Here Comes The Plunge Protection Team

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Losses have been cut in half after the opening collapse as a mysterious buyer in massive size lifts The Dow 600 points off its lows, cutting losses in half for now...


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PPT, or wall st covering their shorts they were selling at 2100 for the last 6 months?

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the invisible hand of the market strikes again

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The purpose of Government is to MAKE LIFE FAIR !

(They wouldn’t be forced to if there were a GOD )

NoDebt's picture

I do not think that word means what you think it means.

And, I don't think we're done with "sell the rip" just yet.

whotookmyalias's picture

The good news is that they love us and want us to live happy, fulfilling lives.  The bad news is that's a lie.

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Awesome!  I've taken the liberty to send that along to some buds as their "Zen for the Day"

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PPT orders say keep the Dow above 16k

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Didn't JP Morgan try this in 1929?

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Some things never change.

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If there was a god, we wouldn't have to deal with this shit period.

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God gave us gold and silver. We decided to go our way and use FRNs. Don't blame this on God after he told us 1 million times debt is bad.

TheFutureReset's picture

That's convient. Only the good stuff is attributed to Him.

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Hey, God WANTS us to be poor, thus the giant squid.

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Right, because there is no such thing as evil in the world. 

Tarzan's picture

Classic ignorance, It's God's fault not ours.....  From those who live contrary to God, don't believe He exists, and yet, blame their elleged non existant God.....

The markets are built on usuary by men who seek to live off other peoples labor, rather then the sweat of their own brow.

If we had listened to God we wouldn't have to deal with this shit period!


TheFutureReset's picture

I think they work quite hard to enslave us. Their line of work might turn out to be the most dangerous job in the world (tar and feathers and all). They work hard, they just have a different moral compass, an evil one. But they have done well in programming the masses to lose, by accepting their "money".

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Its a common misconception that God is supposed to somehow PREVENT suffering.

I'm not sure thats in his job description at all.   I think he HELPS PEOPLE through their suffering, if they ask for help.  But prevention?  That would be like God interfering in sporting contests!  Ri-dic-u-lous.

JLO's picture

Exactly! Thats why a recored 94 million are not in the labor force and sitting at home reading ZH

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Governments take from the productive to purchase votes.  They made it unfair and then fooled you into thinking they're looking out for you, by fixing the mess they produced.

Government is your God!

TheFutureReset's picture

"Government is your God"

Seems eerily similar to the days of divine kings, no? Or to the kings of the Bible. Wars of nationalism are strangly religious wars.

GRDguy's picture

With lies coming from at least 3 directions, what's a poor soul to do.

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If you had read your Bible for yourself rather then listen to someone else, you would know, God was their King, and it was the People who cried out for a man to be "King", as they always have. 

Their was only one "divine king"  to walk the face of the earth and we crucified him!

I don't care if they're communist, democratic, republic, they're all evil kings!  Government is your enemy, and all tolerable governments are governments who fear their people, not the other way around! 

Because ONLY God is Good and only God is looking out for you!

When these Kings soon decide to divide His land and return Israel to it's 1967 borders the clock will begin clicking. It wont be long before He gathers them into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and we once again see this Divine King as a Roaring Lion.

Vengeance is the Lord's and the Meek will inherit the Earth!


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China is so jealous of our PPT wizards and fairy tale market.

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ok market moved up too fast. Trip the circuit breakers. Whats fair is fair.

This is so funny. Defend your last castle muppets. You are surrounded.

saints51's picture

ok market moved up too fast. Trip the circuit breakers. Whats fair is fair.

This is so funny. Defend your last castle muppets. You are surrounded.

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God works in mysterious ways.

NoDebt's picture

It's just you and your tattered libido against the banks and mortician forever, man.  And it wouldn't luck if you could get out of life alive.

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It's the beginning of the "ripsaw".  They're going to collect your shorts and stops

This isn't a stick save. China runs the show now.  All the FED has left is the "ripsaw".

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Invisible hand of algos that liquidated retail and sucker-punched the shorts before slamming the gate this morning.

NOW after the muppets have been gutted it's calvary time for the institutions.

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I love the invisable hand of the "Free Market" LOL

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Who should I call first?

Try your Uncle Bernie in "Belgium"

If he doesn't pick up, CALL ROTO ROOTER! STAT!

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I wonder if they'll manage to turn it green for today... wouldn't that be a killer joke

Motorhead's picture

I would not surprise me, quite honestly; or, a modest loss.

EscapeKey's picture

"smart money on the sidelines raced into todays close to scoop up bargains, in the expectation of further corporate yield improvements"

Motorhead's picture

I forgot all about the "money on the sidelines"...hadn't heard that in a while, LOL.

MalteseFalcon's picture

The PPT can control any given day, but for any longer term it's into the dumper.  The PPT is no longer in control of the big picture.

Manipulism's picture

There is no PPT (according to Armstrong, its all natural market forces."Everything is connected". What??)

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Think we need to go back to the 2007-2008 archives. Touch up on some green shoots and one liners. History may not repeat, but it sure as fuck rymes!

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Really. Can't make market intervention so obvious.

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Yup dow green by end of day lmfas