The 2030 Agenda: This Month The UN Launches A Blueprint For A New World Order With The Help Of The Pope

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Submitted by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog,

Did you know that the UN is planning to launch a “new universal agenda” for humanity in September 2015?  That phrase does not come from me – it is actually right in the very first paragraph of the official document that every UN member nation will formally approve at a conference later this month.  The entire planet is going to be committing to work toward 17 sustainable development goals and 169 specific sustainable development targets, and yet there has been almost a total media blackout about this here in the United States. 

The UN document promises that this plan will “transform our world for the better by 2030“, and yet very few Americans have even heard of the 2030 Agenda at this point.  Instead, most of us seem to be totally obsessed with the latest celebrity gossip or the latest nasty insults that our puppet politicians have been throwing around at one another.  It absolutely amazes me that more people cannot understand that Agenda 2030 is a really, really big deal.  When will people finally start waking up?

As I discussed in a previous article, the 2030 Agenda is taking the principles and goals laid out in Agenda 21 to an entirely new level.  Agenda 21 was primarily focused on the environment, but the 2030 Agenda addresses virtually all areas of human activity.  It truly is a blueprint for global governance.

And later this month, nearly every nation on the entire planet is going to be signing up for this new agenda.  The general population of the planet is going to be told that this agenda is “voluntary” and that it is all about “ending poverty” and “fighting climate change”, but that is not the full story.  Unfortunately, there is so much positive spin around this plan that most people will not be able to see through it.  Just check out an excerpt from a piece that was published on the official UN website yesterday…

The United Nations General Assembly today approved a resolution sending the draft ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ to Member States for adoption later this month, bringing the international community “to the cusp of decisions that can help realize the… dream of a world of peace and dignity for all,” according to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.


“Today is the start of a new era. We have travelled a long way together to reach this turning point,” declared Mr. Ban, recounting the path the international community has taken over the 15 years since the adoption of the landmark Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) towards crafting a set of new, post-2015 sustainability goals that will aim to ensure the long-term well-being of our planet and its people.


With world leaders expected to adopt the text at a 25-27 September summit in New York, the UN chief said Agenda 2030 aims high, seeking to put people at the centre of development; foster human well-being, prosperity, peace and justice on a healthy planet and pursue respect for the human rights of all people and gender equality.

Who doesn’t “dream of a world of peace and dignity for all”?

They make it all sound so wonderful and non-threatening.

They make it sound like we are about to enter a global utopia in which poverty and inequality will finally be eradicated.  This is from the preamble of the official 2030 Agenda document

This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognise that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan.


We are resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet. We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path.


As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets which we are announcing today demonstrate the scale and ambition of this new universal Agenda.

If it is a “universal agenda”, then where does that leave those that do not want to be part of it?

How will they assure that “no one will be left behind” if there are some nations or groups that are not willing to go along with their plan?

The heart of the 2030 Agenda is a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals…

Goal 1 End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Goal 2 End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Goal 3 Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Goal 4 Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Goal 5 Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Goal 6 Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Goal 7 Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Goal 8 Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Goal 9 Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Goal 10 Reduce inequality within and among countries

Goal 11 Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Goal 12 Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Goal 13 Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts*

Goal 14 Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Goal 15 Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

Goal 16 Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

Goal 17 Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

Once again, many of those sound quite good.

But what do many of those buzzwords actually mean to the elite?

For instance, what does “sustainable development” actually mean, and how does the UN plan to ensure that it will be achieved globally?

This is something that was discussed in a recent WND article

But what is “sustainable development?”


Patrick Wood, an economist and author of “Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation,” says it’s clear the U.N. and its supporters see sustainable development as more than just the way to a cleaner environment. They see it as the vehicle for creating a long-sought new international economic order, or “New World Order.”


Wood’s new book traces the modern technocracy movement to Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller and the Trilateral Commission in the early 1970s.

And Wood is quite correct.  The environment is a perfect vehicle for the elite to use to bring in their version of utopia, because just about every possible form of human activity affects the environment in some way.  Ultimately, they hope to centrally plan and strictly regulate virtually everything that we do, and we will be told that it is necessary to “save the planet”.

And they will never come out and openly call it a “New World Order” because “sustainable development” sounds so much nicer and is so much more acceptable to the general population.

Needless to say, there wouldn’t be much room for individual liberty, freedom or good, old-fashioned capitalism in the world that the elite are trying to set up.  In fact, the U.N.’s number one sustainable development official has essentially publicly admitted this

“This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history,” Figueres, who heads up the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, told reporters in February.


This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for the at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution,” Figueres said.

They plan to “intentionally transform the economic development model”?

And so what will this new system look like?

How will they achieve this “utopia” that they are promising us?

