Radar Image Said To Reveals Nazi "Gold Train" Final Resting Place

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With every passing week the saga of the Nazi "Gold train", which legend has it carried some 300 tons of Third Reich gold when it disappeared somewhere between the Polish cities of Wroclaw and Walbrzych, gets more interesting. In the last train update a week ago, we learned that the Polish culture ministry had confirmed the discovery of the train, but promptly backpeddaled, warning it may be boobytrapped, before toning down the "discovery" rhetoric saying it had no knowledge of the issue to keep the wannabe-Indiana Joneses away.

Instead, as the Telegraph reports, it was none other than Polish soldiers who arrived on Friday at the "X marks the (alleged) spot" of the train's final resting place. "Polish soldiers arrived on Friday at the spot where authorities suspect a German Nazi-era train that could be carrying guns and looted jewels is buried."

The military personnel arrived in Walbrzych, an old mining town in south-west Poland, as the two treasure hunters who last month claimed to have found the fabled train went public.

In addition to the involvement of the military, another key development took place when the two formerly anonymous men who claimed to have found the train, finally revealed their identity and spoke to the Polish media: Piotr Koper, from Poland, and German national Andreas Richter appeared before the cameras of TVP, Poland’s public television station, insisting that they had "clear evidence of the so-called gold train."

Peter Koper and Andreas Richter who have claimed that they have
discovered an armoured train from World War II in the area of Walbrzych

Until now the two men had kept their identity secret, fueling suspicion that their claims were a hoax.

“We have clear evidence of the train,” said Mr Koper from reading a short prepared statement, adding they had found it by using “our own resources, eyewitness testimony and our own equipment and skills.”

The reason the two had shied from media reports is because they were trying to negotiate a 10% finders fee on the value of the find, said to be in the billions. And while the duo had pledged to place the train in a local museum if it is discovered, Koper insisted that evidence the pair had presented confidentially to local authorities on August 18 had later been leaked to the media.

Whether that dilutes their "finders" leverage, or fee, remains to be seen, as remains to be seen if indeed the legendary train is hidden where the two claim it can be found, some 70 years after its final voyage.

As proof of their discovery, the men released an image taken with ground penetrating radar purportedly showing the armored train. It is shown below.

A graphic taken with a GPR KS-700 reportedly showing a section of land in 3D with a visable shaft

With the Polish army already in place, and certainly doing its best to reach the train as fast as possible, the answer whether the mysterious Nazi gold train has indeed been found should be available in the next several days.

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If this really is the train, then the chances are high that the good stuff has already been removed,
just as one would find with old Egyptian tombs.

Those with knowledge of the train would have been unlikely to have left a substantial treasure on board for this length of time.

Headbanger's picture

Wonder how much of the loot is from Greece?

knukles's picture

Where the fuck is Ukraine's Gold?  And the stuff from under the TwinTowers?  And Libya's for that matter?
Anyone but me notice the stuff disappears and naught is ever said about it?  And there's no fucking Conspiracy, right?

HenryHall's picture

Ukraine's gold is in Frankfurt. It was well reported.

JohninMK's picture

It may have been but is it now?

Much more likely it ended up in the Fed of was even given by the Fed to Germany as part of the gold repatriation scheme.

Whatever, it is no longer Ukraine's. There was apparently some more in a bank on Crimea, guess where that could be?

Billy the Poet's picture

So they think they've finally found the Nazi gold but instead there's just a picture of Kilroy saying, "UP YOURS BABY."



sodbuster's picture

That is actually a pic of the shafting these two will get, when they find they are last in line, behind the Polish, German, and many other governments, along with the Jewish relatives of any Jew that was living in Europe at the time. It will be like starving hungry pigs at a slop trough.

rfaze's picture

Kelly's heroes took it..........

BaBaBouy's picture

Theres Probably More GOLD On This Fabled Train Than Knox... AUDIT FT.Knox!

zvzzt's picture

that would be fantastic! Can you imagine being one of the 'Kelly's' following the news on tv and then when they finally dig the train up and find it empty (except for a 'kind regards' post-it note of course). What a tremendous laugh you would have!

Divine Wind's picture




No clue, but that is the nature of the beast.

I am certain that you do not tell others where your stack is located.

Hype Alert's picture

Exactly, so why has this been in the "news" for weeks on end?  I think they are using the same promoters that Segway used.

HungryPorkChop's picture

Shipping containers loaded with $10 Million in silver are now beginning to disappear.  O.K. which one of you Zero Hedgers just had another boat sink and lost all your plundered bullion?



logicalman's picture

Hopefully, yours is still where you put it. ;-)


newbie vampire's picture

"Where the fuck is Ukraine's Gold?  And the stuff from under the TwinTowers?  And Libya's for that matter?
Anyone but me notice the stuff disappears and naught is ever said about it?  And there's no fucking Conspiracy, right?

