Guest Post: The Donald Exposed (A Reality Check For Trumpeteers)

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Submitted by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,

It is pure idiocy to support a man simply because he is outspoken, or says popular things, or has mastered the art of titillation. Have you people forgotten Chris Christie??

  • Some say “People are rallying behind him not because they agree with him, but merely because they find him to be the most truthful.” About … what truth?? The man vacillates between whatever “truth” is the most popular.
  • Others think the guy is great because he’s rich … as if that’s a legitimate marker.
  • Many like him because Trump is supposedly different; — “I’ve argued for six months, trump is our UKIP, our five star, our national front. Someone’s got to do the dirty work. You wouldn’t hire a choir boy to break kneecaps. It’s gonna take a real bull.”
  • Trump is also liked because he is “not them”. “Them” being all the other rich, deceitful, lying fucks running for POTUS. No, The Donald is “different” in this alternate universe!
  • Many people have become single issue voters, and love Trump’s illegal immigration stance, and to hell with everything else … even if it means more loss of liberty, as long as we’re “safe” from the brown taco-munchers crossing our southern border.
  • Lastly, there are a certain segment of voters who say – “How much worse could Trump be compared to President Zero and the First Grifter family?”. To which I shake my head in disbelief and where I want to scream out; “Are you fucking kidding me???!! You really don’t think it can get worse????”. Apparently, these scholars have never heard of Adolph, Josef, or Mao.

Here’s a typical Trumpeteer Worship Meeting. I wonder if the fawning bimbo realizes that in a Nov. 1992 interview in New York magazine Mr. Trump said about women; - “You have to treat ’em like shit.”

It’s all emotional bullshit because what one hardly ever reads about from these Trumpeteer Marionettes is an actual discussion about Trump on the issues. It’s more important to squeeze out yet another orgasmic fountain of joy because he threw out some Univision reporter; “Oh, look! Isn’t zee Donald just Wunderbar!!”

Screw that. So, let’s look at what The Donald believes... by his own words. And, although I can, I will not spoon-feed you links to his quotes. If you think I’m lying, look up the quotes yourself. You might actually learn something about the Donald in the process.

THE POLICE STATE: —- “…. we have to give power back to the police, because we have to have law and order. We have to give strength and power back to the police.”. He absolutely loves the Department Of Homeland Security. It will be the centerpiece of his immigration policy, and will become more onerous and evil than ever. This is how crazy it will get. Earlier this month, the National Zoo’s female giant panda gave birth to twin cubs. He called them “anchor babies”. I’m not kidding, and neither was Donald. He asked the National Zoo to turn over the twin cubs to the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) so that they can be deported back to China. “We have to equally enforce our immigration laws. We should treat animals in the same way we treat humans.  We should not allow people or animals to abuse our immigration system by coming to the United States and having babies.” Deporting anchor pandas …. God help America!!

THE MILITARY: — Openly states that we must have American troops on the ground in Iran, Iraq, and the “Islamic State” in parts of Syria and Iraq. Way back in 1987 on Meet The Press, he said we should use the firing of a single bullet as a reason to invade Iran, seize its oil, and “let them have the rest” of their country. Proudly stated this past August 10th on Morning Joe –— “I am the most militaristic person there is.”  If that doesn’t convince you that America’s endless wars will not cease under his administration, then I don’t know what will. But, he’s not militaristic when it comes to himself. He avoided the Vietnam draft by claiming a medical exemption …. bone spurs.

KILLING WHISTLE-BLOWERS: —- “I think Snowden is a terrible threat, I think he’s a terrible traitor, and you know what we used to do in the good old days when we were a strong country — you know what we used to do to traitors, right?”

GUNS: —- “I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun”

YOUR BANK ACCOUNT: — To reduce federal debt Trump said the federal government should directly loot the bank accounts of private citizens ….. he said it would be a “one-time tax”, yeah whatever —— and would only affect the very rich. Yeah, right. That’s the standard procedure for oppression of everyone’s rights, sooner or later. First, soak “the rich”, and when that inevitably fails, then they come after YOU.

YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS: — You better hope your home isn’t on some land Trump wants to develop. Trump used eminent domain to seize an elderly widow’s Atlantic City home in order to build a limousine parking lot for his clients. “Everybody coming into Atlantic City sees that property, and it’s not fair to Atlantic City and the people. They’re staring at this terrible house instead of staring at beautiful fountains and beautiful other things that would be good.” Good for The Donald, not so good for the old lady.

