This Is What £500 In Rent Gets You In London

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While it is painfully obvious that London property prices (and now rents) are in an atmospheric bubble, it appears the policy-makers choose to ignore the reality for the average Brit in favor of 'wealth' creation for the few.

As @Alex_Lomax tweets... "I have literally just been shown a bed under the stairs for £500 a month... F You London!"


The ad was posted on site London2let and reads:

One single furnished room available.


We are looking for a friendly, open-minded and outgoing person to join our houseshare in a great period house in Clapham.


We're a good bunch and like to chill out a lot together - not really looking for somebody that just wants to stay in their room. Room comes with a bed.


Bills to be shared - approx £60 per month each. Easy access to local tube stations.

As Alex explains, the room lacked any utilities, but did come with a carton of Daz on the floor and coats hanging from hooks.

I didn't even stay long enough to check if there was a mattress, and the landlord seemed absolutely serious.


I asked him if he was joking and he seemed shocked I'd even asked.


I took the pics secretly when he was making himself a cup of coffee, the cupboard was right next to the kitchen.


I expected a normal single room, definitely not this. I left as quickly as I could.

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Even Harry Potter got to stay under the stairs rent free...

[and later got Dudley's second bedroom...]



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On the bright side, there is a modicum of privacy.  Every time you think you got it bad, remember somebody has it worse.

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One more reason to hate the Fed,

  and all of their damn bubbles.

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Was his wife hot?  They were looking for an open minded individual.......whatever that means......

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migrant ready. cozy perfect for the new multicultural diversity coming to all english and the rest of the invaded/conquered countries.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Four chan Sep 30, 2015 3:43 PM

Hey... it has a door (private room).

Why not ask?  If someone is happy to rent it a fair transaction has taken place.  Win-win all around.

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... and right next to the box of soap powder ... in case you want to clean off.

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..looks to me to be just the kind of place to stretch out after a long day at work scamming interest rates or swaps in the City.


Fahque Imuhnutjahb's picture

that makes you sound like a cheap bastard


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They will try renting out the soap powder box when it's empty.

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Come on mates. Escape the ghettos. Why London? NY? SF?

These places are paradise for the 1%'s and for the welfare crowd.

You can find wholesome girls and guys almost everywhere else.

terry44's picture

Just no jobs there, unless you are a direct-access trader who works from home.

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Just wait until your allocation of the 3-5 million men from the Middle East and Africa arrive with their hand's out.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Is that what kids call it now adays??  Wanna see my.....Rainbow??

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wait until AirBnB takes 20% of the rentals off the market, like in SF.

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Damn! You beat me to it you bastard! Now I have to change my comment.

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He also went to Hogwarts for free and had a vault full of gold.

But just wait, another 100 years of FED magic should produce the same fantastic results for everyone.

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That's where some powerful member of Parliament keeps his Gimp.

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Shit, I'd a put a bunkbed in there and asked 600 for a two bedroom place. Capitalism bitchez!

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People slept in real rooms in 1984 the novel and IRL 21 years ago, even in Hong Kong.

edit: read slaughterer's comment below about this in 80s Manhattan... damn son - they was ahead of their time... /s

edit2: Next year the same space can be shared by two with a bunk-bed unit! 500 pounds a head, of course.

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1900 to the beginning of human history.

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It's certainly tricky to see where this will all end up and with the UK a signatory on agenda21 it's very likely part and parcel of life now, at least until something else comes along.  The bankers want more sheep for their take on margin - will these defie population limits of the real world?

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He could add a extra ceiling in the room and subrent the belletage for 600 pounds!!

I'd also add a bucket and promote is as a extra bathroom.

And I don't know why he didn't mention the walk in closet in a box in the back because that's some serious storage room.



But kidding asside, this is terrible. My house is 200 times bigger then that. this is worse then prisson. EVEN IN PRISSON YOU GET MORE ROOM!!

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Don't let the tax assessor know you have an extra bathroom.....on premises.  UP go the property taxes!!!

Casey Jones's picture

But they implied that chilling was part of the deal so there's that.

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My eldest is renting a 100 sq foot micro apartment with a shower in Seattle for $750 a month. In three months it goes to $1000. There is a small communal living room and kitchen. I am absolutely dumbfounded. She kids us she hopes we don't rent out her old room at home. I used to laugh at that but not so much anymore.

Our first apartment in 1982 was 600 sq feet for $300/month and this was quite a challenge for us on $24k/ year. And people wonder why kids are staying in mom's basement.


