Czech Politician Has "Solution" For Refugee Crisis - Concentration Camps

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Following Hungarian cameramen kicking 10-year-old girl refugees, and Czech police hauling immigrants of trains and writing numbers on their arms, it appears the horrors of the past are quickly forgotten when it comes to 'solutions' for the present. As The Jerusalem Post reports, the leader of the Czech 'nationalist' National Democracy Party, has called for refugees to be placed in Terezin - a former Nazi concentration camp - "Why build tent camps for the aliens? We have the beautiful fortress town of Terezin where the aliens could concentrate before they are taken home by trains." Police are investigating whether his comments constitute a criminal act and Czech Jewish leaders have refused to comment on the incident.

As The Jerusalem Post reports, police in the Czech Republic are investigating comments made on Facebook by an extremist politician calling for refugees to be placed in Terezin, the former Nazi concentration camp.

Adam Bartos, the leader of the fringe yet vocal far-right nationalist National Democracy Party, published the comments about the site, located in the central European country, on Monday.



Reacting to the establishment of a refugee camp near the country’s border with Slovakia, Bartos wrote, “Why build tent camps for the aliens? We have the beautiful fortress town of Terezin where the aliens could concentrate before they are taken home by trains.”


A police spokeswoman told the Czech News Agency on Monday that the police will probe whether or not the comments constitute a criminal act. According to Czech law, hate speech and comments inciting national, racial or religious hatred can carry penalties of up to three years in prison.


Bartos is under investigation for four incidents involving allegedly racist, anti-Semitic and violence-inciting remarks. He also keeps a blog titled Hall of Jewish Fame that critics say lists politicians, journalists and other public figures of supposedly Jewish origin.


Bartos’ party failed to gain seats in the European elections last year, the only campaign it has run in under his leadership.

Terezin, also known as Theresienstadt in German, is located some 40 miles northwest of Prague.

The town was turned into a concentration and transit camp by the Nazis in 1941. Roughly 144,000 Jewish people were sent there during the Holocaust, most of whom were later transported to extermination camps in occupied Poland. Some 33,000 died in the Terezin camp.

Publicizing the camp for its rich cultural life, the Nazis used the camp as a propaganda tool to fool the Western allies.

Czech Jewish leaders have refused to comment on the incident.

*  *  *

The situation appears dreadful everywhere...

Having unveiled its €780 Million "Compulsory" Refugee Quota Plan, we suspect the union of European nations will be torn asunder as these unfortunate "collateral damage" from American empire-building are tossed around like hot unwanted potatoes... (as we noted before)

The refugee issue can and will not be solved by the EU, or inside the EU apparatus, at least not in the way it should. Nor will the debt issue for which Greece was merely an ‘early contestant’. The EU structure does not allow for it. Nor does it allow for meaningful change to that structure. It would be good if people start to realize that, before the unholy Union brings more disgrace and misery and death upon its own citizens and on others.

However this is resolved and wherever the refugees end up living, we, all of us, have the obligation to treat them with decency and human kindness in the meantime. We are not.

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q99x2's picture

What the hell do the Jewish folk think Cheney's FEMA camps are, day care centers.

TeamDepends's picture

"Criminal comments". It sounds crazy to American ears, but if the Alinskyites aren't stopped soon you'll be jailed for uttering "freedom", "Constitution", "Barry's a homo muslim", etc.

kaiserhoff's picture

Barry's a homeless Muslim?   Oh.

  Well he soon will be;)

max2205's picture

Hey do we have trains to Mexico? 


Just asking 

knukles's picture

Couldn't a seen that comin' now, could we?

greenskeeper carl's picture

Pretty sad when hurting someone's feeling with your words is a criminal act that can result in 3 years in prison. How long until this becomes the case in the US? 10 years, maybe? If we are lucky...

Barnaby's picture

I believe work does indeed make you free. Shall I be punished for that sentiment?

WOAR's picture

I believe the correct version is "Work Made Free," regardless of how people keep butchering that sentence.

Think of it as the greatest accomplishment of mankind: Work Made Free. It's why we build robots, right?

So, concentration camps are like toasters. Bread goes in, toast comes out. Wood goes in, planes come out.

People go in, toast comes out.

It's really not that complicated.

ACP's picture

It's already a criminal act to the Thought Police. How many people have lost their jobs just for contributing to certain campaigns that don't fit progressive dogma?

Arnold's picture

And for contributing to campaigns that do fit the progressive dogma.


