"The End Of The EU": Merkel's "Heroic" Refugee Response May Destroy Union, Slovakia Warns

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On Tuesday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban served notice that he absolutely was not joking around about ensuring that an influx of migrants fleeing war-torn Syria did not end up “changing” Hungary’s “1000-year old Christian culture.” 

So serious about this was Orban, that he built himself a 100 mile-long, 12-foot anti-migrant fence out of razor wire along the border with Serbia, passed a set of emergency laws that allow for the arrest and subsequent prosecution of anyone who damages his new fence, and then sent police on horseback as well as the military to enforce his new laws.

Here is the one-day result of that crackdown:


And here’s Gyorgy Bakondi, an aide to Prime Minister Viktor Orban: “We hope that the messages we have been sending migrants for a long time have reached them. Don’t come. Because this route doesn’t lead where you want to go.”

So, for now anyway, it’s mission accomplished for Orban.

But this isn’t a story about Viktor Orban, it’s a story about migrants and while Orban may succeed in ensuring that Hungary isn’t inundated with asylum seekers (that is unless Germany decides to make quotas mandatory), closing one border won’t keep the huddled masses fleeing Syria from finding their way north to Germany. 

As we noted on Tuesday, Hungary has begun sending refugees back to Serbia which is of course in no position to handle the influx even if it wanted to. Serbian labor minister Aleksandar Vulin had the following message for Budapest:

"They have not done anything wrong by any criminal law. You cannot send them to Serbia without their permission. These people don't want stay in Serbia. They want to travel to Europe or wherever they want. We are not a concentration camp and we do not expect anyone to consider us as a concentration camp."

So, predictably, the new favored route to Germany will go through Croatia. Here’s WSJ:

About 150 migrants crossed into Croatia from Serbia overnight, the Croatian interior ministry said on Wednesday, marking an alternative route for refugees to enter the European Union after Hungary fenced-off its border with Serbia.


The migrants were being registered at a border crossing at Tovarnik on Wednesday, a Croatian interior ministry spokeswoman said.


Buses in Serbia have been taking migrants to Sid, a town on the Serbian side of the border, Serbian and Hungarian media reported after Hungary erected a 110-mile long fence in an effort to stem the flow of refugees. Migrants would then enter Croatia, some through points other than the official border crossing.


Croatia’s Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said his country would handle migrants or direct them further north to the more affluent European countries, mostly Germany and Sweden, where most migrants have said they wish to go.

Here's a look at the current state of border controls (courtesy of BBC) followed by a graphic that takes a more granular look at people flows in the region (via Frontex):

But the new route presents its own set of challenges, both for Croatia and for the refugees. Via The New York Times:

The closing of Hungary’s borders has raised concerns among humanitarian groups that migrants seeking to get to Croatia could inadvertently cross through areas near the Hungarian-Croatian border that are littered with thousands of land mines left from the Balkan wars of the 1990s. On Wednesday, Croatian demining experts were sent to the area where many migrants were arriving, Reuters reported.


The countries of the former Yugoslavia, which were torn apart by the wars, have thus far taken a tolerant and welcoming stance toward the migrants, who have viewed the region as a transit zone rather than a final destination. But with Hungary’s decision to criminalize the breaching of its borders, countries like Serbia and Croatia, which are relatively homogeneous and poor compared with some of their richer European neighbors, could soon confront a stream of migrants for which they are ill prepared.

Through it all, the allure of a new life in Germany far outweighs the risks for most asylum seekers, especially considering the horrors in Syria that they have managed to escape. Indeed, the picture the Germans are painting about what it's like to arrive in the country couldn't be more different than what now welcomes refugees at the Hungarian border. Compare and contrast:

For Chancellor Angela Merkel, the German response to the crisis has done wonders to restore her reputation which, as regular readers are no doubt acutely aware, was tarnished by Berlin's hardline stance throughout the protracted Greek bailout negotiations. And although Merkel's position carries significant political risks, she seems to be as resolute in her beliefs and Orban is in his own. Here's Bloomberg

It was when the numbers became faces that German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a decision that could make or break her political legacy.


As she toured a refugee center in the eastern German town of Heidenau on Aug. 26, hearing stories from Syrians about traumatic journeys to flee their civil war, protesters against their arrival jeered and shouted abuse. Some called her a “traitor to the nation.” The experience left her shaken but determined to act, according to two close Merkel aides.



What ensued was a strategy for dealing with a flood of refugees by simply letting them come. While her open-door policy transformed her image almost overnight from the scourge of the Greeks into the conscience of Europe, it threatens to split the continent and presents a domestic high-wire balancing act even more dramatic than the euro crisis.


“If we now have to start apologizing for showing a friendly face in response to an emergency situation, then that’s not my country,” Merkel said at a press conference in Berlin on Tuesday.

