Russia Says It May Send Troops Into Combat In Syria As A Worried Netanyahu Heads To Moscow

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On Thursday evening, we detailed a Reuters report which suggested that the influx of Russian technical and logistical support to Bashar al-Assad’s depleted army at Latakia might have breathed new life into the regime as it seeks to rout Islamic State and a whole host of other armed groups fighting for control of Syria. “Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said on Thursday Russia had provided new weapons and trained Syrian troops how to use them,” Reuters said, before describing what certainly sounds like an invigorated air campaign against the de facto ISIS capital at Raqqa.

Importantly, al-Moualem also indicated that Syria would be willing to make an official request for Russian combat troops “if needed.” 

Now clearly, it seems likely that Russian troops have already joined the battle and indeed, when the bullets start flying, the distinction between “logistical” support and “combat” support quickly becomes blurred, but through all the sabre rattling and back-and-forth banter between Kerry and Lavrov, both sides are still keen to at least pay lip service to the unwritten rules of international diplomacy which is why before Russia can admit that its troops are actually on the ground to fight, they’ll be a charade where Syria will pretend to be raising the issue with the Kremlin for the first time at which point the Kremlin will take a few days to “consider” things. As of Friday, it appears as though that process has begun. Here’s Bloomberg:

Russia said it’s willing to consider sending troops into combat operations in Syria if President Bashar al-Assad’s government requests assistance.


While the possibility is hypothetical now, “if there is a request, it will be discussed as part of bilateral contacts,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call on Friday. “Of course it will be discussed and considered.”


The prospect of direct Russian involvement in the country’s civil war, in which more than 250,000 people have died since 2011, would mark a sharp escalation in President Vladimir Putin’s support for the embattled Assad government. The U.S. has accused Russia of increasing military aid to Syria in recent weeks by sending tanks, artillery and personnel, as well as setting up what the Pentagon says might be a forward airbase near the coastal city of Latakia. Syria also hosts Russia’s only naval facility outside the former Soviet Union at Tartus.


The possibility of troop involvement emerged before a visit to Moscow by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday for talks with Putin about Russia’s growing military involvement in Syria. Netanyahu “will present the threats posed to Israel as a result of the increased flow of advanced war material to the Syrian arena and the transfer of deadly weapons to Hezbollah and other terror organizations,” the Israeli government said in an e-mailed statement on Wednesday.

To be sure, Netanyahu’s Russian visit comes at an interesting time. In the US, the last challenge to the Iran nuclear deal was defeated in the Senate on Thursday, paving the way for the agreement’s implementation. Needless to say, Netanyahu isn’t particularly pleased with The White House’s stance on Iran’s nuclear ambitions and US-Israeli relations have deteriorated markedly this year thanks in large part to the Iran deal. But the Israeli PM is also concerned that Russia’s move to reinforce Assad could have implications for Hezbollah, something Netanyahu and Putin will discuss on Monday. Here’s Reuters:

Western officials and a Russian source said last week that Russia was sending an advanced anti-aircraft missile system to Syria in support of Assad.


The Western officials said the SA-22 system would be operated by Russian troops. A U.S. official, who confirmed the information, said the system may be part of a Russian effort to bolster defences at an airfield near Latakia, an Assad stronghold.


Even if Russians operated the missiles and kept them out of the hands of the Syrian army, the arrival of such an advanced anti-aircraft system could unsettle Israel, which in the past has bombed sophisticated arms it suspected were being handed to Assad's Lebanese guerrilla allies, Hezbollah.


(Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah)


Worried about accidentally coming to blows with Russian reinforcements in Syria, Israeli officials said last week they were in contact with Moscow. But Israel also made clear it would continue its policy of stopping advanced arms reaching Hezbollah.

And let’s not forget that just one month ago, Israel hit targets inside Syria after Damascus-based Islamic Jihad lobbed rockets at a village in Northern Israel. Netanyahu claimed the militants were acting on order from an "Iranian general." 

“This is another clear and blatant demonstration of Iran’s continued and unabating support and involvement in terrorist attacks against Israel and in the region in general. This attack has also occurred before the ink on the . . . nuclear agreement has even dried, and provided a clear indication of how Iran intends to continue to pursue its destabilising actions and policies as the international sanctions regime is withdrawn in the near future,” Israel's foreign ministry said at the time. 

