Western Democracy Is An Endangered Species On Its Way To Extinction

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Submitted by Paul Craig Roberts,

The British Labour Party no longer represents the working class. Under UK prime minister Tony Blair, the Labour Party became a vassal of the One Percent. The result has been a rebellion in the ranks and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, a principled Labourite intent on representing the people, a no-no in Western “democracies.”

Corbyn is too real for the Labour Party Blairites, who hope to be rewarded with similar nest eggs as Blair for representing the capitalist One Percent. So what is the corrupted Labour Party doing to prevent Corbyn’s election?

The answer is that it is denying the vote to Corbyn supporters. You can read the story here:

The illegal Egyptian military dictatorship that overthrew on Washington’s orders the first democratically elected government in Egyptian history has issued an edict prohibiting journalists from contradicting the military dictatorship. In brief, the dictatorship installed by Washington has outlawed facts.

Washington rejected the government that the Egyptian people elected, because it appeared that the democratically elected government would have a foreign policy that was at least partially independent of Washington’s. Remember, according to the neocons who, together with Israel, control US foreign policy, countries with independent foreign policies, such as Iran, Russia, and China, are America’s “greatest threats.”

The Egyptian military thugs, following Washington’s orders, have more or less eliminated all of the leadership of the political party that was democratically elected. The party was called the Muslim Brotherhood. In the presstitute Western media, the political party was described more or less as al Qaeda, and how are the ignorant, brainwashed, and propagandized Americans to know any difference? Certainly neither “their” government nor the presstitute media will ever tell them.

With the military dictatorship’s edict, independent news reporting no longer exists in Egypt. Washington is pleased and rewards the dictatorship with bags full of money paid by the hapless and helpless American taxpayers.

Americans should keep in mind that most of the dollars that they pay in income tax are spent either spying upon themselves and the world or killing people in many countries. Without resources taken from American taxpayers millions of women, children, and village elders would still be alive in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Ukraine, South Ossetia, and other countries. America is the greatest exporter of violence the world has ever known. So wear your patriotism on your sleeve and be proud. You are a depraved citizen of the world’s worst killer nation. Compared to the USA, Rome was a piker.

France herself seems to be collapsing as a democracy and no longer respects her own laws. According to this report from Kumaran Ira on World Socialist Website https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2015/08/19/fkil-a19.html ,

“In the name of the “war on terror,” the French state is dramatically accelerating its use of clandestine operations to extra-judicially murder targeted individuals. French President François Hollande reportedly possesses a “kill list” of potential targets and constantly reviews the assassination program with high-ranking military and intelligence officers.


“This program of state murder, violating basic constitutional rights in a country where the death penalty is illegal, underscores the profound decay of French bourgeois democracy. Amid escalating imperialist wars in France’s former colonial empire and deepening political crisis at home, the state is moving towards levels of criminality associated with the war against Algerian independence and the Vichy regime of Occupied France.”

Where do you suppose the socialist president of France got his idea of an illegal and unconstitutional “kill list”? If you answer from “America’s First Black President,” you are correct.

The French people should be outraged that “their” president is nothing more than a murderer and an agent of Washington. But they aren’t. False flag operations have made them fearful. The French like other Western peoples, have ceased to think.

*  *  *

Every western democracy is gone with the wind. Washed up, Finished. Every value that defined Western civilization and made it great has been flushed by power and greed and arrogance.

Proconsuls have replaced democracy.

I certainly do not believe that Western civilization was ever pure as snow and devoid of sins and crimes against humanity. But it is a fact that in Western civilization, despite the numerous injustices, reforms were possible that improved life for the lower classes. Reforms were possible that restricted the rapaciousness of the rich and powerful. In the US reforms made the impossible come true: ladders of upward mobility made it possible for members of the lowest economic class to become multimillionaires. And this actually happened.

The governments in Washington committed many crimes, but on occasion Washington prevented crimes. Remember President Eisenhower’s ultimatum to Washington’s British, French, and Israeli allies to remove themselves from the Suez Canal in Egypt or else.

Today Washington pushes its allies to commit crimes against humanity. That is what NATO and the National Endowment for Democracy are for.

