Kunstler Rages "Perhaps America Has Gotten What It Deserves"

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Submitted by James H Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

Did Charlie Rose look like a fucking idiot last night on 60-Minutes, or what, asking Vladimir Putin how he could know for sure that the US was behind the 2014 Ukraine coup against President Viktor Yanukovych? Maybe the idiots are the 60-Minutes producers and fluffers who are supposed to prep Charlie’s questions. Putin seemed startled and amused by this one on Ukraine: how could he know for sure?

Well, gosh, because Ukraine was virtually a province of Russia in one form or another for hundreds of years, and Russia has a potent intelligence service (formerly called the KGB) that had assets and connections threaded through Ukrainian society like the rhizomorphs of the fungusArmillaria solidipes through a conifer forest. Gosh, Charlie, it’s like asking Obama whether the NSA might know what’s going on in Texas.

And so there is Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer, having to spell it out for the American clodhopper super-journalist. “We have thousands of contacts with them. We know who and where, and when they met with someone, and who worked with those who ousted Yanukovych, how they were supported, how much they were paid, how they were trained, where, in which country, and who those instructors were. We know everything.”

The only thing Vlad left out of course was the now-world-famous panicked yelp by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland crying, “Fuck the EU,” when events in Kiev started getting out of hand for US stage-managers. But he probably heard about that, too.

Charlie then voice-overed the following statement: “For the record, the US has denied any involvement in the removal of the Ukrainian leader.” Right. And your call is important us. And your check is in the mail. And they hate us for our freedom.

This bit on Ukraine was only a little more appalling than Charlie’s earlier segment on Syria. Was Putin trying to rescue the Assad government? Charlie asked, in the context of President Obama’s statement years ago that “Assad has to go.”

Putin answered as if he were explaining something that should have been self-evident to a not-very-bright high school freshman: “To remove the legitimate government would create a situation which you can witness in other countries of the region, for instance Libya, where all the state institutions have disintegrated. We see a similar situation in Iraq. There’s no other solution to the Syrian crisis than strengthening the government structure.”

I guess Charlie and the 60-Minutes production crew hadn’t noticed what had gone on around the Middle East the past fifteen years with America’s program of toppling dictators into the maw of anarchy. Not such great outcomes.

Charlie persisted though, following his script: Was Putin trying to rescue Assad? Vlad had to lay it out for him as if he were introducing Charlie to the game of Animal Lotto: “What do you think about those who support the terrorist organizations only to oust Assad without thinking about what happens to the country after all the state institutions have been demolished…? Look at those who are in control of 60 percent of the territory of Syria.

Meaning ISIS. Al Nusra (formerly al Qaeda in Syria), i.e., groups internationally recognized as terrorist organizations.

Charlie Rose, 60-Minutes — and perhaps by extension US government agencies with an interest in propagandizing — seem to want to put over the story that Russia has involved itself in Syria only to aggrandize its role on in world affairs.

Forgive me for being so blunt, but what sort of stupid fucking idea is this? And are there any non-lobotomized adults left in the USA who can’t see straight through it? The truth is that American policy in Syria (plus Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Somalia, Afghanistan) is an impressive record of failure in terms of the one basic aim that most rational people might agree upon: stabilizing the region in a way that does not leave Islamic jihadi maniacs in charge.

Okay, so now the Russians will do what they can to try to stabilize Syria. They’ve had their failures, too (famously, Afghanistan). But Russian territory adjoins the Islamic lands and they clearly have stake in containing the virus of Islamic extremism near their borders. Is that not obvious?

Charlie made one other extremely dumb statement — he seems to prefer making assertions to asking straight-up questions — to the effect that Russia was misbehaving by deploying troops on its border with Ukraine.

Putin again seemed astonished by this credulous idiocy. The US had troops and nuclear weapons all over Europe, he answered. Did Charlie think that meant the US was attempting to occupy the nations of Europe now? Was it “a crime” for Russia to defend its own border with a neighboring state (formerly a province) that, he implied, the US had deliberately destabilized?

The Putin segment was followed by an sickening session with Donald Trump, a man who now — after a month or so of public exposure — proves incapable of uttering a coherent idea. I wonder what Vladimir Putin makes of this incomparable buffoon. Perhaps that America has gotten what it deserves.

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the trump interview was pretty grand too. Scott "nope, can't do that" Pelley

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Putin again seemed astonished by this credulous idiocy.


welcome to american mainstream media, vlad.

check your brain at the door. 

it won't be needed.

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Easy guys! 
Take Rose for what he is; a Bildergerg attendee for 10 years or so. 

Charlie is the NWO's official intelligentsia implant directly into PBS, et al.

                  Fuck Charlie Rose

                  (To not recognize that Charlie as a NWO implant is like suggesting that in Fight Club, Tyler Durden doesn't look anything like Brad Pitt.)

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Don't be ridiculous, we deserve president Camacho. We're doing well so far.

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You could see the terror in Putin's eyes as Rose pounded him with one hard-hitting question after another.

