Guide for Learning to Use a Sidearm to Defend Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Property, Should a Race War Break Out

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Bastiat says in, The Law:

Each of us has a natural right — from God — to defend his person, his liberty, and his property. These are the three basic requirements of life, and the preservation of any one of them is completely dependent upon the preservation of the other two.

So, maybe you have watched videos like those of Louis Farrakhan urging the black community to, "Rise up and kill those who kill us," and of this black activist saying that, "It’s open season on killing crackers and white cops."  You probably say to yourself, "Why aren't they arrested for making terroristic threats?  Maybe there really will be a race war."  You would like to take the advice of this man, and carry a gun to defend yourself, but you don't know where to start, you are too embarrassed to ask your ignorant-gun-freak relative, and you are afraid that if you make your own plan you might end up as incompetent as the NYPD cops are at stopping the bad guy that is trying to kill you.

NYPD Cops Fire 84 Shots At Murder Suspect, Miss 83 Times

Fret not, Zerohedge reader, whether you are a, "cracker," or a, "nigger," or other, I give to you, without fee or warranty, hedgeless_horseman's E-Z Internet Guide for Learning to Use a Sidearm to Defend Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Property, Should a Race War Break Out.

Some of what we will cover is also found in my article, Fear we are returning to a time in history where it is a common occurrence to fight for one's life?  For example, I recommend that you begin learning to use a pistol to defend yourself by learning to use a knife to defend yourself.  Why?  Well, first, it is an inexpensive and low-risk way to discover who the good tactical instructors are in your area.  Second, the learning curve for a knife is much shorter, and can also serve to shorten the learning curve for a handgun.  Third, a knife can be more effective than a pistol in many situations.  Fourth, there are many situations when, or where, you simply cannot carry a pistol, but you can carry a knife.  Finally, a knife is a good back-up to a malfunctioning pistol, or more likely a malfunctioning shooter.

Brian Hoffner offers a package with very good knife, a matching training knife, and a DVD for $119.  Benchmade no longer makes the LFTi model that I have frequently recommended.

Brian explains that when you and your knife go to court, you want a simple-folding knife without an assist (so the DA doesn't claim you have an illegal switchblade), and within the legal-length limit for concealed carry in your specific area.  You do not want to be carrying an illegal weapon, or even what is perceived to be an illegal weapon, especially if you are a black man in America, so know the law for where you live

With a knife, just like with a firearm, the best knife is the knife that you know.  So, first take a class from a reputable instructor, then either buy or make a matching training knife (blunt) and practice regularly.  You should get to the point where you can reliably deploy your knife with one hand in about half-a-second.  Carry it with you every day, either in the pocket opposite of your gun hand, or in the middle of your front beltline, and keep it sharp with one of these Benchmade Mini-Tactical Pro Sharpeners.

Now...on to the gun!   


First, before handling a firearm, it is most important for EVERYONE in the household to know, understand, and follow these four safety rules:

  1. Treat all weapons as if they are loaded.
  2. Do not point the weapon at anyone or anything that you do not want to shoot, kill, or destroy.
  3. Do not put your finger on the trigger until you have 1) target, 2) sights on target, and 3) perception that either A) "serious bodily injury or death is imminent for myself or another person," or B) firing range is hot and training drill is live. 
  4. Be aware of, and take responsibility for, all bystanders that may be behind or near the target.

I will add a fifth rule, to the common four, which is to not be under the influence of any mind-altering chemical such as alcohol or dope when handling a firearm.

I absolutely refuse to be within a mile of anyone that I see not following these rules, which is why I generally avoid public gun ranges, and suggest that you shoot at a nice, lonely, high, dirt hill, way out in the boonies, or pay for a membership at a private tactical range that screens all members and guests and has at least 270 degree bays.

Next, and I cannot stress this point enough, get instruction from an experienced professional.  Specifically, take at least two weekends of tactical pistol training.   It does not matter whether you are a 10-year veteran of law enforcement, a Marine with two tours in the sandbox, or both, you will still learn much and improve significantly with good instruction.   Taking the state's required, "course," to test for a concealed handgun license (CHL) is not even close to adequate instruction.  Usually, all the CHL course does is inform you of the laws regarding concealed carry, and assign you with some basic level of proficiency that can be used against you in court.