In my lifetime Americans have always had a good opinion of themselves. But in the 21st century this good opinion has hyper-jumped into hubris and arrogance. If you haven’t been around very long in terms of a human life, you don’t see this. But older people do.

Just as the Roman Empire ended in the destruction of the Roman people, the American Empire will end in the destruction of the American people. Judging from histories, Roman citizens were superior to American citizens; yet, Rome failed.

Americans shouldn’t expect any other outcome. The price to be paid for insouciance, self-satisfaction, and complicity is high.

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stock market loser's picture
stock market loser (not verified) Aug 26, 2015 9:04 PM

Thanks alot Obama. Thanks for turning the US into an immigration hell zone. Thanks zion for exterminating the white race. Heil hitler! 




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It was never meant to be a Democracy, goddammit!

Hugh G Rection's picture

I doubt 50% of my fellow Americans can even spell Constitutional Republic.


I just don't give a fuck anymore.  Telling the truth to morons is like laying pearls before swine. 

Dutti's picture

Usually I like PCR a lot. However in regards to his bashing of the Egyptian military rulers I disagree. Egypt was mismanaged under the Muslim Brotherhood. Turkey is going in that direction too.

Western style democracy is vastly overrated - it only works if you have a relatively smart, well educated electorate who can keep politicians at least partially in check. One of the few decent examples is Switzerland. Not so good examples are Brazil and Venezuela, where people are now disappointed that their elected leaders run the country into the ground despite promises of milk and honey for all.

philipat's picture

I knew this was PCR from the summary. He uses the word "Insouciance" at least once in every piece he writes. It's a nice word but it does get boring, especially when there ARE other words to describe the same thing.

philipat's picture

And btw, the US is NOT a democracy but a Constitutional Republic. A democracy is "Two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for lunch" and the concept was deliberately avoided by the Founding Fathers in favor of a Constitutional Republic, whereunder (At least in theory) "We the people"  as a body continue to be supreme and hold the power. Unfotunately.....................

El Vaquero's picture

" Judging from histories, Roman citizens were superior to American citizens; yet, Rome failed."


Judging from histories, Roman citizens allowed a dictator to take over the Roman Republic, so I'm going  to go with them being every bit as sheepish as the American public. 

Four chan's picture

whom ever uses the word democracy in relation to america is either a fucking idiot or a disinformation agent. and those who call them selves democrats are both. 

Santini Air's picture
Santini Air (not verified) Four chan Aug 26, 2015 11:36 PM

Anyone who goes passively along with these false flag shootings is a shill and a moron.  They are going to be coming for your guns and these gutless, later-day "conservative" and "republicans" only have themselves to blame for letting things go this far.  For letting teh Marxist, Zionist media set the social agenda, determine the political climate.

El Vaquero's picture

False flags exist, yet not all events are false flags.  I don't trust your nose for false flags.  You want a revolution?  Practice starving, because that's one of the nicer things that you'll experience. 

Balanced Integer's picture

I call bullshit on 90% of this article. I'd give it a zero rating if I could.

Yes, the Labour party has sold out to the 1%. That much is obvious.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the godfather of groups like Al Qaeda, Hamas, the PLO, and Islamic jihad everywhere. Facts are facts, no matter how much the other would like to dismiss it as media propaganda. Furthermore, the Obama administration was a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood government. Don't let it be forgotten, also, that the MB squeezed out all other representative parties when the new constitution was drafted, virtually guaranteeing that the MB would hold onto power in perpetuity. If that isn't a "democratically elected" dictatorship, I have some copper pennies I'd like to trade you for silver American Eagles, one for one.

Of course we continued our financial and military aid to Egypt after al-Sisi took power! Have you guys forgotten that RUSSIA was the main influence in Egypt before Kissinger turned the tables and got American influence in there instead. The result was a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel that has held for DECADES. Of course, a lot of ZHers would LOVE to see America retreat from Egypt so Russia could move back in and become an even bigger thorn in our side.

As for the quote-unquote superiority of the Roman over the American: Bullshit! The demise of the Western Roman Empire saw the same complacent, self-entitled, arrogant citizen that we see in our country today. The two brands are equal in every way, and I would say that even compared to one another's heyday, the average American citizen was better educated, better equipped, and possessed greater wealth than the average Roman citizen.

