Behold: Insanity

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This is not normal... Dow futures moved over 4,500 points intraday today!!!


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HFTs harvested much value from that shitshow today...


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Yeah and I used up a large part of my beer and peanut-stock from the basemet as well as the weed stash.

But it was a lot of fun so far. Can't wait til tomorrow. I don't think I'll be going to the office...

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At least it wasn't 4500 points in one direction!

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I should write a book about these "efficient markets."  Maybe I could win an economics prize.

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Vol increases at tops and bottoms.

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I just know they will start talking about that trillion dollar coin again.

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Kash for Klunkers will be the last resort. Almost there.

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The bigger the swings...   Do HFT algos know what a singing fat lady is, or is that the last of the humanoids trying to get out?

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I don't see an issue.  You just need to believe that some people thought the prices were low and bought and some people thought the prices were high and sold.  Drink the kool aid!

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so what happens when the PPT has bought everything and the govt has nationalised the market by stealth?

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we change our name to "New China".

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"we change our name to "New China"."

Don' you mean "White China"?  Ultavox already called it in the 80s...

"When pale turns to pink
With a soft unnerving ease
And all you've built around
May just tumble to the ground

When white turns to red
In the not too distant days
Will force and misery
Be the life you have to lead?

When crimson takes a hold
When the lights go down on all you've ever known
When all you'll ever do
Is worked out for you

We stand or fall
When the thoughts you have are not your own
We stand or fall
When the freedom slips away"

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Buy/sell, buy/sell. Compulsive fucking shoppers.

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HFT ping the stack to recognize their 'trading' partners see the same (no depth) and they back away.  They do not provide liquidity.  They can't.  They'll jump on board and fist fuck each other regardless of the direction.  If not for the breakers put in place for futures trading, they could have pushed this thing to zero.  Back in the day knowing resting orders was subject to massive fines and threat of losing your license.  Now it's common practice.  Get rid of showing market depth and place a holding time on cancel/replace orders and the HFT's will go away.  One BBBO (fuck the dark pools and redirecting of orders) and no visible access to "resting" orders will put and end to this.  It used to work just fine.  

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Throw in a couple quotes by Gandhi and MLK and win the Peace Prize too.

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If I fought Ghandi...I'd lose.


You got more cajones than me.

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What some old git in diapers can kick yer butt???



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Consider investing in a Pit Bull pound puppy. It might kill you in your sleep though.

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Then you don't know the real Ghandi:

(I love this clip)

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"I'd fight Ghandi"


(yep - some of us got the reference :) )


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They are trying to lower unenployment so they can justify raising rates, so, the idea is to start a  crashing the market, forcing investers back to they can raise rates as a result of lower unemployment.

/sarc, but seriously.


If you ain't a Jew you can't win a prize.

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+1000. This market is beyond sick. One day, when someone grows some balls and we find the rule of law in this country again, perhaps we can entertain an illusion of efficient markets. 

Until then, rotsa ruck.

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I finished my last consulting contract this morning, so I sat around laughing and drinking beer. A great day to be cynical, paranoid and pessimistic with not one penny in the market.....

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Don't blame you. It's all shenanigans out there>>

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Been warning my Dad about this shit to the point where he doesn't want to pick up the phone. Last call he got mad and said, "Why do you care? You don't have any money in the market!" I just replied with, "I know. :-)"

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Keep at it. Hopefully your old man is worth pulling out of the Matrix.

He'll appreciate his son, Morpheus, when that day comes.

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The Matrix was not about the market. It was not about those who manipulate the markets. It was not about anyone who endures the complaints of those on this blog. It was about one's personal battle with one's own BELIEFS!

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The market is merely an extension of those who manipulate it.  They are one and the same.  A guitar does not make music.  I feel for you that you cannot really appreciate the beauty of The Matrix.

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Stocks, 401k's, paper investments... never believed in that magic, got out a long time ago.

For those who play the game, good luck playing it, it's in hyper-retarded mode. :)

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I hope another 1000 points tank! 

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Me too. Watching that 1,000 point drop faster than a broker in 1929 from the 30th floor was entertaining and self-validating. I'm sure a few of us had our chests out today laughing at the fear. I know I did.

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Like the world market is going to believe that the US didn't intervene today to try to keep the market from closing in 10 minutes of the opening.  It's going to be red as hell all over the planet and they have to know it.  If the best the US could do was a close to 600 point in the red for the close then things are alot worse and it's getting worse.


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The Aussie market has actually finished *up* 2.6% or 136 points today.

It was however bouncing around like a yoyo in a similar fashion to the US market graph above (over 200 point difference on the days bottom to top with lots of 50 point jumps).

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Time to take Cramer away in handcuffs. It's been a long time coming.

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Wait til we find out he just made up the email from Tim Cook this morning.

I'm Cramer and I have lost my mind.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

$1000 for the prison vid of Cramer's shower 'love-moments'.

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Shit, it's not just that clown. Some old twisted woman, who had more plastic surgery than Kim Khardasian, was on Channel 11 in Chicago, was saying that the past few days have been "psychological." She was part of some financial group screwing old people with retirement funds. "Now is when you want to buy," she said. 

It was pretty pitiful. 

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Probably their most profitable day ever...

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My guess is that it actually was algo's that moved the markets back up. No sane person buys into a drop from an obvious market peak...not on volumes sufficient to move an entire market 800 points. I think it also explains the huge swings. It was a war between trading programs and humans as trading management said "Oh shit!" as the computers went rogue. I bet you cannot reel that stuff in and go to human floor traders very quickly.

My next guess is humans will control the trading tomorrow. You cannot have your firm go under based on the autobot trading program of a 25 year old. While the HFT's might be there they will be on a leash.

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autobot trading program of a 25 year old


21st century shoeshiner

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Epic algo orgy of all time


The greatest ES, YM, NQ, TF porn movie ever...


CME & ICE are swimming in $$ today


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Just close your eyes AND BUY THE DIP!!!!!!

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I can't decide if this is sarcasm or an honest statement. If the latter, you've been decieved.

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Welcome to ZeroHedge, where the answer is always "it's sarcasm."