The Start Of China's Unrest? Southern China City Rocked By "Massive" Bomb Explosions, At Least 6 Dead

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Update: it did not take long to find the possible bombing suspect:


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Over the weekend when we reported that one of China's largest coal miners had laid off 100,000, or 40% of its workforce, we noted that China's hard-landing is starting to hit where it really hurts: employment, or rather the lack thereof, and the one logical consequence: "now, many migrant workers struggle to find their footing in a downshifting economy. As factories run out of money and construction projects turn idle across China, there has been a rise in the last thing Beijing wants to see: unrest."

Moments ago we may have witnessed the first direct, and deadly, manifestation of this unrest when as Xinhua reported, a series of at least 17 "massive" explosions rocked the southern Chinese city of Liuzhou earlier today, killing at least three six people and injuring more than a dozen, state media reported.

According to NBC, a local police chief told state news agency Xinhua that the 17 explosions hit locations including a hospital, a food market and a bus station, state news agency Xinhua reported.

State-run broadcaster CCTV cited a police chief saying the blasts were caused by "parcels containing explosives," without providing further information.

In other words, for the first time in recent years, someone in China proactively sent out mailbombs to heavily populated areas including a hospital, a market, and a bus station.

CCTV said at least 6 people had been killed and at least 13 injured. NBC News could not immediately confirm that tally.

Images posted to Twitter by the Chinese media outlets appeared to show partially collapsed buildings, rubble in the streets, and at least one plume of smoke above the city.

According to Xinhua, the incident is being investigated as a criminal act. Which brings us back to our conclusion from Sunday:

if there is one thing China's politburo simply can not afford right now, is to layer public unrest and civil violence on top of an economy which is already in "hard-landing" move. Forget black - this would be the bloody swan that nobody could "possibly have seen coming.

Three days later we may have the first manifestation of precisely this civil violence "bloody swan." Will today's deadly bombing be the end of it, or is it just starting?

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saints51's picture

I would go with false flag before civil violence bloody swan.

chubbar's picture

exactly. The US plan of attack appears to be to create chaos in every country they can, including the US (immigration). So I would guess CIA operatives before I would think it was the natives becoming restless.

Headbanger's picture

Oh everything is a false flag now for retards like you two living in mom's basement.

But fuck it... Why bother trying with idiots.

saints51's picture

Quit hating because your mom sucks dick real good.

Latina Lover's picture

Those explosions are the way the USSA expresses disapproval with the  Chinese President's UN speech.

waterwitch's picture

My bad: from Aug 17 bombing. 

NoDebt's picture

How China is going to fix it's massive overbuilding problem and boost GDP in the same stroke.

You get a bump in GDP for putting the building up and another bump in GDP from having to clean up the rubble.

BTW- this is LITERALLY the way that Keynesian economics would look at the situation.  All GDP is as good as the next, even if your just digging holes and filling them back in.

BigJim's picture

If it's a false flag, it's probably the Chinese government, who will blame Muslim separatists, to garner support for their operations in Syria.

wesson's picture

pretty much this. I'd love to see China side with Russia and Syria, based on the very same reason alleged by French or English gov. : "self defense"



Motasaurus's picture

<- Hegelian Dielectic
<- Us Response to China in Syria

Honestly I can't decide which is more likely. 

Divine Wind's picture




Faulty iPhone knockoffs going boom?

Keyser's picture

Wait till this starts happening in San Diego, Chicago, Queens, Miami, Dallas, St Louis, etc... Only a matter of time... 

Keyser's picture

Cuidate mi amigo, cuidate... 

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Its alright, they got the culprit.  It was a lone nut.

We've got him.  Nothing to see here.   Move along.  MOVE along.

turtle's picture

Those chemical explosion "accidents" last month got lost in translation.

CIA now more explicit in response to China' support of Russia in Syria.

Pliskin's picture

I'm a bit disappointed that D.C. wasn't at the top of your list :(

Max Cynical's picture

If/when this starts happening in big US cities, they'll shut everything down tighter than the Pope's visit to Philadelphia's or the day after the Boston bombings.

