Will The Lone Star State Secede? Super Tuesday May Allow Voters To "Reassert Texas As Independent Nation"

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Submitted by Mac Slavo via SHTFPlan.com,


The question of secession on a ballot it is a one. Secession might make a powerful statement to voice defiance government tyranny, but it could also set off sparks.

Now, it appears that the biggest and most independent-minded state in the union might test that question. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

Regardless, the possibility shows the pulse of the nation:

Texans May Have Secession Question on Republican Primary Ballot

by Joshua Krause at the Daily Sheeple


Aside from voting for whatever politician happens to be the flavor of the month, the Republican voters of Texas may have an additional question to answer for when Super Tuesday arrives next year. If the Texas Nationalist Movement has its way, then the Republican primary ballot may have to ask voters to decide whether or not they think “the state of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation” and secede from the United States


Much to the chagrin of the Republican party, the Texas independence group is currently gathering signatures for a petition that would place their non-binding question on the ballot. According to the Texas Secretary of State, they will need at least 66,894 signatures, though the organization is shooting for 75,000.


Historically, the Republican Party would have the final say on what goes on their ballot, and they’ve tried to distance themselves from the Texas Nationalist Movement in the past. If the petition succeeds, it would be the first time that an outside group has their referendum placed on the Republican ballot. The group’s president hopes that the vote will get state legislators to take the issue seriously. “Texas and Washington, D.C. are on very different paths, and the people of Texas obviously recognize that…The Texas Nationalist Movement message has been one not of reaction to grievance but one of a future we can build as an independent nation.”


Read more at the Daily Sheeple

Secession, a formal declaration of independence, is by tradition the right of every Texan and American, and the Fed has doubtlessly crossed the line too many times to count. Fed up Americans are looking for ways to voice their anger, and Texans have a notoriously short fuse, a history of independence and tendencies to secede. But the powers that be may have also fueled a trap on sovereignty. What is shirked at the federal level may be accepted at the international level.

The bankers and social engineers are practiced at ruling by divide and conquer to avoid personally confronting pitchforks and angry townspeople. There is a plan underway, which has already been exposed, known as the North American Union.  Sponsored by Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs and organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, the agenda is creating a globalized world that will use immigration to upend politics, shift demographics, supply corporate labor and fracture society.

Like NAFTA before it, the plan will destroy jobs and displace millions of workers, creating new waves of migration across the border. Further integration will restructure shipping, energy and transportation, all while building a scapegoat for the engineered economic collapse that will rile up the masses.

Like a doctor setting a fracture, the underwriters of the North American plan to actually break up regions of America to ‘enhance’ the management and control of society at many levels. According to author Jerome Corsi:

Understanding the plan to merge the U.S., Mexico and Canada, says Corsi, is “the only context in which the current immigration travesty makes sense – and it must be stopped.” This aim to create a North American Union between the United States, Mexico and Canada is the real reason behind “comprehensive immigration reform.”


“A North American Union would not just be the end of America as we know it,” claims Corsi, “but the beginning of an EU-like nightmare – a bureaucratic coup d’etat foisted upon millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent.”

Thus, the big banks and power brokers are interested in Texas secession, or at least could exploit it easily:

How might secession transition from a fringe idea to a country-ender? In my conversations with economists, political scientists, and futurists, three broad themes came up that I found the most persuasive: economic collapse, the rise of localism, and North American reshuffling.




Let’s say there’s an American revolution—who leaves first? Once the feds “start imposing just huge taxes,” [Peter] Schiff says, the states that have to pay more in than they’re getting back out will pull their stars off the flag. Schiff lists Texas and California as potential pull-out candidates, whereas “Florida probably wants to stay because of all the Social Security money.” […]


North America’s borders have remained pretty much static for the last century… But this stability shouldn’t imply that our dividing lines make sense. In 1981’s Nine Nations of North America, Joel Garreau argued that the continent’s borders don’t reflect how we live. Garreau’s nine nations map—which highlighted regions where people share common values, culture, and natural resources—wasn’t intended to be predictive of a future breakup [Ed. Note: yet could be spot on].


