Obama Promised Healthcare Premiums Would Fall $2,500 Per Family; They Have Climbed $4,865

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

How’s that Obamacare working out for you? That’s what I thought.

Considering that pretty much every single thing Obama promised when he was running for President turned out to be an outright lie, we shouldn’t be surprised this is also the case when it comes to his so-called “signature achievement.” Before getting into the meat of this post, let’s take a trip down memory lane and watch a video clip of Obama on the 2008 campaign trail.

As you can see, he didn’t just say it once or twice. He said it over, and over and over again. Now here’s what actually happened.

From Investors Business Daily:

Employer-based health insurance premiums climbed 4.2% this year for family plans, according to an annual Kaiser Family Foundation report. That’s up from 3% the year before.


Since 2008, average family premiums have climbed a total of $4,865.


The White House cheered the news, saying it was a sign of continued slow growth in premium costs.


“We will start,” Obama said back in 2008, “by reducing premiums by as much as $2,500 per family.”


And Obama wasn’t talking about government subsidized insurance or expanding Medicaid or anything like that. He specifically focused on employer provided health care.


For “people who already have insurance, and the employers who are providing it,” he said at one campaign event, “we will work to lower your premiums by up to $2,500 per family.”

“We screwed some folks.”

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cn13's picture

So Obama is a lying sack of dung.

What's new?

knukles's picture


Didju all hear Nazi Pelousy's comment about Boner's retirement?  She said that it was dangerous when a minority fringe group controls the majority.
Hah ha ha ha   Some fucking fringe group.

freewolf7's picture

Good thing we're a civilized bunch, and not out in the streets like those other third world countries.

knukles's picture

Talking about minority control, if that was true, the LGBT and black community are getting Way the Fuck too much press, attention and political clout.
That's fringe minority for ya' doll babes

Just wait till cash is outlawed

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Oh thats just typical "political" speak.  If they hadn't passed OCare, then premiums would have went up $10,000 or $10,000,000

A Lunatic's picture

Might as well have gone up 10,000,000 as far as most working families (non government) are concerned.....

Sudden Debt's picture

And that's why I'm all for the idea that families should donate their first born to the state for patriotic duties. 

And America could sell them off to China where they can use a few extra small hands to produce plastic crap and the females can be shipped to Saudi Arabia because they like to fuck young children.

The deficit would be in a better situation then it is now and families can always make more children.

gmrpeabody's picture

Every Democrat that I know is still voting for a Democrat....

Just saying.

macholatte's picture


Democrat = Progressive = Brain Dead


Barry did promise Fundamental Transformation. He didn't lie about that.

remain calm's picture

What do you mean SOME FOLKS. He fucked EVERYONE! He did not discriminate, black, white, faggot, lesbian, pedophile, cross gender...if you were paying before, you are paying alot more now, everyone took it up the old keester. He fucked everyone equally.(Reggie Love)

GoldenGeezer's picture

Not sure why everyone is using past tense. He is fucking everyone.

And the fucking will contine until morla improves.

Carry on soldier.

847328_3527's picture

" If you want to keep being fucked, you can keep your being fucked."

espirit's picture

I didn't downvote you, but agree.

Their fingerprints and personal clearance info didn't just get hacked by the Chinee, it was given to them.

jeff montanye's picture

and bush was as bad or worse.  here is an early and prescient critique of the current shithead's brilliant idea: http://paulcraigroberts.org/2013/02/03/obamacare-a-primer/print/

and here's a screensaver that's just good clean fun:


VinceFostersGhost's picture



and bush was as bad or worse


Bitch....you've got it bad.

Fun Facts's picture

Watch what they do, not what they say.

Osmium's picture

He didn't fck members of CONgress.  As far as I know they still get their free health care.  Make those fkrs go to the

exchange and pay for their insurance like eveyone else.   Ck Skrs.

remain calm's picture

They were not paying before, so they are excluded from "Reggie Love" Reggie would fuck the Pope if he could. He is a non discriminate fucker.

espirit's picture

Boner knows he's on THE LIST, that's why he's bailing early to hide out.