Kaervek's picture

Nobody wonders anymore, it's all accepted as reality

So better lube up before you go to sleep in this "bed" under the stairs, the landlord might want to share your cozy room (for a minute)

The Pope's picture

Sorry to be Debbie Downer here. & I don't pretend to speak for everyone.




Nobody really gives a FF about your idiot kid who hasn't yet reconciled that, despite the VAST INTELLECT that his mom & pop pretend to have is presently struggling to live in a bathtub.


Furthermore, NOBODY (or, at least 'ME', in any case), gives a FF about your hard core dilemma about trying to sell a Zombie Apocalypse 'PARADISE' invasion from Hemet, California, to move to sweeter digs in an 80 acre 'fixer upper' farm in Tacoma Washington which you'll end up getting killed on in transfer taxes, brotherly love issues, & all that goes with that.


Aside from all that ~ I wish u the best of success!


The Pope

Colonel Walter E Kurtz's picture

@ Pope

I think I speak for most here and we enjoy Miffed's presence in the Zerohedge community.

And I will speak for most with this comment, Fuck off Pope!


NuckingFuts's picture

@ pope

Fuck you and your 3 day nine hour history on ZH. I am glad you don't assume to speak for others here.

Where the fuck do these idiots come from? this site has fallen far and fast.

Years ago the comments here were witty and intelligent.... Now not so much. Thanks for lowering the bar even farther asshole.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Thanks everyone for the Zerohedgian kind words. Actually, I've been contemplating leaving here for quite awhile. The caliber of posts have declined over the years and sometimes I'm not sure this is ZH anymore. It certainly isn't the ZH I knew 4 years ago. To be disparaged here used to be done as an art form, a blood letting of epic proportions without seeing the knife, now it's just monkey poo flinging. Idiocracy meets ZH. I guess the 2nd law of thermodynamics can never be avoided.

I have met many wonderful people here. They have changed my life and I will always be greatful for that. ZH provided me a window into a new world where the MSM was simply endless lies. That so many here gave freely of their own time to help me understand the technicalities still overwhelms me. Really, I'm just a bench tech microbiologist. Just an ordinary Joe schmo that punches a time clock, pays her taxes/bills and tries to live a decent, moral life. Nothing special. That I lasted here among so many greats for so long is quite incredible but a lady should know when it is right to leave.

To all of those who have commented to me all these years, my heartfelt thanks. I expected some good thrashings and some toughening up. You gave me both. I never would have found this anywhere else. This is where anonymity is a good thing. Under the viscious, honesty can often be found. We are sorely lacking this today.

To those who made me your contact. I feel a special kinship and understanding. I have been thinking I was so alone for so long and you made me see that was untrue. Thank you so much.

For those who I have connected with off line, I'll try and keep in touch.

To nmewn, Knuks, Team Depends, Mani, Angus, acetinker, raftermanfmj, element, HH, Hulk,BigJim etc... I'm sorry, I've tried for an hour to come up with something meaningful to say to all of you and I have drawn a blank. Just wiping tears down my face like a pathetic idiot. Some warrior queen. I think all of you will understand you have a special place in my heart and maybe words will not be needed. At least I hope so. I will miss you terribly.

And for the rest? Maybe Bilbo Baggins said it best. "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.”

Good bye and God bless us all in these frightening times. Stay safe.


NuckingFuts's picture

I am sorry to see you go, but don't blame you. When we lose sane, rational, intelligent people like you this becomes an even bigger pile of shit site. 5 years ago I lurked and didn't join because the caliber of the commenters was so high I felt as if I had nothing to add 4+ years ago I felt I had learned enough to be able to contribute something. Today I feel like you, why waste my time with a bunch of name calling inbred Neanderthals with no intellectual arguments, only high school caliber responses to people who are obviously more intelligent then they are.

A few days ago I read a post (from another short time member) that was so misogynistic and bitter toward women you have to figure he never got laid and blames "stuck up bitches". Where did they come from? How was it we we free from them for years.

Miffed, you will be missed and these dumb ass mother fuckers can find some other long time intelligent member to piss on until they pack it up. Not because they have a thin skin, but because who wants to even be associated with such idiots. I avoid them in real life and I will avoid them online as well. If that's what ZH has to offer today, I doubt many smart, thoughtful members will even bother posting. Just the opposite of what I found here 5 years ago. If I were to find ZH now not knowing its prior greatness I wouldn't even bother joining.

God Bless.

knukles's picture

Please don't go, Miffed.  But if you must, it is understandable.  You'll be terribly missed, my love. 
May God always hold you close in the palms of his hands.

