Putin Accuses World Of "Using Terrorist Groups" To Destabilize Governments

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If you’ve followed the incessant back-and-forth between Washington and Moscow over the course of the proxy wars raging in Ukraine and Syria, you know that the Kremlin is without equal when it comes to describing US foreign policy in a way that is both succinct and accurate. 

This was on full display earlier this year when Vladimir Putin’s Security Council released a document that carried the subtle title "About The US National Security Strategy.” We’ve also seen it on a number of occasions over the past several weeks in the wake of Russia’s stepped up military role in support of the Assad regime at Latakia. For instance, last week, Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova delivered the following hilariously veracious assessment of how Washington has sought to characterize Moscow’s relationship with Damascus:

"First we were accused of providing arms to the so-called 'bloody regime that was persecuting democratic activists, now it's a new edition - we are supposedly harming the fight against terrorism. That is complete rubbish." 

Yes, it probably is, but let’s not forget that Russia hasn’t exactly been forthcoming when it comes to acknowledging that, like Washington, Moscow’s interest in Syria is only related to terrorism to the extent that terrorism serves as a Western tool to destabilize the Assad regime which, you’re reminded, must remain in place if Putin intends to protect Gazprom’s iron grip over Europe’s supply of natural gas. 

Of course what that suggests is that even as Russia uses ISIS as a smokescreen to justify sending troops to Syria, the Kremlin is by definition being more honest about its motives than The White House. That is, ISIS has destabilized Assad and because Russia has an interest in keeping the regime in power, Moscow actually does have a reason to eradicate Islamic State. The US, on the other hand, facilitated the destabilization of the country in the first place by playing a role in training and arming all manner of Syrian rebels, and to say that some of them might well have gone on to fight for ISIS would be a very generous assessment when it comes to describing the CIA’s involvement (a less generous assessment would be to call ISIS a “strategic CIA asset”). That means that the US will only really care about wiping out ISIS once Assad is gone and it’s time to install a puppet government that’s friendly to both Washington and Riyadh and at that point - assuming there are no other regimes in the area that the Pentagon feels like might need destabilizing - the US military will swiftly “liberate” Syria from the ISIS “scourge.” 

To be sure, Russia is well aware of the game being played here and if there’s anything Vladimir Putin is not, it’s shy about calling the US out, which is precisely what he did on Tuesday at a security summit of ex-Soviet countries in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Bloomberg has more:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the fight against Islamic State should be the global community’s top priority in Syria, rather than changing the regime of Bashar al-Assad.


“It’s necessary to think about the political transition in that country” and Assad is willing to “involve healthy opposition forces in the administration of the state,” Putin said. “But the focus today is definitely on the need to combine forces in the fight against terrorism.”


Countries need to “put aside geopolitical ambitions” as well as “direct or indirect use of terrorist groups to achieve” goals that include regime change, in order to counter the threat of Islamic State, Putin said. “Elementary common sense responsibility for global and regional security demands the collective effort of the international community.”

The first thing to note there is that Putin has essentially called the US out for using terrorists to destabilize Assad. So for anyone just looking for the punchline, that was it. Everyone else, read on.  

At this point what should be obvious is that Vladimir Putin’s intentions in Syria are anything but unclear. Russia is openly supplying the Assad regime with military aid in an effort to prevent terrorists and extremists (some of which were trained by the US and received aid from Qatar) from facilitating the strongman’s ouster. It’s that simple and frankly, the only two things Russia hasn’t made explicitly and publicly clear (because this is international diplomacy after all, which means everyone is always lying about something) are i) the role that natural gas plays in all of this, and ii) that the Kremlin will seek to prevent anyone from overthrowing Assad, so to the extent that there are any real, well-meaning “freedom fighters” in Syria, they’ll find themselves on the wrong end of Russian tank fire just the same as ISIS.

As clear as that is, the US must stick to the absurd notion that the Pentagon just can’t seem to get to the bottom of what Russia is doing and to the still more absurd idea that Russia - who seems to be the only outside party that’s actually interested in fighting ISIS as evidenced by the fact that there are Russian boots on the ground - is somehow hurting the very serious effort by the US and its allies to defeat Islamic radicals in Syria. Here’s Bloomberg again: 

Russia’s intentions in Syria are unclear and it’s important for U.S. diplomats to understand them, Martin Dempsey, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters in Tallinn, Estonia, on Tuesday. While Putin’s said it wants to prevent Islamic State’s expansion, “explaining the purpose and seeing how it actually evolves on the ground are two very different things and we will be working on that,” Dempsey said.

Right, “explaining” that your “purpose” is to take your very powerful military and defeat what amounts to a large militia that’s woefully under-armed and under-trained by comparison “and seeing how it actually evolves are two very different things.” If you buy that argument, then you are buying into the patently ridiculous idea that if the US and Russia were to bring their combined military might to bear on ISIS in Syria, that somehow the outcome of that battle would be in doubt. 