(he must read ZH)

TongueStun's picture
TongueStun (not verified) Sudden Debt Sep 25, 2015 1:43 PM

Wake me up when you figure out something that Obama hasn't lied about.

aVileRat's picture

To be fair, the world needs something stupidly awesome as a technical innovation to create new economic productivity and growth. Nationalizing the health care sector has given biotech a 'moat' of nearly 100% ROE on every new drug, regardless on success or pool of actual suffering clients. That large wealth transfer to corporate R&D theoretically should lower the risk threshold for extreme R&D which is pretty much what the global economy needs right now. Particularly since the mean human age is rapidly going more to the elderly skew.

So at a global level, something like the cure for cancer or neuroscience "leaping forward" is exactly what the world needs to generate the kind of productivity gains seen in the 1970-1995 "tech miracle". Biotech requires little feedstock or raw material imput, creates infite high paying jobs in biochem/pharma/retail medicine and is union/holistic friendly for political stakeholders. Its a no brainer and it would not shock me if this was the true motive for Obamacare, and 100% coverage was just a nice afterthought to sell it to the muppets. Lies are just stories you tell to make people do what they individually would be reluctant to consider. Like how carrots give you better eyesight.




Herd Redirection Committee's picture

A cure for cancer?  Surely you mean expensive treatment?  Shirley!

froze25's picture

Vitamin B-17, Just youtube it, nice documentary on it from a long time ago.

espirit's picture

Personally, I'd like a directional EMP device.

Did I just say that out loud?

(knock, knock)...

August's picture

What the world needs ain't the same thing as what the world gets.

chubbar's picture

It's going to be zero point energy or anti-gravity that they announce, unless they just have decided to let folks die in mass quantities in the reset. That realistically could be in the cards.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

You could accomplish the increased investment by reducing the monopoly of doctors.

The god complex Drs are a major cause of healthcare problems and lack of competition in DR performance and research.

Kotzbomber747's picture

Ok, fair enough, Obam is a liar and all politicians are liars, but where is the actual meat of this story? Where are the calculations that premiums have risen by $4865?

Billy the Poet's picture

Apparently you've been downvoted because it is bad to have hard data detailing how much premiums have gone up with which you can confront the progressives who will call this story a lie.

AGuy's picture

"Where are the calculations that premiums have risen by $4865?"

Well, as a Single Male (not married, no children), non-smoker, in good health (spend maybe $200 per year in healthcare usually for anti-biotics for an infection), My healthcare premium increased by $3,600 per year. For an entire family (man, wife 2 kids), $4,865 seems low balled. My guess is that the $4865 estimate probably is just for increased premiums and not the higher deductibles.



MaxMax's picture

I pay my own health insurance (single male) which works out to be about $6,500 in annual premiums with $2,500 deductiible and 80/20 co-pay.  Last year, I got rotator cuff surgery which ws billed at $78,000 and remibursed at $18,000.  So I still ended up paying $6,500 + $2,500 + $3,100 = $12,100 when I had full coverage.  Most working class families can't afford that so they basically can only afford a life and death procedure.  I am sure I could have gotten the surgery done in another well qualified country for less even if I paid the whole thing myself.

And a year later and my shoulder still hurts.

Bay Area Guy's picture

Yeah, that's the real killer when you get a Gold, Silver or Bronze health plan from the Affordable Care Act.  The premiums are high enough, but the deductibles and co-pays are outlandish.  I can't imagine that the vast majority of people who got a Bronze Plan, thinking they finallly have health insurance, can even come close to paying the deductibles and co-pays for a typical hospital stay.  Hell, I would bet the majority of them couldn't pay the co-pay for a standard doctor visit unless it was the free annual checkup you get.

VegasBob's picture

With the Obamacare Bronze Plan, you get one free annual checkup.  It doesn't include lab tests.  After that, you have to pay the deductible out of pocket (usually $4,500-6,450) before the Bronze Plan will pay a cent.

I'm 63.  My Bronze Plan costs me almost $6,600 a year.  That's pretty expensive for one fucking doctor visit.

