Gun Sales Soar After Surge In US Mass Shootings

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Just as was evidenced after the 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech, after Columbine and Tucson in 2011, and following the theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado in 2012, US gun sales have soared following the mass-shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, which killed 10 people and injured seven others. As The FT reports, gun sales this year could surpass the record set in 2013, when gun purchases surged after the December 2012 Sandy Hook murders.

As The FT reports,

Business has been brisk for Larry Hyatt, owner of Hyatt Guns in North Carolina, since the Oregon community college shooting last week that left 10 people dead, including the 26-year-old suspect.


Mr Hyatt saw an even bigger surge in customers after the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut that left 26 people dead, including 20 children, before the gunman killed himself.




However, the calls for tighter gun laws lead to an increase in weapons sales. “Once the public hears the president on the news say we need more gun controls, it tends to drive sales,” said Mr Hyatt, who owns one of the largest gun retailers in the US. “People think, if I don’t get a gun now, it might be difficult to get one in the future. The store is crowded.”


“We don’t want our business to be based on tragedy but we have to deal with what we have no control over,” Mr Hyatt said. “And after these shootings and then the calls for tougher gun laws, we see a buying rush.”

In the first nine months of this year, 15.6m of the background checks needed to purchase guns from federally licensed sellers have been processed, compared with the 15.5m applications in the same period in 2013, according to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Strong sales this year have also boosted the earnings for the two of the largest gun manufacturers in the US. Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co have seen their stocks rise this year by over 88% and 67% respectively.



As Wired wrote back in 2012, the sharp spike in gun sales following mass shootings is not a new occurence and appears to happen for several reasons...

The desire to protect one's self In many cases, gun shootings followed by 24/7 media coverage prompt citizens to arm themselves, according to testimonies. In Aurora, for instance, Jake Meyers of Rocky Mountain Guns and Ammo told The Post shoppers cited self-protection when checking out new weapons. "A lot of it is people saying, 'I didn't think I needed a gun, but now I do,' " Meyers said. "When it happens in your backyard, people start reassessing — 'Hey, I go to the movies.'"


The fear of stricter gun laws Another logical factor is that gun owners' or soon-to-be-gun owners' sense a tide of gun control regulations following a massacre and seek to purchase guns ahead of fast-moving laws. Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, spoke to this following a 60 percent uptick in gun sales in the aftermath of the Tucson shootings in 2011. "Some Americans fear tougher gun control laws in the aftermath of Saturday’s attack so they want to stock up now," he told Politico. “What it shows is maybe gun owners in Arizona and these other states feel that there’s going to be some change in the law, which is what I hope our elected officials” trying to enact. Obviously, that fear has been unfounded. Since coming into office, Obama has been virtually silent on the issue of gun control, despite the protestations of liberals.


The feeling of uncertainty It's important to remember, spikes in guns sales don't just coincide with shooting sprees. They also coincide with violent events of any kind, as Fredrick Kunkle at The Washington Post reported. "People also rushed to buy guns after the 1992 riots in Los Angeles and the breakdown of order in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina." That has led some industry experts and law enforcement officials to point to a general feeling of uncertainty as a driver of gun buying habits. "People often buy firearms during periods of uncertainty," Gary Kleck, a researcher at Florida State University's College of Criminology and Criminal Justice, told the paper.

As Pew's most recent research found, America remains divided over the 'guns' issue:

Pew’s latest survey, conducted in July this year, found that opinions had remained largely unchanged since the Sandy Hook massacre.


Almost eight in 10 people surveyed supported laws to prevent people suffering from mental illness buying firearms, while 70 per cent backed the creation of a database on gun sales and almost 60 per cent wanted to see assault weapons banned.


“The public continues to be more evenly divided in fundamental attitudes about whether it is more important to control gun ownership or to protect the right of Americans to own guns,” Pew’s report said.


“Currently, 50 per cent say it is more important to control gun ownership, while 47 per cent say it is more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns.”

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G.O.O.D's picture

They want everyone else to be rock throwing Palestinians. It is human control they seek and there is no question about that.

r00t61's picture

Gun control is using both hands.

