Another Chinese Chemical Plant Explodes, Huge Clouds Of Black Smoke Billow Skyward

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If you’re planning on travelling to China, we have two pieces of advice:

  1. Do not look like a short seller
  2. Do not go near any chemical factories

Failing to heed the first tip there could get you thrown in jail (or, as Man Group’s China chief Li Yifei calls it, sent on a "short vacation"). 

The consequences of failing to follow the second piece of advice above could be, how should we put this... explosive. 

With Beijing still scrambling to contain the fallout (both figuratively and literally) from the devastating blast at Tianjin which killed some 160 people and injured more than 700 last month, the country is on edge. Two additional chemical blasts (both in Shandong) did little to calm China’s frayed nerves and now, a fourth blast, this time in Zhejiang, has been reported. Here’s Reuters:

An explosion shook a chemical plant in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, state media said on Monday, though there were no immediate reports of casualties in a country on edge after blasts killed more than 160 people last month.


The blast caused a fire and thick smoke to bellow from the plant in Lishui city shortly before midnight, state radio said on its official Weibo microblog.

With Tianjin it was sodium cyanide and with Shandong adiponitrile - looking at the visuals below, we can't help but wonder what's now being disbursed into the air over Zhejiang.

Here are the visuals:

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If we want to screw-up China, we should send Hillary over there demanding that she’d be put in charge of the Communist Party, the PBOC, and the PLA.

That lying-n-thieving bitch will fuck’em up gewd in no time! ;-)


Haus-Targaryen's picture

Random things exploding in China.  

I want to think about how this is the Rod of God or someshit, but its probably "Made in China" products behaving like "made in China" products.  


BurningFuld's picture

Hillary could put that fire out with one cankle.

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The USSA and City of London Banksters must be really pissed at the Chinese leadership, after losing billions on derivative trades due to the 'suprise' Chinese currency devaluation. The GS criminals, used to trading on insider information, took a bath on selling low chinese currency vol. Unlike in the USSA, where GS is always tipped off in advance, they were blindsided. Their mythical financial wizardry was revealed to be nothing more than good ol' fashioned insider trading, banal criminality disguised as cleverness.

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The Chinese must be doing something right to warrant this much attention.

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China has dangerous chemical factories but we have da peeple:


8 homicides in one day the latest signs of Chicago's bloody summer

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CIA sponsored Militia groups in China.  Regime change.

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Payne Sep 7, 2015 9:44 AM

The number of accidents is probably uniform per amount of chemical production taking place.  The question is: What sort of extremely rapid escalation of chemical production would there be that has no apparent purpose?  You all know what this is.

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The above report says the explosion occurred just before midnight.

Two of the previous explosions occurred @11:30 PM and 11:28 PM.

Hard to miss the significance of what is at play here.

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and 11:30 in Tianjin is 3:30 UTC. I think it's just a matter of letting their fellows know, "hey, you-know-who is at work here". Also when you see stuff like "77 people were killed, 333 more were injured". A simple statistical analysis of catastrophes reported in the institutional media could confirm or invalidate this.


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CIA sponsored destabilisation is one definite possibility.

Someone already mentioned risky stockpiling due to economic slowdown as another.

The other possibility is insurance job - imagine payday from multiple insurance contracts - on already rehypothecated physical loan collateral - Double whammy...

Check if Goldman Sachs were advising... 

azusgm's picture

An arson investigator used to call it a "friction fire" -- the longed for sensation of insurance money rubbing against the palm of a hand.

Cojones's picture

Real men don't look at explosions.

American Psycho's picture

Wait for Jesse Jackson appearance to shed some light on the situation. 

ghostzapper's picture

You sir an intelligent person. Banksters like a starving wild animal backed into a corner. Carry trades being forced into unwinding mode.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

OSHA trying to break into the Chinese market?

Countrybunkererd's picture

Sounds about right.  They sent all US jobs there so now they are trying to send them, India?  I can't give OSHA all the credit, i mean Unemployment Comp, Worker's Comp, EPA, IRS, DOT and many many other tyrannical oppressors played large roles as well and Unions.

ThirteenthFloor's picture

DuPont was one of the cos. that benefitted from Chinese Govt Gold investment before WW2. Look up T. V. Soong.