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Rose is a CFR NWO asset just as Putin is otherwise public broadcsting's NWO Productions never would have aired this shitshow to the muttonheads for consumption...

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Hey Kunstler:

Speaking of fucking idiots, incomparable buffoons, and people incapable of uttering a coherent idea… look in the mirror!


Blame Charlie Rose for asking questions but not Obama for creating the situations.

Harangue against Nuland (married to Robert Kagan father of Elana Kagen of the Supreme Court) but not her bosses, Hitlery or Kerry or Obama.


Denial is more than just a river in Egypt.


max2205's picture

60 minutes is bought and paid for.

ZerOhead's picture


Spoiler Alert: Putin speaks English better than 75% of Californians...


(30 seconds in...)

WordSmith2013's picture

Putin Demolishes Neocon Mouthpiece Charlie Rose On 60 Minutes


"President Putin Exposes MSM Propaganda And Embarrasses Their Amateur Shills"

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Can we think outside the box for a minute... What if Charlies questioning was to soft pitch for Putin so that Obama looks bad? The questioning was beyond belief, so in this world of it's not what it seems, it's not far fetched to say that Putin got the opportunity to bury the myths by that set-up. 

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I agree. The question was brilliant. It lead Putin to state he had KGB crawling all over the country - something the Ukraine hated.  Not only were they everywhere, they were incompetent to allow the coup. 

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Incompetent to allow the coup??? Hardly. Putin is playing chess, not checkers. Sometimes you sacrifice a pawn to win a better piece further down the line. In this case, that piece was called "Crimea".

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"Donald Trump, a man who now — after a month or so of public exposure — proves incapable of uttering a coherent idea."

He may be no Demosthenes (?can someone help me here?), but this is a patently false assertion. As well as a non sequitor.

There is something about this man, Donald Trump, that our overlords do not like.

ZerOhead's picture

Or they simply allowed the coup.

They wasted no time in securing Crimea so the intel they were getting must have been good.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Putin must realize that Intel agencies can make mistakes, just look at America's CIA et al - they are always making Intel mistakes!

ZerOhead's picture


Think about that lost opportunity to speak directly to Americans. Rookie mistake?

bigkahuna's picture

"are there any non-lobotomized adults left in the USA who can’t see straight through it?"

is this an attempt at comedy?

new game's picture

h k is a play it both sides mutha fucker- true libtard, idealist progressive made by hand wordsmith.

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Speaking of getting what you deserve, when will the fraud Kunstler get what he deserves. Ask him how he feels about bbq'd Palestinians and watch the fangs come out.

Otrader's picture

Speaking of getting what you deserve, when will the fraud Kunstler get what he deserves. Ask him how he feels about bbq'd Palestinians and watch the fangs come out.

From Wikipedia:  Kunstler was born in New York City to Jewish parents,[1] who divorced when he was eight.[2] His family then moved to the suburbs in Long Island. His father was a middleman in the diamond trade.[1] Kunstler spent most of his childhood with his mother and stepfather, a publicist for Broadway shows.

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Macholatte:  Elena Kagan's father's name is (was?) indeed "Robert Kagan."  But it's not the same Robert  Kagan.  The guy who's married to Victoria Nudelman was born in 1958.  Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was born in 1960.

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"Gosh, Charlie, it’s like asking Obama whether the NSA might know what’s going on in Texas."

Does the NSA REALLY know what is going on in Texas?   Does Obama even know what is going on at the NSA?  Could Obama find Texas on a map of the 57 states?   If Obama messes with Texas who gets messed up?

cougar_w's picture

You know I'm pretty sure the NSA knows all about what is going on in Texas, down to detail of the street address.

conscious being's picture

Data and knowledge are two different things. Let's face it. They are a government agency.

Ponk's picture

No, the government is an NSA agency.

SixIsNinE's picture

i'm sure you're correct Cougar - and that means NSA is complicit in all the NASA frauds seeing the large NASA Texas presence - imagine the gumption and paranoia involved with having to continually cover up the fraudulent SPACE program .... the evidence is overflowing now, check Youtube - the frauds and fakes as to the space hoaxes ... that's a big reason the Smith Mundt act - allowing any kind of lie and propaganda and retroactively issue it - check out the Chinese hoax moon landing recently , what a crock - it looked so fake they cancelled all news and "photos" after the first day of their hoax "landing" ...

also - be sure to check out out own Russ W's Winter Actionables latest on the Aurora Batman "event" ....  spoiler - NO Blood in the Theater !


The Pope's picture

I'd put my trust in Pete Rose before Charlie Rose

Urban Roman's picture

Terror? It looked to me like it was all he could do to not roll around on the floor laughing.

new game's picture

astonishing sack of bullshit as most mericans think he is the badguy. fucken - eh, it's hopeless...

then trump, fucken eh again, and a wtf. great answers til the military. but i digress, simply won't happen, remembering jfk...

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America is uninterested in fact any longer...looking at unflattering and discomforting facts would require action, suffering, and pain to attempt to regain a track toward a better future.

