81% Of Syrians Believe US Is To Blame For ISIS

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Submitted by Cassius Methyl via TheAntiMedia.org,

81 percent of Syrians believe the U.S. and its allies are behind the creation of the ISIS, according to a recent survey from research firm ORB International.

“The advance of ISIL In Iraq has many seeking reasons for their presence in Iraq. 81% Syria/85% Iraq believe that ISIL is a foreign/American made group, while in Iraq with the larger split in sunni/shia population 75% also agree that it is a result of sectarian problems across the region.


Previous Prime Minister al-Maliki is also blamed by 71% as a driving force in the creating of the terror group. A majority (51%) also believe that ‘getting rid of ISIL is not possible without solving the problems in Syria also,’”  the report explained.

Further, the survey predictably found that many Syrians believe the country’s affairs are still headed in the wrong direction. As the report explains,

The poll also confirms a deteriorating environment.


A majority in both countries say things are heading in the wrong direction (66% Iraq, 57% Syria), while in Iraq 67% that they preferred their life two years ago before the conflict started, increasing to 71% among those from ISIL majority controlled governorates of Anbar, Ninevah and Salah al-din.


In Syria, just 21% prefer life now to what life was like under the full control of Bashar al Assad – 40% preferred life four years ago, 35% saying life is essentially the same.”

The results shouldn’t come as a surprise, but they do offer another piece of anecdotal evidence that suggests the U.S. had a major role in creating ISIS — evidence that is becoming less anecdotal every day.

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two remarks :

81 % of Syrians can tell shit from shine holia.

19% of Syrians are lost in translation.

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Carlos Danger has got us covered.
That or Hillary is pursuing the don't ask don't tell Benghazi Policy
Either way we're saved.

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Assad for every man. Those 19% are ISIS supporters and should be exterminated.

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I think the 19% are in transit to Germany.

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81 percent of Syrians believe the U.S. and its allies are behind the creation of the ISIS, according to a recent survey from research firm ORB International."


I told my across the street Neighbor,  Old Mrs. Johnson, about this and she said; No good deed goes unpunished, I really don't know why we go over there to help them, it seems everything we do to bring Democracy and Freedom  to them isn't enough they are quiet for a while and than we have to go back and give them some more! Her Grandson was there dressed in his uniform and he said; I don't mind going over there and giving it to them, I can express a side of me I keep hidden over here, so don't you worry Gram, I'll keep giving it to them until they learn the Freedon and Domocracy thing. So you see, there really is Hope!

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And the other 19% believe Israel and it's allies are behind the creation of ISIS.

Either way they're 100% right.

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Let's see the emails, I say. Smart money says we're going to find that Clinton was paid by the Saudis to conduct her dirty wars in Libya and Syria.

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TongueStun (not verified) Sanity Bear Sep 19, 2015 3:33 PM

Clinton's wars, or the socialist jew Federal Reserve Bank's Wars, not that that cunt was not a willing accomplice.

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I have family members who should know better, but who still believe there is a difference between the Dempublicans and the Repocrats.  They are supporting Hillary.  Even they know ISIS was created by the US.  Yet even knowing that, they say, "But we can't allow the other team in.  They will start wars!"

I don't claim to understand the mindset.  But there it is.

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Cognitive Dissonance. I see it where I work, with my friends, and with my family. People can only handle that a LITTLE of what they have learned in life might not be true, instead of almost ALL of it. Those who wake up to GMO's, can still stumble on vaccines. Those who find out the truth about radiation might still believe in fluoridation. Those who have found that holistic practices work better than regular doctors may still believe in the voting process.

All it takes is ONE misstep to hook you. That applies to not only the political process, but EVERYTHING we deal with these days...

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IV, people living their lives in fear are negating their lives. Grappling with life and learning is what we're here to do. Those who are too afraid to come out of their corner never get it done and never really live. I'm shocked at how many people, deep down inside, are such cowards.

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sofa papa - that mindset may be the result of systematic programming via hypnosis - a lifetime of intentional targeted advertising and language training of course controlling and/or framing the terminology and subject matter -- trauma based mind kontrol - a mindset that accepts the system Matrix and defers to the establishment hierarchy and perceived "experts""  ... thus, the ol' playbook of demonizing & smearing an "other" in order to gather the support or apathetic approval as the steps toward cold / hot war actualities ...

