What On Earth Is Going On With Caterpillar Sales?

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We have been covering the ongoing collapse in global manufacturing as tracked by Caterpillar retail sales for so long that there is nothing much to add.

Below we show the latest monthly data from CAT which is once again in negative territory across the board, but more importantly, the global headline retail drop (down another 11% in August) has been contracting for 33 consecutive months! This is not a recession; in fact the nearly 3 year constant contraction - the longest negative stretch in company history - is beyond what most economists would deem a depression.

Perhaps CAT should come up with a new economic term to describe the true state of global manufacturing.


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This must be the result of all those shovel ready jobs we heard so much about...


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Caterpillar sales..

slowing to a crawl.

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Cat sales clearly aren't going to gain traction anytime soon either.

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They would have to move heaven and earth to boost sales in this Central Bankrupt economy.

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who are their competitors and how are they doing?

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Calling it a depression is UNSAVORY.

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The financial landscape of phony statistics and reporting has buried the truth of a thoroughly entrenched recession. It will take a lot to dig CAT and the rest of the globe out of this economic ditch and bulldoze the way out to growth again.


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Rule #1:  When you're in a hole, stop digging.

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Its not a recession or depression; its a cocoon

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And it's not going to morph into a beautiful butterfly either.

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Surely this has nothing to do with stimulus measures pulling future demand into the present in a futile attempt

to paper over a financial debacle birthed on Wall Street and exported around the globe.  The measures bought enough time

and distance from ground zero so that now the finger can be pointed elsewhere (China & Greece) as the impetus?

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The chart aboce pretty much says it all. We are so far from a recovery

Layoff List: http://www.dailyjobcuts.com



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Did folks really think that the Baltic Dry Index could crater and that Catepillar wouldn't get monkey-hammered by it? Even a two year old knows you need big Tonkas to move bulk items. If you aren't moving bulk items, no need for new Tonkas. Ouch indeed.

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This article is racist.  Sorry it probably has nothing to do with the article but I felt like saying it.

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That's ok, eating only green leaves is kinda racist but here, try some Diet Racism to take the edge of, it's like Brawndo but differend: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdyin6uipy4

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Racist? I would have called it anti-Semitic for going against the MSM line.


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Cocoons are moths. Butterflies are from a chrysalis.

Shake the economy and a bunch of clothes moths emerge.

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From Scientific American;

"One day, the caterpillar stops eating, hangs upside down from a twig or leaf and spins itself a silky cocoon or molts into a shiny chrysalis. "


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Yeah, but there could be bitcoins down there!!

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OK.  Sales in the ditch...

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Tier 4 diesel emissions standards.


The death of affordable heavy equipment.

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Not just death of affordable equipment, scrapping of billions in useful equipment and forced purchase of new equipment.

Bullish for natural gas retrofit folks.

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View SIRIUS The Movie about Disclosure of the viability of Stan Meyer type engine that consumes no petroleum and produces zero pollution.

Hey CAT get with the program or go out of business.



August's picture

Worry not.

If the heavy equipment builders just suck it up and spend millions on lobbying efforts, and campaign contributions to inflential leaders, the regs can be adjusted. 


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Yeah, it's a bitter pill.

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Mostly Harmless (not verified) Arnold Sep 21, 2015 11:12 AM

Good God!  I opened their "Monthly Demand" PDF.  If those negative numbers keep up, I think their small print at the bottom might come to pass:

All above figures are subject to change without notice. This site may be discontinued temporarily or totally

+1 for the link!   

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Wow Arnold that looks like a complete bloodbath for them too

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Komatsu company information was awful, God damned awful. Cat are doing OK by that standard

So many negative waves Moriarity

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That 33 month decline graph looks way too even to me. Those results just broadcast manipulation.

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Yeah, but that dosen't mean we can push them around.

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Looks like CAT has already seen the boom and sales are in the bucket.

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Will the recall of exploding seats and faulty on board computers bolster the sales metrics?






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We all know the Fed is propping up the market with low interest rates and monetizing debt.  We also know companies are wasting time and money with stock buy-backs to maximize short term share price at the expense of the long term business.


So we shouldn't be surprised with the reality. And the reality is that it would be very difficult to prop up Cat sales.  Once you look behind the curtain, you shouldn't be surprised with the other things you see that were all just illusions.

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Stock buyback is securing the collateral value of which loans were made...me thinks.



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Foreign capital is fleeing the EU and Asia seeking a stable place to land.

While the USD and US markets are themselves Cleveland Steamers, they are the most stable in comparison to others.

This inflow is causing a RISE in the USD.

This RISE in the USD is making U.S. products, such as heavy equipment from Caterpillar, more expensive to overseas buyers.

This, combined with the global slowdown, are the likely cause.

I wonder how Kubota and Komatsu et al are doing in comparison?

The solution: TRUMP in 2016

jcdenton's picture

The solution: TRUMP in 2016


First, I must inquire if you are being satirical. If not, then are you out of your fucking mind!?!

If Trump has anyone sense, and he really wishes to play the role of politician, then he will be wise enough to get into contact with Amb. Leo Wanta at all haste. Wanta is not a politician. He is an engineer, a currency expert, and probably one of few competent economist on the planet. Save the Austrian, Wanta is of the classical school. However not one Austrian can claim to be a bonafide -- trillionaire. (x30+)

A solution? Let's just jump straight to Chapter 15 .. (WANTA-Book.pdf)


And if you then listen to just the 11 minute teaser, things are already well in play. Everything else you see is PSYOPs (Jim Sinclair's term, not mine.)

Got a superior idea, including Trump (less Wanta); then let's hear it. I seriously doubt Ichan can do any better. He neither has the funds or the expertise ..


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There's more competition then ever for CAT. I was told by someone in the sales & service side of the heavy equipment/truck business that CAT equipment tends to be among the most expensive and repair intensive.

Anyone out there in the business that can confirm or deny this? Just curious...

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I need to buy an excavator in the 20-25 ton range right now. Cat is about 15-20%more $ than a comparable machine. Same or more on parts. That said, many small guys will still buy new Cat for longer service life. New Cat here is Japan built.

I would buy a Georgia built Kobelco if I had the choice. Way simpler on the electronics. Hyundai, Daewoo can't stand up. Can't get Komatsu service/spares here.

If gold moves up a bit watch 'em fly off the shelves.

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Just think about what heavy equipment sales could be if gold and silver prices weren't being suppressed with PAPER sales and sales of 'leased' physical.   

You'd have the mining companies expanding and spending like mad to meet PHYSICAL demand.


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Everyone is finding real value in Doosan.

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Those jobs just used the old shovels. Probably didn't create too many new jobs either. Bet they just got some of the previously laid off folks enough employment time to be eligible for unemployment benefits again.

TheDanimal's picture

Those jobs just used the old shovels. Probably didn't create too many new jobs either. Bet they just got some of the previously laid off folks enough employment time to be eligible for unemployment benefits again.

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This must be the result of all those shovel ready jobs we heard so much about...


That's the problem.  All the jobs Obama created only require a shovel, not a backhoe.

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What On Earth Is Going On With Caterpillar Sales?


Not much EARTH want's shifting!

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"Perhaps CAT should come up with a new economic term to describe the true state of global manufacturing."