Polish Government Confirms Discovery Of Nazi "Gold Train", Warns It May Be Booby-Trapped

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Last weekend we reported that in the past month two men, a Pole and German, claimed to have discovered the legendary Nazi "gold train" - a 150 meter long German train alleged to be full of gold, gems and weapons, which disappeared just before the end of World War II - in the proximity of the Polish town of Walbrzych, close to where the Nazi are said to have loaded up the train with valuables for its final voyage in the town of Wroclaw, just as the Soviet forces approached in 1945.

As we detailed, the train is said to have been entombed in the vast tunnel labyrinth located close to Ksiaz castle, which served as Nazi headquarters during World War II...

Ksiaz castle, Nazi headquarters during World War II

... and specifically, was said to be located at the foot of the Sowa mountain, in the woods three miles outside the town of Walbrych.

The "gold train" is said to be located under this hill

While many were skeptical that the mystical Nazi treasure train had been finally discovered after many years of searching, an official update last Friday by the Polish government suggested that that may indeed be the case. As the Mail reported on Friday, a representative of the Polish culture ministry, Poland’s National Heritage and Conservation Officer Piotr Zuchowski, said that the man who helped hide the train had revealed its location shortly before he died, and that proof of the train has been observed on radar.

Zuchowski added that "Information about where this train is and what its contents are were revealed on the deathbed of a person who had knowledge of the secret of this train.' He added that Polish authorities had now seen evidence of the train’s existence in a picture taken using a ground-penetrating radar. He said the image - albeit blurred - showed the shape of a train platform and cannons. 

Piotr Zuchowski, Poland’s National Heritage and Conservation Officer, confirmed the 'unprecedented' find

Mr Zuchowski said the find was 'unprecedented', adding: 'We do not know what is inside the train. 'Probably military equipment but also possibly jewellery, works of art and archive documents. 

'Armored trains from this period were used to carry extremely valuable items and this is an armored train, it is a big clue.' He said authorities were now '99 percent sure the train exists' and whatever is on it will be returned to the rightful owners, if they can be found. 'We will be 100 per cent sure only when we find the train,' Mr Zuchowski added.

The train found in the mountains is an 'armored train' which looks similar to the one pictured

Mr Zuchowski told reporters that the train was about 100 metres long but added: 'It is not possible to disclose the exact location of where the train can be found. Still, he noted cryptically that "The local government in Walbrzych knows where it is."

He explained it is hidden along a 4km stretch of track on the Wroclaw-Walbrzych line.

Mr Zuchowski said the person who claimed he helped load the gold train in 1945 said in a 'deathbed statement' the train is secured with explosives. The official declined to comment further about the man who said this but speculation is now rife that it was a former SS guard or a local Pole who stumbled upon the train before hiding it.

Deputy Mayor of Walbrzych, Zygmunt Nowaczyk told the press: 'The city is full of mysterious stories because of its history. 'Now it is formal information - we have found something.'

Key excerpts from the press conference by the Polish official can be seen on the Euronews clip below:


The confirmation of the discovery unleashed a surge of treasury hunters, and forced the Polish government to warn the population to stop looking because it could be booby-trapped and dangerous. Zuchowski said "foragers" have become active since two people claimed to have discovered the train last week and urged eager fortune-hunters to stop searching, saying they risk injury or death.

Zuchowski adds that "there may be hazardous substances dating from the Second World War in the hidden train, which I'm convinced exists. I am appealing to people to stop any such searches until the end of official procedures leading to the securing of the find. There's a huge probability that the train is booby-trapped.'

If anything, tthese warnings are sure to unleash an even more aggressive wave of seekers now that the train's existience has been confirmed, and the government is actually warning seekers to be careful in their search.

But perhaps what is more interesting is just what the discovery, which would be straight out of an Indiana Jones sequel, will contain, and whether someone already got to the precious cargo over the past 7 decades. The answer should be made public shortly.

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q99x2's picture

That gold was stolen from Jewish folk and has to be returned.

Infinite QE's picture

How about all the treasure the jews stole from the Russians during their Bolshevik madness? $1 trillion in current value.  Is what built the jewish oligarchs so seize it.

Deathrips's picture

"It was my great grandmother, whos also a central bankers, treasure."


Some schmuck.



Pinto Currency's picture



And the problem with boobies?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

So that's where the Fed hid our Gold 


Manthong's picture

Not to worry..

Nuland will be there tomorrow with a few big duffle bags of Benjamins to overthrow the Polish government and steal the gold.

