U.S. Bombs Afghanistan Hospital, Kills At Least 9 Doctors And 3 Children, Calls It "Collateral Damage"

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Update 2: the death toll has risen to 16, including 9 hospital staffers and 3 children.

Update: and now the UN is getting involved, which means the US will have to spend even more taxpayer funds on bribes to make the "international community" forget this collateral damage incident and refocus on evil Russia.


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Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for US foreign policy, or for the credibility of the US state department to slide further, it got much worse.

Less than a day after US ambassador to the UN, uber-warhawk Samantha Power informed Russia of the latest US foreign policy stance by tweeter, when she called "on Russia to immediately cease attacks on Syrian oppo[sition and] civilians" in the latest desperate attempt to halt the Russian campaign against US-created ISIS which may wipe out the terrorist threat in just a few short days, it was the US itself which admitted that early on Saturday the US airforce bombed an Afghan hospital run by the medical aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres, or Doctors without Borders, in the Afghan city of Kunduz in an air strike that killed at least nine people and wounded 37.

As the Executive Director, of Doctors without Borders Jason Cone tweeted, "all parties 2 conflict, including in Kabul & Washington, were clearly informed of precise GPS Coordinates of @MSF facilities in Kunduz" and that the "precise location of @MSF Kunduz hospital communicated to all parties on multiple occasions over past months, including on 9/29."

In other words, this morning's US bombing was nothing more than another example of the utter incompetence, carelessness and disregard for innocent civilian lives that has become a staple hallmark of US foreign policy, something we have already witnessed repeatedly in the past 6 years as a result of the thousands of innocent people dead as part of US drone attacks, also known as "collateral damage."

The attack, which started at 2:15am local time, took place when almost 200 patients and employees were in the hospital, the only one in the region that can deal with major injuries, Medecins Sans Frontieres said.

The aftermath of the US bombing:

At the aid group's bombed-out hospital, one wall of a building had collapsed, scattering fragments of glass and wooden door frames, and three rooms were ablaze, said Saad Mukhtar, director of public health in Kunduz.

A video of the aftermath was also released moments ago:

"Thick black smoke could be seen rising from some of the rooms," Mukhtar said after a visit to the hospital. "The fighting is still going on, so we had to leave."

"We are deeply shocked by the attack, the killing of our staff and patients and the heavy toll it has inflicted on healthcare in Kunduz," the aid group's operations director, Bart Janssens, said in a statement.

"I could hear sounds of heavy gunfire, explosions and airplanes throughout the night," said Khodaidad, who has only one name. "There were several huge explosions and it sounded like the roof was falling on me."

As expected, Doctors without Borders was furious after the attack:

Worse, as Cone adds, the US bombing raid "continued for >30 minutes after American & Afghan military officials in Kabul & Washington first informed of proximity to hospital." Not only was the US bombardment uncalled for, but it continued long after supervisors were made aware they should call it off.

Perhaps the only thing the US military got right was admitting it was responsible for this latest murder of innocent civilians, when it issued a statement acknowledging that it carried out airstrikes, claimed they were conducted "against individuals threatening the force," and conceded that "the strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility."

Oh well, oops?

Meanwhile the drama at the hospital continues:

While the US tried to justify its latest murder of innocents by supposedly engaging the Taliban, a spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said U.S. air strikes targeted the hospital, killing killed patients, doctors and nurses adding that "no militant fighter was a patient" the group said. The U.S. military has unleashed twelve air strikes this week in support of government forces in the city. Most airstrikes hit targets on the city's outskirts and the overnight strike was only the second in a central area, the military said.

MSF said it had treated almost 400 patients in the 150-bed hospital since fighting broke out, most for gunshot wounds.


So many patients have flooded in that the hospital has had to put them in offices and on mattresses on the floor. The International Committee of the Red Cross said it was "deeply shocked" by the incident.


"This is an appalling tragedy," said Jean-Nicolas Marti, head of the ICRC in Afghanistan. "Such attacks undermine the capacity of humanitarian organizations to assist the Afghan people at a time when they most urgently need it."

As Glenn Greenwald points out, "it’s impossible to fathom what the U.S. media would be saying and doing if Russia did something like this in Syria. By contrast, the reaction to this airstrike by their own government will be muted and filled with apologia, ironically quite similar to the widely vilified caricature of Jeb Bush’s comments about the Oregon shooting spree: stuff happens."

It's quite possible to "fathom" what the "objective" US media's reaction to this horrific tragedy will be: utter silence. Which, however will not be the reaction from the rest of the world, which with every passing day realizes that when it comes to Pax American, the only this that matters for the Obama administration is appeasing his generous backers from the US military industrial complex which just happen to arm all sides in the conflict. That and the banks who provide the loans, of course.