The Pentagon knows that notion is silly, but what it also knows is that once American troops are on the ground, there’s no not routing the other militants while you’re there, so what would happen in relatively short order, is that the opposition would be all gone and then, well, what do you do with Assad?

The much more straightforward way to go about this (unless of course you have a 9/11 and a story about WMDs buried in the desert as a cover that makes an outright, unilateral invasion possible), is to allow for the entire country to descend into chaos until one or more rebel/extremist groups finally manages to take Damascus, at which point you simply walk in with the Marines and remove them, then install any government you see fit. In the meantime, you just fly over and bomb stuff (hopefully with a coalition that includes Europe) in order to ensure that the situation remains sufficiently unstable. But now this plan won’t work, because unless we see a replay of the Soviet-Afghan war, none of Syria’s rebel groups are going to be able to rout the Russian army which means the US is stuck doing exactly what it’s doing now: trying to explain why it won’t join Russia in a coalition to eradicate ISIS while working to figure out what’s next now that the Russians are officially on the ground.

We'll close with the following from Alexander Golts, a military analyst and deputy editor of the online newspaper Yezhednevny Zhurnal who spoke to WSJ

“The idea of this is…to show Russia as part of the alliance of civilized nations that are standing against barbarism. But that idea won’t have much of a chance, because the U.S. and the Saudis and others consider Assad the source of the problem.”

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wendigo (not verified) Sep 15, 2015 5:02 PM

First bitchez

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Who fucking cares that you're first?  Small penis syndrome?

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Dont think the Founding Fathers had in mind founding terrorist groups lopping off heads of Christians in mind.  But then hey team Zion is running things now.

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Does wendigo come from TF Metals report? That's the only thing they do around there: post their sequence number.

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I can't believe Putin would even think such a thing...


edit: Ok, who's the moron that can't see the sarcasm in my comment?

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Symbolic of what is happening in Germany right now. And very Prophetic.

Germany is on its way down, the ROT starts from the TOP (at least with fish it does). Merkel is about the most rotten one there is. Seems like the disease is spreading.

They all should of stayed away from Nulands SWEETS


Scroll down and see that life is Sweet for the ones on the Winning Team.


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Putin:  "Putin Accuses World Of "Using Terrorist Groups" To Destabilize Governments"


Yeah, well: The Truth Is Treason In An NWO-Bankster's Empire Of Lies

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"Welcome to Europe, invaders!" - Soros
It is hard to believe the POS that is Soros could get any stinkier, but he will stop at nothing.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W3Tk74-O-so

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But now this plan won’t work, because unless we see a replay of the Soviet-Afghan war, none of Syria’s rebel groups are going to be able to rout the Russian army which means the US is stuck doing exactly what it’s doing now: trying to explain why it won’t join Russia in a coalition to eradicate ISIS while working to figure out what’s next now that the Russians are officially on the ground.

Putin is calling out the USSA on its BS, and showing to the world that Amerika is the greatest sponsor of Islamic Terrorism.  Putin will offer proof that the USSA is behind the creation of ISIS, and the best way to eradicate terrorism is to stop supporting it to overthrow governments Amerika does not like.  This is the real story.

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Monetas (not verified) Latina Lover Sep 15, 2015 6:28 PM

Who is Putin to preach to our Muslim president .... call Obama out, Vlad .... Islam is evil aggression from the Quran up .... just like National Socoalism, Communism and Latin anarchists like Latin Lover !

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"Terrorist group" = CIA.

Nuff said.

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"Hot, fit, smart chicks" = Secret Service

Muff said

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Barnaby Sep 15, 2015 9:05 PM

Perez Durden, sheesh.  I think it is clear that by World, he means "The United States" (i.e. how it often perceives the "mandate" of its unilateral policy) and by "Terrorist Groups" he means ISIS, and by "Governments" he means Syria.

FIAT CON's picture

 by World, he means "The United States"

He states it that way because of Bush" your either with us or your a terro..ist"

Raging Debate's picture

Latina - While all of this is correct subtle but dangerous signals are not being heard by the American public at large and some that is like WSJ readers isnt being absorbed as to just how dangerous all this is. 

Check out Karl Denningers site. He has commentators discussing going over there and "kicking muzzies asses" on a thread about following money. i don't see Karl's magic ban-hammer coming out or even scolding these people. But oh oh hoh! Bring up how the BIS and CFR relations run this world and watch how fast that hammer comes out.

While I admire the man for educating on some issues he is is fucktarded willfully ignorant on what really counts in how systems work. That is wierd considerin he touts himself as a master systems engineer.