It has temporarily been mislaid.

robertsgt40's picture

I'll believe there's gold there when Israel officially lays claim to it.

1stepcloser's picture

probably Jew Gold teeth inside....

newbie vampire's picture

Its part of the gold reserves from Ft. Knox.   Temporarily parked there for safety from disgruntled FRN holders.

zvzzt's picture

Well, on the other hand, Poland was under communist control for a considerable time (no chance of digging back then) and there is a fair chance the guys doing the diggin in the old days have forgotten the exact location. Would you mark the spot on a  map? Feels a bit like the final scene in the Good, Bad and Ugly... 


Miss Expectations's picture

Will Putin get Catherine the Great's Amber Room back?

wesson's picture

They've already stated that Russia could not make any claim on what's inside this train, no matter what.

However, assuming it is there, I wonder how they could avoid to return it to Russia.

knukles's picture

Barry would give it to Vlad in exchange for the Carpathians

piliage's picture

Hey Knuck, whatta ya think? Should we call Geraldo to have him open it up live on TV? That's always good for a laugh...

knukles's picture

Yes!  Brilliant Idea!
Guy's an asshole.  The Capone Vault, him holding the Tommy gun.  Reporting from Gulf1 saying he was at one spot when across the entire nation with a 9 on his hip. 
Guy's a dick
Yes.  By all means.  Maybe he should have sworn in Obama and then done co-hosting with Tom Brokaw

palmereldritch's picture

Other than Saddam and his sons, Geraldo was the only guy ordered by the US Army to leave Iraq



sodbuster's picture

How about a 2 hour special, hosted by Geraldo and Brian Williams??

bpj's picture

Damn, all that's left is the jap gold train in Burma

knukles's picture

And Yamashita's gold in the Philippines. 
Big and never been found

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

"Yamashita's" Gold is scattered in dozens, possibly hundreds of sites in the Phillipines. A number of them have been found and looted; many haven't; and a few have been discovered in places so inaccessible that they aren't worth getting at.

Check out the Seagraves' book, it is highly readable, comprehensive and thoroughly documented.


logicalman's picture

Lots of rumours around the end of WW2 and German gold.

There's a U-boat in Liverpool that was also rumoured to be full of the stuff.


Either it was, or it wasn't - I bet few know the truth.

Funny thing, the number of myths and rumours concerning such an unimportant relic.

Biggieshort's picture

How long before the jews claim it's theirs.

Infinite QE's picture

Already have. The jews. Leaving no stone unturned to profit off of their mythical suffering.

Sudden Debt's picture

Who says they already didn't?!


q99x2's picture

My Great grantmother's Gold that is in her will with me listed as heir was stolen by the Nazis when she was visiting my great uncle Denuze Stehoviach in Civitas Schinesghe. It is probably on that train.

TheReplacement's picture

Wow that happened to you too?

FranSix's picture

Hm. Quite the hoax

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Daily Mail says it's a crock of shit...

And even with their track record this one is a keeper!

Oh... I see Au going down another 2% tomorrow morning on this story when the market opens for trade only to rebound up above 2% by the close...

Now all we need is Geraldo Rivera to "open the door to the safe"!!!

JimmyRainbow's picture


that is the complete site

nazis were like dwarfs in lord of ring

every big leader had 10-20 kms of escape tunnels from their castle

Pancho de Villa's picture
Pancho de Villa (not verified) Sep 7, 2015 4:52 PM

Odd... MSM Always just mentions, "gold and jewels". This seems to be the only place I see mention of 300 tons. Or maybe not so odd; MSM's Biggest Lies are nearly always Lies of Omission!

buttmint's picture

...interesting and arresting article. As in "heart attack" to befall many members.

I have an ill-feeling after reading this article. No good can come from it.

Like what? Like anything---except the truth. Long expired claims reignited by Jewish familes ripped off by a surging Reich. A mountain of claims.

When have any of us heard of a happy ending with sudden imposed wealth---akin to an inheritance? All bad news. Human are great during tough times.

The human spirit cannot handle wealth. We all shoot ourselves in the collective foot.

Except all with upstaged by the US Govt Special forces. They are front and center.

Expect "...Rods of God" suddenly descending from the skies into Poland.....

And we all have a front-row seat, to paraphrase George Carlin.


arbwhore's picture

Al Capone's vault beckons.

Normalcy Bias's picture

Whatever they do, DO NOT send fucking Geraldo over there to cover the unveiling.

He'll jinx it and the only thing they'll find is a couple of dusty 'n crusty German porn mags.

BurningFuld's picture

No kidding. I hope they are not the ones with pictures of my mother in them.

TheReplacement's picture

You aren't the only one hoping they are not the ones with pictures of our mother in them.

red1chief's picture

The "train" is clearly a cartoon. I am continually shocked by the lack of critical thinking in this world.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

This was a Simpson’s Episode 22.

"The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"