Music Therapy enhanced by Miracle Medicines work Miracles of transforming this mindset into an Awakened Consciousness guided by Love


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Ever see "Brain Storms", "Dreamscape", or "Looker?"

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Back in the day, I was doing my techy work for a tech company doing some networking thing. I never understood the product. They were always conducting focus groups and crunching the results. Then one day, we all got this strange memo. It said - If any reporters came up to you on your lunch hour, for instance, and asked about subliminal programming, send them to the main office immeadiately. It turns out, they were trying to port manipulation techniques, used in other media, like TV and movies to the internet!!!

I quit not long after I figured it out.

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An interesting corollary to what you're saying here is NPR.

The people I am talking about would all agree with you if you talked to them about how "TV makes people stupid".  Yes, all that advertising is clearly aimed as a form of brainwashing.

But they listen to NPR for hours a day, from when they wake up to when they go to sleep.  NPR is in-depth analysis.  That's different.

I used to be an NPR junkie myself.  Now I realize it is one of the most effective distractions they ever created.  It captures exactly that audience who are smart enough to see the blatant manipulation in the standard TV and radio and not to want to fall for it.

But NPR is also a formula.  And they 100% have an agenda.  It's just presented in a more refined manner.  And the advertising?  But there is no advertising...  yeah, right.  There is; it's just presented in a way to make its listeners feel special.

ZeroHedge is of course also a formula.  I spend a lot of time here because I like the style, and I enjoy the comments section.  I enjoy that tin-foil hat wearers are more welcome, sometimes getting attacked viciously, but at least part of the conversation.  There are fewer things in this venue dismissed out of hand.

It's not the criticizing or the rejection of an idea that bothers me.  What sets off my radar is when ideas are dismissed and ignored.  The ideas that aren't heard because they are 'not fit to print' (NYT) are far and again the most dangerous form of censorship.

I go to sites even farther out on the lunacy spectrum than zh at times, and I keep an ear out for what MSM is saying so I don't miss their perspective.  In an ideal world, people would be able to get all the information possible and then exercise our judgment as to which is useful and which is not.  There has never been an ideal world.

Long story short, the more subtle the form of 'information limitation', the more dangerous it is.

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A well oiled (US) Propaganda machine.

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Look at some of the people involved in wars in the Middle East and Asia: Bush, Obama, Cheney and Hillary Clinton.  All satanist degenerates you would expect to see celebrating a Black Mass.  These satanists are salivating at the chance for not just a war that kills hundreds of thousands of civilians in the Middle East but a world war that kills millions of Americans.   

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here's another poll.

75% in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption


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90 % of Americans think they are smarter than average.

99% of statistics announced on the web are pure bullshit.

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Don't believe everything you read on the internet. - Abraham Lincoln

SofaPapa's picture

The truly depressing thing is how many people would look at that quote and say, "Yeah, so he said that. So what?"

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Amerikan: "I thought ISIS was in Iraq?"

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Irack?  Then why does my Missus keep telling me to take the isiscicles down?  Not enuf hooch or women with more than 3 toofs in Lynchburg Tennessee to solve this problem

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81% Of Syrians Believe US Is To Blame For ISIS

19% of Syrians are not well-informed

ISIS: The jihadist movement stamped “Made in America”

For three years, the US, along with the Gulf states and Turkey, poured billions into “opposition” groups, supposedly to unnamed “moderates,” but in reality to Al Qaeda-linked Sunni groups such as al-Nusra and ISIS to spearhead a sectarian war. The US, Turkey and Jordan have operated a base in Jordan where US instructors trained dozens of ISIS members. In an article last year, the New York Times confirmed that the CIA assisted Arab governments and Turkey by airlifting weaponry to these groups in Jordan and Turkey. The Guardian reported last March that British and French instructors were also involved.

Other ISIS members were trained near Incirlik Air Base near Adana, Turkey, where US forces are based. After completing their training, they went to Syria and later Iraq


USA, Turkey and Israel Act As Air Force for ISIS


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http://www.zerohedge.com/sites/all/modules/blockquote/images/menu-leaf.g...); background-position: 100% 100%;">


In Syria, just 21% prefer life now to what life was like under the full control of Bashar al Assad

Well duh Syria is already in a chaos right now due to someone's arrogance how can these syrians expect a normal life in a inflicted war-torn nation . let things settle  only then we'll see what figures will be 

Nobody Important's picture

All true. But good luck ever convencing the average American of that. If they don't see it on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, or one of the mainstream networks' news. It just ain't so.