Urban Roman's picture

Dupont has learned how to safely handle all that dangerous shit.

.. Outsource it to China.

toady's picture

This has to be people looking for insurance money to cover their market losses. 

Almost Solvent's picture

Also covers up any 'shortage' in what was actually being stored vs. what was being insured (reported)

Dollarmedes's picture

And also any losses from the drop in commodity prices, assuming it was insured at a fixed amount.

Latina Lover's picture

Toady, I also thought that the original explosion was due to Yiddish Lighting,  but now I am not so sure.

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If it was for insurance then it would seem that there should be some variation in the content and type of fires. There is something else involved here and my guess is that it is international in nature. I, for one, don't believe in coincidences. There have been too many of the exact same type of explosions/fires in the last month.

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If the economy was dropping like a rock and real estate was tanking too wouldn't there be a huge increase in fires in any part of the world? With that theory some insurance company takes a hit, with the "international" theory we all take a hit. 

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

Once is an accident,

twice is a coincidence,

thrice is a pattern,

four is WAR.

GeezerGeek's picture

Or at least Christian fundamentalists, redneck preppers or Constitutionalists. Terrorists all!

Tarzan's picture

Nice to see you neatly lumped us all together, PROUD TO BE ALL THREE, terrorizing the establishment with our crazy constitution, 10 out of touch commandments, and Boy Scout motto, be though prepared!

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Someone needs to take their freakin lithium this morning......with a chaser of Prozac.

MontgomeryScott's picture

Evanescence: "Lithium" (42 million views)

Took the personally re-worked Vulcan V-10 .45ACP (Israeli Mac-10 clone) out yesterday for a first firing (it was a still virgin). Was worried about the issue with jamming... it performed flawlessly. I guess i did the right thing with the feed-ramp and ejection angles. Now i gotta sight the damn thing in...


Who was that masked man's picture

A little Chinese lightning eh?

Keynesians say the darndest things's picture

They learned from their Jewish comrades well

Ms No's picture

The Chinese government has no problem with executing people for nonviolent crimes.  The numbers are hard to come by because they are a state secret but atleast 3,000 people get to see the "death vans" or lethal injection every year.  China has no qualms with executing the affluent and just knocked off a billionaire recently.  If this is all Jewish Lightening then it certainly must be a group of people that have favor with the state or have some really huge nads.  

Apparently both embezzlement and endangerment to the public are capital offenses..... and killing pandas.


Bunghole's picture

But I thought the Chinese investors were farmers and housewives and not chemical oligarchs.

keed's picture

but all 4 being chemical plants? don't think so. they would be a variety of industry

goldpercent's picture

A commenter on the 3rd explosion postulated that this is due to backed up inventory due to the slow down in manufacturing.  The chemical storage facilities are packed beyond safety limits.  This may just be further confirmation of a recession in China.  I thought it was a theory worth considering.  Not as exciting as rods from god, but more actionable.  I wish I could remember who it was so I could give them proper credit. 

Perimetr's picture

Payback for dumping bonds

Look for escalation

BigJim's picture

So if China starts buying bonds will their factories start imploding instead?

nmewn's picture

Naw but I bet if they throw open their arms to Syrian refugees the chemical plants will rise up out of the ground on their own. Its like fairy magic or the will of allah or sumpin.



Just how many are the Chi-Com's and St.Pooty taking in anyways...hmmm? 

#HealthyYoungSyrianMaleLivesMatter ;-)

corsair's picture

How many have applied?

nmewn's picture

That should tell ya something right there ;-)

corsair's picture

Well, that is kinda hard to argue...

It tells me a whole lot of different things.

38BWD22's picture



Ha ha, touché, nmewn!

nmewn's picture doubt.

Note to Thomas "I Love That Chinese Central Planning Dept" Friedman:

Tommy, babe, boopsie, you really thinking putting chemical plants in residential neighborhoods shows a high degree of intelligence & forethought?

corsair's picture

 Random things exploding in China.

Four chem plants in succession is not really "random things".

Ocynsoul's picture

Same as the Greeks and residential real estate back in the crash; crazy number of fires sweeping up the mountains.

Collecting insurance, and skipping town country.