Evil Peanut's picture

This is totally connected to the 2 (or 3?) chemical storage facility explosions over the last few months in China.


weburke's picture

didnt they get the memo? AFTER israel attacks iran.  oh those false flag newbies.

YuShun's picture

Liuzhou is halfway between between Guilin and Nanning.

monk27's picture

Looks like a nice place. And, they're hiring English teachers...

Grimaldus's picture

I'm not really sure China coming out of it's hole is a good thing. Chinese despot regimes have done one thing better than anybody and that is murder of civilians. Their OWN civilians. The Chinese leaders throne of corpses runs into the many tens of millions.

You really don't want those kinda guys let loose upon the rest of the world.


Russia was pretty bad too but in Syria they are supporting the legitimate government of Syria against illegal intervention. Hard to argue with that.


US and EU intervention in Syria and the rest of the middle east has been driven by PROGRESSIVES and their policy's of tyranny and crime.  Damn sure is not a constitutional conservative thing now is it?





Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I think you meant the Bolsheviks and that 'Georgian' fellow whose name means 'Son of Ju' [Jugashvili], and those other name-changers, Bronstein, Lenin (whose ancestry has been obscured) spoke Yiddish, Kaganovich initiated the Holodomor...  And we are going to blame it on Russians?  Really?

"The important part played by the wealthy American Jewish Banker, Jacob Schiff [as a Rothschild agent], in the events in no longer a secret"

Oldballplayer's picture

Or, it could be one of the millions of unemployed 25-35 year old men who cannot find a wife, a job, and who cannot move back to the farm.

Or, it could be islamic terrorists who see this as an opportunity to show Xi what happens when they start up in Syria.

Or, it could be factions within the Chinese Army who are scared of losing 300,000 jobs.

Or, it could be a pyscho.


None of the people on this web site know shit from shinola.

38BWD22's picture



Yes, lots of fanciful theories here.  Few facts yet.

nofluer's picture

"None of the people on this web site know shit from shinola."

"Shinola is a luxury lifestyle brand which specializes in watches, bicycles, and leather goods among items. Founded in 2011, its name is a nod to the former Shinola shoe polish company that was manufactured in the early- and mid-20th century. The current company is owned and operated by Bedrock Brands, a privately owned Texas investment group, and was launched by Tom Kartsotis, one of the founders of the Fossil Group retail conglomerate."

So the "new" Shinola is shit, the old Shinola is shoe polish.

Oldballplayer's picture

I remember seeing that it was being "upgraded." 

When I was cleaning out my parents old house, I came across an old can of Shinola.

I tossed it.  I hate old shit.  And....I know the difference now.

Freddie's picture

If a bomb goes off in a ghost city and a building falls?  Does anyone hear it?


Maxter's picture

OT: I never understood what was the problem with the original question.  Of course a tree falling will make noise when it falls!

Nothing Ever Happens's picture

Actually, if a tree falls and there is no one to hear it, it does not make a sound. It makes vibrations, yes, but it's your perceptual mechanisms that turns them into a sound. No ear, no hear.

hxc's picture


Audible vibrations are themselves sound. Whether they are heard or not has no bearing on their existence. Light (really any frequency of particle-waves) is the exact same. Light can be said to exist, no?

teslaberry's picture

but does your dick get hard at the sound of your own analysis?

proV's picture

The dualistic object-subject concept of the world (this is how people experience "the experience" or better - live it) needs both the subject and the object for the action and perception to arise. If there is no subject (or observer), there is no object (or nothing to be observed). Not by itself. Nobody can "prove" it from that point of view, not even God. Although, that does not automatically mean it is the only point a view can be taken from or even that it has a true reality.


So the answer to the original question from subject-object "world-experience" view is that you can not answer to that question because it is a meaningless and empty sentence that is not even a question. It is an equation already solved in itself and there is nothing else to add.