Billy the Poet's picture

Hillary is up in arms to close the so called "gun show loophole." This loophole has little to do with gunshows as FFL dealers must conduct background checks even at such shows. In fact, I surmise that the most common use of the "gun show loophole" is the transfer of long arms from deceased or elderly individuals to family or friends without a background check. Grandma almost never runs such a check when Grandpa dies and Sonny Boy gets his shotgun.
This is what the politicians really want to stop -- the untracked passage of common long arms from one individual to another.

If they close the "gun show loophole" and combined it with a database of gun owners cross checked against death notices then Grandma and Sonny Boy will go to jail simply for passing on Grandpa's long arm. This (along with Eric Holder's "brainwashing" techniques against firearms) is how TPTB have decide to make a generational break in Americans' ability and desire to possess firearms.

Slave's picture

Having quite the opposite effect, isn't it Onigger?

Bunghole's picture

Chalky is welcome to mine, one bullet at a time.

C'mon you little bitch.

Victor E. Overbanks's picture
Victor E. Overbanks (not verified) Bunghole Oct 5, 2015 11:00 PM

I made a video that outlines all of the witness interviews from the first day, before the MSM could pollute the story.


Mussie Ishmale

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Pewtrid research... who are they kidding?

So many surveys every day, so many “random samples” for each survey, and yet I've been selected for exactly 0 in all my life.

El Vaquero's picture

They do something like 1000 or 2000 people for each survey.  That's out of over 300,000,000 people.  Chances are, you won't get selected, whether they're legit or not.  I've actually been called by Gallup. Once.  It was a political survey.  They got no Repub! or Dem! from me. 


And make no mistake, most people are morons, either by choice, or by birth. 

Son of Loki's picture

I read several concealed carriers outside the classrooms, a few of them vets, heard the gun shots in Oregon but did not get involved. How sad.

TBT or not TBT's picture

The first role of a CCW is to protect its owner.  Not running to a gunfight can be a respectable thing to do for a permit holder who has responsibilities to others, family for example.  

Manthong's picture

No body armor will protect against a .22 from a person with point of aim.

...but a carry pocket piece should be at least .380


Four chan's picture

the latest reject could be obama's brother, and more black on white murder. the spin away from this rejects particulars are the media doing a lateral arabesque, meanwhile a muslim shoots up an army base and obama says nothing about disarming muslims or blacks the main perpetrators of the gun murder problem. black criminality is the problem, not law abiding gun owners.

N2OJoe's picture

I'm in Soviet Jersey where there's no such thing as carry, concealed or otherwise, so I may not be fully up on my CCW laws. However I was under the impression that in the rest of the country, CCW was ONLY to protect your person and immediate family, and that using it to protect someone else was grounds for imprisonment?

TrumpXVI's picture

No.  Obviously you are from New Jersey.  I'm sorry for you.

A ccw permit DOES allow for the possibility that one may feel obligated to help another person from being severely harmed by a violent attack.  A permit holder's permitable legal actions in protecting life can be extended to others.

Skip's picture

Marvin Harris, one of the world's most noted anthropologists, wrote a book in 1980. This title was previously available as America Now: The Anthropology of a Changing Culture. New York: Simon & Schuster. The new title is Why Nothing Works: The Anthropology of Daily Life 1981.

In the chapter titled: Why There's Terror on the Streets, he demonstrates that American White men have violent crime rates LOWER than English in England and the Japanese in Japan. So why does America have such a high level of violent crime? Dr Harris puts it quite plainly: Blacks and Hispanics. That's the story. He also pointed out that the average gun owner is a middle-aged, middle class White guy.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I agree. Im not running into anything like that if my family is involved, no way. They are my first responsiblity. If I am by myself, Id like to think Id try to help, but I firmly believe we are heading into tough times here, and I don't want to risk not being able to take care of my wife and kids when that happens.

TrumpXVI's picture

Yup.  A ccw permit does NOT make one a cop.  A ccw holder may or may not get involved, it generally is a matter of proximity.  If something is going down right in front of you, it may be okay to get involved.  To run across a college campus an into another building in order to involve oneself is definitely not a very good idea.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I agree. Cops have what they call 'qualified immunity', so if they shoot an unarmed person, but thought he was a bad guy, or are shooting at an active shooter buy accidently hit an innocent person, they don't get in trouble. A CCW holder running across a college campus trying in intervene in something like that is not covered by anything, he will be entirely at the mercy of the cops and the courts, assuming he even you say, definitely not a good idea. A lawsuit that will absolutely ruin you is a very real possibility, even if you are successful.


