). They (CIA) are currently in command of the 'Drone Ops' in the greater Middle East (in case you don't know this fact).

BUBBA wasn't PRES. HILLARY was in charge of THAT household.



chunga's picture
The coffee klatch! Many reasons to keep Clintons away from White House

September 8, 2007|Helen Goodman, Delray Beach

The Clinton political war machine is at it again. Hillary Clinton's pre-scripted rehearsed speech in New Hampshire on Labor Day as the masterfully gifted infinite power is hogwash, and Bill Clinton's denial that he ever met Norman Hsu, humbug.


During their governance, there is factual history of illegitimate fund raising activity. Look it up.


The Chinese fiasco: Loral Electronics sold secret classified technology for cash contributions.

frankly scarlet's picture

I agree...when Bubba was pres it was like the door to the Jet Propulsion Lab in California was left open for the Chinese to wander about and pick up technologies as they pleased. Some say it advanced China by 20 yuears. This may have had somethinmg to do with the "most favored nation" and a large loan of Mao gold to the Fed et al. Also in the deal was access to IRA stream of payment for the gold.  just sayin"

BandGap's picture

Again, you miss the point.

Take 5 minutes and look at the number of disasters the Chinese had in getting satellites up in the mid to late 90s. It was because of this that Loral started getting those (illegal?) contracts. The fines don't mean shit when you make billions afterwards.

If I wanted to bug or sabotage your house I would pose as a neighbor and offer to help you, especially if you had been through a series of accidents on the launch pad. And if I wanted to fuck up your home security I would put blanks in your pistol and set up a switch to disarm the survellience system. Right in front of you. Take it a step further - I am going to let you use my cell phone, for free, right after I put tracker software on it.

Ron Brown is dead, he got shot in the head.

nmewn's picture

No I got your point, like the Dutch company Gemalto, the NSA and the Brits regarding cell phones...a Trojan Horse.

But thats not the point at all, the transfer of >>>that type of technology<<< saved the Chi-Com's decades of R&D and billions of yuan, they simply reverse engineered all of it, debugged it if you will.

They paid for the technology, not Loral parts.

And yes, Ron Brown was assassinated ;-)

Arnold's picture

Yeh,when they put a man into space, then they can be dancing the macarena.

Dickweed Wang's picture

China's missiles do suck. Again, they look good and might appear capable but they are not good. . . .

You don't have to be real good when you are using a 1 megaton warhead.  If you're off by a couple of miles it really doesn't matter a whole lot as the destruction zone is 30+ miles wide.

msmith9962's picture

Loreal adds volume and bounce with rich emollients.

robertocarlos's picture

Ron Brown survived the plane crash.

g speed's picture

yes nmewn--I remember that well--- Loral Space and money to the Bill for the fix to transfer secret tech and the death of Ron Brown in a plane that flew into the mountain ---The Clintons are neck deep in murder and treason-- everyone they touch is pulled into the vortex-- Of all the traitors in the white house from LBJ on they are probably the worst--although the Bush crime family is no slouch--

Bush Baby's picture

Of course those pesky nuclear subs can be a real pain in the ass

HowdyDoody's picture

The Bernankster wants war to restore the US eonomy.

Lets break some windows!

Ms No's picture

Or... the Bernanksters want a war to finish off the US.

Arnold's picture

I would say, without any embarrassment that there was some Philistine gene pool added to to the Hebrew mix and even as a recessive trait, some people just turn out stupid.


Goes the same way for the same for every invaded 'culture' though, especially Europeans.

What was nice in the US was that we were just the outcasts, Antipodes were the criminals.

History i can read , discriminate and digest.

The future I cannot,




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But if you wish to remain slaves of the Bankers and pay for the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits." -- Sir Josiah Stamp, President of the Bank of England in the 1920s, the second richest man in Britain