The Financial Times Demands End Of Cash, Calls It A "Barbarous Relic"

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Earlier this week, as the financial world was mesmerized by a min-stock market crash, the Financial Times published a dastardly little piece of fascist propaganda.

There is no more egregious anti-liberty economic policy imaginable than banning cash. I covered this earlier in the year in the post, Martin Armstrong Reports on a Secret Meeting in London to Ban Cash. Here’s an excerpt:

At this point, anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention to the central planning economic totalitarians running the fraudulent global financial system is aware of the blatant push in the media to acclimate the masses to accepting a “cashless society.”


In the mind of an economic tyrant, banning cash represents the holy grail. Forcing the plebs onto a system of digital fiat currency transactions offers total control via a seamless tracking of all transactions in the economy, and the ability to block payments if an uppity citizen dares get out of line.


While we’ve all seen the idiotic arguments for banning cash, i.e., it will allow central planners to more efficiently centrally plan economies into the ground, Martin Armstrong is reporting on a secret meeting in London with the aim of getting rid of any economic privacy that remains by ending cash.

Three months later,  the Financial Times publishes an article titled, The Case for Retiring Another “Barbarous Relic.”  When you start to see increased propaganda about banning cash, you know the status quo is very scared and things are getting very serious. You’ve been warned.

From the FT:


The fact that people treat cash as the go-to safe asset when banks are teetering is heavy with historical irony. Paper money was once the symbol of monetary irresponsibility. But even as individuals have taken recent crises as reasons to stock up on banknotes, authorities would do well to consider the arguments for phasing out their use as another “barbarous relic”, the moniker Keynes gave to gold.


Already, by far the largest amount of money exists and is transacted in electronic form — as bank deposits and central bank reserves. But even a little physical currency can cause a lot of distortion to the economic system.

So what about the reasoning for ending people’s ability to physically hold on to their own money? Wait, you’ll never guess, yes, it’s apparently necessary in order to give the least democratic, most destructive entities on planet earth, Central Banks, more power.

The existence of cash — a bearer instrument with a zero interest rate — limits central banks’ ability to stimulate a depressed economy. The worry is that people will change their deposits for cash if a central bank moves rates into negative territory. The Swiss, Danish and Swedish central banks have pushed rates lower than many thought possible; but most policymakers still believe in an “effective” lower band not far below zero.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.50.17 PM

Naturally, it’s all about state power, control and the ability to make sure the slave population is easily and efficiently milked.

Electronic money also permits innovations to reward law-abiding businesses. Value added tax, for example, could be automatically levied — and reimbursed — in real time on transactions between liable bank accounts. Countries that struggle with tax collection could go a long way in solving their problems by restricting the use of cash. Greece, in particular, could make lemonade out of lemons, using the current capital controls to push the country’s cash culture into new habits.

Of course, if cash were  involuntarily”ended,” there would be a surge in demand for physical gold and silver, which would then necessitate a ban on those items. Then the cycle of economic and financial tyranny would be complete, and crawling our way out of it, nearly impossible.

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Like News Papers?

VinceFostersGhost's picture



They also worship BAAL.....crazy bastards.

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No cash = no illegal drug industry.


THerefore it cannot possibly be done.

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I think international usurers are an evil barbarous relic and that we should do away with them... and I'm serious.

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First "wealth" was an implement of control.  Then the "financial system" became an implement of control.  Now, "money" is becoming an implement of control.

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As a staunch liberal I am strongly against cash also. First, there is no black person in any of our bills so it's very racist. Second, why carry cash when a single EBT-like card will do?

EBT is a human right! And it's not racist!

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I am black and your an idiot

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a chameleon apparently

next, we need to establish whether Republican-red or Communist-red or Native-red

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Let me spell it out for you:




There is a whole world of economies that function simply because they a) are done in cash and b) are anonymous. These asshats can dream about a cashless society all they want but to achieve it they would have to confiscate anything that works as a cash substitute, (including gold, silver and narcotics). So say it with me again...


Oh, and FT, (with your gated content), go fuck yourself. And sodomize those pictured above while you're at it.

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I'm a liberal. I'm here to save you. I'm on your side!

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I demand the end of the Financial Times. It is just a barbarous relic.

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It definitely could happen.  It might only last a few minutes or months but it definitely can happen.

Governments are testing gps systems on vehicles so they can automatically tax based onto which roads you drive on because they want to have a replacement for the gas tax if everyone switches to electrical vehicles.

Keynesians say the darndest things's picture

Unfortuenately they're going to try and try hard

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It's called fiat for a reason. Try paying your taxes or earning a paycheck when government demands it to be the only lawful use. Sure, you can engage in the black market using special stones as currency or a medium of exchange, just expect to do it from your storm drain dream home off of MLK Ave.