The question now, is whether Merkel will seek to use Germany's financial and political clout to force other EU nations to soften their stance on refugees. As we said on Tuesday, "the perception that Germany is forcing an unwanted demographic shift might well serve to fan the flames not only of nationalism but of religious intolerance, especially given the likelihood that those opposed to settling the migrants will be predisposed to stirring up fears of ISIS operatives slipping into Europe disguised as refugees."

And that's not all. To let some countries tell it, were Germany to impose its will on recalcitrant states by force, they may well destroy the EU for good. We close with the following from Reuters:

Chancellor Angela Merkel appealed for European unity after one of her ministers called for financial penalties against countries that refused to accommodate their share of the migrants, provoking anger in central Europe.


A Czech official described such threats as empty but nonetheless "damaging" while Slovakia said they would bring the "end of the EU".

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Son of Captain Nemo's picture

The pictures in this you're not seeing of vandals galore just like Jane Standley didn't see WT7 drop 23 minutes before it actually did!..

Nothing more nothing less than a "bought and paid for crisis" with your money that can't go to waste!

Haus-Targaryen's picture

This would be one of the top 5 best days of my life. 

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

This would be one of the top 5 best days of my life.

If they put Soros, Merkel and her entire cabinet on a wood platform douse them with petrol and "light a match"...

Then I'd concur!

Bokkenrijder's picture

A Dutch journalist has bought a fake passport in Syria, has it delivered within 40 hours with a picture of the Dutch prime minister (Mark Rutte), a date marking his birthdate (except the birth year is showing 4 years older, as a little joke to imply that politics ages people faster) and an Arab name mocking his initials (Malek Ramadan).

Allegedly thousands of original blank Syrian passports, printing presses and official stamps have gone 'missing' since the civil war, and are in the hands of Mafia and terrorists.



How many IS + Al-Qaeda terrorists + economic immigrants having fake Syrian passports are already inside the EU?

Here's some pictures of Mark Rutte, so you can compare: https://www.google.com/search?q=mark+rutte+prime+minister+netherlands&ne...

CheapBastard's picture

The UN had been oddly quiet. They are usually quick to cricize but not a peep out of them.

unknownknowns's picture



I think the UN is playing at redistribution games:

They are trying hard to promote 'carbon' in a way that they can use carbon-taxes to redistribute the west's wealth to the third-world. 

Failing to redistribute the wealth, from the west to the third-world, they seem to have decided to redistribute the people, third-world to the west!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

The UN had been oddly quiet. They are usually quick to cricize but not a peep out of them.

Just doing their job to promote fear, anger and resentment of the indigenous with black ops among the refugees in there own backyard to urge them on for the "mother of all battles" in Syria and Eastern Ukraine with some much needed "fireworks"...

The analogy that best descxribes it.  It's like inviting the neighbors over for a "pool party" and shitting in your own pool with a grin on your face asking your invited guests to count which of your turds float to the surface and which of them sank to the bottom!

ThroxxOfVron's picture

"The UN had been oddly quiet. They are usually quick to cricize but not a peep out of them. "


I gather that the moment the issue is presented to the UN that several issues will be presented:

1. Demands for full scale/long term UN interventions in the ME and Africa, etc. to stabilize these nations.

2. Demands for full scale/long term wealth redistribution programs from 'rich' nations/economics to 'poor' ones.

3. Demands for distributing/relocating 'refugees' to 'rich' nations via a quota system as the Merkel/Junker faction in Germany/EU proposes will be presented. 

Do the US, Israel, Japan, China, G. Britain, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Mexico, etc. etc. etc. want to hear this???



NoGodsNoMastersNoMotherland's picture

You mean with mafia and terrorists the CIA,MI6 and Mossad gang , dressed up as ISIS, fuckin shit up over there to blame it on the boogeyman of the week ?

DOT's picture

Crap, I can't tell. All those white people look the same.

Pliskin's picture

Shit! What did I miss? Did Mcain just die?

Oldrepublic's picture

re: Jane Standley

anyone know about her? some sources say she killed herself, other

sources say she now works for the UN

Bank_sters's picture

They will stop at nothing to get their superstate.  

Quinvarius's picture

Stop backing ISIS and start backing Assad so these people can go home to sanity.  Obama's Syrian adventure is a complete disaster with no meaning.  Sure Assad may have been a dick.  Just like Saddam was a dick.  But now even the biggest dumbasses can see why they had to be dicks.  As soon as they are not controlling the Muslim fanatics, the Muslim fanatics go apeshit.

Global Hunter's picture

About 2 years ago saw an interview with people on the street in Damascus on RT, one Palestinian man when asked if he supported Assad government said (paraphrase) "their government is hospitable to us and protect us, we don't get involved in politics and they leave us alone to live our lives in peace". 

It was a whole lot better than what the west has brought them.