Coal Miners

NoPension's picture

Work will set you free.

kaiserhoff's picture

Just asking for some friends? ;)

Handful of Dust's picture

<< Hey do we have trains to Mexico? >>


Yes, but they only go in one direction.

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

Hey do we have trains to Mexico?   Yes, but when you try to escape to Mexico, they will re-route you to the appropriate FEMA camp for re-programming through labor.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Only if your aren't attempting to escape the USSA tax farm.

Paveway IV's picture

 " appears the horrors of the past are quickly forgotten when it comes to 'solutions' for the present..."

Yeah... take THAT you evil Czech psychopaths!

"..As The Jerusalem Post reports, the leader of the Czech 'nationalist' National Democracy Party, has called for refugees to be placed in Terezin - a former Nazi concentration camp..."

That's f'king horrible! Wait a sec... 'The Jerusalem Post reports'?? WTF? Is this some kind of joke? 

How can they knock the Czechs for doing the EXACT SAME THING that Israel is doing with its Holot Detention Center - basically a prison for any unfortunate African that makes it into Israel and seeks asylum. No tatoos on the arms yet - I think the Israelis chip them nowadays. Check out Israel's own comfy 'Arbeit Macht Frei' razor-wire paradise in the middle of the Negev desert (one of several):

Israel's Holot Detention Center

Need more? Sure, Israel got 'em: "...The Saharonim Prison is an Israeli detention facility for African asylum seekers located in the Negev desert. It is the largest of a planned four camps with its total capacity of 8,000 inmates. Together with the Ktzi'ot prison, Sadot prison and the Nachal Raviv tent camp they detain Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers who crossed the border from Egypt to Israel. Since 2010 provisions were made to detain the immigrants in the old Ktzi'ot Prison, formally used as a detention camp for Palestinians..."

Never again! Unless you're an African seeking asylum... or a muslim... or Palestinian... or Syrian... or Iranian (especially them!)... or support the BDS movement...

kaiserhoff's picture

Send them all to Israel.  Solves many problems.

chunga's picture

The Jews are the real victims in this refugee crisis. Because it turns out that the refugees are anti-semites.

They always get a bad rap. Just because they are centrally involved in, and profit from practically every major financial swindle under the sun doesn't mean they are centrally involved?


Titus's picture

Honestly this isn't the worst idea, they are essentially recreating the wheel and losing it's productivity without the Arbeit.

Although wouldn't it be grand if Barbara Lerner Specter were included in the group going to Terezin, and every other Zio Nazi that's influencing the policy and social conditioning for both these people to come to Europe and Europeans to accept them?

They are flooding Europe for a reason. Squash the reason and you squash the problem while simultaneously preserving diversity.


Arnold's picture

Might be room in Gaza.

rosiescenario's picture

Let's also remember that the Brits invented the concentration camp during the Boer War in So. Africa.

OVO's picture

You know its very easy to just sit behind a keyboard and say hey; that's the bad guy. Its very easy to trick the people, and point to outsiders. Meanwhile the Government and traffickers  is bringing them in by the boat, plane and train loads regardless of what you say. The question has to be asked why? Well you the reader have most likely done nothing to stop destabilization of countries by your politicians. Libya was stable by all intents, and purposes for everyone that lived there. Now that Hillary Clinton, EU, Saudi Arabia, and the United Emirates have destabilized the region; ask yourselves this. If your economy had collapsed, and all your doctors, medical professionals, bakers, farmers, and skilled workers were killed what would you do? Everything that makes a country work has been destroyed, and by whom? YES! This is the fact of why they are allowed into the country by the hundreds of thousands.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Personally I do not think we should accept them here I think we should stop funding training and supplying the terrorists that have forced them from their homes .......that is the solution to the problem , what we are now seeing is nothing but a continuation and expansion of the problem .but hey thats our governments goal .

All done by Sesign, all done by Agenda.

Sturm und Drang's picture

This is pure unadulterated bullshit Tylers. Sourced from a filthy rag of an apartheid tumor.

Sturm und Drang's picture

Ok down voters, ask yourself WHY are there refugees and who benefits from it? If you're an American, you need to look in the mirror. That's right, YOU ARE THE BITCH.

knukles's picture

Just ask an American Indian what uncontrolled unlimited immigraiotn does for ya'
Another golly gosh gee whiz from the bleeding heart liberals, but it's different this time.