That came just four weeks after Quds commander Qassem Soleimani reportedly met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow where, according to GOP mouthpiece Fox News, the Russian and Iranian leaders discussed "a new joint military plan to strengthen Syrian President Bashar Assad, a plan that is now playing out with the insertion of Russian forces in Syria."

In what looks like a rather conveniently timed announcement ahead of Netanyahu's trip to Russia, the Treasury said on Thursday that any Iranian bank receiving sanctions relief as part of the Iran nuclear deal would have sanctions re-imposed in the event they support Hezbollah or the Quds.

(Soleimani who, according to a CIA officer who spoke to The New Yorker in 2013, is "the most powerful operative in the Middle East today")

So this is the backdrop for Netanyahu's visit to the Kremlin and, as mentioned above, it's complicated by the fact that the Prime Minister is now at odds with the US over Washington's handling of the Iran Nuclear Deal. At the end of the day, one is certainly left to believe that Israel's "worries about accidentally coming to blows with Russian reinforcements in Syria" will quickly evaporate should Netanyahu get confirmation that the Quds are indeed on the ground as some reports have recently suggested and if it becomes clear that weapons are being funneled to Hezbollah, well, then all bets will officially be off.

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Latina Lover's picture

If anyone can face down Netanyahoo, it is the Putinator!

Publicus's picture

Russia will liquidate those Western assets, I mean terrorists, in Syria.

Latina Lover's picture

Russia will help Syria fight the ISIS terrorists and if a few USSA sponsored ragheads get blown up, the CIA can always create more.

Keyser's picture

I only hope that Putin tells Netty to lick his balls... 

Publicus's picture

Putin will tell Netanyahu that any airplane over Syria without Syrian government permission will be shot down, and the pilot(s) killed or prosecuted to the maximum extent under Syrian law.

cowdiddly's picture

as far as Israeli planes being shot down invading airspace its already happed twice in last 3 weeks.

Nutjob wants a free reign for his fighter/bombers...........HAHHAAHHHhaaa

But never fear, Nutcase will bring his bomb picture and this 3rd grade drivel, but Putin, unlike the nutlicking US will just laugh his ass off at it, pat him politely on the back and tell him to go to his room until I tell you to get out. Oh and by the way NUTS, nice gas field you got there, Ill be in touch. And send my regards to the Mulatto, Ill have more flexibility after the festivities.

philipat's picture

Clever. Russia says, "We agree with The US" that ISIL is a problem and we want to help Syria, in coalition with Allies, to form a united front against ISIL. Back to you US.....Lavrov is a class act.

BuddyEffed's picture

Just an observation from an engineer, now if any NATO forces take out an antiaircraft site then there are likely to be Russian casualties. Suspect airspace is going to get more respect than it has been getting as a result.

Can anyone intelligently provide comment on how this now affects issues of international law?

Publicus's picture

Syrian law is the only law that matters on Syrian soil.

Mostly Harmless's picture
Mostly Harmless (not verified) BuddyEffed Sep 18, 2015 12:32 PM

I believe International Law requires that the U.N. Security Council has to O.K. any Nation/State agression on another Nation/State.  It doesn't matter who's manning the weapons.  They are still considered the property of a sovereign nation/state.  Attacking another Nation/State's property INSIDE that Nation/States JURISDICTION is considered an Act of War. 

Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. all required a certain number of votes before the UN/NATO could bomb the snot out of them.  If memory serves; Russia, China, or both vetoed military intervention against Syria - so the countries itching to bomb Syria's legitimate government had to seek other means of regime change.  Anyone paying attention, already knows what those "other means" were and are.

To better clarify, Turkey sent an RF-4 into Syrian air space a few years back and the Syrians promptly shot it down.  Yes, there was a lot of hand wringing at the time by Turkey and NATO allies, but there was nothing they could do.  A military reconnaissance air-craft crossed an international border.  The Syrian's had every right to shoot it down because it was in their airspace and Syria had not given Turkey permission to spy on it :-)

The Russians are in Syria at Syria's request.  Now bombing Syrian targets get trickier.  It would be an ACT OF WAR against Russia if any of it's personnel or equipment are attacked by US, NATO, Turkey, etc. because Russia owns the equipment/personnel and have PERMISSION to be there by the Syrian government.

The Indelicate Genius's picture
The Indelicate Genius (not verified) Mostly Harmless Sep 18, 2015 1:23 PM

And when has the US or UK or Israel at all respected "international law"?

Israel holds the world record for violations of UN resolutions and Geneva Conventions.

