The GOP's De-Donaldization Strategy Exposed (In 1 Simple Chart)

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We previously explained what appeared to be Republican leadership's plan to 'deal with' The Donald's status quo upsetting rise. As the following chart shows, last night's debate, as we noted here, seemed to put that plan into action... but it did not work.


Source: The Washington Post


We humbly suggest, for now it did not work...


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Looney's picture

Trumpoline! And a fat guy is jumpin' right through it.  ;-)


P.S. Foogle an Youtube video yourselves  ;-)

angel_of_joy's picture

GOP's PTB look now like a perfect collection of moronic geezers. Time for this party to join the dinosaurs...

daveO's picture

Just like the chart shows, the party wants a Bush/Fiorina ticket. There is no way in Hades I will vote for either, even w/ Trump. That'd just guarantees Trump would meet with an unfortunate accident shortly after assuming office.

angel_of_joy's picture

You can't always get what you want...

Regards, Rolling Stones

Keyser's picture

What the US needs is a John Wayne / Clint Eastwood / Chuck Norris type of POTUS... Someone that will take names, kick ass and enforce the laws of the land... All of them... In lieu of that type of candidate, Trump will have to do... 

angel_of_joy's picture

What US needs is someone with brains AND common sense... a very difficult combination to find, in our times.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

I am surprised Trump has not brought up the fact that Europe has been putting up miles of razor wire fencing in a matter of days.  This is a "shovel ready" program for the US to put Americans back to work.

centerline's picture

Turd versus douchebag.

Looney's picture

... Turd versus douchebag.

... and a buncha CUNTS in-between ;-)


El Vaquero's picture



Somebody's getting spacedocked!

Jlasoon's picture

"I have never attacked Rand for his looks, but believe me - there's plenty of subject matter there".


booboo's picture

I liked when Rubio said to Trump "You will either die on the gallows or some unspeakable disease"

and Trump retorted "that depends on if I embrace your policies or your mistress"

Well, one could only hope.

Man, I pine for the old days when a politician could lay down a good insult, today they all have the vocabulary of a third grader.

acetinker's picture

I didn't bother to watch.

But, if what you say actually happened, I guess I should have.

Comedy gold.

booboo's picture

No, it did not happen but I was just wishing we had a more mentally developed cast. In a better age they would have said some real zingers.

the above "" was taken from a dust up between a member of Parliament and Disraeli.

Keyser's picture

Time to get a little more feral... Lock all the candidates in a cage and give them each a club, Mad Max Thunderdome style... The ratings on PPV would surely top the CNN debates viewership and the profits could go to charity... 

acetinker's picture

Charity begins at home.  I suspect you know that, you sick fuck:)

I think I like you.

Sanity Bear's picture

Turd sandwich. Don't forget the whitebread.

Keyser's picture

"It's a giant shit sandwich and we all get to take a bite"... 

bigkahuna's picture

and.....thats also all there is to eat.

q99x2's picture

If the citizens would elect a Q99X2 as President assuming it is me I would live in and conduct business from a bunker inside of a mountain. Banksters kill everything good.

knuppel's picture
knuppel (not verified) Sep 17, 2015 6:41 PM

I like how Trump nuanced some of his FP material. He sounded much tamer than some of the outspoken warmongers and serial Israel supporters present. He's my favourite again.

Jlasoon's picture

He almost sounded like Rand lol. Peace through strengh, let them kill each other, let europe deal with the problem, tarrifs, fair trade, legal immigration, China is killing us, vaccines<-----no fucking way they let him near the 'White Hut'

WhackoWarner's picture

My humble idiotic opinion?

Take back all trade deals from NAFTA onwards.  That is the root of the rise of corps.


Negate them all, Dismantle and allow fair trade. I have no problem with EM nations producing goods.  I simply choose to buy quality, even today.  I bought a vacuum latest. I researched the hell out of where it was produced. It was made in Germany.  Miele.  Paid more. Will last.    And quit this frigging run for cheaper slaves and more power.  Walmart deserves to starve.



daveO's picture

True, but the coporations are feeding like they've never fed before. They get subsidized 2 ways by the Fed gov. 1) By the fedgov selling bonds to slave camp China to balance the unbalanced. Sure, China sold some but they still hold a whole lot more(plus buying RE). This is why Boehner and the boys will bump up the debt ceiling again. 2)By the fedgov handing out money to the walmart shoppers to buy their junk. The rest of us are being slowly, but surely, eaten alive.

Paveway IV's picture

Is it just me or does that diagram of Trump's head in the Roulette Wheel of Death have an odd hypnotic effect? I'm inclined to light my hair on fire and do something - I just not sure what. 

Get out of my head, Donald Trump!

mvlazysusan's picture

Vote " Hillary for Prison 2016 "!

scraping_by's picture

I didn't know the Girly Warhog was the subject here. Anyway, hating her is so MSM.

oklaboy's picture

Hope Trump is the real deal.


God doesn't send you what  you want, He sends what you need.

will ling's picture
will ling (not verified) oklaboy Sep 17, 2015 6:45 PM

a widely held sentiment - i believe.

Temporalist's picture

I guess unless you die from a tsunami or earthquake or volcano or avalance or mudslide or hurricane or...

Jstanley011's picture

Similar to the Devil, who sends you what you think you need.

Temporalist's picture

I think I need another beer

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

I remember when a broke  last place candidate one week became the front runner the next..mccain the elites magic the MSM declared him #1..and the rest is history.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

I remember how the MSM will select character traits that all us voters want ..gotta work with the D's (never an D that works with the R's)..into multi culture, has gavitas (wtf), not crazy but moderate very moderate..then declares which candidate has these traits or does not...this is coming watch ..laughable they are now promoting a female who by her past record is a disaster to everyone around her.

nmewn's picture

As we have seen..."Hope" is a pretty bad guiding emotion when it comes to might wind up with "Change" you can't even fucking believe is happening.

I'm juuust sayin ;-)

QQQBall's picture

Huckabee is a loon and scary

Looney's picture

What's wrong with the LOON?  ;-)


scraping_by's picture

The Rev Huckleberry Hate has his diehard supporters, mostly suburban Evanglelicals with ambitions of being kommisars of a religious dictatorship. But that's not enough to worry about.

buyingsterling's picture

As uaual, the consitution is the answer. There are not enough theocrats to run the country unless they can get a demagogue elected. There may be enough to have a few states become somewhat theocratic. Fine, let them, and let people vote with their feet.

Ace006's picture

Calling Mr. First Amendment.

johnlocke445's picture

As long as Mr. Trump stays tough on illegal aliens invading the United States he will win the Republican ticket.

Jlasoon's picture

Rumor is Trump is meeting with Putin in New York sometime this month.  

Bunga Bunga's picture

Vladimir applying as intern?

Ishtarandra's picture

Where's that rumor from? Inquiring minds want to know.

Jlasoon's picture

Article from TheHill

There is a “better than likely chance” that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin when he comes to the United Nations later this month, a chief political adviser said Thursday.

thamnosma's picture

I bet Donald and Vlad would be able to make deals, just my hunch.   Putin's not a type of guy to want to deal with Bathhouse.

e_goldstein's picture

SMOD 2016

The only candidate promising to end this current shit show... and everything else.