THE FREE MARKET: — The Donald is a pure statist, through and through. Has zero problems with using the government to prop up corporations, including banks. Advocated for TARP. Said the Big Three auto companies should NEVER be allowed to fail. “You cannot lose the auto companies” Clamored for a government takeover of healthcare in the 1990s …. “We must have universal health care”

ECONOMY: — Trump promises to be “the greatest jobs President that God has ever created.”  Of course, we have no fucking clue how he will do this. Maybe you Trumpeteers can help out .. not with YOUR ideas but, actual quotes from your hero, cuz I can’t find a single quote of substance.  Don’t believe me? Check out The Donald’s latest video just released. No substance, 100% pure bullshit. But, I bet it makes you Trumpeteers feel all goooood and fuzzy inside. “Murika! Hell yeah!!”

FREE TRADE: — The Plan: slap tariffs on everyone you don’t like, and hire smart people. Problem solved!! “Free trade can be wonderful if you have smart people but we have people that are stupid. We have people that aren’t smart, and we have people that are controlled by special interests, and it’s just not gonna work.” And, “I have lobbyists that can produce anything for me, they’re great.” Wants a 35% tax at the Mexican border, a 20% tax on all imports from anywhere, and promises to repatriate all “jobs stolen by China” with a heavy tax on Chinese goods … amount yet to be determined. No nation will retaliate and everything will be A-OK.

TAKING OIL FROM OTHER COUNTRIES: — Trump on the O’Reilly show; — “To the victor belongs the spoils. So when we go to Iraq, we spend $1.4 trillion so far and thousands of lives are lost, right? And not to mention all the poor guys and gals with one arm and no arm and all the facts, right? You stay and protect the oil and you take the oil and you take whatever is necessary for them and you take what’s necessary for us and we pay our self back $1.5 trillion or more. We take care of Britain, we take care of other countries that helped us and we don’t be so stupid.”

ISRAEL: — Netanyahu will get a four year long blowjob from the Donald. I don’t know to what degree we are controlled by Israel, but whatever it is, it will ONLY INCREASE.  If the Donald is elected president, the United States will have its first Jewish daughter in the White House. X-ray scanners will reveal the status of penises, and only those who have snipped the dick will be allowed entrance into the Holy of Holies.

THE CONSTITUTION & THE FED: — Not enough data. Go ahead and do a search “Donald Trump quotes about the Constitution”. Bupkus! You won’t find a single Ron Paul-ish article anywhere, or even any quotes. It’s as if he doesn’t care about the Constitution, or even knows anything about it. The same with The Fed. One can safely assume that hopes about abolishing the Fed, or even auditing it, are off the table. Trump will maintain that status quo … if not increase the power of The Fed since the Donald is at heart a Big Government guy who thinks he can control everything by simply issuing commands. Not to mention The Great Unknown: to what extent is Trump and his vast wealth beholden to banks? Who “owns” whom??

SUPPORTING SCUMBAGS —- Trump has spent a big fortune supporting and/or buying-off a Who’s Who of American Scum; Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Tom Daschle, Joe Biden, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Charlie Rangel, Ed Rendell, Rahm Emanuel,  Karl Rove’s SuperPAC American Crossroads, and over $100,000 to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation. Negotiation skills are pretty easy when it basically consists of buying off people.

“I’M RICH!!”: — Sure, compared to us. BUT … he’s “only” ranked as 414th richest man in the Forbes 2015 Richest People list! They estimate his net worth at about $4.2 billion …. a far cry from his braggadocio claims of being worth $10 billion. And a far cry from Bill Gate’s net worth of about $80 billion. And THAT’S who people like Trump compare themselves to … others, like themselves. And Trump barely makes a ripple in a room full of billionaires. With an ego as large as his, that probably eats away at him. Therefore, I call into question the whole meme that Trump isn’t in it for the money, or that he can’t be bought. You just wait and see. If Trump gets elected, he will leave office much richer, as he gets laws passed that benefit HIM. A thinking person should question if Trump’s motives are to “make America great again” or, if he just wants to enrich himself. Lastly, his exaggerated claims regarding his wealth just point to him being yet another Liar-In-Chief. But, as Americans, we’re used to that by now after eight years of Oreo, aren’t we?