Sadly, they are just selling the same lies that have been sold to people for thousands of years.  Paul McGuire, the co-author of a new book entitled “The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible’s Greatest End-Times Mystery“, commented on this recently…

Deep inside every man and woman is the longing for a far better world, a world without war, disease, death, and pain. Our present world is a cruel world in which every life ends in death. From the beginning of time Mankind has sought to use science and technology to create a perfect world, what some would call Utopia or Paradise. As the Human Race began to organize itself, a Scientific or Technocratic Elite rose to power by promising the masses that they could build this perfect world. Ancient Babylon represented the first historical attempt to build paradise on earth.

In ancient times, Babylon was the very first attempt to create a type of “global government”, and ever since then the global elite have been trying to recreate what Babylon started.

The promise is always the same – the elite swear that they have finally figured out how to create a perfect society without poverty or war.  But in the end all of these attempts at utopia always end up degenerating into extreme forms of tyranny.

On September 25th, the Pope is traveling to New York to give the opening address at the conference where the 2030 Agenda will be launched.  He will be urging all of humanity to support what the UN is trying to do.  There are countless millions that implicitly trust the Pope, and they will buy what he is selling hook, line and sinker.

Don’t be fooled – the 2030 Agenda is a blueprint for a New World Order.  Just read the document for yourself, and imagine what our world would actually look like if they have their way.

They want to fundamentally transform our planet, and the freedom that you are enjoying today is simply not acceptable.  To the elite, giving people freedom and liberty is dangerous because they believe it hurts the environment and causes societal chaos.  According to their way of thinking, the only way to have the kind of harmonious utopia that they are shooting for is to tightly regulate and control what everyone is thinking, saying and doing.  Their solutions always involve more central planning and more control in their own hands.

So what do you think?

Should we hand the global elite that kind of power and control?

If not, then we all need to start speaking out about this insidious agenda while we still can.

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Publicus's picture

2030, the start of a 100,000 year Ice Age.

Keyser's picture

Hmm, the elites want to reduce the worlds population by 2/3 to support their lofty goals... Funny how they didn't put that in the mission statement... 

OpTwoMistic's picture

The problem is not the UN. The problem is that there is a UN.

t0mmyBerg's picture

The problem is both.  But the current UN has long outlived its usefulness and should be disbanded, like nearly every other institution

coinhead's picture
coinhead (not verified) t0mmyBerg Sep 3, 2015 8:53 PM

They say they want a NWO and some coinheads come along, supreme devotees of Satoshi Nakamoto ~(peace be upon him!) and tehy wind up with a BitWorldOrder.  We have control now, do you hear we UN?

NoDebt's picture

"This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for the at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution,” Figueres said."

NO, it is most certainly NOT the first time in history it's been tried.  They just don't want to remind you about the first 50 times it's been tried and failed utterly.


AlaricBalth's picture

"It's A Miracle" - Roger Waters defined the future as described by the UN in this utopian/dystopian classic from 1992.

Miraculous you call it babe
You ain't seen nothing yet
They've got Pepsi in the Andes
Mcdonalds in Tibet
Yosemite's been turned into
A golf course for the Japs
The Dead Sea is alive with rap
Between the Tigris and Euphrates
There's a leisure centre now
They've got all kinds of sports
They've got Bermuda shorts
The had sex in Pennsylvania
A Brazilian grew a tree
A doctor in Manhattan
Saved a dying man for free
It's a miracle
Another miracle
By the grace of God Almighty
And pressures of marketplace
The human race has civilized itself
It's a miracle
We've got a warehouse of butter
We've got oceans of wine
We've got famine when we need it
Got a designer crime
We've got Mercedes
We've got Porsche
Ferrari and Rolls Royce
We've got a choice
She said meet me
In the Garden of Gethsemane my dear
The Lord said Peter I can see
Your house from here
An honest man
Finally reaped what he had sown
And farmer in Ohio has just repaid a loan
It's a miracle
Another miracle
By the grace of God Almighty
And pressures of marketplace
The human race has civilized itself
It's a miracle
We cower in our shelters
With our hands over our ears
Lloyd-Webber's awful stuff
Runs for years and years and years
An earthquake hits the theatre
But the operetta lingers
Then the piano lids comes down
And break his fucking fingers
It's a miracle

Tom Servo's picture

fonetard has a new alias...


TeamDepends's picture

He's a great guy, until he starts smoking the bitcoin.

Keyser's picture

@AlaricBalth  Roger was  right, we are a species that has Amused Itself To Death...

And of course, What God Wants, God Gets... 



weburke's picture

to herd us into it, a religious conflict to trigger a wave of terrorism that will do the depopulatin. Time for the pheonix show.