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I could tell you were black because you don't know how to spell.

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don't be a dick:

Mathew, Ch 7, verse 12

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I could tell you were a cracker becuase you're an idiot.

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If you can't beat them, join them.


VinceFostersGhost's picture



I'll just stick with boring's not been worth zero in 6 thousand years.

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…  you don’t suppose they’re smart enough to make Bitcoin  ILLEGAL , do you?

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Why would they do that? They created it. It's a perfect currency, traceable the entire way and doesn't exist outside of the system (their control).

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Exactly.  Bitcoin isn't some rebellious counter-culture idea.  Bitcoin IS the new cashless worldwide currency.   They are trying to backdoor it into existence because if people knew that it was the NWO cashless framework it would be rejected faster than the Winklevoss twins in a singles bar.  

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"Cash prevents central banks from being able to stimulate a depressed economy."

The central bank CAUSES the depressed economy!!!

Sorry, we ZH readers actually possess the skill of critical thinking. (Now, I'm sitting here picturing those that don't nodding in approval and bleating, "b-a-a-a-n c-a-a-a-sh.")

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Even more important is that interest rates have never been lower in 5000 years........yes, you read that right!

We must chalk it up to increased market efficiency because with such feats of levitation what could possibly go wrong?

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It will be shocking to see the extremes TPTB are willing to go to to keep  7,000,000,000 people  alive!

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"It will be shocking to see the extremes TPTB are willing to go to to keep  7,000,000,000 people!


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TongueStun (not verified) Surly Bear Aug 28, 2015 8:28 AM

Puppets of the zionist jew banking cartel all deserve to be shot too...

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Usurious (not verified) TongueStun Aug 28, 2015 8:38 AM

FT owned by the rothschilds?????


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Usurious (not verified) Usurious Aug 28, 2015 8:45 AM

come celebrate debt-slavery at the rothschilds hotel, located on rothschilds blvd.........the new debt slavery museum is under construction as we speak......

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Apprently being rich doesn't mean you can spell business.

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I am greatly relieved to see they offer a laundering service.

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It was. They just sold it to the ultimate suckers, the japs.

TongueStun's picture
TongueStun (not verified) Usurious Aug 28, 2015 9:24 AM

FT owned by the rothschilds?????


What can't the seven trillion dollars the greedy bastards printed for themselves under Obama buy?



fleur de lis's picture

Well that's rich. Scheming, borderless, nomadic globalists think money is barbaric. Not as barbaric as the Fed. Or any of the wars it spawned. Or its barbaric spawn like Nudelman who uses our barbaric money to take down settled societies. They have no problems grabbing our barbaric money as fast as they can when it suits them.

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klayton biggs bee (not verified) TongueStun Aug 28, 2015 8:42 AM

What would MeMongo think?



Or Francis Sawyer for that matter!?

Usurious's picture

viva la francis_sawyer

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This is basically the worlds problem is a nutshell. The beast has been ruling since day 1.


Cutting off its 'tentacles' (its puppets and muppets) is completely useless.


We need to sever the beasts head right the fuck off.


TongueStun's picture
TongueStun (not verified) BLOTTO Aug 28, 2015 9:27 AM

"TOO"....that's why I put the word TOO in there. They ALL need to be exterminated......They are like can't leave a single one for they repopulate quickly.

MSimon's picture

When you listen to the many faux-truthers in the alternative press, it is this decoy NWO to which they point as they make their fearful predictions in order to create an emotional reaction within their viewers/readers/listeners. They portray it as an evil Zionist/Nazi/Neocon monster that is destroying the world and bringing humanity to the brink of World War 3. This is being done so the public will welcome the real NWO when it makes its move, defeats the decoy, and snatches peace from the jaws of war.

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TongueStun (not verified) MSimon Aug 28, 2015 9:29 AM

Zionist jews are the new  NAZIS, and whites, Christians and heterosexuals are the old Jews.

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And you're the new stupid.

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Yeah, like you know what's REALLY going on.

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More like journalists.  With the rise of the internet, like fuck we need some shill on a payroll to tell us what happened and what it means. BTW have you noticed the tantrums some of these journalists through when you mention citizen journalism?

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If they pull it off..........................they will then TAX every Electronic transaction


Governments to eat!

doctor10's picture

nasty pack of control freaks. cute relationship here between this nonsense in the paper about cash right now and all the "shooting" incidents trying to jam a gun ban down Americans throats.

those appear about as transparent as ISIS

NOTHING wrong in the USA today that couldn't be fixed with a few more William McKinley's, Grover Cleveland's, James Madison's and Salmon P.Chase's floating around. And I mean NOTHING

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Surly Bear Aug 28, 2015 4:00 PM

Cashless  will soon claim that "Ron Paul was right and gold is money."

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Somebody at the FT needs to swing...