PERSONAL LIFE: — Trump’s family values include years of keeping a mistress, Marla Maples, and who, after not having marital relations with his wife for more than 16 months, flew into a rage, tore hair from her head, and violated her sexually. Abandoned his daughter with Maples, providing financial support, and nothing else. Beyond any shadow of a doubt it is a known fact that he has mob connections … and has a documented history of cheating workers and vendors, and skirting the law via bribes and payoffs.

*  *  *

Now, just in case you think I’m of the opinion that The Donald is all bad ….

IMMIGRATION: — He is 100% correct regarding the problem of illegal immigration. But, his solution to rounding up the millions already here will turn this country into even more of a Police State. His belief that we can force Mexico to pay for a fence is patently fucking insanely absurd. Even more insane is the belief that a fence would be effective … unless one is willing to plant thousands of land mines, and willing to execute border hoppers. But, even land-mines didn’t keep East Germans from fleeing. It’s also a shame that some people are too goddamned stupid to understand that what keeps some people OUT, keeps even more people (YOU!!) in, and that you’re halfway to an entire nation imprisoned. Up next? Fence out Canada to complete the prison. And, you’re ignorant as hell if you think that’s impossible, forever. Even when Trump rightfully identifies a problem, his solution to the problem is childish.

ENVIRONMENT: — Trump has called Globull Warming “bullshit”.

EDUCATION: — “Common Core has to be ended. …. It’s a disaster.” And, “Cut the Department of Education way, way down.”

DRUGS: — He’s in favor of legalizing drugs and using tax revenue to fund drug education. I guess SSS won’t vote for him. Nevertheless, in his tolerance, he fired a Miss USA crown winner due to her drug over-indulgence.

*  *  *

OK, YOUR TURN!! I know why you like Donald. He’s a rich celebrity, and Americans just loooove their celebrities. Just check out all the Trash Rags at your grocery checkout line. You love his claim that he can’t be bought, even if it’s probably a lie. You love his image of the White Knight riding to the rescue, a real Marlboro Man hero. You love his bombastic in-your-face persona, even though you surely know in your heart that national and international politics aren’t effectively conducted that way. And, you absolutely love his entertainment value …. as do I. But, is that all you got?? Surely, you have something of substance to convince us doubters that he is worthy of occupying the White House. I’ll be waiting ….



MY CONCLUSION: — While Mr. Trump is on the correct side on a few issues, it doesn’t make up for his being on the wrong side in so many others. In the above chart, The Donald is clearly on the far left side on almost all issues. In other words, he is no different than the Same Old Crap Sandwich you’ve been fed for decades now. Yet, you Trumpeteers believe he’s The Great White Hope. Yeah, well, hope in one hand and shit in the other, and see which one fills up faster.

Both his words and actions prove his rejection of the free market and a propensity for confiscating wealth and placing it in the hands of corporate elites and government bureaucrats. But, key to me is that he has no respect for individual rights. His non-existent stance for the Constitution is extremely problematic. Whether he has any adherence to liberty and justice is questionable at best considering his support of the most vile politicians in the nation, while running around with mobsters. This is no reformer!

People say a politician’s moral life is of no consequence in leading a nation. This ignores the fact that a politician’s life is consumed with making DECISIONS, and what a man (or, woman) chooses is largely based on that person’s character. It is impossible to make decisions in a moral vacuum. The fact that Trump’s personal life has been one comprised by one immoral decision after another — including three marriages, infidelities, and four bankruptcies — indicate to me that he does not have the qualities of being an effective humble public servant. Rather, he possesses a tremendous ego and a disturbing lust for power. Why can’t people see this? You who say he can’t be worse than the crap we’ve had with the evil Troika of Bush(es), Clinton, and Obama, please stop kidding yourselves. This man possesses an extraordinary damage potential, worse than you’ve ever seen, if he ever directly wielded the power of the presidency.

In a March 1990 Playboy interview Mr. Trump said; — “I know what sells and I know what people want.” The Donald is still using that strategy in 2015, and he’s playing you Trumpeteers for fools.

