DoD Admits US SpecOps "Boots On The Ground" In Syria

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With the Russians on the ground at Latakia shoring up the Assad regime and with tensions between Washington and Moscow at a fever pitch over the Kremlin’s involvement, the Pentagon now says US boots are officially on the ground in Syria - you know, to help fight ISIS...

Of course, if true, the whole "assisting Kurdish forces" won't go over well with Turkey's Erdogan, the US's brand new coalition partner against ISIS who has made no secret of his distrust for the YPG. 

Then again, there had to be some pretext for an imminent escalation with Russia and since it's all a convoluted, bloody mess at this point, "helping Kurdish forces" is just as good as any other excuse we suppose.

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helping kurds fight turkey?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

So when do we start bombing Istanbul?

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I am so relieved!!! US forces and Russian forces on the ground in Syria to fight the dreaded ISIS. Things should be back to normal in no time.

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picking a side in this shit show is a bitch. 

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SpecOps meet Spetsnaz.

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So, the US now admits it has boots on the ground in Syria fighting ISIS which the DOD and CIA have heretofore admitted they started (previously known as Al-Qaeda) to overthrow the Assad regime because the Saudis and the rest of the Gulf Nations want to sell their gas to the EU instead of flaming it off as well as screw Russia by taking EU market share and revenues away form Moscow who transit their gas to the EU through Ukraine whose government the US and UK overthrew to get some dudes in power who'd shut down the Russian gas to the EU which the UK is all for because then they could sell more North Sea gas to the Continent.

But be that as it may, the US is both supplying and supporting ISIS to overthrow Assad and fighting ISIS alongside the Rooskies who are there to keep Assad in power and we think the Russians are upsetting our apple cart..

Y'all are with me now, right?

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Duplicity.. the American way.

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""DoD Admits US SpecOps "Boots On The Ground" In Syria""

In Other Newz, ISIS in Syria Is Magically Gaining Further Ground against regime Of PM Assad...

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DoD needs to go back to its name before 1947..

“The Department of War “

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I prefer "The Department of Offense"

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How do you know you're talking to an Academy Grad?

You see his overcompensating ring as he's picking his nose.

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i cant wait till winter sets in. 

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Soon to be dead boots on the ground...

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Just dispense with the false flag bullshit and announce they're gonna put boots on the ground with Syria........


Huh,.....what? mean they just did!?



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Next to the White House there is a building once called the Old Executive Office building,before WWII, it contained the War, Navy and State Departments! Shows the hugh  growth of the federal bureaucracy

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Y'mean before all the various intel agencies were melded into one, the CIA?

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Russian boots, American boots...whoeverthefucks boots...

Boot 'em all in the ass!

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Maybe someday they will spend that money on shit we need in the US.

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The US supports all kinds of terrorists and mercenaries in order to destabilize a secular regime they do not like, but do not have the balls or political will to go in there openly and do it themselves. 

They have no moral high ground after what they did to Iraq and Libya. 

There's a good possibility this could flare up and out of control faster than anyone expects.

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"They have no moral high ground after what they did to Iraq and Libya. "

They never did. Didn't stop them, or anyone else for that matter.

"My greatest flaw. I surround myself with idiots."

- Victor von Doom

centerline's picture

Is there a diagram available or something?  My head hurts.

Agent P's picture

I think your avatar just about covers it

knukles's picture

Astute observation, Agent P!

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"...the UK is all for because then they could sell more North Sea gas to the Continent..."

Nope, the Uk's gas is depleted and it now has to import gas, mostly from Norway.

But the UK is all for it, mostly because Tony B liar  wanted to be popular in the US and make big bucks on the talk circuit.


And that wanker Still said the Russians are "invading" Syria despite being invited by the govrenment.

Let's see what his take is on another US invasion of a foreign country nowhere near the US.

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"the Uk's gas is depleted and it now has to import gas "


Pretty much.

The UK Politicinas are all for Carbon Emissions Trading/Carbon Credit Schemes because they have been promised by Big Petroleum that they can make new fortunes stuffing carbon back down into the wells.

We'ss see how well that goes -and who pays if it doesn't work or it's discovered that everyone supporting/running the scheme is really jsut full of shit and taking bribes/divvying the profits for supposed sequestration while really just dumping/releasing the carbon out in the North Sea..

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What a bunch of incompetent Hitlerite facists the CIA, U.S. State Department are.

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Administrations come and go, the bureaucracy still remains.  If you don't think Cheney and Rummy are still running the show in foreign policy you are out of your mind.

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Knucks, you know perfectly well it's for their own good and we'll be shipping in massive amounts of rainbows and unicorn pee to counter that evil Russian made rainbows and unicorn pee......

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Thanks for the succinct summary Knucks, I think you got it all in one simple sentence, and it is a relief to have it figured out. (OK, two sentences...)

joe6px's picture

Ya know, working together I bet SF and Spetz would put a whoopin on CIA, oops, I mean ISIS.

cheech_wizard's picture

Flip a coin, it's what I do for these types of situations. Then go all in.

After all, you are on the sidelines rooting, and have no actual skin in the game.

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Where did I see this before? Oh yeah, last season of House of Cards.

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It's like Vietnam starting all over again in a different country.

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This is a fair bit messier.

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Its easier to bomb all the brown people when they hide in cities rather than hiding in jungles.


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In Vietnam the US was invited to help the legitimate government of the southern half of the country. The Viet Cong (akin to ISIS, I guess) were trying to overthrow that government and had help from the government of the northern half of Vietnam.

This time Russian forces were invited in to help the legitimate government of Syria and ISIS is playing the part of the VC. The US is the country assisting in the fight against the legitimate government.

So you're correct, except the roles have been reversed. Totally FUBAR. The US shouldn't go around invading countries without declaring war. At least Reagan claimed he was rescuing some American medical students, if I remember correctly, when he invaded Grenada. Or has Obama declared Kurds to be American citizens without telling anyone?

chunga's picture

I was in Grenada about a year after the 'Murikans "rescued" the country with "Operation Urgent Fury" (<-LOL)

Our Grenadian friends told us they were a little bit mad after that happened because on the way out the Murikan troops destroyed all the infrastructure stuff built by the Soviets, Cubans. They saw that as spiteful because it would have been moar useful than piles of rubble everywhere.  

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The last time the US formally declared war was on June 5, 1942,when the US declared war on Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary!

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Have to keep the MIC running 24/'s the only manufacturing left.
Can't have any charts of sales for MIC looking like Catepillar's...

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In Vietnam, the poor American saps were drafted.  In Syria, these idiots volunteered to go murder people for an even more corrupt US govt though LBJ was one the of the biggest scumbags ever.

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"So when do we start bombing Istanbul?"

US DoD says it's Constantinople now

And, yes. They hate us for our freedom to bomb them.

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Too many US tourists in Instanbul.

hell why not,just blame it ISIS.

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What the problem? Someone needs to teach the tan savage how to murder like real men. USA! USA! USA!

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Where's Israel in all of this? Oh that's right. ISIS, Israeli Secrect Intellegent Service.



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lmao.  The goal always has been to remove Assad.  Tell us another fairytale DoD?