Don't forget Miffed, that it's comments like that from a 3 day wonder*, a real Troll, who in driving us out, constitutes "the Man's success" in subverting the good and sending us packing.  For it is in this very manner that "they" degrade the site, by dragging the content in the threads to the lowest common denominator, thereby disparaging the site in toto.  Their weight may be mighty but cannot defeat awakenings of a spiritual nature, from the collective dream.

* Paid opposition as certainly seems to know quite a bit about you for only having been here 3 days.  Curiouser and curiouser.

NuckingFuts's picture

This asshole either:
A. Has been a member for some time and got kicked out due to stupidity and has returned with some agenda.
B. Is some paid troll who did research to target Miffed
C. Has such a small limp dick that the idea of a smart woman scares him and makes him feel insecure in his 'masculinity'. Therefore his only recourse is to flame her in hopes that others might not realize what a dumbass impotent piece of shit he is.
D. You can't fix stupid.

The Pope's picture

I'm just a dude like you expressing my perspective on things. As stated above, these little minuettes annoy the living shit out of me. That's my opinion. It's an opinion that, clearly, is not shared by many other readers (many readers whose sole defense for their opinion is the fact that they have longER standing tenure on ZH).


Junk away. That's the only way to express your freedom around here. Or, since many of you have fallen in to the groupthink vortex with regards to certain things, perhaps you'd find Facebook a nice place whereby you could all post pictures and share stories about your pet parakeets.


What I'm certain about is the following:


Having been 'junked' relentlessly for the above comment, I now have a target on my back. Therefore, whatever I post in the future is sure to glean downvotes (notwithstanding the content, whether saavy, or acerbic) simply because they did not like ONE SINGLE comment (which, without a body of other publishings, apparently qualifies & characterizes me as a 'limp dicked' misogynist signed, sealed, & delivered), and especially that the one single comment was directed towards a commentator that they LIKE ;-), and decided to circle the wagons on behalf of & which prompted a "I can't take anymore, I'm leaving" ultimatum, which, naturally was followed up by the perfunctory cornucopia of pleadings & attagirls. So what does that say about the 'quality' of posters around here? To reflexively junk a person simply because they wish to make it clear that "gang rules" are in play here instead of taking the time & consideration to weigh an invividual comment on its own merit, &/or try to glean more information as to what motivated it in the first place?


That's OK. But when I read comments ^above^ which call into question the notion that the quality of ZH has gone down over the years (because of people like me, who, upon "rush to judgement by the seasoned vets", did nothing except express an opinion about something that didn't happen to be popular), then you have to ask yourself if what's really bothering you is that, sometimes, there happens to be a fly in the ointment in the GRAND AGREEING SOCIETY.


So what is it?


@knuck - you have no idea my old friend

@Miffed - My apologies for not "LIKE"-ing your story. Don't go (on my account). I don't pretend to be that influential, but if what I said made you sad, then I regret that. I don't like making people sad, but that doesn't stop me from expressing my thoughts on things. If you decide to stay, I pledge to NOT troll you. You should not let an isolated case like this get blown up out of context. This was simply a continuation of comments which were started yesterday (about the farm). I feel I made valid comments to the extent that "NOTHING IS FREE". During that whole process, I felt I got shuffled to the side which kind of ticked me off. After all this, I consider it over & done with so, like I said, I'm not here to troll. ANYONE.


So to the general population, if I don't like your POV on something & it motivates me to publish a response. In my book, that doesn't equal trolling, it equals expression.



centerline's picture

Now... that is a solid post.

In terms of "junks" - ahh... who fucking cares.  People around here knee jerk right and left.  They even junk statements of fact.  lol.

What matters most is constructive debate.  If someone wants to just throw an opion out there... ok.  No problem.  But, be prepared to defend it.  Else, eventually the people around who do care will stop reading said poster's writing.  Only monkey poo flinging will remain.  Where good debate can happen, it is possible to get one's ass handed to them.  And that is okay too (I have been bitch slapped more times that I can't recall).  What is cool is when people are willing to put it out here and fight for it.  In this public space, it is impossible to guess how many other people we reach... and help them forge a better perspective themselves.  THAT is the magic of ZH. 

At the same time, there are some really solid posters who offer a glimpse of thier world.  A "head out the window" perspective which I very much enjoy.  I personally dont claim to intelligent enough to really post in detail about complex financial/market stuff.  Rather, I am more of amatuer anthropologist per se.  Miffed and a others like her offer personal details which help remind us that so many of us have so much in common.  These sort of posts are like lighthouses I think.