The worst approach, in my humble opinion, is to buy a pistol and a cheap holster that is, "made for this gun," at the gun store, take the CHL test the next week, and start to carry your weapon as soon as your permit arrives in the mail.  If you follow this path, you are a danger to yourself and your loved ones, and not a real threat to the bad guys.

A sane approach is as follows.

By and install (drill and bolts) a Gunvault GV200D gunsafe next to your bedside.  I am not necessarily suggesting that you keep your gun LOCKED in the safe at night.  However, I am suggesting that you will often need a SAFE and CONVENIENT place to keep your pistol in its holster when it is not on your person.  Pro tip: If you keep your pistol in its holster when you take it off and put it on each day, then you are less likely to have an unintended discharge, as the trigger is covered by the holster.


Assess what type and location of concealment is best suited for the clothing you wear on a daily basis.  Do not open carry, even if it is legal, as it gives away a significant tactical advantage, and makes you a priority target. 

If you are a male, then I strongly suggest that you will want to carry your pistol in a holster, on your waist, on the strong side of your body (are you right or left handed?), somewhere between your belly button and your spine.  You will want to carry spare magazines in the same location on your weak side.  Some say that an exception to this exists if you spend your day sitting in a vehicle, and then you may wish to consider a cross-draw shoulder holster, but even then, I suggest a seat mounted holster between your legs, and transition to a strong side waist holster when you need to leave the vehicle.

If you wear a shirt tucked in, even with a coat most of the time, then I suggest that you are best suited with an inside-the-waistband-tuckable holster.  Tuckable means the shirt tucks over the portion of the pistol above the waistband and belt.

If you are able to wear an untucked shirt, vest, or jacket, 100% of the time, then you have many more options.  However, I still recommend an inside-the-waistband-tuckable holster and magazine carriers, but don't tuck the shirt.  Do, however, wear a long A-shirt between the pistol and your skin.

Strong-side inside the waist band (IWB) gives adequate concealment with maximum utility.  Sure, you can probably hide a .380 pocket pistol in your crotch, but who really wants to drop trou' just to draw your weapon 20+ times when you visit the range, or try to run to cover in a gunfight with your pants around your ankles?  Strong-side IWB, tucked or untucked, will allow you to draw and fire accurately in less than two seconds, with practice, and also gives you two fast magazine reloads. 

If you are a slim female that either likes to (or is required to) wear fitted clothing, or Bruce Jenner, then you are not going to be able to conceal a pistol on your waist, or probably anywhere on your person.  Fortunately, there are many tactical purse options available for women, or men that like to carry a purse...not that there is anything wrong with that.  The Galco one's are very well made.    You will want to buy at least two identical purses, as one of them is going to get abused during training.


So, now it is time to decide on a holster and magazine carriers.  You will need to choose a material, and really the only two good options are a hard-molded plastic called kydex, real leather, or a combination of the two.  Avoid the cheap cloth and neoprene holsters.  Most people say that kydex holsters are more durable and leather holsters are more comfortable.  I prefer a combination of kydex and leather, like the Comp-Tac CTAC or MTAC Holsters.  The C-Clips are less obvious when wearing the holster tucked. 

What?  You say that to by a holster you need to know which pistol it is for?  Be patient.  We will get there. 

Now, let us assess what caliber is best suited for your concealment choice, hand size, and budget. The reality is that larger caliber pistols are bigger and heavier than smaller caliber pistols. This matters when you are wearing it, concealed, along with one or two additional  Smaller caliber pistols give you more rounds, which is a very good thing in a gun fight.  If you have smaller hands, then you are going to want to go with a smaller caliber, because the magazine fits inside of the pistol's grip.  Smaller calibers, in general, have less recoil (kick), which really matters if you are going to select a light-weight gun for everyday carry.  Some will argue, endlessly it seems, that larger calibers are more effective at stopping the bad guy.  I believe the evidence shows that any truth to this, "stopping power," argument is far outweighed by the, "shot placement," argument, which is essentially that what really matters is if, and where, you hit the bad guy, not how big is the hole that is made by the bullet.  The only thing any pistol does is make holes in people; there are no magic-exploding bullets that send the bad guy flying backwards out of the room...even in .45 Long Colt.  This isn't Hollywood.  Lastly, in regards to cost, usually larger caliber ammunition is more expensive.