 This situation wit Russia is analagous to cornering a grizzly in his cave and you have a .22. Sure you'll kill it but not before it knocks your head off. And even though Putin may be attempting to be more moderate (out ot necessity) he would not hesitate to kill every living person on earth and even accept 50% Russian casualties than have Russia become owned again by Jmafia. And tye Russian people would be right behind him all the way.

As a double agent training of course will play a game within a game. Shit though even Kissinger knows this is taking a really bad turn. 

 Enough said about this subject. Some things going forward may hurt rather than help the global populace and my American countrymen. But I really wished some leaders understood we are 40-50 years from ending classical death and onto other places even potentially outside our very universe. One big giant waste of time and the death toll will get God awful. 

ebear's picture

Denninger's a legend in his own mind.

I wouldn't waste too much time on that guy.

acetinker's picture


1) I've admired your thought process since you posited that the story of the birth of Jesus seems an awful lot like a layman's account of an alien visitation.

2) Denninger banned you too, huh?


Raging Debate's picture

Acetinker - The ancients just believed that aliens existed as a fact of life. When we open the portal to 4D I wager they ask us "what took you so long."

 Karl didnt openly ban me but blocked my email after I sent him something on the  BIS. I met him in person so was surprised he acted like such a rigid idealogue. Debate is not his fortay.

I liked his stuff a few years back when it was more numbers based. I do like his understanding of health issues and the racket healthcare has become. 

.National Suicide 1980's picture

No way I could down vote you. But your comment was a bit dis-jointed. Putin simply represents his people at a far, far better level than his Russian and Soviet predecessors. We, on the other hand, decided a long time ago--say my name--to be savagely fucked up the ass--as long as the guy sticking it to us did it with a smile. We will die, ass-clowns who still like him will die...and the ass-clown's kids are good as dead---way, way before their time...    

TheReplacement's picture

Do you mean like the times people predicted:

Putin would expose the real conspirators behind 9/11


Putin would expose who really shot down MH317


Putin would expose what really happened and why in Benghazi



acetinker's picture

It's a long game.  Whatever their position in the worldwide Game of Thrones, Putin and his cronies are the most forthright and honest players, just now.

Take it for what it's worth.

Ace Ventura's picture

+1.  I'll give Pooty-Poot credit.....at least his mobster-spook oligarchical self knows how to play the 'I care about the little people' meme better than most western bankster-puppets. However, in the end he's part of the same crew, pretending to be at odds with his western counterparts. In the end, they'll all most likely be clinking expensive champagne goblets at the same 'We Run This Whole Fucking Planet' party....once the much-desired one-world-gubbermint is in place along with cashless civilization. Naturally, they need their Super Duper Deluxe Mondo XXXL Mega World War to take place first. You know, to help trim the hedges and do a little weedeating of humanity.


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You had my upvote at "soros"




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Maybe, but Putin made some sort of deal with KSA during that last lavrov visit.  This is 3 dimensional chess and KSA is in on it, lets hope one of the pieces sacrificed in not the petro dollar...

Urban Redneck's picture

If Putin really wanted to be succinct and accurate, he should send Lavrov to the UN to address the General Assembly and assembled Heads of State in English.

fockewulf190's picture

Any chance some of the other nations belonging to the BRICS coalition will back Putin up in Syria with some meaningful support? Chinese troops perhaps? Does Vlad hold enough international political clout to rally new nations to support Assad? We shall see.

I wonder if Vlad is going to offer to take in any meaningful amount of Syrian muslims into Russia. I doubt it.

FIAT CON's picture

Why should he clean up the US's faults? Maybe the US should take all of the so called refugees, after all they created the mess. Maybe Hitlery should have a few hundred move to her house...

Sooner or later the bully of the sand box has to pay the piper.


Lea's picture

Quoting Urban Redneck, "If Putin really wanted to be succinct and accurate, he should send Lavrov to the UN to address the General Assembly and assembled Heads of State in English."


Everybody addresses the General Assembly in their own native tongues. Even Kerry does (mind you, not that he would be able to do otherwise).
You want to put the UN translators out of work or something?

Sandmann's picture

Will Samantha Power discuss matters in Russian ? Lavrov speaks English and Singhalese......what languages has Obama mastered ? Ebonics ?  Do Americans actually speak "English" ? They certainly don't seem to comprehend it

Urban Redneck's picture

The UN would not lay off desk jockeys if Hell froze over.  Anyone can address the UN in whatever language they please, and the UN is always happy to hire moar desk jockeys to accommodate them.

