West Point Professor Calls For Military Strikes On Journalists Critical Of War On Terror

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Submittted by Cassius Methyl via TheAntiMedia.org,

An assistant professor from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point recently declared that professionals critical of the “War on Terror” constitute a “treasonous” opposition that should be subject to military force.

He believes the U.S. should have the right to attack people who are critical of U.S. military operations — specifically, professionals, legal scholars, journalists, and other people effectively spreading ideas that oppose war.

Professor William C. Bradford went as far as to publish a long academic paper in the National Security Law Journal that aggressively promotes suppressing dissent about military force, civilian casualties, and expanding military operations in the Middle East.

Using the excuse that victims would be “lawful targets,” Bradford argues that “law school facilities, scholars’ home offices and media outlets where they give interviews” should be targeted with military force to suppress dissent. He asserted that the war on terror should be expanded, “even if it means great destruction, innumerable enemy casualties, and civilian collateral damage.”

He further suggested that the U.S. should wage “total war” on “Islamism,” using “conventional and nuclear force and [psychological operations]” to “leave them prepared to coexist with the West or be utterly eradicated.”

He said that “Threatening Islamic holy sites might create deterrence, discredit Islamism, and falsify the assumption that decadence renders Western restraint inevitable.”

Despite his self-description as an “associate professor of law, national security and strategy,” a representative of the National Defense University has tried to distance the school from Bradford by saying he wasn’t part of the staff, but rather a contracted professor.

Sporting a long history of exaggeration and pro-military extremism, “He resigned from Indiana University’s law school in 2005 after his military record showed he had exaggerated his service,” according to The Guardian.

Though the man seems to be held in high esteem by the military, he spoke with such disregard for human rights that the National Security Law Journal had to apologize.

The NSLJ released a statement on the front page of its website, saying it “…made a mistake in publishing [the] highly controversial article…”

“The substance of Mr. Bradford’s article cannot fairly be considered apart from the egregious breach of professional decorum that it exhibits,” it admitted.  “We cannot ‘unpublish’ it, of course, but we can and do acknowledge that the article was not presentable for publication when we published it, and that we therefore repudiate it with sincere apologies to our readers.”

Ironically, Bradford has a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from Harvard University with a focus in Human Rights Law.

This is a man who is apparently incorporating his violent philosophy into his teaching at West Point. He started on August 1st 2015 — after he published his article.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in forming a complete understanding of the ideological fabric held by many of the war hawks in U.S. Military.

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Nutflush60's picture

Well, as long as Yahoo News is the first target,,,


Nutflush60's picture

Does Krugman criticize the War on Terror?

Manthong's picture

His “reasoning” is why insurgents make bombs.


He would have done well in 1930’s Germany.



Stuck on Zero's picture

This guy needs to go on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney.

y3maxx's picture

West Point Professor W. Bradford is no different to any Islamic religous Imam.

He equals any religous nut job.

Both spew hate and are war mongerers.

froze25's picture

That SOB took a oath to the Constitution of the United States every time he said the pledge of allegiance, the statement he made was treasonous.  He should be disciplined.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Fuck this guy & the horse he rode in on. 

55 men's picture

Seems like a lovely man,.....

He did resign , or quite way saying he was fired for his paper, he also inflated or made up part of his credentials, especially the part about being desert storm and receiving a silver star...he inflated his self at Indiana university and West Point....this guy is a lovely piece of shit

mtl4's picture

Guys like this need to be sent to the front lines ASAP!

tarsubil's picture

The guy was a psycho from military intelligence. He has "resigned".



MalteseFalcon's picture

Just pushing the "meme envelope" to make run of the mill neo-cons look "reasonable".

HowdyDoody's picture

I wonder if he had a hand in the updated US military rules of war handbook.

"New Pentagon War Manual rdueces us to the level of Nazis"


The end point of Zionification of the US military. In der Fascist US, dissent iz verboten, ja?

JR's picture

Well, look here. The man has a paper trail:

“His 1995 doctoral dissertation is entitled "United States foreign policy decision-making in Arab-Israeli crises: The association of United States presidential personality constructs with political and military crisis outcomes" (AAT 9537394).”

wee-weed up's picture




does this professor hold the Prestigious Gen Curtis LeMay Chair?...

or is it the Prestigious Attila the Hun Chair?