With all of that being said, it should be obvious that I favor the smaller calibers for concealed carry, such as the 9mm.  Or, for something a little more exotic, the 5.7x28mm (same caliber as an AR-15/M-16 rifle with less powder), if you want high capacity, and light weight, and very-low recoil, and the ability penetrate many types of body armor, and if the higher prices for pistol and ammunition are not a concern, and if you are ready, willing, and able, to come by SS190 carry ammunition from sources other than your local gun store where it is illegal for them to sell it, but not illegal for you to have it, in most places.  Know your local gun laws, no matter how unconstitutional, illogical, and draconian: they are for your protection/sarc/  

At this point, finally, we can assess what pistols are available in your selected caliber for your concealment choice, hand size, and budget.  It is 2015, so I am just not going to consider revolvers for personal defense, even though I am a bad-ass-mother-fucker with my Colt SAA, and I love my precious Peacemaker dearly.  My personal recommendations for semi-automatic self-defense concealed carry pistol manufacturers are FNH and H&K, because both make highly reliable DA models that do have a safety lever, and it is not on the trigger.  This preference will absolutely infuriate Glock lovers.  Oh well.  I have several reasons why, but the primary one is that I like to keep the fight cycle consistent for all weapons: pistol, rifle, and shotgun.  We are required to knock-off the safety for both rifle and shotgun, so we must train to do it, because it is very bad (potentially life threatening) to not train to disengage and/or engage the safety on a weapon that has a safety. Therefore, I want a safety on my pistol, too, to keep things simple and consistent in my brain.  In addition, I believe that it is indeed more safe to have a true safety on a firearm.  The Glock-style "safety" on the trigger simply does not count, it does not prevent the pistol from firing when the trigger is pulled, like a safety on a rifle or shotgun do.

Given the choice of single-action, double-action, double-action/single-action, and double-action-only, I prefer the latter, again, to keep the fight cycle simple and consistent with the rifle and semi-automatic shotgun.

When available, I prefer the smaller frame models, also known as, "compact," for concealed carry, as they are easier to conceal.  Duh.

I don't have a preference on striker fired, or not, as I have never been a Glock fan, for reasons already discussed, and therefore never had any reason to own a striker-fired pistol.

I do require front and rear tritium night sight.  Period.  Trying to hit a bad guy in the dark, under stress, without being able to see the fucking sights, is both very difficult and very, very, scary.  I don't want my light mounted to my pistol, as it makes for an easy target.  I do want to hold my light away from me and my pistol. 

Lasers on pistols are essentially useless, unless they are IR, it is pitch black, and you are using Night Vision Goggles, then they are The_Fucking_Shit.  So, a mounting rail isn't totally useless on a pistol.

I cannot guarantee it, but I think this leaves me with the following choices for current models.

In 9mm:

In 5.7x28:

My personnel choice for the last many years is the FN FiveseveN.  It is so reliable that I had to make a training magazine that will cause stoppages in order to be able to train myself on dealing with stoppages.  However, if you get one, make sure it has the metal magazine release, and not the plastic one that came on the very early models.  Use factory FNH 20-round magazines, not the Pro-Mag 30-round crap.

No, that isn't me in the photo.  The dude has his knife on the wrong side, and I wouldn't be caught dead in those jeans.

Ok.  Now go buy your pistol!  Don't worry if you don't know how to buy a firearm.  It is easy.  Walk into a gun shop.  Tell them exactly what you want.  Write it down, or print off the web page.  They will do the rest.  If they must order it, no problem.  You can wait.  Don't let them sell you some other pistol that is in stock, because nobody else wants it either. 

Finally, and most important, complete the following courses in this order:

  1. One half-day tactical folding knife class; $150.
  2. 2-3 weekends of Tactical Pistol Courses; $1,000.
  3. One day of Self and Family Emergency Medical Aid/Trauma Kit Course; $150.
  4. A series of several two-hour self-defense classes (not martial arts classes); $200.
  5. Fulfillment of requirements for concealed handgun permit; $250.