TongueStun's picture
TongueStun (not verified) weburke Sep 4, 2015 8:29 AM

"media blackout in this country" = jew World Order

Enki God of Sumer's picture

I hear you, I have read a few of his speeches and hes seems to have a pretty clear veiw of our world and it's ills.. problem though, it also apears he is a much smaller cog in the machine than he seems- he pushed for a few common sense changes earlier this year, rights for gay people within the church and relationships for priests.. The "church" said "hell no". So the voice of god, his chosen representative got told No.  He may be similar to Obama- a well chosen veneer for something more sinister..

Kobe Beef's picture

He's a Latin American Socialist pushing the Universal Equalist Agenda. 

You thought he was Catholic?

Hopeful Skeptic's picture

Human greed is only solved deep within the human heart. Statist authoritarian polices enforced from the outside won't eradicate greed.

HardAssets's picture

Kinda funny 'bout those talking human greed & 'social justice'. They also have billions (at minimum) in global assets, a secret bank that has been implicated in various shady dealings, and the 'shield' of national sovereignty to hide behind.

Its also interesting that in this age when every major national & world figure is closely examined & criticized, - this pontiff was given a pass regarding his past relatively quickly & easily. - - And as for the 'manmade climate change' fraud - people can't say that he is being misled by others. He has a Masters degree in Chemistry and considered a career as a scientist at one time. He is perfectly capable and obligated to examine this scam.

What is sad is that so many people who have been indoctrinated to blindly follow the dictates of those running large organized religion (of various denominations), have been scared into never asking important questions. And when such a notion might come to them, the reply they get is " it's a matter of faith ". - - Incredible when you think about it.

Quite a drastic departure from the simple carpenter preaching a message of brotherly love 2000 years ago.

Benjamin123's picture

Figueres, a Costa Rican elite, good for nothing but government jobs handed to her by her elite family. Like all latin american elites, she secretely hates all non elite latin americans and spends most of her time in Europe.

HardAssets's picture

They forget to mention their new global feudalism technocracy. They see themselves at the top, and all of us as lowly serfs and slaves. That is, the small number of us 'useless eaters' who survive genocide as population reduction.

They are not our 'leaders'. They haven't bothered to ask our consent to one damned thing. And they can bugger off.

wendigo's picture
wendigo (not verified) coinhead Sep 3, 2015 9:00 PM

You bit coin tards piss me off. Always blathering on about how great the coin is and how it's going to usher in a golden age, and attacking anyone who thinks differently. Try educating instead of mindless worship. 

coinhead's picture
coinhead (not verified) wendigo Sep 3, 2015 9:02 PM

Teh "coin" is actually a payment system.  Meditate upon it and Satoshi consciousness will come unto you!

formadesika3's picture

It’s actually probably a good thing that the U.S. media is not covering this. 

They’re being responsible in my opinion. People are too busy to worry about things like this that hardly concern them except in the abstract. Those goals are after all, the big goals that take a unified coalition of the entire planet to achieve. See, this is what we mean by the “New World Order”. 

The brilliant thing about it is that when it comes in full force you won’t even notice it. You’ll still think you’re living in your sovereign nation with its own set of laws such as 2nd amendment — and you will be! — but in reality you’ll be living under a one-world shadow government that let’s your country get away with a lot of stuff until it can safely step in and strengthen its control. 

This takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

I know there are a select group of individuals who believe we’re already living under this system (I could link to a couple of websites if I chose to) but I don’t think so. Not yet. Russian and China remain semi-independent. Even though Putin and Xi probably have billions stashed in the West, they can pull their money anytime and put it back in their own nations because of the scale and economic development levels of Russia and China. Or they can just steal more. That wouldn’t work for most countries. That gives them economic bases from which they can operate independently. 

On the other hand, even a nuclear war can be managed at some level.


But it’s probably better to wait for the perfection of gene drives such as CRISPR/CAS9.

lordkoos's picture

Yes, because centuries of history must be wrong.

cornedmutton's picture

So, the problem is the UN then?

UnicornSkittles's picture

Nope.  It's just a part of the problem. A big part, but still only a part of the puzzle.

Klemens's picture
Klemens (not verified) OpTwoMistic Sep 4, 2015 12:14 AM

Catholics today must understand the limits of the Pope and bishops’ authority.

many Catholics do not understand that the pope can not do what he wants to do.

"The Undermining of the Catholic Church"

this is  a very interesting book, even for Non-Catholics. 

Western Pig Dog's picture
Western Pig Dog (not verified) Klemens Sep 4, 2015 5:18 AM

Thank you, added to the list.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Is a “good” Catholic one who automatically believes or does whatever the Pope and bishops say, even if it is the opposite of what was taught by the Popes and bishops of prior days?