And don't forget, author, that the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire lasted well into the 15th century, and they referred to themselves as romanoi, even a century after the Turks conquered them.

As for the "fact" that the lowest of the low classes were unable to climb the economic ladder to multimillion dollar wealth before modern labor laws (and the rise of unions, by implication): Benjamin Franklin had two rolls of bread to his name and became the largest print publisher in the colonies and the new republic it became. His accumulated wealth was easily in the millions adjusted for today's worthless dollars script.

Andrew Carnegie immigrated with his dirt poor family from Scotland. He worked his way up to become the largest steel magnate in the world. In the last 18 years of his life he donated $220 million dollars to charities. 90% of his wealth. $225 BILLION in 2011 script. This had the effect of setting off a wave of chairtable giving by his wealthy contemporaries. That's just TWO examples of the lowest of the lower classes rising up to acheive vast wealth. There are countless others. My parents were also dirt poor, and they raised themselves up to the middle class. My Dad did so well that my Mom was able to quit her job and stay home with for my brothers and I, and it happened WITHOUT union involvement.

The ignorance this author displays of Western history, and American history in particular would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. But that is a symptom of far too many people in the West these days.

Now I fully expect a shitstorm of red arrows and critical posts in response. Fire away, ZeroHedge! Those red arrows won't press themselves!

Leopold B. Scotch's picture

I do not cry for democracy that places agendas ahead of individual liberty.

Dutti's picture

Balanced Integer, Thanks, good points, independent thinking and well written! You should write more often!

Caleb Abell's picture

"The Muslim Brotherhood is the godfather of groups like Al Qaeda ..."


Actually, the godfather of Al Qaeda and violent muslim extremism was Zbignew Breszinski.  His purported idea was to use it as a tool to cripple communism.  The unstated objective of this foreign born Polish immigrant was to satisfy his rabid Polish hatred for all things Russian.  We're still paying the price for Carter's poorly thought out decision to hire this wannabee Kissinger (another foreign born war criminal).

Tall Tom's picture

Well El Vaq...


Starvation is coming to America whether we have a revolution...or not.


When the Financial System implodes the food will ROT IN THE FIELDS and the cities will starve. The entire infrastructure implodes as Truck Drivers will not drive without some assurance of fair pay. The Banks will be TOAST.


This happened in the former Soviet Union. It will happen here in the USSA. (You are wise to grow your own crops, El Vaq...)


The Financial System is on the precipce of total failure and collapse as I write, El Vaq. You know this as well as I do.


And as for yesterday's shooting?


9 mms are used for their STOPPING POWER. When you are hit you are going to the ground, El Vaq. You are not going to be running away after you are hit.


You know? KINETIC ENERGY and all that shit that we have taught over the many decades?


I watched the video. She was the first targeted. The cameraman was next and it seems that he fell on the assailant knocking away the Cellphone.


The TIMING of the attack was to distract you from the story of the impending Economic Meltdown. It was staged.

DanDaley's picture

I always wonder about the logistics of some staged event (false flag) like this. Were there wet-works guys and cleaners all over the place as it went down waiting to step in? Is that fat shooter really dead now, or is he laughing it up over a beer in Brazil? Was the shooter in on it, or was he a total CIA/FBI dupe who had been fed, sublimininally or otherwise, instructions or suggestions? A lot to ponder in an operation such as this -if that is what it is. On the other hand, a distraction from the impending economic implosion seems plausible as there is much to be gained for TPTB in terms of wratcheting ever tighter control of the plebes.

El Vaquero's picture

People don't always go to the ground with a 9mm.  A local woman had a Taurus Mellinium chambered in 40S&W.  The things aren't drop-safe and she dropped hers.  The bullet entered into her abdomen traveling upwards and went into her liver.  It left a nasty wound that remained open with a special mesh over it for months.  You could see inside of her.  She was asked about the initial event, and she stated that she could have kept on moving. 

Santini Air's picture
Santini Air (not verified) El Vaquero Aug 27, 2015 9:06 AM

"False flags exist, yet not all events are false flags.  I don't trust your nose for false flags."