You should learn in these classes how to safely conduct dry-fire training at home with your pistol and your dummy knife.  Do this on a regular basis, such as once per week for just 5 minutes, and soon you could finally be ready, willing, and able to defend your person, liberty, and property, should you be faced with a situation where, "serious bodily injury or death is imminent,"  and chances are very good that it will not take you 84 shots to, "stop," the bad guy.

Be safe. 


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lisacolnett's picture

eLAT is designed to bring in features which are never seen before in an eLearning Authoring Tool

IndyPat's picture

Carrying a fiveseven for every day defense is THE MOST INSANLY STUPID ADVICE I've ever seen.

If it goes race war, then all bets are off, so strap it on and go for it.
Until then, no fucking way. I have 4 guns chambered for this and over penetration is a huge issue. You pop the kid stocking the dairy case with a bullet that went through the bad guy or, you missed, you will do time.
This particular caliber and gun has also been shit all over because it was what the moderate jihdi used for the killings on the Army base in Texas. Don't think that won't come up in court.
Screw what this guy says. 40 or 45. You want the bullet to stay IN the body of the person you want to destroy. You also want it to be a show stopper.

Sonic the porcupine's picture

The law enforcement officers I know that are better shots than I am have spent a lot of time practicing on their own. A member of the local SWAT team told me I'm better than 70% of LEOs and I'd only been shooting pistol for about a year at the time. Perhaps it's just the area I'm in but I don't think most police officers are well trained.

iamrefreshed's picture

Better than Mace....A can of hornet spray. Goes 20 feet and will blind the prick.

TheEndIsNear's picture

Idaho Knife Laws


    Balisong knives are legal.
    Switchblades, automatic knives, and other quick release knives are legal.
    Bowie knives and other large knives are legal.
    Throwing stars and throwing knives are legal.
    Stilettos, dirks, and other stabbing knives are legal.
    Disguised knives like belt knives, lipstick knives, cane knives, and key knives are legal.
    Spring powered ballistic knives are legal.
    Pocket knives of any size are legal.

SmedleyButlersGhost's picture

As an add on, you might consider a pocket size pepper spray. Evens odds in some circumstances. If you go this route, it's a bitch but take a hit from it for training. Chances are you're going to get hit along with the target.  you need to know what's coming, how to lessen the effects and fight through it. Plus you'll know what the targets are dealing with.  I've been gassed 3 times in training and used it once live. It's got its uses

rsnoble's picture

For those that don't know, pistols are very hard to hit targets at a distance.  They are good for shooting up close, in your face type situations.  Although you cant really go around toting a multitude of guns.  Most likely threats can be handled with a pistol.  And most people will at least duck and cover if your shooting even if  you miss.

I have weapons for every application.

The ones I am most interested in trying are long range 'sniper' and 'acquisition' weapons, lol.

Don't forget all the old tricks, if someones in your house and your sure no one else is in the way you can always blast holes thru walls and floors.

When I first got my glock it seemed as if the bullets were flying out sideways.  Then a retired marine shot it and hit everything.  I used a lot of ammo getting to that point.

Semi-auto 22's are nice, too.  Granted you won't be blowing limbs off but i'd like to see one person on this board that wouldn't bend over in agony if they got hit and then you got a dozen (at least) more rounds heading your way.  Lightweight and very painful lol.

SubjectivObject's picture

Agree on the 22.  For in the home defense, my go to weapon is a semi auto rifle in 22 WMR with a red dot sight and with a Kidd two-stage trigger.   As fast as I can stably acquire the target, there is quarter size accuracy over any distance on the property.  Head shots will be a priority.  The down side of 22 WMR is a severe lack of availability, event though the 22 LR are back in volume.

With the pistol, I am practicing point shooting exercizes.

rsnoble's picture

A funny, recent redneck story before I retire:

Recently a friend and I, unknowingly, trespassed on our 4 wheelers.  I was under the assumption that it was a county maintained farm road(which I still think it is) but the surrounding land owner thought otherwise.