Look, if you guys want to elect someone who squints a lot and says stupid shit, may I suggest you consider David Puddy? He’s not as rich, but he’ll do far less damage to this country.

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angel_of_joy's picture

So, Jim Quinn doesn't like Trump. Whatever...

Surly Bear's picture

It's not that I support The Donald, it's just that I don't support the other fucktards.

realmoney2015's picture

Finally a article on ZH that paints the correct picture of Trump, not with emotions, but with facts.

This dude is not good for America or humanity. Wake up people. He doesn't give a crap about us peons or our rights!

Trump is just like 99% of the rest of the corrupt politicians.

Richard Chesler's picture

Complete scumbags are the only ones to run for president.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the least scummy of them all?


realmoney2015's picture

I think you need to research Ron Paul. He is one of the most honorable men who to have lived in the past 100 years. And he ran 3 times!

Publicus's picture

At this point The Gold Toupee is gaining ground with Democrats as well as Republicans. I've heard a lot of people lately say "I'm as liberal as they come but I gotta agree with what Trump says on illegal immigration." Anyone who's not ridiculously hardcore emotionally invested in the political process is basically either considering his message at face value or actively agreeing with it. Seems only the most emotion-driven liberals are foaming at the mouth about Trump, and practically everyone with some modicum of sanity is watching with keen interest or swinging in the direction of where Trump wants to go.


The RNC is screwed, well and truly. They can not accept Trump because he is the antithesis of "status quo," but have pretty much zero choice to do so now lest they basically self-immolate - I've also heard a lot of rumbles along the lines of "if Trump isn't the RNC nominee I'm changing/dropping my Republican party affiliation," and folks in this forum have expressed the exact same sentiment. They're getting crushed between that proverbial pair of rock and hard place, between Trump's utter dominance of the political landscape and a large and still growing part of their party constituency that's basically tired of everyone's shit. 


With the Democratic candidacy slowly imploding - if Hillary does manage to avoid jail time it's a safe assumption she's done politically as her trust factor is cratering - Trump may well be an unstoppable juggernaut. He's in control of the tone and direction, everything they throw at him he takes in stride and turns into more approvals, and if he can keep from getting mired in wedge issues I don't see anyone having even the slightest chance of beating him. Whether he can actually achieve anything once elected is anyone's guess, but it sure looks like the presidency is his to lose.



FWIW I'm finding all of this absolutely hysterical. 

realmoney2015's picture

That's because Democrates and Republicans both stand for bigger federal government. Trump fits this mold perfectly. Wants more government to take our guns. Wants more governemnt to take our property. Wants more government to fight more wars. Wants more government to build a wall.

Trump is just like the normal republicans and democrates who believe the government is the answer not theproblem. There is one candidate who believes getting government out the equation is the slution to most (all) of our problems.

Publicus's picture

Tonight's speech was really something else. The guy reminds me of Hitler without all the stuff about burning Jews. Trump is the last hope for America to save itself from the liberal hell hole that we're sinking in. I'm glad to be alive witnessing this historic occasion.

realmoney2015's picture

Don't worry Trump fans. This story will fall off the first page quickly, so truth and facts on Trump won't get out to the zombies. Other Trump articles were locked in at the top spot for awhile. Let's see how long before the Tylers push it down to the second page. It's already 5 stories down and has been up for 37 minutes.

MsCreant's picture

We will call it a Trump Slump if he gets in office. Or the absolute and final destruction of the United States of America, the coup de grace.

This story is one guy's opinion (which I strongly agree with). 

The Tylers are not up to anything with it. They could have not posted it. Lay off.

boogerbently's picture

So, which of our candidates is the LEAST DANGEROUS ?

realmoney2015's picture

Dangerous to whom?

Dangerous to the globalists and establishment: Rand Paul

Dangerous to civil liberties, freedom, free markets, and the general public (in order): Clinton/Trump, Bush, Sanders, Rubio, Christie, Kasich, Walker, Carson, Fiortinio, (anyone else), then Paul

Fish Gone Bad's picture

The Donald has picked the low hanging fruit - Going after a secure border.  Blocking the economic refugees is what Hungary is doing at this moment, RIGHT NOW.  They just put up a fence.  It took them a few weeks.

jeff montanye's picture

the article is interesting to a degree.  certainly he is likely to be no better than his word.  but if obama has taught us anything, it is that he could be far, far worse than his words.

as to who would be better? i have no idea.  

i saw somewhere that the american people won't begin to see clearly until events cause them each to lose thirty pounds, cut the cable tv and pawn the flat screen.

sounds about right.

