Happy "$15 Minimum Wage" Labor Day From McDonalds

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Coming to, or rather from, every forced "minimum wage" provider near you. And don't forget to thank your micromanaging, centrally-planning government.

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Can't wait to get these in a stip club.

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CaptainAmerika (not verified) SirTaxedAlot Sep 7, 2015 7:58 PM

this is what plays on the screen: http://www.philiacband.com/propaganda.html

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Who gives a shit?

Burgers won't be any cheaper. 

Are minimum wage workers really dragging down this nation?

What's with the hard on for this issue?  It's embarrassing.

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lol the possibly next Canadian government wants to do this for the entire minumum wage


though I guess that's like only 11-12USD or something... haha $20CAD to work fast food lol I know MBAs from lacking second-tier CAD unis in entry-level positions that makes less than that

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Japan has had these for 15 years.  One person can run a Yoshinoya resturant overnight. He'll never have to handle money, because it's all in the machine. 

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And Japan is a sterling fucking example of where we want our economy to go...II could give a shit about McDs and am glad a higher minimum wage is going to destroy their shit biz model. Mom and pop hamburger stands and places like In N Out will take their business while providing a better product. Fuck McDonald's and the rentier class cocksuckers who profit from their slagging of poison disguised (poorly) as food.

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Stop sugarcoating it Nihilist and tell us how you REALLY feel.

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Can I have one of these on my ballot instead of the two fuck sticks I get to pick from?

  • Free shit for everyone? NOPE
  • OMG the muzzies! War! NOPE
  • Deliver your mail? YEP
  • Tax the shit out of anything that moves (and doesn't have a lobby group)? NOPE
  • Defend the borders? YEP
  • Over pay for a carbon based douchebag to do the opposite of everything you voted for? NOPE

That would be AWESOME!



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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) CrazyCooter Sep 7, 2015 10:40 PM

Lazy Americans are just not willing to work as hard as robots.  That's why robots are going to get all the jobs.  It takes work to make money, not capital!

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Americans are no different from any other people.  Why you would think that Canadians, australians, etc would be better is beyond me.  This world isn't created to make rich men pay less to the natives.  this world is for the natives to live in, and the rich are a consequence of our work.  When the leadership from local to high govt levels do NOT warn the people of impending dome, what do you expect the people to do?  There is nothing coming out of MSM, and the 6 corporations who own all the TV/news outlets/radio stations purchased them for this reason.  THIS IS A SILENT FUCKING COUP GODDAMN IT.

The rich assholes who stole the world under the disguise of a failed economic policy...now, they deserve some recognition fuck face.

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The rationale for this change is just an excuse. It is all abount increasing profits (and CEO bonuses). Even a $5 / hour 'wage' would not have stopped the greedy from extracting more rent (CEO bonus etc) from the process.

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These pay screens should have been implemented back in the 1990s when minimum wage went to $5.15 an hour.

I know Zero Hedge gets all upset over minimum wage. I actually support minimum wage because it forces corporations to be more innovative with limited funds and it gets us one step closer to full unemployment which is what I advocate.

I'd rather a robot replace a human to do a task, than a human become a robot to fill a job. These mundane jobs are so last century and they need to go pronto. There's nothing worse than being stuck in a dead end unfulfilling job, which is something I know all too well.

I welcome full unemployment, and I welcome welfare as a transitional step to a resource based economy.

We should only have entrepreneurs and independent contractors. No mega corporations and no employees. Everyone else who has no skill set to offer society should be on welfare and housed. Wage slavery needs to be abolished as it is an industrial age relic. If one is satisfied sitting at home playing games all day, that can be accommodated. For those of us that want to do better, we can create startups that are serviced by independent contractors to fill any void in society that isn't covered.

Critics dismiss this as "utopia". The irony is that this message is posted on a blog on the world wide web which would have been science fiction fantasy when I was a child. Is today a utopia? Well compared to the agrarian age it is, but obviously we have problems today. New problems will arise in the system I advocate, but that's just the journey of life, and the startups of their day will rise to the challenge to tackle those problems.

The minimum wage argument that is whined about constantly on this website is rearranging the chairs on a sinking Titanic. The agrarian age is over! The industrial age is over! We need a completely new economic system that deals with today's reality of social media and instant information at the click of a button.

Jobs numbers and labor arguments and unions and blah, blah, blah is just bailing wire and chewing gum used to hold up a rotten to the core failed system. Yellen and The Fed knows their days are numbered. Japan has been a Zombie economy for the last quarter century because the post War growth has hit its logistic ceiling. We can't have forever growth on a finite planet with finite resources. We have to take off the nostalgia goggles at look at the current reality of the 21st Century. Even China and their ghost cities is taking a big dump lately.