Being the badass the owner thought he was, he fired a couple shots out of an AR off his back porch into the horizon.  Then started yelling, then walked over to us.  My friend and I have balls of steel (or we are just stupid you pick) so we just sat there.  He got within about 10 feet and then aims his AR at the ground and unloads the entire clip.  The guy is about 6' and skinny as a rail.  Being the smartass I am, I stepped off my 4 wheeler and walked over to him and said "Now that you are out of bullets, I think i'm going to beat your fucking ass to a pulp".  That resulted in a comical response in which he said he was just joking around.  My response was my buddy and I are gona ride away now, and were gona have our arms drawn and if you make one fucking step back to your house until were out of sight your ass is toast.  Needless to say, he stood there till we were gone.  I know who this prick is, haven't seen him since.

SmackDaddy's picture

Lol. I agree about the 22. They carry roughly the same energy as a 90 mph fastball. and put em in someone's dome and they may not leave but bounce around instead. Absolutely devastating. So easy to control I might pop the skull two mores times as he falls

didthatreallyhappen's picture

interesting to see an article like this.  Many good comments, too many to respond to, but remember.....


1. Nobody every wins a knife fight

2. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away


TSA Thug's picture

Nice writeup bro.

May I add one thing. Home invasions are very much on the rise. These bleaks are breaking into your home by simply picking your locks which takes no James Bond skill, using brute force and a strong prying tool and your in.

Who wants to pay the monthly fee to the joo Sloman Shield security company? NOT fucking me that's who.

Put this on the inside of your entry doors and arm it before you go to sleep. For $1.15 you can't go wrong. And you will sleep much better.

If you're at all like me and want the scumsucks to enter your home so you can discharge some lead try this system.

It has a remote receiver that you put next to your bed and a motion sensor for the entry area. When they enter the receiver goes beep(immediately put your pillow over it to silence it). Reach over and grab your firearm and lie in wait.

hopefulbutwary's picture

When I lived in the Bronx, I wanted a pistol under my pillow at night, but that was illegal. While taking a class at Tom Brown's Tracker School, an instructor said that I could make a bow and some arrows. A bow and arrow is a silent means of self defense.

logicalman's picture

Big fan of the bow - I enjoy making and shooting them, but they are a bit awkward.

A good, strong slingshot with 3/8in steel ball is just as quiet and a lot easier to conceal.

I'm not in US so a firearm is not a legal option for me.

Fortunately, I was taught to look after myself by a WW2 commando. Can't beat learning from an expert.

I was a member of a gun club a long time ago in UK and am a decent shot, given access to the right equipment.

An unexpected bonus, if I was feeling particularly paranoid, I'm a practiced fire-eater. A hip flask full of kerosene and a Zippo makes me into a flame thrower!


ThrowAwayYourTV's picture

There aint going to be a black on white war. At least not here anyway.

Its been 30 year since I saw a black around these parts, right up until this past summer. Then we had 4 black guys with white girlfriend move into town.

But now there are only 2 left, the other 2 moved away pretty quick.

And one of the guys left walks around town on the hottest day wearing sweat pants a sweat shirt and a sock hat.

So I imagine this January when its 15 below with snow up to our chest that he may be wondering WTF am I doing in this place, too.

So I'm predicting no racial war here.

BTW. I disagree with a kidney carry holster. I read a story a few years ago about a guy who was right handed and carried right kidney style.

He happened to walk into a store during a robbery one night and was shot in the right hand. Which made it impossible to get out his side arm with both his right and left hand.

I always. ALWAYS! carry appendix style.

nmewn's picture

Nice article HH, very well done and informative for the novice.


"I will add a fifth rule, to the common four, which is to not be under the influence of any mind-altering chemical such as alcohol or dope when handling a firearm."

...kinda leaves out a lot of of us here in the

But it's not a big deal I guess and hardly a nit worth picking, instead of a rattle as babies we were given 22's to play with so the other ancillary things in life like drinking or smoking dope kinda go along with handling guns, sorta second nature.

Our "rattles" were unloaded, of course ;-)

rsnoble's picture

Many of us here in northeastern Kansas routinely drink, shoot and ride 4 wheelers.  Sometimes all 3 at once.  Takes practice like anything else.  For the average person, yeah prob better stay sober.  When your drunk you can rationalize not killing someone, but perhaps just blowing off their arm for something that wouldn't really justify it.  Good idea to not mouth off to drunks with guns and even better to not hang around any that aren't your core group.

yellowsub's picture

Hold da gat sideways and let it fly.