Why worry about who said what when you have scripture? The Catholic Church is going to have a massive split, mark my words. That one of the "Pope's Army" has now been elevated for the first time should not be lost on you. Bergoglio is meek, yes? There is nothing, repeat not one thing meek about a true Jesuit. A meek person does not take their oath. Their history speaks for itself, and Adam Weishaupt himself was trained to be a Jesuit just as the order was officially disbanded. I am shocked it took a year for them to assassinate the Pope who did it.

UnicornSkittles's picture

Agreed.  Raised Catholic, went a Catholic high school , married into an Italian family.  Most Catholics I know are split 50/50 on the Pope and his message.  In my circle it is starting to lean 45/55 with the majority not liking what he is communicating.

Cynicles's picture

Agenda 21 is (population reduction [aka murder]) from the aprox 7 billion to about 500,000 people - just enough to serve their masters...

Check your math, cog.

The wealthiest man on the planet is a huge supporter [publically even!]  of said plan.'s picture

Well let it begin. The question is what you gonna do about it?

trader1's picture

Agenda 21 was always about human sustainability on a planet with limited resources.

2.1 kids per couple is key to ensuring a future replacement generation.

Get it now?


NoDebt's picture

I read this and realize that I'm supposed to be afraid.  But for some reason I'm laughing my ass off.  Almost all of this shit's been said and tried before, and failed.  They're so fucking stupid and arrogant and afraid it's palpable.  They're trying to manage an avalanche.  At the macro level it's completely out of their control.  Aggregate population will be managed by disease, starvation and availability of resources, same as it's always been.  The rest is just a bunch of bureaucratic bullshit designed to transfers economic advantage from poor to rich, same as it's always been, while trying to sound big-hearted and magnanimous about it.

oooBooo's picture

But as they fuck up and fail in their utopia building millions end up dead and cities, farms, roads, and more will be wrecked as happened in 20th century.



NoDebt's picture

And the 19th and the 18th and the 17th and the 16th and so on.  It's almost like..... there's a pattern or something.

This time around they've just gotten better and convincing people that war is peace and economic depravation is "saving" the planet.


Bendromeda Strain's picture

I'm sure Lucifer is stymied on a regular basis as organizing evil, arrogant, conceited sociopaths must surely be like herding cats.

mtl4's picture

Politicians have been selling hope since language was first developed, the buzzwords may change but human nature never does.

nohweh's picture

AKA the "beast" system,Nimrod,Nebuchadnezzar,Antichrist

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Don't be too hard on Nebby. Mystery Babylon has to include Rome, doncha know.

WOAR's picture

But that's the point. The projects are doomed to fail in their stated purpose. However, since the stated purposes are "good," you cannot disagree with those policies without being called a baby hater, sexist, or racist.

All of the wealth transfer mechanisms, the slavery, is hidden behind this veil of (self) censorship that you cannot attack. 

Yohimbo's picture

they have been attempting to shove their sustainability buracracy bullshit down the throat of design professionals for years, knowing that they are the spear tip of progress and cultural transformation. 

 well shit organizations like the AIA bought into it like queeffing sycophantic fops, but the membership has given a silent and apathetic F - U to the agenda essentially immobilizing it, and making it a conversation curio more than a modus operandi. 

Fuck you USGBC.  

HardAssets's picture

Yes, there have always been psychopath control freaks throughout history. - The difference is that during the miniscule span of time since the end of WW2, - human technology has advanced to the point where stupid human beings can kill all life on this planet.

knukles's picture

The Vatican is the oldest, largest and wealthiest political organization in the world.
What else would one expect them to do?  The current Pope started out very well, then has devolved into politics as opposed to saving of souls through the dissemination of good morals and civil practices.
Same as it always has been.
Only question is when will the next Luther place his Ninety Five Theses upon a Wittenburg Cathedral, offering an alternative to the God Mammon and Dispensation of Indulgences.
                              This is sinful, evil behavior.  Got Anti-Christ so to speak?

                                           Welcome to the Year of the Flood

ToSoft4Truth's picture

We can’t unconvince the convinced.

I think that’s why the background leaders wrote into the ‘script’ a control valve of sorts. 

The prophecy detailing a mass extinction of Christians.  It’s written they are going to willingly walk to the guillotines.

Cynicles's picture

 It’s written they are going to willingly walk to the guillotines.

So hurry yup and turn in your guns, folks

Skiprrrdog's picture

Ill save one, for myself if need be...this world/life is getting pretty fucking tiresome...

Ginsengbull's picture

There's always somebody else out there that needs killing.


Don't be selfish.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

The prophecy detailing a mass extinction of Christians.  It’s written they are going to willingly walk to the guillotines.

Where? I read that the Beast is going to wage war on the saints and prevail, but that sounds like war to me. Once captured, I expect saints to absolutely show no fear of death. Heck, even Louis the 14th and Marie Antionette didn't tremble in the face of the demonic Jacobins.