Obamacare is bullshit.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, as the case may be) I only have 22 months to go before I go on Medicare...

sb36695's picture

I cancelled the bronze plan after denied charges and joined a sharing ministry.  Obamacare is catastrophic insurance at cadillac rates.

Never One Roach's picture

Most doctors in my area do not accept ANY of those plans. I won't even get into hospitals; they say "NO!"



FreedomGuy's picture

I work in a part of medicine and I just had this discussion twice today. Obamacare only works for the poor who have it paid for (like all the other free shit they get) and the starry-eyed leftists who have the ability to deny all reality.

What I suspect is that data will begin to show that people are cutting way back on their medical care, including office visits. This will not include Medicare or Medicaid as they are protected classes. Obamacare's end result will be that everyone pays twice as much for half the care. This is government genius, at work.

The reality of it is that an individual who cannot get subsidies (i.e. middle and upper middle class) will pay around $500 per month with a $5-6k deductible. So, he/she will pay about $12k out of pocket each year, totally unrefundable. 

Almost no one can actually afford $12k annually. You could effectively self-insure for that kind of money. So, what you have done is bought someone else a policy first before you got your own. You paid for another person or family before you got to insure your own. 

I will predict the following as the date come in (hopefully not massaged by government):

1. People will reduce their use of healthcare (early effect).

2. More people will wait and therefore critical care will increase (later effect)

3. Insurance companies will rake in huge profits because use of healthcare drops while premiums skyrocketed. (I am not anit-profit but this is government induced profit).

4. More people will become criminals because they are refusing to pay (I have met them and seen them personally).

5. Really sick people may find themselves discharged from practices (This has to do with the formation of ACO's).

6. EMR company profits will skyrocket (Mandatory under ACA).

7. More doctors will move into conceirge as they have had about enough mandates and their patients are paying out of pocket anyway.

8. Physician shortages (later effect).

9. It's failure will be used force the issue on single payer. 


I am on the fence as to whether Obamacare was simply incompetent, the product of Ivy-League theorists or it was designed to sound good but inflict maximal pain and ultimately force capitulation to a single payer system. In either case, it is evil and along with a bunch of other government pain I hope that it gets returned to its originators. 

AGuy's picture

I see a lot of layoffs coming. In the Pharma business, Non generics are getting squeezed, since manage cares is forcing everyone on to generics. Without label brand prices, there will be no new drugs coming. Pharma will only complete projects already in development and have deferred\canceled new development.

2. On the hospital size, i see this resulting if more untreatable infections. People will wait until they are really really sick. Take the prescription until it runs out and delay going back until severe symptoms return. Thus leading to more drug resistant infections as the microbes become immune to anti-bionics.

3. I am not sure if we will see a rise of medical concierges. I see many physicians simply retiring, and no one taking thier place. Gov't will surely regulate concierges  out of existence. How will doctors get malpractice insurance unless they follow the mandates? At best I could see Medical cruises, that go on a 12 mile cruise offshore to perform medical services outside of US regulations.

4. I doubt insurance companies will continue to rack up profits. the increase premiums is going to pay for immigrants and the poor that have no money.

5. OTC will become a growth industry as patients seek self-treatment.

"I am on the fence as to whether Obamacare was simply incompetent, the product of Ivy-League theorists or it was designed"

In my opinion its designed to bring about the single payer system. Once the gov't controls health care they pretty much control the population. if you break a rule: no healthcare for you! People will fear big brother since gov't will control your access to medical care. It will also reduce the US political system into a single party (Already the two parties are merging - Both are chasing after immigration, more gov't regulation, more authoritarian control, etc) Once the Single payer system is law, it will be the end for the GOP, and it will also pave the way to nationalize the rest of the economy, Energy, manufacturing, education (including colleges), housing, food, etc will all fall under full gov't control pretty quickly. Its what socialist do!



FreedomGuy's picture

I cannot disagree with anything you say. 