Take away the artificial borders and we’re all just North Americans… If America ends, so will Canada and Mexico. And if Canada or Mexico goes down the tubes, we won’t be long for this continent either. (Source)

Taken the wrong way by the media, secession and ‘fightin’ talk’ about immigration allow the system to play off the sentiment of the locales and provide friction to open up action. This strategy creates new problems, and give new agency powers to those who could offer to provide solutions. These are new realms for experts to manage, and corporations to service. Remember that calls to secession have been led by bought out “yee haw” politicians like Rick Perry. The gun toting standoff rhetoric has been largely manufactured by scripted suits funded by lobbyists.

Nonetheless, a breaking point is bound to come somewhere, at sometime. As one commenter put it:

“Most Texans do not want to break away from the United States. Most Texans consider themselves Americans. But if ever being American means sacrificing our liberties, we will just prefer to be Texans.”

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Texans May Have Secession Question on Republican Primary Ballot was written by Joshua Krause originally published at the Daily Sheeple.

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junction's picture

Don't mess with Texas!

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Texas better its GOLD from NYC before seceding...

Publicus's picture

The South will rise again.

CrazyCooter's picture


The South will rise again.

Dude, the South ain't gonna rise again ... but they are holding out for Jesus.



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As if they had any chance against the corrupt jew scum machine, hahahahaha...


TahoeBilly2012's picture

You can check in, but you can't check out..

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Didn't Texas already secede?  And then allied with the South in the Civil War?  And then that secession was annulled, by decree (of the Supreme Court, they can do that, can't they?).

Of course I didn't learn that in history class, so could be wrong.

TimmyB's picture

A number of states tried to leave the Union because they loved having slaves.  A war was fought over this, and the winners forced the states that left to stay.  I don't think a second try is going to work any better.

Son of Loki's picture

My understanding is Texas is already part of Mexico. The Mexican Legislature annexed it the last deacde and gave it the name, "Chalupa."

TruxtonSpangler's picture

Isnt this what started the first civil war? Antebelum 2.0

Manthong's picture

If the rebels could capture Fort Hood, it would be a good start.

jeff montanye's picture

as i see it the most vulnerable chink in the armor of the corrupt triad consisting of the u.s. government (especially national security, regulatory and justice-judicial)/transnational corporations (especially financial, media, energy, communications and military-industrial)/zionist-neoconservative-israeli forces is 9-11.  everything else is pretty well hidden or open for debate or caught up in partisan politics.

9-11 is different.  it is the bridge too far.  it is the overreach that can be demonstrated to be false.  polls over the years show u.s. citizens are less and less believing of the government's incredible (as in not credible) story.  rand paul and others are trying to get secret pages of the 9-11 report (which doesn't mention building 7) declassified.  a new movie by the highly credible and non-partisan architects and engineers for 9-11 truth (now has added firefighters to the mix) has just been released:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsoY3AIRUGA

once a growing majority of the nation (and it is already larger than many imagine) see through this lie, many things become possible.  it starts to peel back like an onion.

VinceFostersGhost's picture





Attack and defeat Austin.....the rest will be a breeze.

cdevidal's picture

Austin has been voting Democrat for a long time. I'd say the attack came years ago and the defeat is almost complete.

In other news, the likelihood of Obama and thugs allowing the separation of a huge tax-paying state that offsets much of the higher unemployment in other states on the official government stats is...

well let me put it this way...

Anyone got a weather report on Hades?

Oh, here it is. Sunny and warm.

Newsboy's picture

Texas is full of non-Texans these days.

Until they go away, Texas can't secede. Moot point.

Things that go bump's picture

The Civil War wasn't fought to free the slaves Those northern boys didn't go out to bleed and die for that. Would you? No one's that altruistic. Lincoln despised blacks and was opposed to freeing them. The southern boys weren't on the battlefield in defense of slavery. The south seceded because the agricultural south couldn't compete with the northern manufacturing states. All the filthy lucre was going north and they were being impoverished. Frankly the south was getting the short end of the stick. They thought they'd do better on their own. They probably would have. Slavery had nearly outlived its usefulness in any case. It was just another banker war. What they taught you in school about the motives for the Civil War was tailored to form the proper opinion. 

I need Another Beer's picture

Thank you. Thousand ups



I forgot, most zero heads blame the joos for the war between the states. And their hemorroids too. Hence ZERO HEAD

LeBalance's picture

what about "it was another banker war" does not equate to you as joos? / just saying /

Zero Point's picture

Yeah, I think he needs another

Eh... fuck it. Can't work out how to get my C/P of the word "beer" in Hebrew to work. ????
Urban Redneck's picture

The Reformation perhaps... of course there is also that plethora of joo bankers who financed Imperial China's wars, and Persia's, and the Ottomans' (and just to piss of the politically correct... all those warring Native 'Murican Empires).  