TSA Thug's picture

I'm pro-Muslim. More Muslims means more pat downs. Job security.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

"War on Terror"? Is that sort of muppet-speak still even being used? Really? Can we just move to "War on Islam" and cut to the chase, please? Waiting for the next WW is like watching paint dry. Come on, someone use a dirty bomb and get the dance started. /sarc

daveO's picture

That's probably timed for the next president. /no sarc

McMolotov's picture

Let's be frank: Bradford is no different from a guy who writes a fifty page manifesto about the secret war between aliens and angels. He just happens to have the "credentials" that allow him to obtain a lofty position of employment and publish his rantings more formally than that Wellaware dude who analyzes ear shapes and thinks Morgan Freeman is actually Jimi Hendrix.

In a sane world, Bradford never would have gotten this far. He would have been laughed out of any and all academic settings, and he quite possibly would have been forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation at some point. He is, at best, unhinged from reality. At worst, he's a psychopath with violent tendencies. What's scary is that there are many other people in positions of power who think just like him.

This isn't a sane world, and he'll probably land a cushy job at a neo-con think tank.

zero_wedge's picture

Oh, didn't you hear? He was in the same helicopter as Brian Williams.

NoDecaf's picture

from that link above -

"In September, Bradford admitted on the law school blog that he had been assuming names and posting comments in support of himself."


LOL, that's the kicker for me...

two hoots's picture

Agree,  President Obama should have this guy and 2 levels of supervisors up in his office in the dying cochroach position......until he fires them.  It's systemic, our current "no standards" government (standards: a forgotten word).

Fahque Imuhnutjahb's picture

Free Speech my ass!  Kill'em all and let Allah sort'em out!   (Drops the mic-----because a drone is hovering near by)       

TongueStun's picture
TongueStun (not verified) Fahque Imuhnutjahb Sep 3, 2015 10:37 AM

facist trash deserve a few hollow points to the head.

Creepy A. Cracker's picture

"West Point Professor Calls For Military Strikes On Journalists Critical Of War On Terror"

If the statement were five words shorter I would not object.  Most "journalists" are not journalists at all.  They are propagandists rooting for massive, soul crushing, government and against the U.S. Constitution.

West Point Professor Calls For Military Strikes On Journalist.  Awesome.

Socratic Dog's picture

Is there even such a thing as a journalist critical of the war on terror?  That's like a journalist, I dunno, actually critically analyzing the 9/11 report.  Such a creature does not exist in this country.

Freddie's picture

Send him to the front line on IED dog sniffing detail and let him be the dog with a fork looking for IEDs.  Also if he has sons and daughters - get them in uniform.

Anyway dumb enough to let their kid "serve" for these criminals like Soros, Zuckerberg and the other Zoligarchs needs to be arrested for child abuse or stupidity.

joe6px's picture

Only if he is reduced in rank to PVT.  Assholes like this guy, with rank, get people needlessly killed when they are in charge.

fallout11's picture

He's like the wet behind the ears ROTC butterbars that would get fragged by their own men in Vietnam.

Tall Tom's picture



55 men wrote, "He did resign , or quite way saying he was fired for his paper". This is blatantly NOT TRUE.


The article reports that, "Sporting a long history of exaggeration and pro-military extremism, “He resigned from Indiana University’s law school in 2005 after his military record showed he had exaggerated his service,” according to The Guardian."


The article also reports, 


#1...He is a CONTRACT Professor at the National Defense University.


From the article...a representative of the National Defense University has tried to distance the school from Bradford by saying he wasn’t part of the staff, but rather a contracted professor.


$2...He is CURRENTLY TEACHING at West Point Military Academy.


From the report in the article


This is a man who is apparently incorporating his violent philosophy into his teaching at West Point. He started on August 1st 2015 — after he published his article.


Yet I do not even know why I write this reply. Many of you will not READ this response, or, if you do, you will also fail to comprehend it.


I do not need look at the article about the poor SAT scores of the current High School class. This is DEMONSTRATIVE at just how dumbed down Americans are becoming. We have FAILED OUR CHILDREN BECAUSE WE WE FAILURE at raising them properly.