In fact, it continues to violate the terms imposed on it for admission to the UN.

Doesn't matter.

They're Juice.

They're *special*

Its in a book!

Son of Loki's picture

The UN? Countries honor UN resolutions when they agree with their plans; if the resolution does not pass, the country will simply ignore the UN or propagandize some other method of circumventing the UN citing some such vague claims of "national security" and so on.


The UN serves one interesting purpose; it gives politicans to come to NYC to party like crazy away from their homelands. Hookers, booze, dope, and more hookers all on their countries' tab. It must be very Booooyaaah.


researchfix's picture

"And when has the US or UK or Israel at all respected "international law"?"

Doesn´t matter when they hit Russians.

Then natural law gets going.

The Indelicate Genius's picture
The Indelicate Genius (not verified) BuddyEffed Sep 18, 2015 12:33 PM

When has the US, or Israel, all kidding aside, abided by "international law" which, arguably, doesn't even really exists except the Laws of the Sea are pretty solid and if you used to hand out towels in the German Army, you may be prosecuted, at 93 years old, for some absurd litany of crimes you didn't commit.

That's about it.

Other than that, it is might makes right.

847328_3527's picture

"Might makes right," as you say, is the bottom line. The law is only used to control the weak, the masses, the underdogs.

ZippyDooDah's picture


To the US, international law doesn't count; international force matters, however.  The Russians are

probably inserting themselves as a buffer for Assad, knowing that the Western pow(d)ers

will back off, not wanting to start some shit with a true world power, ie Russia.  But

international law, pffftt, what's that?  Invade Iraq, pffftt, why not?

Paveway IV's picture


A good Weekend Tyler article in that Weekend Tyler kind of way. I did find the last sentence so astonishing that it rated a comment.

"...At the end of the day, one is certainly left to believe that Israel's "worries about accidentally coming to blows with Russian reinforcements in Syria" will quickly evaporate should Netanyahu get confirmation that the Quds are indeed on the ground as some reports have recently suggested and if it becomes clear that weapons are being funneled to Hezbollah, well, then all bets will officially be off..."

I had to re-read that a couple of times. Israel's worries about killing Russians would evaporate if something happened? Really? So the implication is that Israel could get SO excited about something that they could or would blow away Russian soldiers without hesitation... kind of like if they were Palestinians or something? 

So what would this horror of horror be that would push Israel over the edge? Tyler: 1) Iranian Quds in Syria and 2) weapons being funneled to Hezbollah. 

OK, we KNOW Quds are on the ground in Syria right now helping Syrian troops. In a very limited fashion and Iran isn't making noise about it, but for FUCKS SAKE, Iran is Syria's ally. Iran can put 100,000 Iranian troops in Syria if they want. Israel doesn't have a God damn thing to say about it. It's ISRAEL that has no right to send aircraft, missiles, chemical weapons, al Nusra mercenaries or anyone or anything else into Syria. Israel is openly supporting terrorist groups and providing them aid and air cover. It was Israel that paid al Nusra to take out the SAM and radar sites in the hills near the Golan border. 

And Israel is going to be pissed if Iranian troops show up in Syria to fight terrorists? Arrogant pricks... I think they're afraid that Iranian troops will prevent Israel from their plan of stealing more Syrian and Lebanese land. 

The second part I understand - Israel goes insane if they think Hezbollah is getting any weapons because those weapons will be used to prevent further Israeli aggression. Israeli aggression that involves violating Lebanese airspace to blow away Hezbollah followed by land theft. But Syria doesn't have 'spare' weapons to be handing out to Hezbollah - they need the SAMs themselves to protect SYRIA from Israeli aircraft. There's no way Assad is giving away weapons he's waited years to get. I'm sure he gives stuff to Hezbollah, but not a Pantsir S-1, for Christ's sake.

It's interesting how the rhetoric exploded recently about the Russian invasion after Russia (supposedly) delivered six MiG-31 Foxhound long-range interceptors to Mezze Air Base and also delivered another Pantsir S-1 system to Syria. Both are defensive weapons in practice - they have no offensive role. Foxhounds would provide beyond-visual-range defense against attacking Israeli aircraft or cruise missiles. The Pantsir S-1, aka SA-22 SAM, is a point defense weapon. You use it close to high-value targets to defend them from missiles and aircraft. Now if there are six shiney new MiG-31s at Mezze, Syria would presumable want to protect them. I linked Haaretz for the Pantsir to illustrate a point - Israel has bent over backwards to emphasize 'missile' and 'SA-22' in a pathetic attempt to associate this with (supposed) Hezbollah rocket attacks against Israeli positions. In fact, the Pantsir can do nothing of the sort and is a dedicated air defense weapon, nothing else. Israel is not afraid of a Hezbollah attack - Israel is afraid of not being able to violate Lebanese and Syrian airspace with impunity for whatever attacks they self-justify.