GoinFawr's picture

Just ask an American Indian what uncontrolled unlimited immigraiotn does for ya'

Uh, maybe it's better not to ask that question:

A Brief Guide to American History Teachers

Q: Name several American Holocausts, the nations involved, and the places where these were accomplished.

A: Missouri, Illinois, Miami, New England, Virginia, and most place names in the United States. For more advanced students, the answer can extend to North and South America.

Q:What kind of un-American creep would give that answer?

A: A native American. Of course a truly patriotic American might have known better than to ask the question. In such cases silence is the only way to avoid acknowledging guilt. There have been no American Holocausts, and we should all realize this truth. It is self evident, since we believe all men are created equal, that we would not do what those nasty Europeans did. They are racist bigots, we are the people who got rid of the old prejudices and refuse to do terrible things, unless the Lord commanded it. We have pure hearts, pure motives, and pure history.

Q:What advantages are there to true Americans if they deny that there has been any American Holocaust?

A: It allows them to be outraged at Other Monsters. Also, it lets them focus on terrible things done overseas - in Rwanda, Bosnia, the Caucasus, Iraq - so that noone will notice what is going on here. Since there was only one Holocaust, we can be wonderfully virtuous in supporting its victims, and we know that we do not have to worry about being on the right side. So this justifies our putting up a monument in Washington, D.C. to that one Holocaust, and not putting anything there which might hint that there was anything like it in this country.

Q: Is this matter relevant to the origins, makeup, and functions of the United Nations?

A: Yes. I do not dare, however, answer in more detail. No true American can afford to consider the question of whether Native American nations are truly sovereign. De facto, De Deo(sic) must be their mighty fortress. When FDR, about 1942, discussed the postwar realignments with Churchill, he reminded Churchill of what the English were doing in their colonies. Churchill then reminded FDR of two cases: blacks in Mississippi, and Navajos in Arizona. FDR shut up. It is the only safe answer.

Q: You conclude that American History should not be taught?

A: Of course not: it never has been, and this is no time to begin doing so."

Carter Revard

Im Anfang war die Tat.

zhandax's picture

GF, long time no see.  Always amazing what leaks out of history when you look past wikipedia isn't it?

GoinFawr's picture

Indeed, but regardless of how much I discover I doubt I'll ever buy into a manufactured strawman (like sturm and dung's link above; further GF related comment apparently redacted by ZH-fucking weeeeeeak Tylers!), or assert that two wrongs make a right; even if I run the risk of being correct, politically <shudder>.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Oh!! I like this game? can we play some moar? Will there be a test? Will my history teacherz approvez?

GoinFawr's picture

I zuppoze it dependz on wherez you're going to zchool.

Now, if you were studying at the U of Louiziana

From: "Indians" and Animals: A Comparative Essay

"...Indians received not only similar descriptions to those given predatory animals, but much the same treatment as well. George Washington, revered as the father of the country, wrote that Indians "...were wolves and beasts who deserved nothing from the whites but 'total ruin'" (Stannard, p. 241). Thomas Jefferson, acclaimed proponent of freedom and democracy, argued that the United States government was obliged " pursue [Indians] to extermination, or drive them to new seats beyond our reach" (quoted in Takaki, 1979, p. 103). Andrew Jackson, founder of the modern Democratic Party and greatest(sic) Indian(sic) killer of all American Presidents, urged United States troops " root out from their 'dens' and kill Indian women and their 'whelps'" (Stannard, p. 240). Jackson was so effective at rooting women and "whelps" from their "dens," he adopted the habit of cutting off his victims' noses as trophies to commemorate his exploits. He earned the name "Sharp Knife" from Creek Indians for his penchant for skinning victims and using the cured and braided tissue as reins for his ponies (Takaki, 1994)."

By David P. Rider, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Xavier University of Louisiana

pop quiz for bonuz marx:

1) can youzay "Lord Chivington"? (I knew you could.)

2) If you walk on a Trail of Tears, do you needz Wellingtons, or will a pair of  jack bootz do?

TeamDepends's picture

The average American has NOTHING to do with muslims flooding into Europe. The vast majority have been against all wars since WWII. The false-flag that is 9/11 fooled most of them, but that is beginning to change. We are besieged by invaders as well, which results in lower wages and increased racial strife. How on earth does this benefit us?

