Refugees Vs Riot Police: A Photo Album From The Frontlines Of Europe's Migrant Crisis

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Earlier this week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban moved to stem the flow of Syrian refugees across his country’s border with Serbia by first constructing a 100-mile fence and subsequently authorizing the arrest and prosecution of migrants who attempt to breach the barrier and enter the country illegally. 

Orban then sent the military and mounted police to patrol the border.

This left thousands of asylum seekers bound for Germany stranded in Serbia, staring up at 12 feet of razor wire and pondering a new route to the German “promised land.” For its part, Serbia has been transporting migrants to the border with Croatia, which says it will “direct” the refugees to where they want to go. 

Needless to say, Orban’s border crackdown transformed an already tense situation into a veritable powder keg and on Wednesday, Hungary sent in the riot police at which point the angry migrants reportedly “became aggressive” and tried to breach the fence. 

Next came the tear gas and water cannons. 

Below, find the visuals courtesy of Reuters:

*  *  *

And meanwhile, in Germany...

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Budnacho's picture

Todays Refugees = Tomorrow's Rioters 

OrangeJews's picture
OrangeJews (not verified) Budnacho Sep 16, 2015 4:07 PM

They need to just storm the fence.  They can't kill everyone... they wont have enough bullets.

Jethro's picture

A platoon of Marines sure as fuck could.  A 28-round magazine is potentially 28 kills.  A supported platoon can fuck up even more...way more with 81's and arty on call.

TeamDepends's picture

That could be coming sooner than later. Another glitch for FSA soldiers "living" on their EBT cards last night.

kaiserhoff's picture

Those comments are a hoot.

Sounds like ZH;) 

MANvsMACHINE's picture

In these types of situations, I always wonder what these people eat and how they obtain food.

MoHillbilly's picture
MoHillbilly (not verified) MANvsMACHINE Sep 16, 2015 4:23 PM

When they blow the whistle at 5, the catering truck comes in. This is just like the old sheepdog, coyote cartoon

MANvsMACHINE's picture

That's how I imagined it.  Thanks for confirming.

Paveway IV's picture

The good thing about Nuland planting thugs in the refugee crowds is that a lot of the thugs are unemployed refugees as well - they'll work for f'king peanuts. Xe/Academi costs a damn fortune and they whine like little girls if they don't have hot food and air-conditioned trailers. Find some destitude refugee from Kosovo and they'll damn near work in your refugee hate-porn for free - no air-conditioned trailers necessary. Just promise them a new pair of rubber flip-flops at the end of their 'assignment' and a seat in a ZATO-chartered bus to Germany.

WTFMOFO's picture

Lots of young men there.....Will fight to get into some "free shit" but won't fight for their own country.  Coming to a theatre near you.



angel_of_joy's picture

Merkel's friends! This is what she wants to have in her country ? Boy, is she stupid ! She's even looking like Hollande now...

COSMOS's picture

They get fed lots of sweets.  All that sugar makes them hyper.

Nuland did say 'FUCK THE EU' she is delivering it big time.  They are all Semites dont forget that, and they are anti-Gentile.

Paveway IV's picture

Fight for what? Afghanistan? Kosovo? I would rather emigrage to a country where they put you in burlap bags and beat you with canes than fight for either of those U.S.-created shitholes.

My only complaint about the you guys in the video trying to get to Germany (paid thugs or not) is "What the hell took you so long? Were you waiting for things to get better in your country or what? Why didn't you help the women and children escape?"

COSMOS's picture

By 2030 the muslims will be 40% of Swedens population.  They are smelling victory as more and more muslims are headed for Sweden.  Its over folks.  You can change the name of Sweden to North Arabia.  Its over for Northern Europe !!!

WTFMOFO's picture

I don't know about you, but I'd rather die by either defending or fighting against my own country than to crawl on my fucking belly into another.

Skateboarder's picture

Using the last of their savings to eat while rioting for entry into FSAdom. At some point that's gotta run out... Or perhaps there are free food/refreshment stalls set up by Merkel and co.? Great question, MANvsMACHINE.

Welp, looks like MoHillbilly nailed it.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Or Ferguson.  Just what everyone needs more of. /S

You see what happens, Angie? You see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps Angie! . (The TV version of The Big Leboski)

COSMOS's picture

I'm Swedish and live in Stockholm, will give you a picture of the situation.

For too long our government have been running a dump wages politic by bringing in massive amounts of new labour force. The only problem is that the Muslim and especially Somali people who are coming here are not interested in work. Why?
Because Sweden has a generous welfare system.

Also the mentality and way of life between Europeans and muslims are too different. They fled from their *** countries becuase of war and poverty and then try to turn Sweden into the same *** they came from.

I believe 100% that there will be a race war in Europe within 5 years, I blame the Swedish politicians for this situation, who unfortunately are more interested in securing a position in the highly corrupt and ineffective EU than serving their people.

There is also a fear of being called racist every time you say you don't like the current immigration laws and in Sweden (ethnic Swedes) people are very afraid of this.

Unfortunately we ethnic Swedes deserve all this *** for letting the government make us into a multi-cultural guinea pig and ruining what was once a great country.

Sweden is lost, please remember that there were Swedes who tried to stop this madness, not many but we did exist. ..........



Sandmann's picture

When Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, UK were strongly Protestant nations they hads a clear perspective. Now they are media-driven value-lite polities where heritage and national identity are deliberately expunged by Crazies let loose in political systems without constraints. It is Panem et Circenses with the Goths and Visigoths at the gates.

