2-Year Treasury Yield Highest Since April 2011

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2 Year Treasury yields have jumped 4.5bps today, breaking to 77.4bps - the highest since April 2011 as it appears (despite the 30% odds of a rate hike priced into the ED curve) Fed jawboning is creating front-end selling (in the face of weak data). Notably this is the same level that 2Y rates traded at in Dec 2008 after the initial tumble post-Lehman.


Charts: Bloomberg


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It might have something to do with Jack Lew having a panic attack over funding.

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Shut the bitch down 

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And yet, it has still never been a better time to buy a (house, car, education, anything else that increases the debt).

I have a question for smarter ZH'ers.

If a FED bank can borrow at 0% (roughly) from the FED, then buy these 2Y that pay 0.7%, is that not just like printing profit?

I think I am going to open up a bank.


KnuckleDragger-X's picture

Don't forget, they have the Treasury involved as a cut-out for legal cover.....

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@PODS - opening up a bank is really not that easy.  The truckload of money one needs is just the start.  Probably something about thieves not liking competition and what not.

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Opening a credit union is actually really simple and you only need roughly $25k... I actually researched the idea of opening a pot-focused credit union in CO (and only CO). Feds shut me down? Great, I become a historic Supreme Court case...

Rent a trailer, group together some dispensaries for startup capital, off to the races...

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more selling out of china so they can keep the shanghai composite north of the 3,000 line

given the data today, theres no way the ball-less fed raises this week. its the final brick of excuses they need to complete their wall of fear

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They raise now because if they do not, the market will crash anyway.  At least this way they can control it and get their cash out first.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

If they do, it'll be 10 bps.......

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worst since lehman?

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

Lehman had to die to protect GS. Taking one for the team don'cha know.......

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And Bear Sterns died for JPM.

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china might sell more ust, if the meeting between xi and obama would be bad.

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Inching back to "normal" has never lasted so long.

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It's getting clearer now. All is not well.

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Squeel like a pig, boy.