Professorlocknload's picture

Also might keep in mind who will be coming around to take a report after the fact,,,

teslaberry's picture

we all love old hedgless, but the least practical thing is he thinks you need or should spend 1500 dollars in cash to learn how to defend yourself.

that's not very practical at all, hundreds of millions of household heads in 3rd wrold defend themselves and their families everyday for 1 dollar or less in training.

oh yea, and if you are talking knves. forget folding knives. if you want a PRACTICAL STREET KNIFE YOU GET A SHORT, 4'' INCH LAX LENGTH FIXED BLADE. cheap reliable and FIXED and keep it in a little holster or your wallet. they are generally ultralight.

nmewn's picture

Definitely fixed blade, buckle, boot, belt or wherever. You don't want to be screwing around when you find yourself on the floor with five guys standing around you showing you the bottom of their boots...UP

When seconds count, one in the calf, one in the thigh (rising) one across the fat fuckers belly, one in neck and then watch the mouthy skinny one hit the door ;-)

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

When I first started working in trauma, the surgeons would invite me in to look at the DOAs that came in over the night. There was a certain " look" to the military knife fights. Throat, chest and abdomen in quick succession. Close contact with knife vs gun, they won the day.

I will never forget all those bodies and I have a healthy respect for what knives can do. Many of their opponents did not.


silentboom's picture

Ohh heeeellll no!  Oh hell no he din'in'tint.



How to use a firearm:

Load, cock, shoot. (also known in the hood as click click boom)

Professorlocknload's picture

Recommend for the cowboys who live in urban/suburban locals,,,and NYPD members.

Lower Class Elite's picture

An alternate strategy I have adopted, one that gets equal parts scorn and curiosity from the tactical crowd, is the laborious (but very fun) process of learning to make and become proficient with more traditional weapons. I'm talking shit that I can make from scratch like traditional bows, rock slings, spears, etc. I mean really from scratch, with very basic hand tools. The learning curve is very steep, but I am getting quite proficient at sending rocks or homemade clay ammo directly into you temple at around 130 mph out to about 30 yards. Apache style, quick and violent, no windup, no noise, just blunt force trauma. Then wrap it around my wrist like some kind of hippie bracelet. What weapon? The amount of practice required for any of these old ways seems to be the biggest turnoff to most, but the benefits (physical health, no registration with any "authority" , stealth, extra meat, endless free "ammo") cannot be underestimated. Basically, y'all shoot it out amongst yourselves, then when the ammo and spare parts run out, I'll be over here eating my roasted wild hare and making new shit out of his hide. And if you want some, ask nice or I will fracture your skull with my hippie bracelet.

e_goldstein's picture

Check this out to give a little more oomph to your spear:

arrowrod's picture

Glock 17.

It always goes bang.

Buy it used for $400, will always be worth $400.  Go to IDPA matchs. 

BarkingCat's picture

Yeah there was a case about a year ago where a young mom was shot and killed by her little child. The kid pulled her gun from the purse and was playing with it.
It was a striker fired safety... There is a reason why it is called a "safety".

Conax's picture

I always cringe when new handgunners buy glocks or any other striker fired pistols.  They are way too easy to accidentally shoot yourself with.

For the uninitiated, unskilled newb a double-action revolver is the safest handgun to carry. It may not hold 15 rounds, but 6 rounds of .357 aren't to be sneezed at.

Just my opinion, everyone can go shoot themselves as they see fit.

sessinpo's picture

It always depends on the situation. You might be facing a mob of more then 6 people that will kill you for your food.

No matter what firearm one has, one should be intimately familiar with it including safety.

blargg's picture

If you're trying to handle every possibility, forget it. I see a carry firearm as simply to handle some situations where you can't flee.

Professorlocknload's picture

Good advice. It's best to start the kids and newbies out on a single action, which is as close to fool proof as it gets.

atomicwasted's picture

5 for content.

0 for clickbaity title.

Comte d'herblay's picture

You have no cred to dis Levi's or you are too rotund to enjoy them. 

Dis Levis at your own peril. 