( better than LaGardes “little bag”)

Haus-Targaryen's picture

If they did find it -- I seriously hope they are able to return what is left to the families if they are identifiable.  If not -- I'm not sure who should get it.  My bet is the Polish government will take most of it, which is sad as what is now Wroclaw was, at the time German -- and most people there were sent deported to the Dresden area after the war.  Nazis were stealing from their own people on that one.  

They better figure out a way to get the train out of the groud.  That thing belongs in a museum.   

Pinto Currency's picture



Now if this was BofA or JPM they'd say they stole it fair and square and pay a fine of 2 cents on the dollar.



NoDebt's picture

The TV special with Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone's vault comes to mind in this situation.

mvsjcl's picture

The Rothschilds call dibs!

bania's picture

heh heh, he said "booby"

Supernova Born's picture

Nazis and ISIS and gold bugs, OH MY!

Publicus's picture

It would be interesting if the Nazis secured the train with the virus.

But the gold belongs to China for WWII reparations.

J S Bach's picture

Those evil Nazis just never stop... even 70 years after the war!  I'm sure they're secretly behind ISIS, too - as well as 9/11.  You can't keep those Aryan elitists down.

Save_America1st's picture

The gold will probabaly be shipped to Switzerland, melted down and refined to five 9's Chinese Kilo bars and shipped to China never to be seen again.


Then paper gold will be monkey-hammered by about 200 bucks just for good measure.

Just a hunch. ;-)

strannick's picture

Everytime gold spikes, there is some mega mysterious gold horde uncovered, ie. The Afghanistan mega deposit, Miorshitos Japanese gold, and now The German Nazi gold. 

I read this as prepare for upside explosion in the gold price as its the Comex futures gold price suppresion that gets derailed, not a Nazi gold train.

SamAdams's picture

Any valuables on that train are long gone.  Nazis were taken to US and Russia.  Zionazis were running the show and this is the ultimate way to steal it without anyone asking questions.  There is probably a tunnel from the castle to the train.  Who was in charge of the castle after 1945? 

At any rate, booby trap is a ruse to discourage unwelcome eyes.

One more thing, the Polish gov't just said, "oh ya, we knew it was there, we just never investigated" - paraphrased for clarity..... 

Socratic Dog's picture

If it's Nazi gold, then it belongs to the Nazis.  And as the indisputable heir of the third reich, that means the government of the USSA.

Is that clear?

Stuck on Zero's picture

I have it on good faith that the train in question was an Amtrak train bound for Trenton. It got lost in that bad snowstorm.

I M DeMan's picture

" Je suis Jewish! "


Ok, now give me my share of da gold.

gmrpeabody's picture

But have they found my boat wreck yet...?

philipat's picture

Maybe The US Fed could "Obtain" the Gold and send it to Germany, which is just next door. That would save shipping costs on the remaing 200 Tonnes still pending under the repatriation request from Germany?

Bananamerican's picture

hey...who's the drive-by nazi?

kralizec's picture

There is no treasure.  Does anybody seriously think there is anything there now?  Does anybody think it would have been driven east into Russian lines?

It disappeared allright.  In 1945.

DanDaley's picture

It's just a stupid, barbaric relic less useful than dirt...I'm sure no one will want it. They'll probably just cover up the cave and leave it there.

Paveway IV's picture

You can all keep your damn Nazi gold.

What I really want is that first car of the train - the one with the cannons in the turret. That is the most insane looking thing I have ever seen.

I would leave it that same Nazi grey and drive it to work every day. 

Edit from here:

...Panzertriebwagen Nr 16 (PzTrWg 16 or PT 16) - German heavy armored motorcar built in 1942 by Schwarzkopff company. Based on WR550 D14 diesel locomoive, surrounded by armor and with two armored units added at each end. Initially armed with 2 cm Flakvierling 38 AA guns, later replaced (after additional modifications to the units) with russian 76,2 mm FK 295/1 gun-equipped turrets. Armor thickness was from 31 to 84 mm. Fought on Eastern Front. In 1943 as a reserve unit used to patrol guerilla-threatened areas. In 1944 assigned to Army Group Mitte, fought in Rawa Ruska and Lublin, later in Kielce surroundings. Withdrawn to Gliwice for repairs, was finally repaired in Germany. In 1945 took part in combat near Neuruppin, and was finally captured intact on 2nd May 1945 at Neustadt Dosse.

Incorporated into the structures of Polish Army, served in no. 4194 unit, as a part of an armored train. In 1945-47 took part in fights with Ukrainian UPA partisans at Bieszczady area. Later stored on a siding at Przemy?l, before becoming part of Warsaw Railway Museum...