Victor von Doom's picture

No prob. Race war in Europe? Good. Sort this shit out once and for all. End of Sweden? Not likely. End of this bullshit in Europe? Any cunt tries this crap after the war is going to have his head blown off on the spot.

Chin up. Always darkest before the dawn.

"My greatest flaw. I surround myself with idioits."

- Victor von Doom

123dobryden's picture

they have already spent thousands of euros on their way there on transport, i wonder what reasons the rest of them in refugee camps have that they still stay where they are.

caconhma's picture

Dear Qaddafi,

NATO gangsters are getting the huge bill for your pain and suffering.

Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq did not teach anything to thugs in London, Washington, Paris, and Rome. It appears that they have dug their own grave!

Obama, why do you bring just 10,000 immigrants/terrorists to America? How about a million?


Sanity Bear's picture

Maybe Serbia is feeding them as a little "thank you" to the EU for that whole Kosovo thing.

Oldrepublic's picture

I have been in Serbia many times. Do those folks hate Americans!

corsair's picture

Serbs hate arrogant assholes. Maybe that was your problem.

Oldrepublic's picture

Have you ever visited downtown Belgrade near  the railroad station;

take a look at the old Yugoslav ministry of defense building

corsair's picture

Listen pal, I live there...and I have been throwing up my middle finger during the NATO bombing just like the rest of us.

But, believe it or not, we Serbs know how to differentiate between Americans and USA.

Freebird's picture

Potus should welcome them...the ethnic mix in Amerika needs diversifying more

JLee2027's picture

I'm sure a couple warning shots would send most the crowd going the other way.

SmittyinLA's picture

Blowback coming the Zionists way 

An experienced zombie hunter can get double and triple kills when the enemy is lined up pouring through a gap, unfortunatly Hungary's "allies" and supposed back lines are totally compromised. repelling invaders could just as quickly turn to escorting for a fee to the next country lucrative business opportunity. 

Prediction all the Baltic state's dump the bankrupt Muslim Socialist EU and NOT redux Socialist bankruptcy and liquidation with German masters and instead embrace sovereign independence, solvency and the 2nd amendment and open trade parity with Russia.

Fuck the EU.  

Capitalist Russia with 15% taxes isn't the enemy, the broke Socialist Muslim with the AK 47 needing living space is. 

caconhma's picture

Unfortunately, Putin's Russia is a Zionist occupied territory.

Putin is a thug, a POS and an idiot. 

Kulafarmer's picture

1 Marine with a Dillon mini,
Or a SAW

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Just look at that dildo Merkel is holding in her hand, ready to fuck Germany with.  Sorry to all those now in need of eye bleach.

pods's picture

Lock a man in a cage and then wonder why he starts acting like an animal.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

We are all being locked in cages, now (to paraphrase the famous Keynes saying).

Tyranny is Love's picture

Unfortunately you may be right.

This crisis lets internal controls be erected across Europe that could not be done otherwise. (Just as the markets are in trouble). Europeans will need to provide papers that they are allowed to travel between zones (previously known as countries) and not illegal. While external boarders are nothing new in Western Europe internal ones are. Power has been largely moved from national governments to the EU Commission. (The European Commission is the EU's politically independent executive arm * )



*The European Commission is the EU's politically independent executive arm

 Role: Promotes the general interest of the EU by proposing and enforcing legislation as well as by implementing policies and the EU budget


Never let a crisis go to waste (some A**hole).

Oldrepublic's picture

European "countries" have about as much anatomy as US states

MoHillbilly's picture
MoHillbilly (not verified) pods Sep 16, 2015 4:21 PM

Or, let a animal out of a cage and see how he acts. Glass half full, half empty kind of thing. It all looks the same  from my lofty perch here on top of the outhouse

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

More bricks in the wall.....

angel_of_joy's picture

...Lock a man in a cage and then wonder why he starts acting like an animal

Where's the cage here ? All I see is a fence, which might look like a cage except it has 4 sides free...

StychoKiller's picture

"You needn't be well to be wealthy, but you got to be whole to be holy.

Still, I don't see a man in a mansion, that an accurate pen won't puncture...

We live in a age of cages, the tale of an ape escaping, in the search for some

Truth he can use..." -- ELP, "Hallowed Be thy Name," Works Vol. 1

Flatchestynerdette's picture

I'm reminded of the scene from World War Z.

Where they soon all start climbing overthemselves to get to the top of the fence and go over it to be shot with those rubber bullets and soon the bullets are gone and the hordes have ripped through the Hungarian's line of defense.

Need to be proactive and not let the above happen.

Hungary was a communist country. Surely they haven't lost all their conniving wits?

o r c k's picture

Can I live in YOUR Country ? 

toothpicker's picture

predictive programming my friend

Sudden Debt's picture

They should post that crap on snapshat and put those people back on their boats.

If I came to your house jumping over your fence, that shouldn't mean you have to give me room and board and a paycheck right?

Flatchestynerdette's picture

Increased Greek patrols so they don't land on Lesbos would be a first step.

What happened to the Greek navy? if not them how about the Romans (I mean Italians)?

Sudden Debt's picture

A torpedo based patriot system that sinks every boat 10 miles from our borders.

Taxdollars well spend.

Peak Finance's picture

LOLZ a "torpedo boat" !

They are coming in on inflatable rafts. A bunch of motivated patriots with pellet guns can halt the overseas invasion!  

God it’s so pathetic!