They are the quintessential necessary part of any man's, any boy's and any woman's, lesbeans, Hermaphrodites, and cross dressers wardrobe.


brunop's picture

It is ss109, not ss190

5.7x28 is NOT the same "caliber" as the rifle/carbine round 5.56x45 with "less powder", and saying so is not only ignorant, it is flat out dangerous.  

training to use a handgun by training to use a knife are not the same things, and while both might be a good idea, mixing the two as "preparatory" is flat out wrong.  Example?  Using a knife requires you to 'close' with your opponent.  Good handgun training will include introduction to movement (getting off of the 'X', movement to cover, creating distance), and the idea of 'closing' with an attacker while you have a gun is a GREAT way to get your gun taken from you and used against you.

Yes to: get training, find a gun that fits your hand, tell the gun-shop commandos to pound sand, continue practice regularly.  Yes to get self-defense training, which will teach you three things: 1) you aren't strong enough - so start doing pushups and squats, 2) because you have to block and make space once someone tries to knife you, grab you, or cave your head in, and 3) you have to keep possession of your gun and get it into action without losing it to the other guy.

And to the poster who said that they can draw and make first round hits at 7 yards in 0.25 seconds?  Um, no.  You should buy a timer and get back to reality.  When a timer goes off, it takes 0.20 just to pull a trigger you already have prepped.  A 1.0 second draw and fire time will put you ahead of 90% of all the gun owners in the United States.  Blazing fast guys wearing strong side, unconcealed holsters will time somewhere in the 0.65 range.

To everyone who reads this article and thinks that a handgun is what you need in the case of a race war or other systemic violence in your neighborhood/AO, you misunderstand what a handgun will do for you.  Handguns are for last-ditch, up-close-and-personal encounters, and *may* work against one physically non-dominant opponent.  80% of people shot with a handgun survive the event because of their low power, poor shot placement of the shooter, and the natural 'armor' of the human physique.

If there are a group of people coming to your house or to your neighbors' houses with violence on their minds, you need a magazine-fed rifle.  80% of people shot with a rifle don't make it: tons more power, tons more capacity, and with the correct rifle choice (AR), way less recoil to manage. Shotguns are true fight-stoppers, but 12 gauge shotguns recoil beyond what most people are comfortable with, and smaller men and women will have very slow shot-to-shot recovery with that kind of recoil (kick).

Kudos to the OP for bringing up the topic of self-defense.  

hedgeless_horseman's picture



It is ss109, not ss190

It is you, sir, that is ignorant about the ss190 and many other points.  The ss190 bullet can be used in a 5.7x28 and a .223 cartridge/weapon.


The SS190 FMJ, a refinement of the SS90, was introduced in 1993.[6] It offered superior performance over the prototype projectile as well as slightly reduced length.[6] The latter change allowed it to be used more conveniently in the Five-seven pistol, also being developed at that time.[9] Fired from the P90, the SS190 propels a 2.0-g (31 grain) bullet at a muzzle velocity of roughly 715 m/s (2,350 ft/s). It has a steel penetrator and an aluminum core.[40] The SS190 has been manufactured with a plain, black, and a black-on-white tip color.[15][41][42] It is classified by the ATF as armor-piercing (AP) handgun ammunition, and its sale is currently restricted by FN to military and law enforcement customers.[15][24]


In testing done by Houston Police Department SWAT, the SS190 fired from the P90 into bare ballistic gelatin exhibited penetration depths ranging from 28 to 34 cm (11 to 13.5 in).[21] In testing in 1999 by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the SS190 fired from the P90 at a distance of 25 m (27 yd) exhibited an average penetration depth of 25 cm (9.85 in) in ballistic gelatin after passing through a Level II Kevlar vest.[38]
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Thank you for making my point about ignorance: 1) wiki can be a lovely source of info - when the guy editing knows something useful, and 2) a total bitch when the latest knucklehead starts throwing info out there.

Notice how you use the "SS190" designation to talk about both bullet (projectile) and ammunition (cartridge)?  I refer you to your own quoted material that says "...the SS190 propels a 2.0g (31 grain) bullet at muzzle velocity of..."

And what does ^ that mean to you?  The SS190 is not a bullet designation, but rather an ammo designation.  And therefore, the SS190 which is a 5.7x28 chambering, cannot be used in a 5.56 gun.  Saying that it can - especially in an article manifestly aimed at beginners - is dangerous.  

It does say that the bullet in the SS190 loading can be used in making 5.56 ammo - but that's not what you said, right?


