Dow Up 1000 Points Off Opening Lows

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Well that un-escalated quickly...


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China, you guys suck at PPT.  

Deez Nuts 

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Kevin earned a case of Budweiser today!


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Kevin is going to need to bring his check book tomorrow and every day.

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Retail investors (however many are left) locked out of selling this morning by well-timed "glitches", and being direct to toll-free phone numbers to complete trades right about the time PPT members likely began selling the same lot of Apple stock back and forth, bidding it up as they pass it back and forth ... nah, #notriggedatall

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TongueStun (not verified) ThaBigPerm Aug 24, 2015 12:36 PM

I told you all this morning to buy the fucking dip

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Hold onto that thought.  PPT must have taken a coffee break or broke out the "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" banner and went home.  It's rolling over again! :D

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Santini Air (not verified) Headbanger Aug 24, 2015 12:51 PM

1000 pts?  "Just because"

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It un-escalated quickly as un-markets do

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It's un-un-escalating quickly too

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The Plunge Protection Team ran out of Ammo...


Dammit Janet...Print moar The hordes are crashing through the defenses.

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No more sell! Onlry buy!!!

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So biggest point swing, ever? at least in the top 5.  Something smells like Hillary Clinton's (insert expletive)

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Jesus man...I just threw up in my mouth...truth or not, stow that visual.

pods's picture

They used to use ammonia in those smelling salts but found the scent of "Hillary after a 5k" worked better.

In fact, they are going to start using that to revive dead people.


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it wont revive dead people it makes them rot faster

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Geez. Don't do this to me.  Why did I ever come back to the US?  This video brings back expat memories.  For the younger guys: go to Asia.

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That video is more like between bubbles pop. Tap and pop.

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I will admit, this is fun to watch.  Even if I am watching the world I live in explode.

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Nope, but they have to keep doing it while the rest of the world tanks, but I'm not worried, Cramer is confident, heavy on the con part....

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Just another weekend at Bernie's!

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If there was was one video that perfectly captures what is coming it would be the end of "The Perfect Storm"


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I've been using this avatar for years now...

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just get married.

even same sex now OK.

You have a duty to your symbol.

Comrades and bed fellows.

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LOL. Two Communards arguing over property rights....

Hitlery_4_Dictator's picture

LOL you know I'm mocking it, right?

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If there is someone who is reading ZH and NOT knowing you are mocking, they should turn their CPU off and immediately go run into traffic.


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HonkyShogun (not verified) markmotive Aug 24, 2015 12:22 PM

Commie Fight!

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What is that? Obama fighting Hitlery?

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Latin American Bank stocks are on sale on the foyer.

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Dear Plebes,


BTFD has now been officially replaced in the lexicon by BTFC - Buy The Fookin Crash




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They can suspend trading but how long can they suspend reality?

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Kevin Henry on Crack!!!!

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Get your crazy pills here. Red hot crazy pills fresh out of the oven !

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Gimme a dozen and I'll wash them down with unicorn pee.......

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God showering his blessings on the land of the free.  Or Old Yeller's put.

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You mean a golden shower for those buying the dip