Link below outlines US ecionomic recoveries in perspective and why this is the worst...but doubt it will be of interest to Americans nor who or what is responsible for all of this.


knukles's picture

My Progressive pals tell me it's the best ever!

lunaticfringe's picture

Charlie Rose was absolutely emblematic of the liberal stooges in this country. You could tell that Rose had bought into the America is wonderful, we had nothing to do with de stabilizing the Ukraine and the Syrian government should be toppled because America and Obama said so meme.

Putin must have thought he was talking to a complete numbskull and he was. This is how our country thinks. This is how the liberal majority think. This is the country who elected a complete fraud as President who can't even come up with a college transcript or a passport.


conscious being's picture

Given all that, how has America defied gravity this long?

TruthHunter's picture

Rose is a late bloomer. When he was young, he looked like a total goofball,not a serious journalist.

Now he LOOKS the part

Is there a US journalist that isn't a softball pitcher?


Down to Earth Thinking's picture

Charlie is a yes mans, yes man ! But we all live in many illsuions here in USA today, he is just one of those many ! a truly worthless turd if there ever was one, schmoozer extraordinaire'. I agree fuck Charlie , maybe even skull fuck Charlie ?although i never really figured out exactly what that means from the sarge.

ThroxxOfVron's picture

"To not recognize that Charlie as a NWO implant is like suggesting that in Fight Club, Tyler Durden doesn't look anything like Brad Pitt. "


I asked Marla and she said "Tyler looks exactly like Ed Norton after he has had his ass kicked by Brad Pitt."

SixIsNinE's picture

++ = and Kunstler didn't bother to mention that Charlie Rose has had Assad on his show numerous times in the Naughty Decade *(2000-2009) - I only subscribed to cable in 2004-05 to see what lamestream was saying about the Iraq invasion.   Assad was interviewed by Rose more than any other ME leader .... after discontinuing cable because of the blatant hypocrisy and downright disgusting commentary as to the nature of the war, i would on occasion happen to check for the Rose show.  Even later (2007-2009) Assad was on the Rose show, and if one bothered to pay attention, his level of concern was marked ... noting very clearly that if the continued chaos of Iraq went unchecked, it would soon be in his country.... Charlie Rose had an emergency "health concern" ...what year?  2008-9?  something like that.... heart problem ...

i think it was after the Russert death ... after Charlie Rose recovered and resumed his show, though I did not follow dedicatedly, it seemed that he did indeed go with a "script" and his show was definitely less appealing, thought as I said, I no longer subscribed to cable or attempted to follow his show, just serendipitous viewings as fate would have it ... I don't think I've seen his show since he had Jeffery Immelt on a few years ago - Immelt explaining that GE was about the last USA corporation with Global power & influence .... (note ExIm bank controversy today) ....

in short, Assad always appeared cool, calm, collected in the interviews - JHK, - infamous Anti-ZeroHedge blogger and content to remain un-apologetic as to his audaciously bogus claims of us being "conspiracy fringers" - JHK fails to mention the many previous Assad interviews  -Putin appeared unfazed and bewildered as to the devious tactics the Empirical Hegemon Uncle Scam claims as Assad himself has done while being questioned by Charlie,

for JHK to be featured on ZH it's high time he apologized to us for his slanderous and derogatory comments about us    - step up JHK


imapopulistnow's picture

He was a fucking smirk smirf.

junction's picture

Charlie Rose looks like he is suffering from Xanax poisoning.  His CBS Morning Show is all stage set, no real news.  His female co-hosts, Gayle King and Norah O'Donald, could audition for a female Joker part in the next Batman movie. Who really watches these network morning shows, senior citizens in the day rooms of nursing homes?

gmrpeabody's picture

Only because they are not allowed to get up and change the channel...

CheapBastard's picture

Rose has become a 100% pure slime ball. He's even now on a morning lightweight talk show that is so pathetic. He sits there half dazed as they talk about the latest fashion or Kim Kardashian or Jason Beeper.


I can't beleive he needs the money; why would anyone stoop to that crap? Oh yeah, then there's Stepanopolis, another Clown.


Pee Wee Herman would have done a more profund interview then Rose.




Putin had to be embarrassed. When he gets back home I can hear the racuous laughter now with all his comrades as they guzzle vodka [like real men] and laugh at Rose and Barry.

Pie rre's picture

Just like Larry King selling joint pills nonstop.  I think they both read that retirement is not condusive to increased longevity. From what I've seen they should both get off the air and get a job as greeters if they're afraid of dying.

Bastiat's picture

First time I saw Rose, some years back, I thought he looked and acted like a alchoholic. 

chunga's picture

Maybe I missed it but when Rose stated that Russia had annexed Crimea he completely skipped over the part about the election, even as a footnote.

JLO's picture

They all know whats up..........

agent default's picture

But they do hate us for our freedom.  The US government that is.

MountainMan's picture

You lost me with Trump. Trump 2016!