Panic!! All Major US Equity Indices Halted

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Nasdaq was the first to be halted at 0758ET.

The Dow is now down 850 points from Friday's close and halted...

The S&P 500 Futures is halted for the first time in history.

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When the house is down, close the casino.  Crooks.

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How about this corker?


"We've long felt that the only thing preventing another financial crisis has been extraordinary central bank liquidity and general interventions from the global authorities which we still expect to continue for a long while yet," Deutsche Bank's Jim Reid wrote on Monday.


WTF - head explodes! The crash is DUE to extraordinary central bank liquidity. Unbelievable lies.

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DUE to AND delayed by.... positive-feedback loop

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Secret Treaties (not verified) AgentHarlequin Aug 24, 2015 8:38 AM


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THIS IS What Happens When You Fuck With The POG!
GOLD Is Constantly "Fixed", Manipulated, Artificial Debasement...

Way To Go, Botchez...

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Panic at the Disco, Botchez!

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Wonder if all the major media outlets will report this as just another "dip" or "slump"?

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Santini Air (not verified) DirtyWilly Aug 24, 2015 9:17 AM

Yes... until you see Anderson Cooper and teh talking heads being tackled and taken down live on air.

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Halted!?!?  WTF!???  When do they ever halt buying!?!?!

What?  They need to "change the dice" on the craps tables?

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"Turn those machines OFF, Mortimer"

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WTF is up with the lowercase!?!?!  It should be #WINNING.

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Does this mean Ann Margret is not coming?


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Pay attention, everyone. Paper gold to $1135 by close.

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Turn on those damn machines!!!!

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"Pay attention, everyone. Paper gold to $1135 by close."

Pay attention, everyone.  Paper fiat to $0 by 2020.

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It's a big shit sandwich and everyone is going to have to take a bite. 

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But some will have to take much BIGGER bites than others, while being convinced by media pundits they are eating Nutella...

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Did the NASDAQ just open down 9.5%?!?

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As bubbles go this was not a soap bubble, this was not an innocent little baby gurgle bubble, no this was a full octane FART BUBBLE my friends.

Now who was the prick that pricked this?

I hope it isn't Eddie Murphy AGAIN, man.


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DOW was approaching 7% down 20 minutes ago, which triggers the circuit breakers and halts trading. Now it's at 3.5%. Stick save in progress. Look for gold to succumb to the the little guys with their cute tiny hammers soon.

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All of the indices got hammered last night. 

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Asked a buddy of mine who trades stawks what everyone is saying at the big firms.  "BUY BUY BUY" was his response.  Told me to double down on any open position because the market just "rebounded" 500pts...WTF.

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You need to find some new friends,

unless you enjoy their sense of humor...

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they mostly come at night. mostly. [/newt]

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I've posted this earlier (below), but seriously... Prepping is now going mainstream from a former UK government adviser... erm... extra-financial-sphere-panic

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Agent - Yes. Get the 3 B's of survival hedging now. Beans, bullets, bullion. Also have water purification, bleach (chlorine) if nothing else. This can be done for a few hundred bucks except for the bullion part. I have a bugout bag to live for months off the land, the worst case scenerio.

Geopolitics is a very real risk for the next few years. It's like the market. You don't wait to sell and time the market for perfection. You may not need these hedges and I hope we never do. But hope is not a strategy, perseverence is a better concept.

"Better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it."
- Benjamin Franklin

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Thanks. I am way ahead of the mainstream curve on this, I just thought it particularly shocking that some guy says it, then it's referenced on a MSM website!

I'll replenish on my way back form the office tonight though...

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No, time to get whiskey a case of beer, turn up the music, start BBQing, and clean your rifle. Put Deer Hunter the movie on the TV if it is dark outside where you are... I just love the opening in that movie.


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Teeth - I did that this summer and partied my ass off. I hedged and while business was very slow decided to have some fun in this Dark Carnival cycle.

Had to reign it in, the blood pressure was going up and I did wait for a number of years for a particular biz opp for this time so got to increase gym and health for that and the next few years of challenges. Your best hedge is still your health.

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Fucking cowards.  Let this thing burn.  

Eat crow you fucking sheeple & CNBC talking heads.   

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Vala Moglus:

"All stocks must die"

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For some comic relief, I just turned on CNBC to watch Cramer's head explode as the DIJA dropped 1042 pts... 


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Cramer on the crashing Ulta beauty stock; "But people won't just stop doing their hair...BUY!!"


That's all theyre doing this am. "What should we buuuuuy?" Ludicrous. Like late night horror movie hosts.


LOLOLOL now he's blaming it all on TEH MACHINES. omg.

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Beware of psychotic, highly leveraged traders on the roads today.  Saw four of them today on my drive in.  Post close it may be worse.

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I watched that for a few on a Friday so I could wait to hit that 'buy buy buy!' button. I'll wait a month or so and evaluate then. Buying anything in panic mode is unwise.

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would someone please post circuit breaker trigger points on cash markets

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"Who can fuck in this kind of weather!?"


Gene Tracy..circa 1975

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Tyler, you spelled RECOVERY wrong!  It's not P-A-N-I-C.  It's Q-E-4-E-V-A.

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So many people would have tweeted or otherwise remarked to friends about this article but you had to ruin it by posting such a useless and vulgar thread at the top. Shameful!

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Maybe he was doing it on purpose.

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i was listening to the BBC radio news earlier in the car - they said that Shanghai fell 8.5% as expectation of easing monetary policy didn't come to fruition - Shanghai is now down 38% since June, and some commentators point out that it's a bubble caused by easy money.
in other words "we are completely aware that this is a bubble caused by easy money, but we expect you to ease further". Keynesian/Friedman economics in a nutshell.
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Who goes there?


Seller or buyer


Seller = Foe

buyer = friend