There is NO HOPE.


I will collect the downarrows for this post...FROM THOSE WHO CANNOT READ. And then I will enjoy a good laugh at their expense...because I can.


This place is being SUBVERTED by the low voltage thinker...who cannot read.



Uchtdorf's picture

Not the first time someone has employed this line of thinking. Abraham Lincoln, during the War of Northern Aggression, had his military arrest and execute newspaper editors in the north who were sympathetic to the issues raised by the South or who were critical of the war.

Proofreder's picture


Attribution ?  Link ??   Fail ???  

jcdenton's picture

Look up Thomas DiLorenzo genius. He has the goods. Dont' look at Wikipedia. The usual hatchet jobs by statists and neocon types.

Before Hitler's camps, were Lincoln's and the Boar War with Churchill participating. And it was not just journalists. Anyone deemed a political threat, including women and their children ..

And don't forget FDR and the Japanese camps. At Auschwitz and Treblinka, they had swimming pools and fitness centers. There were no gas chambers. No mass live burnings.

And then there was Ike ..


Go look for one of your former history profs, and punch him in the face ..

AlamoJack's picture

Exactly!!  Thomas DiLorenzo wrote three books on good ol' Honest ABE and they are appended and footnoted to high heavens (which is to say "PROVEN".)

Lincoln actually exiled a sitting congressman.  If it wasn't for Greely edging him on he would have never approved the 13th amendment. 

Remember this:  WHAT YOU LEARNED IN GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS IS WORTH EXACTLY DOGDOOKI.  The "winners" write the history.  Lincoln was a racist and he wanted all black people to leave "HIS" United States.  The story just keeps getting better.  Read DiLorenzo.

daveO's picture

Lincoln was a racist and he wanted all black people to leave "HIS" United States.

Which might, partially, explain why the Catholics killed him. 

Freddie's picture

1.1 million Americans did in that 1861 Banksters War on stealing assets and wealth from the south.  Same red sheild theft lik ethe Ukraine and many others.

agNau's picture

After this brief moment of truth and a commercial break, it's back to the propaganda from the military industrial complex sponsored by your elected leaders and tax dollars, who offer for the next ten minutes one free US flag(manufactured in China in a formerly US factory now off shored)for "patriotic citizens ONLY" to wave.

daveO's picture

Kill the Ragheads!/sarc

Cloud9.5's picture

I take back my up vote.  This idiot has a right to his opinion and the right to express it.  The problem with elitist assholes like this is that they cannot fathom why it is important to protect minority rights and freedom of speech.  The simply don’t understand that they themselves may one day find themselves in the minority position espousing unpopular opinions.

centerline's picture

Thorough rebuttal there.  Thanks.  I feel enlightened.

jcdenton's picture

Not much divine about ya. Just a lot of wind ..

angel_of_joy's picture

He must have had an unfortunate childhood... and a low SAT score.

giovanni_f's picture

"Both spew hate and are war mongerers."

Or any protestant hate preacher for that matter. Or any extremist Rabbi. Their common denominator is hatred.

Fahque Imuhnutjahb's picture

and, ironically, religion.  Maybe John Lennon's Imaginings weren't as far fetched as some seem to think.

booboo's picture

You are a retard, I guess preaching forgiveness, saved by Gods Grace, reconciling man back to God, love thy neighbor as thyself and the absolute unwavering love of God makes you squirt in your under panties. But in case you were not paying attention Christians were high on this nut jobs list as well. You would fit right into his round table discussions.

Seeing Red's picture

You might want to check Christianity's historical record regarding war and persecution.  No MAJOR argument against what is "preached" -- just practiced.  Religion isn't all bad, but organized religion doesn't exactly add value over individual or community-level worship.

Fundies:  I'm being nice.

EDIT:  Junkers, if I'm so wrong, where is the mass Christain outrage over all the dead brown people?  Or don't people outside your "faith" or country count?

Fahque Imuhnutjahb's picture



Am I the "retard"?  If you are insinuating I'm a bible thumper, then you sir need to find Yogi, and have him read

my post reeeeeeeaaalllll sssslooooow for you.  Now I'll go clean the squirt out of my panties, whilst I genuflect

before the altar.

booboo's picture

You do have retard papers don't you.