However, when it comes to the now four-year-long attempt by the US to pass a Qatar gas pipeline under Syria, even if it means crushing the nation, destroying its economy, and unleashing the worst refugee wave in European history, one thing is clear: the US has just lost any US credibility when it comes to criticizing Putin's or anyone else's "attacks on civilians."

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fudge's picture

Just when you think it could go no lower, we get bombing hospitals and murdering Doctors Without Borders staff :(

Well done America.


HenryHall's picture

Unlikely that the Americans intentionally bombed a Medcin sans Frontiers hospital. Much more likely they simply do not care what kind of building it is. Anything to spread chaos and violence. To seed hate and disruption throughout the world.

fudge's picture

did you read this in the article above ?

See here....

Worse, as Cone adds, the US bombing raid "continued for >30 minutes after American & Afghan military officials in Kabul & Washington first informed of proximity to hospital."

you're a fucking retard.

Motasaurus's picture

It's like the US has become a charicature of a comic book villain. 

Sorry premillenialists, the U.S.A. is not a stand in for Babylon. No-one will mourn the destruction.  

SWRichmond's picture

Was someone having a wedding onsite?

remain calm's picture

Obama will burn in hell. Why in the fuck are we even there? What fucking interest is served that we have to kill people, ruin lifes? How fucking sick are the people who run are government? Can someonr ruin the lifes of the people who made these decisions? 

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

President Obama was the one who brought America into Afghanistan and Iraq under false pretenses?

I remember it differently. The name George W. Bush comes to mind.

BlindMonkey's picture

Barry "ended" the war in Afghanistan after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.  These dead doctors you see are an illusion.  It is completely unpossible for this kind of shit to happen with the benevolent Barry running the show.

Latina Lover's picture

 American "smart bombs"  are victims of common core education,   dumbed down, just like the average amerikan shlub.

The Pope's picture

So Obamacare has made it to Afghanistan? Expect an increase in your premiums after they clear up the rubble.

Clockwork Orange's picture

We MUST control Afghanistan at all costs.  How else are we going to be able to supply cheap heroin to our High Schoolers and keep everyone sufficiently doped so they don't notice the final chapters of their future being pillaged, then destroyed?


No need to worry about expensive meds with Obamacare when you can get cheap smack on every corner.

HowdyDoody's picture

<-- we dehospitaled some folks.

<-- we dehospitaled then rehospitaled some folks.

justdues's picture

.President Assad demands regime change for the "Butcher Obama" after futher wedding and hospital atrocities and announces plans for arming moderate 9/11 truthers

toady's picture

...it’s impossible to fathom what the U.S. media would be saying and doing if Russia did something like this in Syria....

And there's the rub...



Dame Ednas Possum's picture

The evil hypocrisy of the psychopaths pulling the strings of the a Evil Empire is simply breath-taking.

It is difficult for the sane, rational mind to fathom.

Bingo Hammer's picture

And barely a word across all MSM sources!

Absolutely disgusting...

Parrotile's picture

In Australia the initial coverage of this REAL Humanitarian disaster was pretty muted, however the outrage from the US and Saudi Arabia over Russia's "showing them how to get the job done" in Syria was deafening. We even had (radio) coverage of the Saudi Ambassador berating Russia for "Humanitarian Crimes" - seems "Execution / Amputation Central" is very keen on "upholding Human Rights" (except where their own citizens, and especially where their migrant workers, rights are concerned.)

CheapBastard's picture

Afghanistan is a yuuuuuuuuuuuge market for Obamacare insurance, SNAP, Section 8 caves, Big Pharma vaccines, and all the goat you can eat!



cheka's picture

dwob - suspected organ harvesting operation

israel is not going to be happy about this

petolo's picture

9 dead in Oregon, time for the crocodile tears from Obombo and perrenial attacks on guns. 14 dead in Afghanistan and the cocksucker is probably out on the greens with the masters of war and murderers . Is there a word stronger that FUCK for that creature.

Zpigs's picture

And the bombs (total military $598.49 billion), like common core education ($69.98 billion), funded by the American Taxpayer. 


Imagine if instead of making General Dynamics and Armalite richer, we figured out an education system that actually works. 

lincolnsteffens's picture

"Imagine... if we figured out an education system that actually works."

What do you mean if?? It was long ago figured out. Don't you understand the destruction of education in the US is intentional. Knowledge is the enemy of the State unless you conspire with the State.

boattrash's picture

"Imagine... if we figured out an education system that actually works."

I teach mine knot tying, (hangman's noose). Guillotines and ballistics are also included in the curriculum.

Zpigs's picture

Imagine what you could do with $598.49 billion!

boattrash's picture

With $$ like that, I could have my own MIC, but mine would have morals, constitutionality, and integrity.