McMolotov's picture

Trump has all but said he'd like to go to war with Russia and simultaneously dig ourselves an even deeper grave in the Middle East. Not sure he can get any worse than that, but he probably could. But at least he'll get rid of every illegal!!! (As if that's even remotely possible.)

Then we have Hitlery, a woman so foul and loathsome that even Democrats are feeling skeevy about voting for her. There's simply no way to estimate how truly awful she'd be as president. The mind recoils in horror...

If Cankles steps aside because of her email fiasco, maybe we can go with Joe Fucking Biden, the guy who essentially came up with the Patriot Act back in the '90s. That would confirm once and for all that presidents are puppets. The guy can barely tie his own shoes. 

Politicians are like buckets full of shit, and voting is like choosing the color of the bucket full of shit that'll get dumped on you.

xcehn's picture

Clnton's pledge to attack Iran if elected is a low even for her. Revolting specimen.

LibertyBear's picture

In regards to the infographic, Libertarians ARE Anarchists. Or at least TRUE libertarians. Anarchists is just a put-down term for libertarians.

Save_America1st's picture

A few thoughts...


1:  There is no political solution to what not only America is facing...but what the entire world is facing.  Total collapse...plain and simple.

2:  If the people want Trump instead of any other sociopath...well then...those of us who have crawled out of the matrix should not give a shit one way or the other.  It isn't going to matter in the long run. 

3:  Don't vote.  Don't get sucked into this shit yet again no matter who ends up being the candidates on both sides of this sick fucking paradigm.  You all know it.  So don't take part in it.  Fuck Trump, Hillary, Jeb, and fuck even the few people who don't have a history of being total fucking douchebags in the world of politics.

Point being...even a few good, well-meaning people can't do a fucking thing about the collapse that's coming.  If they really think they can then they're NOT QUALIFIED at all in the first place...they must be either in with the system or totally fucking delusional! 

Thers is no political solution to what's happening...we're too far down the rabbit hole now...we're too far down the shitter.  You know it...I now it...and these fucking sociopaths who are trying to rule the world know it all too fucking well also!

It's all just a scam.  And what's coming next is a major fucking world war whether we like it or not.  Because that's what sociopaths and psychopaths in power eventually do to this world.  There are cycles every so many decades...and they follow economic cycles of boom and bust and then the scumbag politicians do what their scumbag bankster puppet masters tell them to do and once the economic cylces come back around towards collapse they cause a major world war.

That's it in a fuckin nutshell, childrens.

Don't vote.  Don't get caught up in the hype.  Let's ignore these sociopaths and psychopaths and every bit of bullshit they're spewing at us and let's just keep preparing by stacking phyzz, guns, ammo, food, water, med supplies, essential supplies, camping/hunting/fishing/ supplies, and let's rally together to fight these mother fuckers when they try once again to cause a world war.

There is no political solution.  Voting for people is idiocy.  Voting for sociopaths or those who are otherwise well-meaing, yet obviously ignorant jerk-offs is not a solution and that will drive you insane. 

So just continue to get yourselves out of the system every way you fucking can.

It's not that hard unless you can't let go.  And if you can't let go...then you're part of the fucking problem.

realmoney2015's picture

I appluad the Tylers for posting this article, which is mostly fact. It stats Trumps positions based upon his actions.

I just think they fed the beast a bot with posting articles which make Trump look like an outsider or someone who can save America. I'm sure it helped their click rate though.

I do, for the most part, like the articles on ZH. That is why I come back for more.

SilverRhino's picture

I am still supporting Trump.  As far as some of the assertions in the article. 

He is 100% correct regarding the problem of illegal immigration.  - Agreed on this 

But, his solution to rounding up the millions already here will turn this country into even more of a Police State. - Put a bounty on them, use E-Verify for employment with HUGE fines and jail for company officers, and require citizenship for any welfare.    The will Self-Deport

His belief that we can force Mexico to pay for a fence is patently fucking insanely absurd.  :  Mexican offshore oil fields will do nicely.   Think Mexico's navy is going to stop us?   