Fahque Imuhnutjahb's picture



It may be time for a big rebound in gold prices.  Such stories as this and ocean nano gold, and mining asteroids, moon, Mars, etc.

come out to let everybody know there is beau coup quantities of gold all over the place.  Three Spanish Galleons recently found

demonstrates that the ocean floor is littered with gold.  So all you gold bugs can suck it, because pet rocks are a dime a dozen.

turtle's picture

Just as the ZOG is preparing a justification for future gold confiscation with any non-compliers to be arrested as terrorists?




r00t61's picture

There is no gold on this train.

It was taken by Brian Williams and donated to NBC.

You will, however, find the pristine passports of the Russian rebels that shot down MH-17.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"There is no gold on this train."~

It doesn't matter. The documentary, recorded from start to finish of the digging out, will be worth more than the entire train contents, if you take the merchandising into consideration. "Nazi Gold Ghost Train" teeshirts will bring in $10 million alone worldwide. 

Joe Trader's picture

This article is short on details - a pretty big let down considering how much has been published elsewhere.

Anyway - think again - this train could be worth $10-20 billion dollars using gold prices from recent years - its been speculated that there's 300 tonnes of gold onboard.


Oh yeah - and according to Polish law - whatever they find is property of the Treasury. Poland really doesn't care what some random people on the internet think - but thankfully they said they'll return whatever they could ID to the right owners. If the Amber Room is onboard - boy what a bargaining chip Poland can use to troll Russia.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

So wait -

You tell me I'm ignorant because I didn't read the article (or so you say) then I re-read the article, and what you asserted is not therein, and alas -- you wrote it yourself.  

You'll have to link me to it in the law before I take anything more you say at face value.  


Joe Trader's picture

do your own research you lazy ass.

logicalman's picture

Whatever we are told will not be the truth.

Everything else will be a 'conspiracy theory'!

So much time will be spent arguing about the theories that the whole thing will be in the historical amnesia box in no time!

But it's a barbarous relic, so why not just leave it where it is?


Tall Tom's picture

They will empty the valuables.


Then they will blow up the train declaring all was lost in the explosions from the booby traps.


That is the "conspiracy theory" in its formation.


That is the set up for the report which we all will be "sold".


They may even have an Official Commision "investigate" the "mishap".

knukles's picture

So now Germany can get it's gold back?  Fed's off the hook?  No pierogi's for you!
Listen, as in Polish logic, we know where it is but can't say because we doin't know.  Kind of.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I hadn't thought about this.  Given that Germany is sitting on a WMD called "Deutsche Bank" -- and Washington owes Berlin for all the gold it lost -- 

Germany takes physical possession of whatever is on this train and claims it as "received" from the New York fed.  US reduces its Accounts Payable, Germans gets physical -- Poland can keep all the artwork, jewly and other tid bits and the American military on its soil.  

I hope the train ends up in a museum somewhere.   

847328_3527's picture

Maybe some day on their death bed Colin Powell, Bush and Cheney will reveal where those WMDs are hidden?

New_Meat's picture

easy now to say, in the Bekka' Valley.

Joe Trader's picture

hey target

The train and all of its contents belong to the Polish Treasury - do you always ramble off orders like this and get completely ignored every time?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

By that same logic -- all the fancy stuff that turns up in Germany constantly which at one time belonged to Poles would be property of the German government.  

A little bit of independent though, and a good dose of putting down the kool-aide would be mightly helpful.  

Joe Trader's picture

It's not logic - it's fact. Germany gave this law its full blessing too. Get over yourself, do research instead of fantasizing over property rights when there's obviously existing laws in place for such a basic state matter.

chunga's picture

in any case that gold needs to go the states asap to keep it safe from russian hordes

TheReplacement's picture

Could not the current owner of the land claim it?

NoDebt's picture

"'We do not know what is inside the train. 'Probably military equipment but also possibly jewellery, works of art and archive documents."

Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton's emails?

BarkingCat's picture

She does not have to overthrow the government. Even one of Polish ministers stated that Poland gives US blow jobs and gets nothing for it.

Four chan's picture

the tribe will claim it all. 

I M DeMan's picture

Actually, the Jews are in some serious trouble due to the hordes of Muslims that have flooded Europe. Desecration of Jewish sites is now fairly commonplace there and it's not unusual for several Muzzies to pick on a Jew in the streets. Barry has let millions into the USA but so far not too much trouble from them.


Bush/Barry's devastation of the MENA countries continues ot have some nasty Blowback.

TheReplacement's picture

Yes, Jews are in mortal danger there.  Zionists on the other hand are well behind fortress walls.