(and lots of scared crooks running from it)

Zpigs's picture

Imagine what you could do with $598.49 billion!

hibou-Owl's picture

Strip the cunt of the Nobel prize
I bet there was no US doctors in the hospital

COSMOS's picture

Let me fix that for you, 'I bet there were no JEWISH doctors in the hospital'

US goy lives dont matter.

TeamDepends's picture

But 0bama kept right on bombing hospitals and droning weddings, didn't he?

lincolnsteffens's picture

It wasn't W that bombed Libya to destroy Gadaffi and the country's entire infrastructure ( except oil and gas to Europe ) and peace.

BoNeSxxx's picture

I can barely remember when being an American was a good thing.

Scooby Dooby Doo's picture

Well Bones. USSA has to create some terrorists. It's now or never so if you luv your cuntry sponsor a Profit Mohammad Cartoon Convention at your local convention center.

lincolnsteffens's picture

I can but that's because I'm nearly 70 years old. Of course I was barely aware of the Red witch hunt in the 50's. Then in came Johnson and Nixon to begin the global destruction.

HowdyDoody's picture

In 2001, the US changed from being merely duplicitous and sometimes murderous to full-on Zionist psychopathy.

But never frear, it is all good for Israel (according to Bibi 'Pottymouth' Mileikowsky).



overmedicatedundersexed's picture

eirik, true -however for the last 7 yrs we have troops there under mr obuma, but i guess that is not important, just defending a semiblack socialist ..you disgust many.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

the wisdom of the founding fathers of america and recently Ron Paul, are clear to many  of us citizens of USA..I want no more bombs dropped to extend the empire..

"Whenever there is a discussion of the guidelines laid down by the founders for American foreign policy, Thomas Jefferson's admonition to avoid foreign entanglements and alliances is seen as the founding principle. That seems reasonable to me inasmuch as George Washington expressed a similar sentiment. So while there were some who favored France over Britain during the French Revolutionary Wars, the main thrust of American foreign policy was neutrality."


Oh regional Indian's picture

Shhhhh EML, lot's of closet republicans, many of whom probably voted for Bush the lesser lurk these parts.

And clearly, CLEARLY, AMERICA is being set up to be hated, detested, world-wide.

Shoved into a shit hole and the concerned citizenry can do nothing but bleat minor protests and declare code pink!!!

And this is the cuntry that Mr. .Modi went and embraced recently. India is being delivred into the arms of the real shaitan....

World going MAD!

Jreb's picture

Nothing wrong with reporting the facts - we've know for a long time the US is not 'there to help'. We'll see how balanced ZH's coverage of the ME is as Russia starts to bomb the shit out of it and also inflicts collateral damage of its own. There are no good guys in this story.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

There are no good guys in this story.

I only see one side obsessed with global regime change, so there's, you know - THAT

Jreb's picture

So far - we"ll see how long that lasts as the power base begins to shift....

Sparehead's picture

That's a fair reminder. Bush's venture into mideast nation building has ultimatley been a disaster. Obama didn't start the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. He gets credit only for presiding over our hasty departure, their decent into chaos, and bringing us back. As for Libya and Syria, not to mention our new radical freedom-fighter buddies that like to saw off heads, Obama gets full credit.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

I wasn't Bush's anymore than it is Obama's. They are all playing off a script that has been handed them - capice? You can pan the actors all you want, but if you hate the movie, the production isn't their doing. Producers and Directors never have to take their marks on the carpet.

Husk-Erzulie's picture

Obama wanted to be POTUS, so the rape of Libya and ISIS are his to own.  There are plenty of other players to be sure but the magical mulatto gets to Own This Shit.

Rumor has it that Samantha Powers head exploded this morning on learning this news... has anyone seen Samantha?

Bendromeda Strain's picture

President Obama was the one who brought America into Afghanistan and Iraq under false pretenses?

I remember it differently. The name George W. Bush comes to mind.

Larssen you selective memory idiot - Obama was all about Afghanistan and even tried to make the case for invading "Pockistan" while running for TOTUS. Dude, you are serially mendacious.

Chris Dakota's picture

From what I SEE someone wants America and its reputation utterly destroyed.

My thought has always been how do you have a superpower in a one world government?

you don't.

It's why America is committing suicide.

Thanks Obama

vollderlerby's picture

Who gives a shit??? We're still there, 8 years later. Point fingers back to "this guy is even worse!" is what's killing any and all debate.  Obama is Bush's third term compared to what he was elected for.  We voted for another Roosevelt and we got another BushClintonite. 

gtb's picture

You voted for Obama?  You're a dumbass.

remain calm's picture

We collateralized some folks.

Lumberjack's picture

We re-hypothecated some mistakes.