Lavrov can, in English, articulate the long and inevitably backfiring history of US arming terrorists and draw the parallel to current situation with ISIS in Syria.  Over 80% of the leaders assembled comprehend English, and 100% of their press corps and thought police do, as well as a huge chuck of their respective plebes back home, which eliminates a massive and critical tool of the establishment to control the public narrative.  It wouldn't be politically (or socially) correct for Putin to so, even if could speak fluent English, but that's what Foreign Ministers are for.

indygo55's picture

I saw the sarcasm. The US is such a fucking amatuer here. That they got caught like this is really the playing out of the story where Putin is playing chess and Obama (or whomever is steering him) is playing checkers. The table might get thrown over by the fools. 

trulz4lulz's picture

Our "government has been doing this for 50 fucking years, at least. Central America, South Ameria, various Asian nations, the middle east, north Africa,, central Africa....I wont even bother naming all the countries its fucked over. Time for them to pay the god damned piper if you ask me.

Arthor Bearing's picture

Really. Might as well have a headline saying "Putin Accuses Governments of Collecting Taxes and Making Expenditures."

Arthor Bearing's picture

Really. Might as well have a headline saying "Putin Accuses Governments of Collecting Taxes and Making Expenditures."

Bay Area Guy's picture

50 years? Hell, it's been screwing over MENA for at least 70 years. Central and South America have gotten hosed since before the Civil War.

Stackers's picture

uhm, not sure where Putin has been for the last 30+ years .... but no shit sherlock

Nicaraguan Contra

Jundallash terrorist group that attacks Iran


and on and on


trulz4lulz's picture

I dunno where putin has been, but it seems practicing judo, fucking gymnists, shooting guns and selling oil pays the bills. gotta give it to the Russians, at least they are amicable for the most part. Im an American, through and through. but dealing with Murikistanians is the absolute worst experience. i avoid it at all costs. 

Haole's picture

The paid subscription finally put him over the edge.  Now he just wanders the internet aimlessly in search of new threads in which to claim "first"...

Chupacabra-322's picture

The Criminal Faud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. arming, funing & training terror organizations since against the Soviets.

Freddie's picture

The Founding Fathers would never have approved of Israeli Rita Katz and her green screen videos of fake ISIS beheadings and other nonsense.  I hope Spielberg works with her soon so ISIS can feed hostages tio a Great White shark and to dinosaurs.




Oldballplayer's picture

A great white shark, with a blue star on his side. That would be Bitchin'.

11b40's picture

The Founding Fathers sure as hell would NEVER have approved of dual citizens, let alone allowing them in elected or high level government offices, either.

Unbelievable that Chuck Schumer is in line to be the Senate Leader for the Dems when Reid resigns at the end of this year.

Any honest review of what has happened throughout government, finance, and the Defense Industry since this became legal in 1967 will point to this terrible cancer that is killing this country.

ThroxxOfVron's picture

Chuck Schumer's primary concerns in order of importance:


1. Chuck Schumer

2. Chuck Schumer

3. Chuck Schumer

4. AIPAC $$$$

5. Chuck Schumer's Committee assignments:

.... Schumer currently serves on the following Senate Committees in the 114th United States Congress:

.... Committee on Finance;

.... Subcommittee on Health Care;

.... Subcommittee on Taxation and IRS Oversight;

.... Subcommittee on Social Security, Pensions and Family Policy;

.... Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs;

.... Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation, and Community Development;

.... Subcommittee on Financial Institutions;

.... Subcommittee on Securities, Insurance and Investment;

.... Committee on the Judiciary;

.... Subcommittee on Administrative Oversight and the Courts;

.... Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights;

.... Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs;

.... Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security (Ranking Member);

.... Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security;

.... Committee on Rules and Administration (Ranking Member);

.... Joint Committee on the Library (Vice Chair);

.... Joint Committee on Printing ..."Get to work Mr. Chairman.." (Chairman);

.... Joint Economic Committee ;

.... International Narcotics Control Caucus;

.... Joint Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (Chair).

6. Israel

7. The Democratic National Committee

8. Campaign donations and bribes paid to Chuck Schumer

9. 'Jews'

10. Chuck Schumer's hair

Fish Gone Bad's picture

I did not know there was a committee on Crime and Drugs.  One would think crime was big enough on its own.

Raging Debate's picture

11b40 - Good point. Consider this. Empires seem to last less than 400 years. This banking one where it buys governments has just about run its course.

It was no wonder Jefferson was freaking out about a private central bank to run the currency. Because once that happens it is only a matter of time before the government sells out. 

 By the late eighties the Rothschild model pretty much conquered the globe. When that happens and empire attempts to use an iron fist to retain all power is when it all goes south pretty quickly. Shame that playing King of the Hill this time will get 1/3 of the global population dead. As for specifics, lets just say evolution. As mentioned not going to inflame passions on by offering up certain speculations any more. 

 God bless people of all nations. May we forgive one another after this cycle ends. All of our shit kinda reeks a bit if one really has the stones to look in a mirror. 

shovelhead's picture

Father, forgive us for what we must do

You forgive us, we'll forgive you.

We'll forgive each other til we both turn blue

Then we'll whistle and go fishing in heaven.

-J. Prine-

My spiritual guru for Tuesdays and Saturdays.