What really pisses off Israel about the Pantsirs is that they are crewed by Russians. That means even if an Israeli jet or missile COULD get close enough to take one out without being destroyed themselves (which I doubt), they would end up killing the Russians crewing the unit. On the same token, Israel can't send their al Nusra head-choppers to do the job because Russia knows exactly who gives them orders. Russian-crewed Pantsirs take all the options away from Israel. Meaning they can't attack a point air-defense weapon and take it out so they can THEN attack the SAM sites or interceptor aircraft it was protecting.

So despite Weekend Tyler's assertion in the last line, there will be no such thing as 'all bets are off' when it comes to Syrian SAMs, not matter what the justification. Israel would have no problem at all smoking a few U.S. soldiers and apologizing to Obama later (maybe), but I will never believe they are so stupid as to poke the bear. There's a reason Putin is widely popular in Russia, and it's not because he's a pussy that wears helmets and mom genes. Israel could expect swift and overwhelming retribution from Russia with no apologies from Putin if they were stupid enough to kill Russian soldiers.

This must frustrate Bibi to no end. He probably spends his entire day ranting about Putin while pacing his office and waving his hands in the air. He probably has to be sedated so he doesn't stroke out. I'll bet Putin will be packing during their meeting - no telling when that psycho Nettanyahu will go ballistic and 'tard out on Putin.

Freddie's picture


ZH should get you to write their articles.  They should fire "weekend Tyler."

Paveway IV's picture

If they fired Weekend Tyler (who is probably one of the owners of this site) then I wouldn't have anything to comment about.

Besides, how do you know that I'm not Weekend Tyler, Freddie? Come to think of it, how do I know that you're not Weekend Tyler?

We are legion...

taoJones's picture

*I* am weekend Tyler, er, Spartacus... :)

the phantom's picture

"And send my regards to the Mulatto, Ill have more flexibility after the festivities."--------  that's funny.  

Hope the EU has different energy options this winter should this go Def Con 1.  

HenryHall's picture

Energywise this coming winter, in the EU, everything hinges on the timely success (or otherwise) of the new (December 2015) Kerch Strait electric cables.

researchfix's picture

Yes, they could re-resupply from Ukraine.

slammin_dude's picture

That's because the zionist arpartied forces only really look good in hollywood movies and fighting an unsophisticated foe....couldn't even beat hezbollah in an invasion without daddy doing the heavy lifting

And who really believes they actually "won" and defeated the combined arab states in the 60s? All the arab states who we now know had leaders installed by the CIA/Mi6....anyone ever heard of a "stand-down" order....?????

Joe A's picture

Can you forward this message to Malaysian Airlines?

VladLenin's picture

Obama's going to need to move over then... maybe to the rear?

Jack Burton's picture

Latina, Russia announced that it has proof. via military intelligence, that the USA knows many of ISIS postions, and troop movements in Iraq and Syria, but refused to bomb them, as these ISIS forces are attacking in aid of US foreign policy. Long convoys of Toyat trucks carrying thousands of ISIS have been allowed free access to Iraq and Syrian roads in broad daylight, with no attacks made at all. The Iraq parliament members have also told the press of US airdrops of military supplies to ISIS right in the area of Iraqi army and ISIS combat operations! How much evidence do we need that the USA is only pushing ISIS to the areas it wants ISIS to fight. Beating ISIS is not at all on Washington's agends. How can I say that? Because real hard evidence on the ground PROVES the US does not attack ISIS when it could do so with ease.

Russia wants to step in and attack ISIS where the USA refuses to!

The biggest joke of the week? Australia has sent war planes to support the US war on ISIS in Syria. Australia is a buzz with stories of their hero pilots about to cheat death in the deadly battle on ISIS. My friends. This is the biggest fucking joke of the week! Who in their right mond buys that, except the FOX brainwashed 30%.