Sorry, but if you can't see the events yesterday for what they are you do not have any nose for false flags.  This is another classic fake shooting that so many excellent investigators have been taking apart and debunking for the past 2 years.  Classic case... no blood at the crime scene, shooter is tied to the media or entertainment industry, alleged racism, makes point in writing of how easy it was for him to get a gun, attractive female "victim" for sheeple to relate to and get angry over.  And yes, we do practice fasting a few times a year.

El Vaquero's picture

I've shot living animals before.  Nothing in the video is inconsistent with what can happen when killing a living animal with a firearm. 

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Absolutely right.

USSA, as well as a majority of its vassal states worldwide, is nowadays a plutarchy.

Victor von Doom's picture

Whoever uses the word Democracy to describe any place on Earth except ancient Athens doesn't know what the hell they are talking about. Even then it wasn't universal - males of Athenian descent and birth only. And only the ones that could afford to take the day off to shoot the shit in the forum.

Democracy was, is, and always will be the worst form of government possible. Even when it does work - without the almost universal corruption - all you end up getting is the rule of the lowest common denominator - ie: ruled by fuckwits!

"My greatest flaw. I surround myself with idiots"

- Victor von Doom

Arnold's picture


"Judging from histories, Roman citizens allowed a dictator to take over the Roman Republic, so I'm going  to go with them being every bit as sheepish as the American public. "


And a horse.




Victor von Doom's picture

"And a horse."

- That was bullshit - like all the bullshit about the emperor Caligula - spun by Seutonius - a Jew. Check the histories again. Continuous histories up until Caligula, and after him as well. But him - only Seutonius' take survives. Given Caligula had a major beef with the Jews of the Kingdom of Judea at the time I wouldn't take Seutonius at his word.


"My greatest flaw. I surround myself with idiots."

- Victor von Doom

Dutti's picture

Love your quote "Two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for lunch". However, I would like an example where the gullible majority of voters are not put on par with smart and strong wolves ;-)

monad's picture

How about "6 coyotes and a lapdog deciding what's for dinner"?

monad's picture

How about this? Today my last friend died, Harvard '32. This the only day I ever held this warrior in my arms. Its good that he didn't need me to tell him he kicked ass, because he was so weak he was just hanging on.

Now its your turn. Fuckers. I'm going to kill you all, as efficiently as possibly. I don't want to miss a single one of you.

Any questions?

fleur de lis's picture

@Dutti, That PCR is using a socialist source to make his point means he has no grasp of history. What socialist revolution ever brought peace and prosperity? America is overrun by socialist termites and thier policies and we have nothing to show for it but disaster.

fleur de lis's picture

Dear DownVoter,

Please do tell which socialist revoulution/policiy made our society better. 


Memedada's picture

I don't vote on comments.

But see my comments below - there're no "socialist policies" in US. It's all capitalism/fascism.

TeaClipper's picture

How long a list would you like of democratic countries that have been subverted by the US, because the US did not like that particular brand of democracy. And you can put Egypt and Venuzuela high up on that list, and lets just add Ukraine in there for some recent context as well.

You dont need a smart well educated electorate to run a democracy, you do need political freedom though, and that included freedom from outside interference. Fortunatly for the rest of the world, unfortunatly for the US, people are standing up to the bully, and they sense your weakness, which is why the US has zero standing, and zero respect worldwide now, and why your empire is dying.

There was a time when the world looked up to the US and wanted to be like you, but believe me, as someone who lives outside of that country I can tell you that is not the case anymore. When the US is mentioned it is with at best contempt, but more often hatred, and despair.

You had it all and you blew it, maybe now its time for your First Nation to rise up and wash its country clean again

Ace006's picture


>> despite promises of milk and honey for all. <<

Boy were they ever surprised when that didn't materialize!!

TheEndIsNear's picture

"Telling the truth to morons is like laying pearls before swine."

Thank you for that. It's somehow comforting to know that others are also frustrating in dealing with willfully ignorant people who are offended by facts and uninterested in truth. For example, It's surreal to talk to a person who thinks a Boeing 767 magically fit through a 16 foot diameter hole in the Pentagon walls, and that the wings with the enormous jet engines simply "folded back" and that the entire 65 Tons of aircraft plus passengers and luggage, all disappeared into vapor; not only at the Pentagon but at Shanksville as well. How do you talk with someone like that? I can't, and so I gave up, even though he was my brother.