The Pope's picture

Naturally, I don't care about the junks. If I did, I wouldn't have made the original comment in the first place.


Ironically, the degree of which ensued in the aftermath offered an opportunity to clear the air and express some things which don't often get talked about around here.


There are a lot of branches (which lead in all kinds of directions) of what I'm about to say, but, in general, here it is.


The 'quality' of ZH has NOT declined over the years. The articles are better than ever. Sure, there seems to be more exploitative 'filler' material than there was in the original days, but the great articles (the ones that truly hit home runs), are ones that you could NOT EVER hope to find anywhere else in media.


So frankly, any "issues" I may have, have more to do with the 'clickishness' that has evolved among the longtime ZH posters. It's like you have to choose to "fall into line" in agreeing with the groupthink, and if you dare to venture outside that (whether or not your observation is valid from an objective perspective), then you get attacked. Nobody does their homework anymore. Laziness has become rampant. If you happen to have paid your dues cozying up the the right CLIQUE of popular personnae, you're GOLDEN. You can just sit back, sip your brandy and get all warm, fuzzy, & red nosed, & be the big hero at 11:30 PM defending your comrades between spontaneous & reflexive sharts about how much the world sucks (all from the comfort of your warm & cozy dwelling). In the morning, you may or may not even remember what you said. So I suppose, metaphorically, it's like having a 6 figure government job. Tough, but SOMEBODY has to do it, right?


After all this time, a slippery dynamic has evolved on ZH (whereby certain posters are candid & open up about their personal lives). On the one hand, I suppose it's a "good thing" because it brings a human element to the conversation. It's also a "good thing" because, in the absence of that, we'd probably be left alone to suffer an endless array of "Fuck you (INSERT NAME OF BILDERBERGER WE ALL HATE HERE)".


But when you go down that path of broadcasting too much about your personal life, it creates it's own feedback loop. You can't stop because it has, at some point, become your DE FACTO personna. It's kind of like that scene in THE BREAKFAST CLUB, where the Ally Sheedy character asks the other two guys if they want to see what's in her purse. They both definitively say "NO", whereby, indignantly, she dumps the entire contents of her purse on the couch in front of them. So naturally, they are forced to look at it, and then proceed to take the bait, whereupon they end up making some comments about certain items, & whereby, she ends up getting offended. The Emilio Estevez character finally says something to the effect of "Hey we weren't the ones who asked you to dump the contents of your purse out in the first place" (& in fact, pleaded otherwise).


Anyway, there's no right or wrong to anything I just said, but that's the dynamic as I see it. People can choose to do whatever they want & reveal themselves to whatever degree they see fit.


Oh yeah, and then at the end of the movie, Emilio Estevez & Alley Sheedy end up hitting it off together, so go figure.

centerline's picture

Hang around Pope.  Hope to see you again.  Thank you for the response.  I know I am returning to an old thread... sort of bad form I guess.  But, these conversations do matter to me.  I hope Miffed also returned (going to check that next... if no post then I just hope she saw it... different sorts of good folks out here.  Just a matter of knowing over time where to poke and why I suppose).

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

My dearest friend Knuks,

I've finished the series. I must say it was a mix of torture and delight coming from my position. The tragedy and hope in the end was appropriate. Thank you. I haven't read a good book in a long time. I tend to go for the thought provoking vs the campy, trite stuff so it really was a good choice. The phony cookie cutter drivel so popular now just adds to the deadening IMHO. However, I think now I will try something a bit more light, a little more soothing for a becalmed warrior queen. A time out to recharge.

Thank you for the love and support for all this time. As a fellow Californian I feel a special kinship. We intimately know the challenges we face here. I hope ( but fear likely not) all is not lost.

Love always my dear friend. You have a kind soul and that is such a rarity today. Don't let the world claim it. I shall do my best as well.

Your ever devoted Miffed ;-)

bilbert's picture

Agree with Knucks - don't go.


This used to be a great little private club, but has grown into a village, complete with...........


I, for one, REALLY appreciate your posts, and enjoy the female perspective you bring.


Don't let the trolls win. 

FIAT CON's picture

I have been reading zerohedge for about 4 years and like many just read all the articles and then the comments, never thinking that one day I would have anything of value to say.

I cannot say for sure that I remember any of your comments. but hey don't go!

Especially if you have any good things to contribute to the board.

In life we all have to weed out the dumb and agressive ones so as to carry on. I agree this board is getting more stupid comments but these guys will tire and move on when they don't get the reactions they desire.

Stay a while longer!