Pliskin's picture

Global Hunter...You are now officially a terrorist for writing that post.  Stay away from nail guns, cars, planes, electric sockets, scissors, food that you didn't grow yourself and cheesecake.

N.B.  I lied about the Cheesecake, I just want it all for myself!

Global Hunter's picture

phew you said nothing about wine gums or tea so I'm cool.

Pliskin's picture

You like Wine Gums and Tea.

Well someone's just given away their nationality to the rest of us ZHers.

Global Hunter's picture

Raised in Canada, my wife and I are pretty good cooks but my mother bless her heart does boil vegetables and potatoes to a near mush. 

Pliskin's picture

'...but my mother bless her heart does boil vegetables and potatoes to a near mush.'


Which is exactly how they're supposed to be cooked.

Stop complaining and eat your veggies young man.


zeroaccountability's picture
zeroaccountability (not verified) Pliskin Sep 16, 2015 11:16 AM

Hungary erected a 110-mile long 'MIDDLE FINGER'!!!

Freddie's picture

Don't forget tall buildings, do not accept any middle management banking jobs with large banks with facilities in NYC, Holland, NJ, Hong Kong, Bejing and a few others.  Buy a parachute just in case.

NoPension's picture

15 years ago, I started to say;
If you are " noble" enough to intercede and remove an abusive father from a family, you have the responsibility to then take care of that family.

It would seem, from the results so far, these societies require a strongman as a leader. And if we impose our values, and remove the strongman, you owe it to the people to step in and run their show, at least until they can carry on without you. They don't seem capable, or willing. Why? I don't have a clue. It just is. Hussein. Qadaffi . Assad. These guys were/ are assholes, in our view, but they are the type required to keep a lid on this madhouse.
What we have now is far worse.
Gee, thanks.

Motasaurus's picture

They ran corporate states where people were used to relying on the government to keep them safe. It was always just assumed that the strong-man in the palace would defend them, so why would they ever learn how to defend themselves? 

Of course this worked both ways. Why would a dictator ever encourage resourcefulness from a population that was happy to pay him a lot of money to protect them?

Look around. These people are not so different from your average Westerner. 

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

@Global.......Ditto for Iraq, Libya, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

Global Hunter's picture

agree, Libya was a stable country even if it did seem to be slightly "bonkers" by our standards, but we went and turned it into Mad Max.  What does that make us?

NoGodsNoMastersNoMotherland's picture

The meaning is obvious to go after Iran, close the cricle around Russia, start to pivot against China and control the "Heartland" as Brzezinski called it. Muslim fanatics are the US Assets of choice to overthrow countries in the area and creata a fear porn for the own citizens. Its no mystery that the radical wahabit-salafist mosques organized by the CIA asset Fehtullah Gülen is responsible for the radicalization of the Muslims.

Quinvarius's picture

"What a puny plan!"

-Lord Humungus circa 1979

schadenfreude's picture

That's the reason why Saudia-Arabia gernerously offered to donate 100 mosques to be build in Germany for the fresh arrived Sysrian people. 

NoGodsNoMastersNoMotherland's picture

Yes. They say for every 100 refugees, 1 mosque. Thanks to the drug money of the CIA and other crony sponsors.

Element's picture

Agree Quin, Washington's insistence on sacrificing Syrians and their country on the basis of a failed 'policy' favoring radical rebels, who are just keeping the blood flowing, and destruction growing, is absurd and international disgrace. Putin is being opportunistic of course, but the approach he proposes is the one a sane person would take, to support the Syrian people and the re-ordering of their country (not for Assad's sake). And if Washington doesn't like Assad, so what? It's not like Washington doesn't or hasn't committed vile acts of infamy. Not as if they are any less guilty of horrendous acts. So they should hold their noses and help Syria's people to recover their territory and an orderly state where 20 million people can live and regenerate a viable life far sooner.

They may not like that Putin will relatively benefit too but refusing to help the bulk of the people of Syria to aid Muslim rebel groups, simply adds credibility to Putin's accusation. They need to get together and sort this out. if they can work with Iran they can work with Putin and Assad and end this bloody war, because none of those 'rebels' groups will ever make peace, because they are utterly fanatical warmongering Muslim radical arseholes, who have destroyed Syria's cities and people. What country on earth would not have used every tool available to defend themselves against such people? Or tried to eliminate them wherever they were? there is not one Western country that would have done any less to attack and kill them. And yet we are to pretend this can all be sheeted-home to Assad?

Either the West will cooperate to end it now, or they must attack Assad, which will let ISIS win and spread, and butcher hundreds of thousand more people, maybe a few million in time.