Rakshas's picture

........hmmmmmm you know it's funny what you remember, for example I remember to this day GHW Bush and his famous - to me - utterance -  "This is Pearl Harbor Day. Forty-seven years ago to this very day, we were hit and hit hard at Pearl Harbor."  

But most people don't remember such details, memory is a funny thing; for example how many people remember Donald Rumdumb yammering on about some missing money (2.3 T) on September 10 2001?  Ok quite a few of you guys probably do but how many of us know that nearly 100% of the people looking for that money were in wedge 1 where the "bird" no wait  it was a Plane or was it SUPERMAN slammed into the Pentagram, er Pentagon. Really does it matter what hit the building? or does it matter more why that particular section was hit, well it probably doesn't matter much anymore given what's coming but still just to keep every thing straight and accounted for properly.  

So we had the distraction on September 11 that the world saw; but they didn't see what they were watching did they?  Like where the planes hit exactly...... maybe it's just my tinfoil hat talking but it sure seems suspicious to me...... 

Building 7 - what needs to be said about that.... but buildings 4 and 6 had some interesting goings on that seems to have been covered up quite nicely with the blanket of bullshit kindly provided by our government protectors

Ahhhhhh but what happened on September 12th or rather what didn't happen on September 12 that we will be living with for a very very long time or maybe not at the rate things are progressing.....

But yes you are correct about the moron thing.... blank stares  and yer fuckin' crazy talking that boolshit 'round here 'bout ma gubmint ..... but I thought you hated the revnewrs ma??


nmewn's picture

Yeah, I just got whiplash too.

We went from Tony Blair "democratically" skunking idiot Labourites (because they are in fact some of the dumbest fucks on the face of the earth) to DC middle eastern intrigue in two short paragraphs.

dreadnaught's picture

used to wonder why Tony Blair went along with the Iraq war-then it dawned on me that GWB must have some compromising photos of him with a transvestite hooker

nmewn's picture

In this day & age that counts as a merit, not a demerit, a real job qualifier. It shows everyone that one has "evolved" to a higher life form and is more open ;-)

SMG's picture

So if there was anything worth fighting for, it is liberty for the common man.  This point in history is a turning pont for mankind.   Freedom or slavery?  It's up to us....

Hugh G Rection's picture

Does this mean Ann Margaret is NOT coming?

toady's picture

I get to keep my icrap, right?

TheReplacement's picture

PCR just lost buckets of respect with that comment about the "capitalist 1%". 

Apparently, everyone has a price and PCR is now getting paid.

TeaClipper's picture

He is also very biased and very wrong if he believes that the US wanted the British and others out of the Suez Canal for anything other than American imperial ambitions. That Knight on a white charger going to the aid of the poor Egyptians is just pure and utter BS

Arnold's picture

I believe he lets an intern write the final piece of the season before they go back to school.

TeaClipper's picture

Now you know how First nation Americans felt/feel, so suck it up.

And at least they know how to stick together. It's going to take a lot more pain until white folks learn they need each other, and who the heck knows where that leaves those coffee colored babies by the score

Ace006's picture

As long as whites can watch negroes run back and forth on basketball courts and Astroturf on cable TV they will be happy. That is what matters to us.

stock market loser's picture
stock market loser (not verified) Aug 26, 2015 9:04 PM

Thanks alot Obama. Thanks for turning the US into an immigration hell zone. Thanks zion for exterminating the white race. Heil hitler! 




SmallerGovNow2's picture

Obama is the worst president EVER but he had a shit load of help with Clinton and GWB before him.  we won't even talk about the civil war, federal reserve act or nixon taking us off the gold standard.  but you get the drift...

Victor E. Overbanks's picture
Victor E. Overbanks (not verified) Aug 26, 2015 9:09 PM


thecondor's picture

This is the shitiest article I have ever read. 

SmallerGovNow2's picture

then you don't know dick.  welcome to the fight club ass hat...