You answered YES not to THAT tree but to mental picture of some "tree" you imagined. And you did give the right answer - to complete your pure imagination where you, "the subject", was observing the tree. But you didn't answer THAT question. THAT question is not a question. And THAT tree is not a tree. That THAT is the void of pure nothingness now playing to be something. Your idea of you being a subject made it alive.


And if you expand this idea further: The universe you are supposedly in is not the objective universe but only your mental idea of it. You are looking at your own thoughts all the time. This is the basis of many religions.

hxc's picture

Fuck off with the hermeneutics.

proV's picture

It is your own "hermeneutics" of my words, that seem to hurt you.

Christophe2's picture

More like he's probably annoyed by the uselessness of your mental masturbation.

What practical advantage does your thinking net you in your real life, other than distracting you with a complex model that 'works', like a toy?

You can expound on it and think you are getting all wise from seeing the details of it, but it still doesn't seem particularly useful, unlike, say Nietzche's writing, which makes one re-think the mainstream value system so you can free yourself from some of the worst parts of it (satanism is all about making bad ideas look good to the naive victims).

The idea that reality doesn't happen if we close our eyes and ears to it is absurd and childish.  It fits well with manipulators though, since they want you to be distracted with safe (for them) thoughts - ie: useless thoughts (unless you want to be a slave).

proV's picture

Well I answered it as lightly as I could and in these days many written words are no taboo or sign of ignorance or "mental masturbation". It is just a "higher" mode of mental activity the civilization is in. And it is a koan after all. Perhaps you can out do me and enlighten us all.

As for your "real" life...What use is there in "freeing yourself" from the "mainstream value system" if that system would in any true way be real an not only an illusion of some sort? Do you know what you are implying? You are implying the world that "God" (as a philosophical term) created or is creating has a foundation that is corrupt and rotten and can be hacked by evil. But when the "cause" is unacceptable how can whatever "effect" you are trying to make have any other basic structure? How can you get rid of evil if everything is made of material that is evil? A subset can not have other basic properties than the superset. The only solution to it is death, there is no other. There is no other victory in "the future". So the "freeing yourself" from a higher point of view MUST be seen only as a antithesis from illusion, not from something true.

So you see, with your own words using Nietzsche as support you have made this world not-real. You do not want to accept it and your every day motivation that drives you through is proving it over and over again! Why don't you just accept it as it is? Why the need to free yourself? From what? Reality? Or is it only "reality" we are running from?

There is a difference between blind ignorance and seeing past illusion of movement. To make an are trying representing the view that this "real life" which is nothing but endless war is real and I should not close my eyes and pretend It doesn't exist. I never said that one should close their eyes. What I did imply though is that one could perhaps alter its very *point of view* in its very esence, the subject-object subjective experience and focus on the importance of the position of the observer. Is this life really a world at war or is it only our playground, a sandbox full of clay soldiers (fighting in whatever form) and instead of remembering it as only a game we have fallen so deep into this game that we are actually identifying ourselves with our little soldiers on the ground and their "points of view" that in REALITY never existed in the first place? The falling tree perhaps plays importance only to fake soldier-you and not the REAL you. Why burden yourself with meaningless stuff? Would the REAL YOU want to hold on a such a burden?


hxc's picture

The instant that someone argues there's no such thing as malinvestment, i write them off as a keynesian/new-monetarist fucktard... and summarily bitchslap them.

LongMarch's picture

Dear Playthings of the World,

The bombings will continue until morale improves.


Deep State

Calmyourself's picture

That damage was not caused by parcel bombs unless the parcels were on pallets...

wizteknet's picture

Have u ever messed with such toys to even know what you are talking about?

Calmyourself's picture

In fact I'm experienced in all sorts, you? Toys? they are not toys friend, does your Mom let you touch dad's guns yet?

Bastiat's picture

Maybe CA 50lb package of RDX?  But yeah, there's a reason 250lb bombs weigh that much . . . and it's not because  attack aircraft like extra weight.

Agent P's picture

I thought the same thing, but then I realized those buildings were made in China. 

bunnyswanson's picture

This is not America's style, however, it is Israel's style.  Oklahoma, WTC x 2.  This is being done by Mossad/CIA.