Buckminster Fuller really did see the future, and we can do much more with much less.

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TongueStun (not verified) The9thDoctor Sep 8, 2015 4:30 AM

yep lazy HS dropouts deserve a 100% raise, and happy meals should be $20

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) TongueStun Sep 8, 2015 7:28 AM

I worked for a time developing software for an insurance company that did pilot insurance.  I was asked during the interview if I minded whether my work would cause people to lose their jobs.  They had a team of people whose job it was to do a manual process to overcome the shortcomings of the current software.  I quickly replaced them and 5 people lost their jobs.  Then it was determined that they wanted some way to get past their current current backlog of 2000+ requests for insurance that were currently bottle-necked on their team of 30+ adjusters.  I was amazed that they even had to go to the adjusters.  Using analysis I determined the actual rate being offered vs all factors that were known and recorded about them.  Unfortunately, the president of the company was a former adjuster himself and wasn't comfortable with that.  So, they now take one month to get back to you while their competitors offer a quote immediately from their website.  I left when they couldn't provide a matching counter-offer to another job offer because "you'd be making as much as the president of the company."  I currently make even $20,000 more than that.  I was kidding about the robots, though.  Who is going to work as hard as a robot?  But they're coming.  Fully automated burger stands, automated lawn care, self-driving semis, etc.  Marxism was brought about by fear of farm machinery.  I wonder what this new phase will bring.

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Interesting Post.

Question and preface.: there used to be a poster named slewie who I did not know well..


Statement: Automation is a tidal wave, a similie to the financial tsunami.

I am half remembering a Sci Fi procog story that had us untrapped in our cube like apartments, perfectly satisfied not to travel out of them, physical and intellectual needs satisfied.

One of these denizens had to travel for some reason and was terrorized of it, Travel was easy as the whole cube moved to the new location, yet it produced high anxiety.

Back to our time and reality, if this current over arching way of thinking does not shit the bed back into the stone age, we must figure out what to do with ourselves and skills.

I really don't want automated decision making on my behalf, even it is quicker, better, and more efficient. I will live with human imperfection, because it means a constant struggle, a human right missed by many and a species imperative.

I will do some research in my antiquated, ephemeral paper library to find and reference the story. ald


Thanks for ticking that brain cell.

In the mean time:


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I would have to say I am in agreement that our financial system is a relic, that was originally place with bad intentions to begin with.  I think the juvenile, eye for an eye, hierarchical and judgmental ways of thinking that we need to abolish.  Once societies are allowed to do and think freely, without being boxed in by outside expectations for a period of time, progress will happen and peace will be made.  Most people the world over don't think about killing, screwing over, etc their neighbor more than 50% of the time with all of these imposed "rules" present.  Therefore, the mean attitude lies in peace and the willingness to work together.  Just imagine how much better things would be if we say, all acted like one big family and did what we could to help each other out.  Communities would still do things like install stop lights, fix roads, support their elderly, etc.  It would all be on a voluntary basis, which would produce a higher overall success rate than we currently have, because people will not be feeling the pressures of having to pay a mortgage, taxes, rent, for food, gas, technology, what have you.  Crime rates would plummet.  For example, without a monetary system, robots would probably already be working all of the mundane jobs that no one likes to do, we would have electric flying cars, vacations on the moon or mars and there would be no such thing as the human misery index.  It is just ridiculous to think how stupid we all really are, even the filthy rich, really what they are achieving are only short term personal gains and completely missing the big picture.  It truly amazes me how stupid people allow themselves to be and how they are so easily swayed from true happiness, sovereignty and freedom to buy into some psychopath's twisted reality.  So, sad :( 

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Break it up a bit to make it more readable.

learn paragraphs, although seemingly not relevant any more.


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And 9thDoctor...Holy Crap.  Here is today's lesson in REAL.

"Greed is good".  Yup, Gordon Gecko was right.  It is "greed" that makes us want better than average.  Better than average for ourselves, our kids, our well being.  If you believe in a system based on "average" where everyone gets the same, then Cuba or Venezeuala are the places for you.  In systems based on "average" or a mean living standard as defined by the state, there is no innovation, no motivation, and economies collapse.  The importance of "motivated" greed driven entrepreneurs in economies cannot be over estimated.  Entrepreneurs are like "wildcatters".  Most are simply their to make a better than average living and leave the pay check harvesting lifestyle behind.  A few, however, develop something truly remarkable through their drive to succeed and can change large economic segments, causing millions of people to be employed by their innovation.  Think Gates, Jobs, etc.  Grab a copy of "Wealth of Nations".  Its a hard read but a real eye opener.  As an alternative, hit the website Mises.org as often as you can.

