Today's Historic Market Open, Caught On Tape

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During the flash crash of May 6, 2010, the 1000 plunge in the Dow Jones seems historic, unprecedented and surely unrepeatable - after all the regulators had "learned their lesson" and would never allow a move like this ever again, right? Wrong.

h/t CNN

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Setting this as my screensaver. 

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How come gold and silver aren't to the moon?

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Because they are barberous relics. " US FRN's are money, nothing else" --JP Morgan. 

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The green close today will be just as historic and, of course, totally normal.


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Tylers are posting up articles faster than I can read them between panicked client phone calls.

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Been buying shit all morning, at the rate they are bouncing thanks to the PPT, I may be selling them later today for a decent profit. 

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How come gold and silver aren't to the moon?


It's the last line be defense.....everything else goes first.


It's the PPT....working for you.

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How come gold and silver aren't to the moon?

This would be the terminal humiliation for the owners of the casino, sometimes falsely referrred to as financial "markets". Anything must and will be done to prevent Gold and Silver to rise during a paper asset melt down.

Gold an Silver wil be allowed to rise only with QE4.

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If your clients are panicking, what kind of advice have you been giving them?

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Obama has played more than 1,100 hours of golf as president — here's what that looks like



moar "Legacy" for ya.

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Do we still call is black monday when it finishes green?

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I think the Gif will look better when they play the whole day. From down 1k to up 44.


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Santini Air (not verified) pods Aug 24, 2015 11:23 AM

Hope you all have your Bitcoins.  Cos when SHTF we're gonna get some Doritos and GAME ON!

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What stupid shit eats gmo Doritos?

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how many more ways could you out yourself as an idiot in one sentence??

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It's always been about Black Tuesday, this morning was just a warm up. The crash will be tomorrow. The sheep have been spooked and we will never return to the old ways now.

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I'm just surprised they couldn't get it down 6.66%.

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Oh, they will...  They're just waiting for 9/11/14

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Because the Dollar had a big jump up?

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Good luck Doc, I hope you don't wind up selling apples on a street corner......

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When the shit show finally does fall apart, we'll be lucky if there are any apples to sell.

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Good luck cashing in those chips once they lock the casino doors.

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@ Dr E

Congrats if you did step into some day-trades!

Mas Conhonies

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"Good luck Doc, I hope you don't wind up selling apples on a street corner......"


Dyslexia is a Terribus Whanck.


I read the last part of your sentence as "...selling apples to a street Cramer..."

Troof is stronger than fruction.

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"This time it's different!"tm

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This Time it's Different

Ed McMahon - "Gold & Silver will explode to the upside. Equity markets will drown in the red."

Carnac the Magnificent - "What two things are guaranteed to remain the same this time?"


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The UK PPT are clearly on holiday.... FTSE 100 closed 4.5% down...

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The real story is who with proof is the buyer that was able to turn the market around.  There must be some type of paper trail.

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You can have all the paper trail you want, this is sanctioned.

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We've gone over this before.

The Reston 6.

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"The Reston 6"


Educate a prole please? Not familiar with this.

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the SNB ?

Among this list of the Swiss central bank’s holdings are stocks which are responsible for more than 100% of the year-to-date rise in the S&P 500 prior to the latest sell-off.

the Swiss central bank could be operating as an agent of the Federal Reserve.

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froze25: Nanex has the data, but not the names, unless provided by CME or some other market master. The two only meet for the little guys; never for the banksters.

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I'm also getting a flood of phone calls here at the suicide hotline.

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If they're bankers, I hope you're giving them proper "advice".

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Here's what you need to say: Jump Fuckers!

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The politically correct term is "vertical insertion", as in "go to the roof and vertically insert yourself into the pavement"....

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In medical terms, they'd end up suffering from sudden deceleration trauma. And, for the sake of the banksters, I hope it really hurts. A lot.

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"Die the fucking *bleep!"

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I have a feeling our jobs bear strong similarities today.  Four calls so far this morning.  I haven't had four calls in a YEAR since..... since.... "Since Lehman"TM.

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Are ya exaggerating or are you for real?  Your in the streets Nodebt, whats the word homey?

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European markets still down 5%-7%; that will be some heavy lifting for the PPT.

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It's pretty funny to see how Japan and Merika criticized China for propping up their market .

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I guess you don't realize that you can't artificially prop up the value of an asset that can be conjured up out of thin air.