Only a fool would allow that happen. but does anyone think Obama, Kerry and the Pentagon are not stupid or even malicious enough to do that anyway? If they have any self-respect or want credibility, they will end the war by smashing ISIL with overwhelming fire-power. Stuffing about and worrying that it will look bad with too many dead civilians to go in heavy and wipe them out, only guarantees they will spread. Because the longer they leave it the bigger will be the attacks they need to make. There is no way this ends without killing a vast number of civilians in around when ISIL operates. That is a given. And there is no way you can beat an enemy like this with pin pricks and stuffing about.

Go big, or just go home.

And I don't think Obama has the spine to do either of those. So just what the hell are the US Military telling the Golfer in Chief? Who is it that is getting in Obama's ear so that it leads to this? Join forces with every able party present and smash ISIS quick, or simply get the hell out of there. Let the Russians and Iranians do it. At least they might actually do something that works, is effective and makes sense.

corsair's picture

Going big means boots on the ground. But wait, isn't that exactly what The Empire wants?

Nice of you to call for cooperation, but I'm afraid they want to do it alone. Incidentally, that is exactly what this "crisis" is all about. Spreading fear and xenophobia so that western populace would demand firm action.

Think of it as 9/11 redux.

Element's picture

Going big does not require going in on the ground. Other states are already doing that, the West supports with air support. A huge alliance totally smashed Sadam's military in Desert Storm in about a 4 week period of a go-big style air attack. That air attack on fielded forces alone was so withering that the formerly well equipped battle-hardened experienced Iraq's disintegrated and surrendered en-mass, rather then go through any more of that sort of relentless attack. That can be done again, quickly. The result then was extremely low Western loses, and a totally smashed opponent.

And I would not presume at all that Russia or Iran or Syria are going to find it easy, fast, or without serious losses to come. And looking at Putin's recent comments there's no indication I can see that he wants to do it alone. On the contrary, he's openly inviting Western combat cooperation and agreed mutual aims.

There is a golden opportunity here - that will benefit all sides. Not everyone, nor probably anyone is going to get what they want from this situation, it will be a pragmatic compromise, but this should be about ending this absurd barbaric war, for the people's sake.


corsair's picture

Let me clarify: The West wants to do it alone.

Element's picture

OK, thanks for that.

I did hear the recent WH warning to Russia about continuing the intervention. They don't want Russia there, but that's not exactly going to change due to that. They know that, so why are they saying it? It seems to be a face saver. Lavrov needs to get on the job and change the dynamics, perhaps even a trip to Washington to see if cooperation is possible and if a mutual compromise can be made that the US will go along with. Obviously western forces have a plan here and are escalating forces into it. If cooperation is refused due to that plan, then Russia and Iran would be taking a big risk operating forces in the area.

I AM SULLY's picture
I AM SULLY (not verified) Sep 16, 2015 8:13 AM

The human swoil, the massive toil, the monstrosity of humans loyal to violent over-turnings and other heinous crapola ...

This is the face of the ignored, neglected, murder-throngs of human decrepitude and decay and other shite.

Gilnut's picture

Methinks the Germans are in a "Maverick" situation.  :)


Dr. Engali's picture

Better be careful what you say Prime Minister. If you don't abide by TPTB's wishes then you might find your country liberated by some freedumb bombs. 

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

EU got Merkel, we got carly and meg and the hag of hags hillary..thank god women got into the circle of power.

and more in the wings: beth  w the indian, the list is now endless..the damage they do is beyond reason.

Pliskin's picture

Seriously? You refer to these things as women?  You need to get out more.

shovelhead's picture


I saw my first "I heart Hillary" sticker on a soccer mom's SUV yesterday.

So many conflicting emotions all at once. Astonishment, amusement, sadness, despair, all levened with a spritz of vein popping anger...

I ordered a double as soon as we got to the restuarant.

Freddie's picture

And they killed Benazir Bhutto because she spilled the beans that bin Laden died shortly after 9-11. 

She was pretty hot for a Pakistani woman.  I don't think she had cankles.

SofaPapa's picture

I have no love for any of these lower than humans.

But to say it has to do with their being female is meaningless.  Is Hillary worse than Cheney?  Merkel worse than Cameron?

Male versus female is a completely irrelevant distinction.  They're all equally psychotic.  Don't waste your thought focusing on trivia.  They all suck.

Bryan's picture

Where's Hitler when you need him?

Pliskin's picture

Err, he's either in the Knesset vowing to kill as many Muslims as possible or in Congress telling his stooges that Iran are building Super-Nuclear-Bombs.  Not sure of his itinery this week.  Log on to Israel.gov and have a look for yourself.

22winmag's picture

Hitler didn't die. He multiplied.

justdues's picture

The most lied about man in history (of the victors)

Victor von Doom's picture

The only other one that springs to mind is Emperor Caligula. The Jews lied about him because of his beef with them as well.

"My greatest flaw. I surround myself with idiots."

- Victor von Doom

Dr. Engali's picture

Curious how all the pictures of fleeing refugees are mostly young men.