LibertyBear's picture

Yea right. I think he is 100% wrong on the problem of illegal immigration. We don't need walls or fences and as many people should be able to come and go as freely as they want. The problem IS the government.

Liberal's picture

as a staunch liberal, I strongly believe that we need to scrap the Constitution and elect Barack Obama to a third term in the White House! Or Michelle!

Divine Wind's picture




Good 'Ol Bitter Jim....

Another whiner who does nothing more than, err.... whine.

Four chan's picture

we dont give a fuck, we are just done with democrats this time around.

jeff montanye's picture

certainly fixed things up after that evil tomcat clinton.  also that warmonger lbj.  now ike wasn't so bad if you can get past the dulles brothers and picking up the fallen french lance in indochina.

most of reagan's success i attribute to timing vis a vis interest rates and to the beatles.

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

Trump is perfect for America, his entire life is one big, giant selfie. That's it.

"A demagogue tries to sound as stupid as his audience, so his audience can think they are as smart as he is"

JoeSilverBack's picture

Hey Publicus, so first about half the people that were killed were Jews, the rest were political prisoners, gypsyies, communists, socialists, capitalists, people with 'defects' and people who kept him out of art school and generals and soldiers who were turned in by their kids  and gestepo as speaking out against killing or exploiting the non arain race. so if you are saying Trump will only kill half as many as Hitler is good thing, you may want to reconsider your pitch, but I suppose there are others you could compare like Stalin, pul pot, genhis Khan, lincoln that had less killed for opposing their views. 

Trump's "plan" in comparison is more emotional, less objective, and more popular to those that watch tv or enjoy having more "security" with less freedom. Trump's plan to make America great again or make mexicio pay is about as specific as the feds plan to raise rates or pay off their balance sheet.

Trump really is the last hope for America , I hope he is the last resort, anyone else besides him, I'll take anyone not provided by MSM. Trump has deals with MSM. He owns casinos. He brags about buying politcians, he is the source of the problem not the source of the solution. He eats pizza with a fork, he uses illegals to build his casinos, and then threatens to throw them out only to allow them back in again, what a great plan, I can't wait to hear his make America great again plan. I wonder if it is good as his plans to make the taj mahal profitable or plans to merge the USFL with NFL or plans to elect Hillary 8 years ago. I'd prefer lottery pick of anyone 35+ born us over that piece of Trump. 

jeff montanye's picture

spellcheck wouldn't hurt but you make a good point.  the last sentence could be expanded to include probably anyone likely to get on the ballot.

ron p. and dennis k. in alternating years would have been beneficial. wonder how long before they got "sick"?

was jfk's assassination the point of no return?


BarkingCat's picture

I love the he is giving the establishment whores panic attacks. I do not care if he accomplishes nothing and brings nothing but complete gridlock to the place. If they are not doing anything, it means they are not fucking us in more creative ways.

Lordflin's picture

I like Ron Paul and came away with a very favorable impression of the man when I heard him speak. I supported his presidency with substantial donations. But last I looked he wasn't running for office... not that I blame him. And so far as I can tell Rand is no Ron.

Who out of all of those running for the office do you see as good for this country? At least Trump provides some comic relief. And he sets the others off in stark relief so they can be seen as the collection of loons, goons, and toons they truly are.

There is no way up from here. Not until we have reached bottom, and as far down as we have gone we still have a ways to go.

greenskeeper carl's picture

He does provide comic relief, but for me there is a big difference between finding someone amusing and actually being happy about the prospect of being ruled over by them. I have NEVER known a highly intelligent person who has talked constantly about how smart they are, but I have known plenty of stupid ones. Everything he says is just red meat for morons, he appeals to your baser instincts, and the dumber you are the more you fall from it.

realmoney2015's picture

If you want comic relief go to a Chris Rock show. Trump may have some funny one-liners and comebacks, but not compared to real comedians. His philospohies, background, expererience, policies, morals, friends, and conections suck!

Lordflin's picture

Gentlemen, I don't disagree with you in the slightest. I am aware of Trump's weaknesses... at least in part. I am quite certain, given time, more will surface. What I am not aware of are the assets of the other candidates running for office.

