MiLKeM INSTiTuTe 2015...

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this 9/11/2015 they have silently
killed the potential of the web to
contribute to culture. the commercial
term is "exploitation and marketing" as it intersects with
the monetary system, particularly with those associated with
the continuation and extension of the planned/speculated structures
and underlying chains of exploitation; always finds a
way to call itself "government" as enforcer of property
rights and protection.
too often, one man's vision is another's extinction
and, proudly, his own; the rise and fall of
kingdoms; super families going hyper virtual.
Neil Young - From Hank to Hendrix
..."i found myself singing
like a long lost friend
the same thing that makes you live
could kill you in the end". n.y.
or something like it?

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Bring those folks to the Predators Ball and see how it ends up.


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You're the best, WB7.  Almost ready to send you a pic of my nano-gallery featuring a couple of your fine quality prints, at the framers tomorrow!  I hope you can add this one to your already Walmart-sized (no offense!) selection.  So tribal!

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Nice. They will be rewarded according to their deeds.

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Helicopter Ben looks so contrite in the stocks. I almost feel mercy for him, but NO PASS.

The laughing Hankyena remains unrepentant in the presence of his accusers, and is obviously still very much deranged from untreated syphilis.

Rubin looks like he's trying some stand-up material to lessen the blow...But NO QUARTER.

Alll in all, this Banzai effort is hilarious, sweet music to my eyes!

You are the master, William!

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Good to see them dressed appropriately.

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Fucking funny WB...Fucking funny.

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i think that kid who is the secret Belgium buyer of US Treasuries is going to leave these guys in the dust. futurist George Gilder thought Milken was a saint. i guess if progress at any price and without clear goals or directions is virtuous then bring it on. the financial scene in america is bit like revolutionary russia at the turn of last century, only with one difference, the people dont have anything to say about it.

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Seeing us all as cows and themselves as ubermensch. Maybe some of them are uber, as in shapeshifting, vampiristic, cone-head demons, in which case humor strikes very close to reality.

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One can dream...

I actually read this as Milken Institute, which would be appropriate. (And maybe your point.)

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I'm quite sure Banzai meant Milkem, as in milk 'em.

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Just another miraculous coincidence.

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In Early America,  they made ’em walk around clothed only in a barrel

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Tarred and feathered, then run out of town on a rail, one of my favorites......