Sturm und Drang's picture

You just keep telling yourself that filthy fucking lie. The average American has everything to do with it. Because he votes for the lies. Votes for the freebies. Because he can't be bothered with an attention span of more than a few seconds or resorting to tl;dr on anything longer than a m'fing tweet. It's the fucking stench of apathy and it overpowers the stench of treason and corruption in the government and hypocrisy of society.

Fuck you.

NoPension's picture

Open your hearts and your doors to the unfortunate souls. Give. Give.

And then, go look in the mirror, and tell yourself how noble and precious you are. Because you are.

And get back to me in 5 or 10 years, and let me know how things worked out.

And oh, by the way, where was your type during krystalnact ? During the little purge? Was there a lot of speaking up to the horror?

We are just people too. We want to maintain what we have. We have a corrupt fucking government in it for the power, money and control. The only difference ......

We are armed to the fucking teeth. Our founding fathers saw this day coming. They have better. We have more.

So piss off Shultz.

Sturm und Drang's picture

If you allow yourself to care more for someone (or a group) more than they care for themselves, it will destroy you.


"We are armed to the fucking teeth. Our founding fathers saw this day coming. They have better. We have more." This seems a non-sequitur, but without the will to use those arms, they may as well not exist. It is the lack of will that enslaves us.

There never was a kumbaya and there never will be. The enemy is the nature of man himself, an apex predator. It's the sick and twisted predation of man by man, the sociopath and the psychopath mercilessly feeding on the very thing that defines a human as if there is no tomorrow.

No, I will no longer give. I have hardened my heart for the task that lies ahead.

Refuse-Resist's picture


It took the votes of ~65M Americans to put Obama in office. That is about 20% of the total population, and far less than half the total voting age population.

In fact less than 50% of AMerican voters participate in elections. The fact that that ~50% re-elects incumbents (who are responsible for everything) 96% of the time is alarming, and does indicate the need for a significant culling.

But you can't blame every one of us. This idea that America is a democracy is bullshit. It never was.

Our elections are a sham and anybody with their eyes open knows it.

I haven't voted in a long time and I will not. I don't give a good goddamn if Jesus Christ is running.

It's all a fucking lie.

Let it burn.

The roof, the roof, the roof, is on fire

We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn.

Burn motherfucker, burn.

newbie vampire's picture

" How on earth does this benefit us?"

Our Overlords require a constant streaming supply of new slaves to replace those who are retiring or about to become cannon fodder.

It also prevents the slaves organizing to gang up on the Overlords because each slave has to undercut the opposition to remain employable.

man of Wool's picture

The "average American" was quite happy to attack Iraq or Iran or whatever its called in 2003 when you got the Brits on side. Seem quite happy to vote in Obama who attacked Libya, and then supported jihadist.


America should be taking a couple of hundred thousand from the refugee camps in Lebanon and Turkey. You and the "average American" are responsible.


The "average American" is America. You vote for your politicians right? They act on your behalf.

Moe Howard's picture

Only if you take a couple of million Mexicans.

Refuse-Resist's picture

Flashback to 2002. Working in a telecom engineering group with a bunch of smart guys.

funny that only 2 of us opposed the invasion. 1, a fomer 60's hippy, and me.  We pointed out logical facts like Iraq have no connection to the 9/11 (FF) attacks, Saddam's adoption of the Euro for oil sales, and the PNAC agenda.

In response, these TV addled engineers (high IQs to a man) said "Why do you guys hate America?"

And that is the problem in a nutshell.  Otherwise intelligent people who are too preoccupied with having it all (great careers, fancy houses, fancy cars, fancy toys etc) to notice the curtain and the man behind it.

OZ is working for them so they have no interest in seeing the truth.

I don't work there now, but I wonder how many of those 'why do you hate America' guys still thinks the Iraq invasion of 2003 was a good idea.

Fuck TV. Fuck propaganda. Fuck chosenite morality and their pied piper, the mainstream western media.

newbie vampire's picture

" If you're an American, you need to look in the mirror."

And what could be more hypocritical than some Americans who can volunteer to provide shelter for these "refugees"

BUT they can't find any space for the homeless within their communities.

These Americans do not see those "other" Americans who have fallen on hard times.  Or ever met an American "working poor" who may have a job but lives in a car because they can't afford to pay rent.



Tallest Skil's picture

Hey, enjoy your mental illness. Oh, and the genocide, too; enjoy that.

The_Dude's picture

How about the old way of sorting then out?  Tell them to convert to Christianity and change their ways.  If they say 'no' then send them back.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

I thought you were going to say "Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out".