Latina Lover's picture

Jack Burton, ISiS is an obvious western creation, likely #3 after the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda.  Can anyone explain how a supposed rag tag group of Muslims can somehow acquire billions of dollars in weapons, vehicles, and hire thousands without help? Heck I cannot send a wire from Guatemala to Texas for $1000 without getting bounce-backs and/or harassment by banksters.

Putin is to address the UN general assembly on or around the 25th of Sept. 2015.  I predict this speech will be historic, because Putin will likely comment on the Ukraine and Syria situations. For the first time in decades, the USSA will be exposed to a global audience.


Lastly, the following brilliant comment by Paveway IV explains why the USSA is so pissed over Russia helping Assad:

I'm not sure you guys recognize what just happened here. They didn't risk aircraft to blow up a random few ISIS lairs.

The fake ISIS central bank (ZATO al Raqqah branch) and everything in it just got smoked.

The al Raqqah satcom links have been destroyed - that's how fake ISIS/CIA/ZATO SF guys get their marching orders and avoid being blown up by fellow ZATOers.

There will be no more U.S. resupply of cash, equipment or oil to al Raqqah, and the ammo/replacement headchopper pipeline is in peril.

Fake al Nusra still has their U.S. command bunker and logistics hub in Aleppo, but fake ISIS just lost the ability to pay their mercenaries or exchange any money, fake ISIS can no longer communicate with their ZATO masters via scrambled satlinks to Jordan and Turkey for instructions. Blind and broke, and Assad already took out their oil supply last week.

After he turns the water off (the Tabqua dam) upstream of al Raqqah, fake ISIS and the U.S. will go ballistic. A humanitarian crisis tit-for-tat. Fake ISIS in al Raqqah were the ones using mustard gas mortar shells a couple of months ago. They have a stash somewhere (that probably says 'Made in the USA'). I wouldn't put it past them to blow the dam before the Syrian Army can take it.

This forces Obama to act, and he has no idea what to do. His chickenhawk Israeli-firster generals want WAR, but Obama will never agree to that. If Obama wants to pull out, the DoD (and their Xe/Academi for-profit arm) will refuse.

Things just got to a very dangerous tipping point. Putin has missile cruisers and a Typhoon-class nuke sub off the coast of Syria, and 100,000 Russian soldiers on the southern border participating in Center-2015. I doubt Putin will ever do anything, but this further limits the clownfuckery the Pentagram can get away with.

Whenever the Pentagram has their backs to the wall, bad, bad things happen. They will go full retard barring some miracle - or the obliteration of earth on the 24th - whichever comes first. 

Jack Burton's picture

Brilliant indeed! Latina! That's new information to me. I knew Russia would only act if it really counted! Unlike fake US air attacks on ISIS, Russia is ruthlessly efficient with it's attacks. I wonder if Assads forces used new Russian precision guided weapons to take out the ISIS bank and telecom links. Probably.

Anyways ,Thanks for that post latina, it's why I always read you!

kliguy38's picture

I'm turning both of you in to the DHS for having more than half a brain and trying to communicate something beyond the Kardashians to the sheeple.

gonetogalt's picture

Better put Paveway IV on that list...

mkkby's picture

It WAS a good post until it turned to fuck tarded doomsday bullshit about the 24th.  Blows all your credibility.

When will all you losers learn doomsday is a religious con thats been used for centuries.  By the way -- jade helm is over.  We were all supposed to be in concentration camps by now.  Where are all the loser apologies for their gartman like predictions, over and over again.  Borrrring.

Victor von Doom's picture

Who buys this? Not me Jack. Typical Australian yes boss attitude, fighting US bankster wars at the drop of a hat. God I hate my government.

Afterthought - Hate their central bank masters as well


Gilnut's picture

Russia will still only push this so far.  Desert Storm I and II were proxy wars between Russia and the USA, where the Russian supplied Iraqi's stood their ground, they lasted 1 minute, where they ran they lasted 2 minutes.  Russia remembers this.  Not opinion, just fact.  If this turns "hot" Russia knows it has no other option than nuclear to win.  Putin has balls, but he's smart too.

Huh Reeeally's picture

Russia will still only push this so far.

In general I agree with you, they usually don't take it to the nth degree, however with regards to the Syrian armed forces, they've done surprisingly well considering the number of countries and terrorists they're fighting.