They all appear to be stooges so far as I can tell. And the one boast on Trump's part, and I don't mean personal boasts of which there are there are many, but rather the issue that stands out most in his supporters minds is that he is not another stooge. I don't believe it for a moment. So far as I can tell the man is a whore.

But at least he is funny... halarious even.

I have often said I have not voted for a President since Ronald Regan. I have voted... but never for someone, always against their opponent. For example, I voted against daddy Bush the first time he ran, and against Bill when he ran against Bush.

This is the first election in the last forty years where I think that I will simply not vote. The whole thing is far too perverse for me...I can't look at it anymore...

But at least I can laugh...

jeff montanye's picture

with the exception of some of his ex girlfriends, you may be the only person who voted against clinton and for michael dukakis 

Lordflin's picture

I hadn't really ever considered that, but you are probably right...

decon's picture

Gary Johnson (hoping he'll run again)

greenskeeper carl's picture

Ya that's who I voted for too. I intended to write in RP and didn't like Johnson as much, but due to the way my state counts write ins like Ron paul(it doesn't... ) I voted for GJ instead. And this inthe first article about trump I have really liked.

Every one of you motherfuckers(almost, anyway) have railed on about ending this phony war on terror and getting out of all these countries, and here you are loving a guy who HAS STATED ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS that he will re invade not only Iraq but put troops in Syria and Iran as well

You constantly complain about the police state the US is turning into, he you applaud a guy who is PROMISING TO EXPAND that very same police state every time he talks, and you cheer for him. How will he round up 15 million people? With the Dept of homeland security( I always thought that name sounded better in its original German, but who asked me).

You guys all complain about the size of govt and then worship a man who is promising to grow nearly every aspect of it. I can see why this article got such low ratings, it points out your glaring hypocrasy.

jeff montanye's picture

politics has been called hollywood for ugly people but some viewers still think it's a movie.

angel_of_joy's picture

He pisses off the establishment AND the media; that's more than enough for me. Besides, all the other candidates (on both sides) are just a bunch of pitiful PC sock puppets, so there...

realmoney2015's picture

The media would ignore him, like they did with Ron Paul, if they really hated him. He has been getting 24/7 coverage for weeks. Does that sound like they hate him?

Kotzbomber747's picture

Great article!

Sad and very inconsistent to see that most people here on ZH, who supposedly believe in personal responsibility and freedoms, now basically are willing to do the same as the Chinese, North Koreans, Cubans, Cambodians and Russians once did: place their 'hopium' into one crazy person.

Are Americans so dumb and brainwashed now that they can no longer see that this guy is as fake as his hair?

bnbdnb's picture

Anyone placing their hope into one person is a moron. However, spending 20 minutes of my day to vote for someone, ehhh, I'll be alright. I might meet a hot chick while I'm there.

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addressing realmoney: you are so right.  i would add that they, the msm, think he is a closet democrat.

it's a lot like professional wrestling with less interesting costumes.

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Ah come on...Trump is simply an extrapolation of what havoc has been wrought upon the 'american' psyche these last few decades right?

Nah, Trump is an obama third term.

Both trump and obama are fairly sophisticated chimeras.

The criminal nature of most, most as in all SDR recognized 'reserve currencies' is indisputable when long enough timelines are considered.

This guy trump is just 'insurance' for bill's wife. El bozo is determined to block the bitch from taking over.


Who knows who the next 'president' will be??

I don't particularly care.

Don't plan to vote.

Nor do I watch TV..It's all just a show at this point. The corruption is absolute and complete.

I still adore the word Farcism.


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Yep. That's why I'm voting for Deez Nuts. In the meantime, I'm enjoying tremendously the spectacle of The Donald calling out all the Establishment hacks. It's pure entertainment, and serves a purpose as well.

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Thanks for the realty check Jim, I'm changing my vote to Hillary. 

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To realmoney2015, name an electable alternative that is better.  No Ben Carson is not electable.  I concede Scott Walker may be that alternative.  If Rand kept a position long enough to see what it was then he too might be electable.  but other than that its garbage.

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Rand Paul. He is anti-fed. He has been anti-fed since the day he startimg running for Senate.

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you wonder.  does he love his daddy?  how much can he really say and not get sidelined like ron?

his father caused me to change parties to vote for him in the florida primary.  it's a tenuous reed to lean on but probably as good as who'd you'd like to share a beer with or who makes you laugh.