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The Indelicate Genius (not verified) Sep 19, 2015 3:14 PM

only 81%?

Who was that masked man's picture

81% of Syrians would be 100% correct.

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American foreign policy has been fucking up the middle east since before I was born.

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Yeah, the US is responsible for sunnis killing shiites since forever. 

Pliskin's picture

How fuckin' old do you think Joego1 is?

Rodent Free Corps's picture

I thought he was an immortal. 


SixIsNinE's picture

38 - lookin fit judging from the avatar :)

Nobody Important's picture

At least as far back as, I believe it was 1949, when we engineered the overthrow of most of the government in Iran. Leaving the Shaw (a US puppet) in total control.

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81% of Syrians are pretty smart and the other 19% are headed to Sweden!

TonyRUs's picture

Of course a majority will perfer life before a war to life in the middle of a war. Same type questions were polled while the US was in the middle of the Iraq war: "Do you feel safer now or before the war?", implying that, if you did not, the entire reason for the war was failing. You might as well ask a guy on the operating table if he feels better now or before the operation started?   

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Let me correct that headline for you: 81% of THE WORLD believes US to blame for ISIL.

Teh Finn's picture
Teh Finn (not verified) Sep 19, 2015 3:31 PM

I believe none of the polls in America...so a poll of "syrians"  Give me a ****ing break.  What a ****ing joke.

SixIsNinE's picture

 - "none of teh polls " .... Finn!

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isis is the wife of osiris...it's egypt's fault

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81% Of Syrians Believe US Is To Blame For ISIS

Well they are wrong. Here's your Huckleberry: Lloyd Blankfein and Goldman Sachs.


The Indelicate Genius's picture
The Indelicate Genius (not verified) Sep 19, 2015 3:59 PM

The DIA is the intel agency least controlled by the usual suspects.

But it's amazing how the MSM continues to just promote naked fictions ~ no real journalism at all.

Too many airdrops, too many not using A10s to smoke long columns with nowhere to hide - too few sorties against "ISIS" oil infrastructure and weap depots - for that matter.... how is it the media was telling us ISIS raised $ via oil sales but never asked who was buying [Turkey and probably Israel]?

That's pretty basic.

It's an open question though as to whether there is really 1 ISIS or if, as I suspect, you have several, some directed by the Wahhabists, but some directed by the US and Israel or Israel alone.

Nuttyyahoo is likely going to "tell" Putin he's leave Assad alone so long as he has a free hand to bomb Gaza {after the next Israeli agent launches a rocket at some sand dunes} and/or Lebanon.

The 5 billion or so Israel gets from Uncle Sugar is a fraction of what it gets from criminal enterprises and international, organized Zionist Jewry... they killed US sailors, and sold the Chinese us missile tech even though there was a real danger that tech could end up changing things quite a bit in the Pacific


Israel isn't an ally - it is a parasite that hates its host


Putin surely knows what the Oded Yinon plan is and while he does not at the end of the day give a fuck about who runs Syria, he surely wants to keep that naval base and a veto on gas transit to the sea... he also knows that were Netanyahu not a Jew he would be rightly derided as a far right wing supremacist nutjob.


And he has how many nukes? How many are in backpacks in the US ready to go to be blamed, incoherently, on Iran or Hezbollah?

The fuckery surrounding the investigation into the Jewish Center bombing in Argentina some years back actually points, strongly, to another Israeli false flag.



Charlie Hebdo too - a certain wild sloppiness has crept in under Nutty. The saudi ambassador thing, the laptop of death, Israelis posing as CIA to meet with terrorists in Iran... etc.

As for Qatar - what happens as Israel expands its LEviathan gas find by nakedly stealing gas belonging to Syria, Lebanon and Palestine/Gaza?


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Obviously the Syrians understand the situation on the ground in Syria better than anyone else, but it also appears the Syrians are better informed than the American public, no surprise.

Pliskin's picture

That tribe in the Amazon that have never had any contact with the outside world are better informed than the American public.

The frog my daughter brought home yesterday is better informed than the American public.


The Indelicate Genius's picture
The Indelicate Genius (not verified) Sep 19, 2015 4:01 PM

Will Russia finally agree to deliver S-300/S-400 to Iran? (UPDATED!)


If I had to guess - there are 4-6 Russian subs in the eastern med.

I don't think Ivan intends to get into a quagmire. I think Ivan intends to pull the US/Israel/S.A. deeper into one.