And please - let me know what "...many other points..." I'm ignorant on.  


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Wikipedia as a source of reference????

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"I am old. I come from a time when everyone had a closet full of guns for mostly hunting and NOONE was getting killed. I dont have to have authority or your permission to be scared of a bunch of modern day gun nuts living in cities reading GUNs and Ammo and watching Hollywood movies. Thanks"


I too am old, but am not into uttering senile nonsense such as the above.  We buy homeowners insurance for the house.  Health insurance for ourselves.  Car insurance.   A weapon for protection of self and loved ones is but another insurance, and saves lives.   Especially in view of the facts showing that a family member is est.300% more likely to be injured or killed by 911-summoned law enforcement than if an armed family member is the one dealing with the attacker.  

Logical if one thinks about it.  Cop does not know who is good or bad.  So has to regard all involved as potential threats.   Family member knows who is family and who is not.  

Besides, in the case of home invasion, the role of the cop is like the role of the garbage man.  The cop gets there too late for anything but to take pics, ask around and get the bodies hauled off.  Cops are good people, but function in a general protective role far better than as a "save me now" role.  

And as crime increases and personnel cutbacks due to city budget cuts increase, 911 cop response times and response attention decrease.  

For instance, years ago in San Francisco, someone broke into my car and tried to steal it.  Only a hidden ignition cut off device I had optionally installed prevented me losing the car.  I called the police to report it.  The copy who did show up, did not bother to even take fingerprints...despite the probability that the car thief had stolen cars previously and probably would steal cars in the future.  Cop was there maybe 5 minutes, took a quick report and left.   That was it.  No interest in investigation.  Just blew me off with a "You still got your car, so what are you complaining about" type comment and left.

Anyway, as a "senior citizen" myself, I apologize on behalf of all us oldesters for the above idiot.  We are not all that senile.


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I once was of the opinion that an armed society was a crazed and dangerous place. After coming out of my liberal multicultural love haze, I got over that and have realized that logically, an armed society is - as I have heard elsewhere - a 'polite society'.

If everyone knows that everyone can be carrying a weapon for defense, then there would obviously be a lot more hesitation before attempting to rob or otherwise attack another.

My wife and I attended a self defense seminar with instructor Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. Boy did we learn alot. We have not as yet followed through with the training as recommnded but do intend to. One of Dave's favorite sayings goes something like this: ' Fuck golf. It is every American's duty to learn how to shoot.'


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A few years back a Dr. and his family were home invaded in Connecticut. Wife, 2 daughters. The Dr. was restrained. Wife was taken to the bank by one of the punks (2 of them) to get cash,  where she told the teller to call the police. Cops showed up. Formed a perimeter, watched while the punks set the house on fiare after raping the women and murdering them - I think they might have burned up. Cops formed a perimeter at Columbine also, even as the shooters went about murdering unarmed students.

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The cop gets there too late for anything but to take pics, ask around and get the bodies hauled off.

This is an important fact that many people fail to take into consideration.

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If fighting for my life becomes a common occurrence, then I don't give a shit what the DA or Police say or think, because they will be useless at best, and at worst simply another fight.

The 'Law Enforcement has more power than all of you combined" meme is bullshit.  Few vs many, mostly armed the same...and with no sanctuary to retreat to.   Those who think differently haven't really thought through the source of those 'public servants' power.  It comes from confidence in them and a general belief that they are the right people doing the right things.

When fighting for you life is a common occurrence they are by definition either incompetent, (not the right people), or not doing the right things (part of the problem, not the solution).  If they make the mistake of attacking self defense in those conditions their support will disappear like fog in the sunshine.

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ZH commenters:

Step 1, blame media for ills of the world

Step 2, use media to justify your positions on said ills

just sayin


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While I have no issues with people carrying firearms (or prepping for darker days), I would like to point out that this article is every bit as much a promotion of the upcoming race war as anything uttered by Farrakhan, as it further normalizes the idea that this war will not be avoided.

All wars start out as a war of words in the form of a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, the more you try to warn others, the more you seal our fate.

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News Flash, there is already a (relatively) low level race war - and white' are losing.

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This piece is pure garbage of the worst sort, playing on fear fear fear.  "The negroes are coming, the negroes are coming!"