Casey Stengel's picture

Here in the south it's called, "the war of the northern aggression", and nobody smiles when it's said.

Ofelas's picture

"The Civil War wasn't fought to free the slaves"


of course it was, and Iraq was invaded to bring them freedome, libya was bombed to bring them freedome, Syria will be bombed to bring them freedome....so on got another 180 to go

pachanguero's picture

Civil war fought over Slaves?  You are a dumb mother fucker if buy that one.

Please just blow your pea size mind out your fat ass.  Get it over with now.... and save some "slave" the trouble.....

DirkDiggler11's picture

Damn Tiiny Tim, are you really that stupid ? Common core education at its finest en ?

OceanX's picture

If you attend a Texas school, you must take a Texas history class, to graduate.  One of the things they teach is, Texas has a unique Constitution.  It is the only state in the Union that has the right to leave anytime. Part or the agreement to join the U.S.


post turtle saver's picture

wrong, wrong, fucking wrong... that was at the beginning, then the Civil War happened... now they can't secede, they can only rebel...

I'm going to keep saying that until it fucking sinks in... Texas can only _rebel_, they cannot _secede_... there is a difference and if you don't know what that difference is then you have no business discussing this topic...

VictoryOrDeath's picture

Is that what your good little government funded public school text book taught you tiny Tim?  Perhpas you should go back and read books that were printed during and directly after the war to get a true perspective of the causes.  Saying the South went to war over slavery, is like saying the U.S. went to war over Iraq over the desire to spread democracy to the poor suppressed people under the dictatorship of Saddam.  Absolute horseshit.  You must be a shill.  Or just ignorant.  Or perhaps an ignorant shill.  I like that better.

Ofelas's picture

depends where you start from, they secessed from Mexico first..

MalteseFalcon's picture

"Will The Lone Star State Secede?"


TeamDepends's picture

That is, at best, a guess. This country is shattering and nothing can stop it. It might be Texas, it might be a few counties in northern Colorado or California. It might be a town, a neighborhood, a region. A recent poll says 30% of Americans support a military coup of OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. Barry promised to halve the deficit and that marriage consisted of "one man and one woman". Communists ("progressives" for you candy-asses) are serial liars. There are still large numbers of moral, upstanding people in this country. There is no common ground shared by these two groups, they can not co-exist.

TruxtonSpangler's picture

I hear you, problem is PUBLIC conservatives are serial liars too.

Macon Richardson's picture

You on the right tracks, Trux. Public conservatives are serial liars too. Well put.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Barry promised to halve the deficit




If you want your marxist lier......you can keep your marxist lier.

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The despicable arrogant fudgepacker is a pathological liar.

Freddie's picture

Texas had two Waco mass murders and they did nothing.

They worship football and their high school, college and pro Trayvon thug like little sissy fanboys. Until they unplug the Trayvon worship then they are a joke like the rest of the white males who cheer on white genocide.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

  I am in East TX. Signed a petition for this just t'other day. I am a bit torn as I can see the good and the bad but fuck DC! As for a popular vote? Again not clear cut. Lots of non TX folks here, Californians and such. Lots of FSA folks and illegals. The feds won't let it happen without a shooting war.

post turtle saver's picture

you're exactly the level of intelligence I'd expect from east Texas... you fail Texas history, sir...

zerocash's picture

"Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no."

-- Betteridge's law of headlines

HolyfieldsOtherEar's picture

Remember when Texas tried to ban the TSA? The federal government responded with a threat to blockade Texas airspace -- an act of war.

Texas won't be allowed to secede. It's not part of the NAU plan at all, I think.

atomicwasted's picture

That implies a bunch of slaveholding white aristocrats in a decadent plantation culture ever rose in the first place.

new game's picture

i think you just described merica today. color matters not! plebs, off to da corp plantation, ha...

collective collectives collecting very little and losing freedom faster than the sw is drying up, ha again...

what cha gonna do when they come lookin for ya all?


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US government is probably saying, "What gold?"

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The University of Texas better get its gold, as well.

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Houston we have a problem

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If they vote "yes" I'm selling my house and packing my bags

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Going which way?