Iraq was largely left to survive on its own with little outside help to speak of. Syria is different. It's Russia's Port in the Med, and it is vital to Russian gas interests = Gazprom, just as it is vital to European/US gas interests = Qatar. Syria will not fold unless Russian interests can be preserved as part of the solution. With both the US and Russia coming closer to deploying troops, and all sorts of missiles and fighter jets flying around a small airspace this could get interesting in a hurry. This won't go nuclear until all the proxies are used up, remember Iran is on General Wes Clark's list of seven countries scheduled for regime change.

The US is tired of paying for all those refugees to be housed and fed in Turkey so they're shipping them off to europe, notice two things here. ALL the countries neighbouring Syria refuse to take any syrian refugees/migrants/opportunists, and the EU, with its laughably so-called rich countries with BENEFITS are getting all of them. Even Canada can't wait to be destabilized, I mean take in a boatload - we're in the middle of a federal election so giving away a few thousand passports is a big vote getter here. How come these people, and I have every sympathy for their plight, have the 10K USD to pay for passage but are impoverished when they arrive in the promised land welfare state? If they do have 10K and a passport then why don't they fly? Just who is paying that bill? 

At least Russia is calling the US terrorist bluff. I wonder if Vegas has odds on this...

angel_of_joy's picture

...Iraq was largely left to survive on its own with little outside

Wrong! Iraq is under the full control of Iran, and it has been ever since the American withdrawal.

thor58's picture

Could you please back up your claim with some links?

Huh Reeeally's picture

If you're referring to me, I guess I could provide links but really this is well documented on many serious news sites, not to be confused with news entertainment like the msm. I worked hard to develop a very short list of people and websites that I find credible - they provide their documentation that they obtain through silly things like freedom of information requests, investigation and I think some integrity. I have also lived through these events and have some pretty clear memories of those times. Nothing happens in isolation, and there are very few true coincidences.

If you have a question then keep searching for an answer until something makes sense to you.

angel_of_joy's picture

Do your own research ! It's pretty much everywhere...

thor58's picture

No. It is not "everywhere" at all as you claim. And as a matter of fact, it seems to be only a rumour that Iran has any controlling powers. I do get that Iran would be interested in having or exercising control, but I cannot find any certifiable facts about that.

Huh Reeeally's picture

...since the american withdrawal.

Well yes, ...since the american withdrawal but how much help and support did they receive in the first war over Kuwait? And then the WMD excuse, do you recall anyone lining up to help them out? Remember that Iraq and Iran fought a rather long and bloody war that barely ended before Kuwait 'happened'. My point was to illustrate that Russia has serious interests in Syria, unlike in Iraq back then. The Syrians have done well so far, and I expect they'll have the fortitude to persevere since they are not only fighting FOR their homes but big brother definitely has their back in this one.

If you're saying it's a sordid mess with fluid alliances based on geopolitics, oil, proxies, religion and various religous sects then I absolutely agree with you :-)


Max Steel's picture

Nope. If it is under iran control then how vome usa bases are there. 

Gilnut's picture

@Huh Reeeally


I don't agree with any of the asshats in power, just to be clear.  My point was that there is no military that can stand up to the US in a conventional format, period.  Not Russia, not China, not both together.  Again not opinion, just fact.  (Look up the kill ratio of US tanks versus Iraqi, and those were top of the line Russian tanks with crews trained in Russia.) They both know this (Russia and China that is), they are just playing into Obozo's weaknesses, and anything that makes the US look weaker is a win-win.

Huh Reeeally's picture

I don't agree with any of the asshats in power, just to be clear. AGREED

Also agree that no military has successfully withstood the US since Korea (China - sheer numbers) and no one has clearly defeated them. They haven't faced a 1st world armed force yet, though, and who really knows what technology each side can successfully deploy. Russian dolls and Chinese boxes, there's always another inside, like layers of an onion.

What really makes me laugh is that, if we know what we think we know, and we also know we don't know much, then WTF is really going on?

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Yes, lets just ignore Vietnam...  Didn't happen.  LALALA

Also, the M16 (esp. back in 1969) is perfect for dragging in the mud, much better than that super reliable AK47.  Yep, take my word for it.

Oh, I forgot, the Vietnamese weren't fighting fair.  Those bastards!  They killed that guy in the movie Green Berets with a booby trap!  Cowards!  Dropping bombs from 12000 feet, now that is bravery.

Latina Lover's picture

I have memories in SE asia, of tough motherfuckers who could live on rat meat and a cup of rice.   Unless we are defending our homeland, I doubt that most american soldiers are as motivated as the forces we usually oppose.