I think Pharma will go into two tiers. You will have to go virtual OTC pricing and ignore third party payers, even if a doctor prescription is needed. This is not all bad and pricing will actually reflect or match up to a person's ability to pay. The second tier will be you will gouge the hell out of the market if you have a medication that actually has to be covered. It Pharma is going to make a living on only 5 or 10% of the market it will have to be really really expensive. Think of fighter plane type prices where you have to make a living off selling ten planes. This will only further enrage the public and cause more pressure for government to control all prices.

I am not sure on your insurance company profits. It depends on how illegals access the medical system. In any case, what they get will be free compliments of the rich gringo's. They are also very good at accessing other benefits including disabililty. 

People have no idea what will happen if they get single payer. They will learn that part of the reason the private sector got so expensive is because it has always subsidized the government sector, i.e. doctors made enough on private insurance so that they were willing to take some crappy reimbursements for Medicaid or Care. It is the same with nursing homes, hospitals and even medications. When that subsidy disappears people will be horrified at either the costs or the limits government will place on their access.

I also believe that Europe and Canada will discover that they too have been subsidized by the American market. It is similar to their crappy little militaries they do because the Goliath United States military backstops them. It is roughly the same in medicine. 

AGuy's picture

"I'm 63. My Bronze Plan costs me almost $6,600 a year. "

Bob, Count your self lucky! You will soon qualify for medicare, which is a much much better deal.  I am envious! I still have about 20 years to go, but I very much doubt SS or Medicare will exist by then.

FreedomGuy's picture

Well, the ironclad government guarantees of Social Security are already moving farther away. I cannot even remember when that was passed. Seemed nary a peep in the press. 

All the systems will break. When that is I do not know. I am preparing as best I can but you can only do so much.

We fell for the lie and we will get the results. 

AGuy's picture

FWIW: I am working on going Galt. Buying a large lot in rural area, will plant lots of edible things (fruit/nut trees/bushs), raise some chickens, and more importantly: lots of popcorn! Need something to munch on when this show starts going full tilt!


Vendetta's picture

Had to review the 57 plans available to me and the wife recently as a 'just in case'. The plans ranged from ~$720/mth with $6500 deductible (EACH family member with a total min $12500 deductible) to ~$1350/mth with a $250 deductible EACH before the plans pay for much of anything.

So the 'low end' of the plans cost $8640 plus $12500 or $21,000 a year if both members happen to use the full amount of the deductible to the 'high end' costing $16200 in premiums plus $500 in deductibles or roughly $17,000 minimum.

Affordability is nowhere to be found... most of the plans premiums are more than my mortgage payment which is a 15 year loan and a relatively inexpensive home(for the region)in the boondocks.

These are just the facts about the whole scam played on the nation

Never One Roach's picture

I'm glad Boner quit. He and the Repugnicans did zero to stop this disaster. That's why I am going with Trump. If anything he will definitely be a real change.

FreedomGuy's picture

Frankly, half the Republicans are morons. They are like someone who is two moves behind in chess. The Democrats broke most every rule and the Republicans waited too long to oppose it. Hell, many R's are not even really opposed. You remember RomneyCare? That was a Republican invention and model for this monster.

FredFlintstone's picture

about 85% of the population are morons

AGuy's picture

"I'm glad Boner quit. He and the Repugnicans did zero to stop this disaster. That's why I am going with Trump. If anything he will definitely be a real change."

Trump is a life long democrat. I doubt Trump will win, His womanizing past will check up to him next year. Once the cat is out of the bag it will be over.  Trump just part of the three ring circus and just as bad as the rest (Obama, Hillary). You just been fooled like 10 year old at a magicians show.



FreedomGuy's picture

Vendetta, I am honestly sorry for you and your family. We talk a lot of theory and pretend we know a lot of stuff here on ZH. However, this stuff is happening in real time with real pain and future severely negative economic consequences. People who pay these extreme sums cannot effectively add to their wealth or plan for self sufficiency over time. Maybe that is really the goal. 

The outrage at this stuff is diffused but still there. 

Personally, I hope government buildings burn one day and the absolute morons and sociopathic statists who passed this stuff get a good old fashioned tar-and-feathering. Pain for pain. 

The State is merciless, relentless and there are no alternatives allowed...unless you want to move into the criminal-noncompliant class.