Obama's Recovery In Just 9 Charts

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We already showed the effects of Abenomics, so let's take a look at Obamanomics.


Mission Accomplished?

h/t @DonDraperClone

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Time to put this up again for new years.

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You didn't graph that.

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The only thing missing is a graph of banker bonuses

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Y yew awl sew raycessists hear Obamer bee wunnerful

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Affirmative action recovery:  The horrendous result don't matter.  What matters is that it wasn't a straight, white, guy doing it.  Looking at results it raysis.

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That seals it. We are voting for Sanders. This ship must sink so we can learn how to swim again. This is sarcasm, as we could never vote for a communist no matter what.

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Is that a graph of home ownership?  Or of my sanity since he's been in office???

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Mission accomplished - and he's still got about 16 months to finish us off, MF'er.

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Don't even have to zoom in on the charts to realize... wow things are bad

Layoff / Closing List: http://www.dailyjobcuts.com


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how about the illegal aliens chart, and Gov-scum crime and corruption charts?  I would guess they look just like the student loan chart.

On the other hand, the Freedom and Liberty chart would be in the shitter for sure.

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Fuck the Kenyan homosexual and his jew bankster handlers!


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I truly hate this fucker, the first American Fuhrer, from Kenya no less.

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A negro economy of fundamentally changing The U.S. of Fuckin' A.

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  Possibly the only campaign promise the majik negro kept. There, I said it, negro. Here come the red arrows like that scene in 300.

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Oh yeah?! Well you... you... Caucasian!

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That's Racist!
I resent that, feel assaulted, frightened, uncomfortable and need a hug in a safe place from your micro aggressions

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Nope, you must pay hundreds of billions in reparations for something your ancestors did that you had no control over.

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Not every Caucasian has slave owning ancestors, and what about all of the black slave traders and owners? It's funny how PC history conveniently forgets about them...

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And this is the rationale that the Germans face with Oktoberfest.  Muzzies don't like beer 'n' tits (so they say!) so the festival must be cancelled.

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Or they like them too much and can't control themselves.  It's the tits fault!

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Fucking progs, I swear, they're teaching young adults to be little Hitler Youth, in assence...to-be-insane. Here's Turley (who I rarely agree with) on the high priced Indoctrination Camps they're running:

"I have written columns and blogs through the years about the disturbing trend on U.S. campuses toward free regulation and controls. In the name of diversities and tolerance, college administrators and professors are enforcing greater and greater controls on speech –declaring certain views or terms to be forms of racism or more commonly “microaggressions.” The latter term is gaining support to expand the range of controls over speech and conduct to include things that are indirect or minor forms of perceived intolerance. The crackdown seems most prevalent in California where lists of “micro aggressions” seems to be mounting as a macroaggression on free speech. The new list of verboten terms out of University of California (Berkeley), headed by Janet Napolitano, (Edit: How apropo) captures the insatiable appetite for speech regulation. The school has asked faculty to stop using terms like “melting pot” or statements like “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.” They are now all microaggressions. (Edit: lol) Not only are school buying into the concept of microaggressions and speech regulation, but they are shaping a generation of students who seem to look for any possible interpretation of terms to take offensive at."


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Doublethink: The power to hold two completely contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accept both of them.


George Orwell

2015 synonym "Progressive thinking"

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Was on a site the other day and a gay guy posted a comment that he had been confronted over his discrimination because as a gay he would not date a female because she has a vagina.  Could have been a joke but in this crazy as environment I doubt it.  Can't make this shit up.  

Clearly the gays are descriminating against women for their vaginas and this must stop!  #everyvaginamatters.

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LOL !  #everyvaginamatters

Partcularly the more beers you drink and as it gets closer to closing time at the bar.

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that one is going to need a log scale

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I don't need 9 charts to get a feel how everything is going. Only ONEchart!

Booze sales.


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Another chart to get a feel for how everything is going. Firearms and ammunition sales (thru 14Q3):


Obama has been the best gun salesman in history.

Forward (over the cliff)!

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Banker's don't have any influence on healtcare costs, food stamps, etc.

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He did say he was going to "fundamentally transform" the United States.  The only thing he didn't lie about.  Going exactly according to his plan.

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TongueStun (not verified) NoDebt Sep 16, 2015 12:42 PM

Sorry, but Obama lied about that too. That lie was always framed as BEING FOR THE BETTER.

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Actually, he didn't.  Your brain filled in that part for you because you assumed (or perhaps hoped) that's what he meant.  But he never actually said it would be for the better.

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It has been better for a lot of people, just not the ones who bear the workload on either end of the economy.

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That's correct.  His election rhetoric was an absolute masterpiece of the 'Blank Canvas" allowing the listener, which ever his persuasion, to very easily insert his own favored outcome.
Very few of us (as in electorate) saw this for what it was.  A con job of Biblical proportions.

BTW, talking about Biblical (No, I'm not suggesting anything religious, FFS) for a moment, just reading an article on the Rooskies and US SpcOps in Syria, it cast my mind back to the old Bibli9cal story of the End of Times, when Gog and Megog initiated the final battle in the Middle East where one of the antagonists was said to have come down from the North (Russia) and come into conflict with, etc., etc., etc.
Golly gee wiz.  Some seriously odd stuff going on, folks!

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and watch The Donald do the "blank slate" thingie too.

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It wasn't a masterpiece; people just embrace having their sentiments manipulated by sociopaths.  This behavior permeates society at home and work, just as it must have during the Crusades.  It's what reality shows are all about.  

Many BHO supporters also believe(d) they are (were) part of the new aristocracy, since a college degree and government job certainly place someone at the level of knight, reeve, or at least yeoman.  To them, it's obvious who makes up the peasants and serfs at the very bottom.  Certainly they'll be part of a new order.  

Many will be rudely awakened when the oligarchy circles the wagons.  Those that thought themselves dukes and dutchesses will be left fending for themselves.  


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Graphical Representation of the real deal... "Hoax & Chains", not "Hope & Change".

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So Proud

Brings a tear to my eyes


Even ENRON could not do whats been done

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Everything is going as planned...so far......

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It's amazing what you can do with only 28 trillion dollars.

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Bush did it. 


Six years of his presidency at ZIRP and this is all he can do.

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what Bush DID do was increase Afghan poppy/heroin production - put up that chart

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Obama supporters will tell you 2 things.

1.  Bush was the dumbest president ever.

2.  Everything Obama does is ok because Bush did it.

I have no idea why anyone is interested in the Republican or Democrat political parties.

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If they showed genuine interest, there would be a revolution overnight.   Instead they watch Danicing With the Has Beens and American Karoake