THe FaTe OF THe WoRLD...

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For a minute I thought that was Rodney Dangerfield in a dress.  No respect.

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The first thing I thought of was the movie 'Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome'.


Fucking Stanley Fischer... a 'DOCTOR'... Doctor, my ASS!

Looks like 'Bartertown' (oops, CONUS) is in some MAJOR fucking trouble, now.

The movie was pretty depressing, but the reality is far worse, you know. I can see them now, lining up a bank of printers and opening the windows. Clarke and Dawe explain 'Quantitative Easing':

Fracking AUSSIES sometimes have a good sense of reality, you know!

The shit's about to go down.


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Similar to the situation with income, the rising wealth share of the top 3 percent of families is mirrored by the declining share of wealth held by the bottom 90 percent.


Yellen stated that this was not true - see chart on page ten.  (PDF from 2010-2013 & that gap continues.

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Regarding Fischer, WFB jr once said

I'd rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.

William F. Buckley, Jr.
I'm beginning to think this is applicable to all these government bureaucracies. The pointy headed ivory tower dwellers are really getting on my fucking nerves.

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Each of you, as you comment, react, PLEASE:  Consider a "donation" in the form of paying for a high-quality print from WB7's great collection, well crafted images!!!  No hypocrite, I have two in hand, along with prints from David Dees and Jim Kirwan.  Create your own nano-gallery, folks.  Pay some tribute to support a ZH treasure, William Banzai 7!!  Please.  Least you can do!

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Thank you for the good pitch Alan.

I hope everyone appreciates that I do not like promoting my artwork as a business. I am doing everything I can to protect the integrity of the images. 

That said, I have bills to pay and responsibilities to be met.

For those who are able to offer support by acquiring a print, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

For those who simply cannot afford, hang in there brothers and sisters and enjoy the show...


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It sure was cool when I could scroll through your images.


I can't now though... How come?

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Flickr secrewed around with their embed codes ;-(

But you can still scroll if you click through on the image to my Flickr and use the L/R arrows.

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I see now, Thanks williambanzai7. You have beautiful images.

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wait I think i can see her NIRPPLES


Mebbie 'ole Yellin can sit on his head, and suffocate the little turd. A reverse shit, so to speak. 

As for the rest of the fairy tale, do that bitch up as Little Red RIding Hood, post Big Bad Wolf Happy Meal.

Just another turd on the forest floor.  

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WB7, you need to do a likeness of "Ol' Yellen," using the body from the heroic movie dawg, "Ol' Yeller."

"Heeere Yellen!  Oh come back Yellen!"

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Why put the dog down?  I'm calling PETA.

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I am  unkindly thinking that both should be loaded into a factory farm to experience fate. I know it goes against every single thing I believe.


But put them in a "veal cage"for a few months,fatten them like chickens with garbage such that McNuggets are made and Buffet is happy fatten them so they cannot walk..... take them to slaughter packed so they cannot move,Kick them. Slam them ...abuse them, then  hang then high with no oversight.  Then call it "farming".


Then worship McDonald's stock. or many others.  Mr. Buffet?  Your turn.



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A face that would eat the meat off your bones

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Great work as always.

A few of your black and white city photos in particular are really outstanding.

And my sincere condolences to the loss of your loved ones.

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Unpaid, unsolicited, DEAR SIR, I ask you, BUY one of those fine prints!  For a keepsake, for a legacy!  GOD bless. 

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Are those handles for what you want dumped......ewww!!!

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Clever variation of Grandpa's "Pull my finger" ruse.

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The handles are at Fischer's level. He's the one making the decision.

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Is that supposed to be a storm tooper outift and mask?


Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
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Banzai returns with a zinger!

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Pump 'er in the dumper, Yanet.

Already circling the drain.

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Ha! Nice, welcome back williambanzai7. ;-)

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There's something about Yellen that gives me the creeps.

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She looka lika an ugly man.

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Everything about Yellen gives me the creeps. It's appropriate that she's the fat lady in the's a circus all right.

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Now that's rough, real rough.....

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A marriage made in hell.

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That fuckin' face!!!!!!!!  Why ZH...?  Why must you torment your readers with such repulsive pictures of the financial Toad-in-Chief?!?!

In the name of baby-Jesus, why??

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Why?  Because the truth fucking hurts.

  Good question, by the way;)

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Remember to pull both of them twice Stan!... Good news is that where you are taking us we won't be needing any "paper to wipe"!!!

The visuals "that consolidate" the message of  our eroding condition like nobody else can!..

Everything else at this point in time that appears on this site is most probably secondary which is the highest complement I can pay you B.

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Lift up that skirt and all you find is an empty hole.

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It was either that gargoyle or the human wart Summers.  The scholar who donned sub prime lending, repeal Glass Steagall, and deemed derivatives to be safe with no regulation needed.  Its a big club and we aren't in it.

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Go ahead and pull on my one of my handles.  Oh look, the empress is wearing no clothes.

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I was thinking the chain was pulled to flush.


WB is the 'visual' master of symbolism....

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are those  bazooka projectiles hanging from her skirt?

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That's  one for the memories. 

You need to start printing these  off in baseball  sized cards.  I bet they will be worth more than dollars with your autograph on the front.

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printing these  off in baseball  sized cards...


Absolutely, if I can buy a box of Desert Storm trading cards, (I still have em), then this current war with the Oligarchs certainly deserve at least as much.  Inserts, limited issue, signed, Museum collection, game used scraps embedded, and the all important Gold and Silver parallel sets.

By the way, that face was lifted off an old Benny Hill photo wasn't it?

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Yep, we definitely need a 'set of cards'. Problem is limiting it to only 52 of these fuckers!

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limiting it to only 52...

Obviously you’ve never collected baseball cards.  Even Topps issue a +600 regular season box with an update set to account for the late season call ups.

This isn’t a cloud sourcing start-up scheme.  This is an honest to goodness request to ask for a market based and popularly supported physical product marketed to a willing and eager consumer even more concerned with the outcome than a group of youngsters collecting Garbage Pail Kids cards. 

The set needs to be as big as it needs to be to account for even those of the number that frequent these grounds to catch up on the amount of information that's actually escaping to us common folks.



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Sometimes I need an explanation of what I'm looking at here.  Often.  Great image, but wtf?  ... oh, OK, mebbe now I gets it.  But really, still wouldn't hurt.  Put it upside down at the bottom of the page or something ...

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I want people to do some homework when they look at my images. Putting in the work is part of the artist connecting with the audience. But I am not an egghead. When asked I am also happy to say what I am thinking. Usually though someone else in the gallery will know what I am thinking.

That little manipulative fucking midget is Dr Stanley Fischer. Go and check him out. His fucking fingerprints are all over everything that has gone wrong in recent fiat years. Yet no one calls that shithead out. He is fucking Keynesian evil incarnate. She adores him like the whole fucking rest of central scamming crowd. I can just hear the two of them. Oh Stanley what do we do now....don't worry precious I will pull your knickers to let you know. Who the fuck appointed him master of the screw u verse?

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"Who the fuck appointed him master of the screw u verse?"

Don't you know yet, Bill?  God "chose" him and Janet to be masters over us. I thought everybody knew that by now.  Just be a good little slave and try not to rock their boat so much or you might get struck by lightning. 

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That little manipulative fucking midget is Dr Stanley Fischer. Go and check him out. His fucking fingerprints are all over everything that has gone wrong in recent fiat years. Yet no one calls that shithead out. He is fucking Keynesian evil incarnate.

I have to say I do not like your attitude. I love your attitude.