Fate the Magnificent
"Push the Button, Max"  

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I think I would prefer the characterization "enlightened self interest".  The word "greed" for me carries the baggage of someone who cares not a whit for his fellows.  Anyone who is at least a bit "enlightened" knows that such a system cannot function.  "All for me and none for thee", or "It is not enough that I succeed, everyone else must fail" are not unsustainable systems.  A rising tide truly DOES lift all boats, when everyone has taken the step to build a boat for themselves. 

The sociopaths are the ones who "ruin it for everyone".

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Hmmm...The good news here is that robots speak English and don't have to call the manager to look over their little metal shoulders when they make change.  And I've never seen a robot with gold teeth or "grills".  

Fate the Magnificent
"Push the Button, Max 

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What about Hookerbot 3000?  She's got a heart of gold!

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"I am Bender, please insert girder."

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I'd take Japan over USA any time. Very high standard of living, generally polite and educated people. Somewhat dense, but quality of much better. How shall I put it, there's not much people that are just outright trash. It seems to be very USA-centric problem.

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You have not traveled much if you think the U.S has the world cornered on trashy people.

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TongueStun (not verified) omi Sep 8, 2015 4:31 AM

Translation: Japan doesn't have a violent kneegrow problem

SWRichmond's picture

I'd take Japan over USA any time.

The Japanese I have spoken with see it differently.

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While I agree about Japan, In N Out burgers suck.....and so do you. 

Dried up tiny burger and cold fries, long wait in line, screw In N Out.

Lots of poor people take their family to McDonald's, it was affordable and the kids had fun. The last thing they need is progressive government tyranny raising the cost to do so. So what about the food.

To hell with progressive tyranny, poorly disguised as government.





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Obvious trolling... Nobody who's ever eaten In N Out would EVER say that about their food. Fucking Gordon Ramsey ate them twice in one day he loved them so much. Julia Child was a fan. And they pay their employees great. So yeah you're an asshole.

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"Those are good burgers, Walter."

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Canadian fast food workers don't understand the concept of fast food.


Take one order... Serve one order.

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No, Canada is talking about raising the min wage to Cdn$15.oo / hr too. Americans forget, everyone else in the world is poorer than you are. Only when Americans are made as poor as Canadians were in 2008 does anyone question any fuckin' thing around here! You do not simply apply FX to the problem.

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Makes one wonder which exchanges use an open-source software code to follow and post price and volume, doesn't it?

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Yo, Icon:

"What's with the hard on for this issue?  It's embarrassing."

Please stop embarrassing yourself in  public.  Take one Milton Friedman "Free to Choose" chapter on wages and two Thomas Sowell "Unintended Consequences" and "Second Order Thinking" chapters and check back in later.

- Ned

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new meat ---excellent excellent post !

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If you knew Milton Friedman a little bit better and the knew about shit he was involved with, you'd get up off that knee.

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Poison the well much? Respond to the idea, not the man.

If not, then leave the room. The adults are having a discussion.

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Along with, "But christians sin so God must be bad.".

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Read the books.

Inflation adjusted, the minimum wage is lower than in the 1960s, yet there were fast food chains in the 1960s.  There were many.  There was competition and wages were higher and profits were lower and burgers were cheaper and of a higher quality.

Now there is no competition.  What would Friedman and Sowell say about that?

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Most MCD's employees aren't worth the current min. There's always one or two doing the work for the rest. Machines would be an improvement over most I've seen. Haven't been there in a few years. Still won't go.

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Most MCD's employees aren't worth the current min.


With the new machines, the only difference will be that with cashiers, you had to guiess which one had the highest IQ thinking that that line would move faster. Now you have to guess which line has the highest IQ. It's gonna be tough.

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Logged in just to say LOL, this made my morning :D

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It isn't the cashier that slows down the line, it is the total weight of the customer's party.  I'm not saying that fat people order more food, although they do, I'm saying that fat slobs want their orders all specialed up because Social Justice.

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I'm well aware that niggers come in all shapes, colors and sizes- but dayum!

Wonder does that protagonist in the second vid know how well he represents the stereotype?


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Fukushima Fricassee (not verified) MalteseFalcon Sep 7, 2015 8:40 PM

Eat them shits you will, just pay the robot and STFU.

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Welcome to Carl's Jr. Would you like to try our BIG ASS FRIES?