FaReWeLL To THe WeeP...

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Everyone in this country has to have an impressive results-oriented resumé, excellent statistical history, experience, good character, trustworthiness, be an asset that can generate much more revenue than their salary, be a team player, have the required credentials, licenses and degrees, etc. etc. EXCEPT FOR A POLITICIAN.

And they only leave when THEY decide to. Like Boner just did. And they leave for greener pastures, to escape accountability, etc. 

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psofcrap backstabbing mofo adios, take mitch with u! Somebody listening?

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This house is full of mold and must be torn down to the bare studs.

POTUS Trump will demolish what's left of the Establishment GOP, then preside over a new Time of Troubles and chaos.  Each new day will bring the most shocking events and spectacles.

Who knows where we find ourselves a decade hence!

Fourth Turning, ladies!

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Boehner makes used enema nozzles look respectable.

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This bed wetting cunt deserves to be hung and not allowed to resign

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Gatos Locos (not verified) Sep 27, 2015 4:58 AM

Boehner is a perfect reason there should be term limits.

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The financial collapse must be very close, I imagine that's why this pussy is running away (doesn't want the blame)

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They have a plan that won't work. Most if not all the members of the House of Representatives are in on the deal. The Republicans want the same thing as the Democrats but can't get reelected if they vote for it. Boehner is going to let the Democrats pass the plan and the Republicans are going to make noises about how they had nothing to do with it. None of this is going to work but it is all they have. I think we are past the financial collapse and are in the just-before-the-war stage. Likely that Israel will gut Iran and face off against Russia and China in Syria. Israel must attack Iran before the UN treaty goes into effect. Otherwise Obama will bomb Israel and allow Russia and China to move into Jerusalem.

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I'm told by GOP insiders that the Speaker's position goes to the guy who can deliver the most money for the party ... his ability to get donations has shriveled, and so he's toast.

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Probably more like he couldn't continue 'Facing a dying nation of moving paper fantasies' and 'new lies'


Hair-Let the Sunshine In

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Farewell to the Weeper of the House

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It is difficult to come up with the proper words to fullyexpress what a disaster this POS has been. Your pictures are definitely worth a thousand such words. 

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I moved out of Ohio and landed in Kentucky; can't catch a break.  (Boehner--> Mc Connell)

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KY, the state where education pays. my kids used to crack up reading that on our drive down to Florida every year.

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Yeah, but if you're in NKY, you gained Thomas Massie!

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(sniffle, sob) "It's just too haaard!" - Boehner

Worthless POS.

First, you attack anyone trying to reverse the absolute catastrophe that is ObamaCare and refuse Congressional authority of the purse, then practically in the dead of night, at the last hour...TPP...saying "Merry Christmas" to all...motherfucker, apparently your disregard for the middle class OF THIS COUNTRY knows no bounds, rot in hell bitch.

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Someone needs to publish his "Control File".

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Boehner........a pile of putrid political pigeon poo.

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The important question to ask is - How did such a useless waste of skin achieve a position of power over others?

I think the average amoeba could keep up with his level of intelligence.


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Boehner does not cry for Argentina, he cries for America.

And so should we all.

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America has always had its town criers.

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Boehner, mission?  What mission?  Nobody told him there was a mission and if they had he would have deferred it or just broken down crying.

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I wonder where the Wonderful Revolving Door of Cronyism will shoot him out to?

Which board of directors will this cry baby be sitting on? Pampers?

No Social Suckurity or Obummercare/Medifraud for this douchebag like the peasants get!

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I think it's frickin' hilarious that it took Donald Trump get this worthless establishment G.O.P. rihino to throw in the towel.

The N.P.R./P.B.S. crowd were almost giddy last night over it, not realizing that their establishment pandering bought candidates are next.

It isn't just the FED that has lost all credibility; Congress has been in the shitter for a lot longer and it is just getting worse.

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He looks like the homeless man on the "I used to be your neighbor poster".

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He should have a weeping contest with Hillz.


Here is the tune






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Their masters sacrificed Hastert's boy, Weepy, fearing Trump/Carson/Carly voters rejection of the party could be mollified by Weepy's departure. The masters expect their sheeple will pick up the pipe with the trust opiate again with their new face on venality. Perhaps, Weepy will get a free pass to the new DC bathhouse.

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Don't Fear the Weeper ... (the Democrats surely never did)

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I look at the world and I notice it's turning
While the Cheeto gently weeps
With every mistake no one seems to be learning
Still the Cheeto gently weeps

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I don't know how someone controlled you
They bought and sold you

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LOL! I knew you'd have a filed day with this prick!

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I can't believe Boehner sang"Zippity-Doo-Dah" as part of his resignation speech. No wonder our country is in the toilet, as clowns like this can become leaders.

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GHWB sang "Dont Cry for Me Argentina" or her repeated the title, either way

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It wasn't the first time this drunk was stoned at a press conference and sang Zippity Do Da.

From last year



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And here he is singing Zippity Doo Da at his resignation.


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Crybaby Wuss Boner , time to take your drinking buddy Mitchy McConman with you

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10/10 Mr Banzai

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America, pre-Monsatan, pre-big pharma, pre-full scale protocols. Kids looking very normal.

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They can all walk home safely pre-diversity.


Livign safely is so quaint.

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I guess. If one has something against vibrant diversity.






Do I really need a "sarc" tag?

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Yep, Just because they know how to type into a computer doesn't mean they can think.

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after you boys are finished digging the latrine we'll do some marching, we only have wooden guns but pretty soon you'll have the real thing

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“OK lads, that’s deep enough for the grave of traditional American values.. now let’s head to the showers so that we can get about determining your preferred gender identity.”


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Now he has nothing to interfere with the crying in his beer.