And believe me, if you try to intervene in something like that and fuck up, you will be ostricized in the media worse than george zimmerman. The cops will fucking have to charge you, even if they don't want to, just to satisfy the media and politicians. You will also give the left a lot of ammo to use against CCWs. "see, an untrained civilian runs into a situation that should have been left to the police. he shot an innocent person trying to stop a shooter and made the situation worse blah blah blah" will be what people will hear about.


My CCW is for me and my family, and only in situations that we can't just turn around and leave. Im not intervening in anything that doesn't threaten me or them.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

The guerilla war on cops will NOT end until: (1) every cops is personally accountable for every round they cap off; (2) a cop who kills a citizen no longer gets unlimited paid time off during the 'investigation'; and (3) jury awards and settlements in favor of the familiy of slain citizens (at the hands of cops) come out of that municipal cop's retirement pool.  Alternatively, every cop pays in weekly to a victim's compensation fund. . .

r00t61's picture

More media confusion, or deception?

This report says that a vet with a CCW - John Parker - tried to intervene, but school officials told him not to.

And then this report says that the same vet - John Parker - tried to intervene, but school officials told him not to, and then he ultimately decided "that it was a good choice at the time."

Parker does not say anything about deciding that not intervening was "a good choice" in the first video.  Also, the first link refers to him as an Air Force vet; while the second calls him Army. 

These and many other little inconsistencies just tell you about the state and quality of modern "reporting."

drendebe10's picture

Fukem. Fukem all. Buncha chikenshit progressive liberal democraps.

espirit's picture

Cast Silver Boolits kills vampires...

...and lizzard peeples so I heard.

daveO's picture

"Well it was kinda intense and kinda.. like, not, I dont want to say boring," hmmm, silencers?

Oldwood's picture

Sure, there are those utopian dreamers imagining a time when no one but Barney Fife has a gun, but the pragmatists in the collectivist progressive crowd have no illusions about getting rid of guns. No, I believe e beyond their typical divisiveness for political gain routine, they are not pushing for the elimination of guns, but the criminalization of them. The quickest way to silence a huge portion of society is to criminalize the ownership of guns THAT THEY KNOW WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP. Ruby Ridge, Waco. Simply isolated cases of a broader concept. If you own guns, this is hanging over your head. Political activism or simply Frank conversations will be exposure for prosecution. Everything is about power, intimidation, citizen capitulation.

El Vaquero's picture

Make me a criminal, and then watch me start acting like one.  I'm not giving mine up, and if you make it so that I risk getting shot for not giving mine up, guess what...

Billy the Poet's picture

Actually, it's hanging over their heads.

TBT or not TBT's picture

No gun owners in CA rubbing out the tyrants, so far as I have seen, and the 2A is basically dead here. Can't open carry. Can't concealed carry. You can "bear" you arms on private property, serfs! If they are on detailed lists of specifically allowed items, after 30 days waiting, and they're registered.

Oldwood's picture

Not to abuse an overused idea, but we are in a boiling pot, not a flash fire. The pressure will not come from the government directly but the public that continually will be indoctrinated to see anyone who owns a gun out of uniform a threat. It will be the public that intimidates us into secrecy and silence...just as they have done with race, religion, sexual preference/identity issues and about anything else you can think of. The ever shifting Overton window. The only thing on our side is the pure quantity of people who own guns, but even that can change. Simply look at the number of guns voluntarily surrendered when asked in many instances, in America and abroad.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I don't think thats what is happening. Everyone who has a tinfoil hat(im gonna put mine on for a sec) knows these polls are biased. the questions are phrased in a way to make people more likely to answer in the manner desired by the people conducting the polls. The government and media want to see more people in favor of things like banning 'assualt rifles', so questions will lead people in that direction. And, thats also dependent on if you even turst they don't just make up half that data. And I didn't see it mention where this poll was conducted. You ask a bunch of people in the NE, probably gonna get a lot different answer than if you're asking people in GA or FL about it.


Even with their dishonest bullshit, they STILL can't manufacture a concensus on gun control. The more this shit happens, the more guns are sold. Hell, I admit it, I went and bought another one after that homo shot those people on TV. I know Im not the only one. I didn't buy another gun after this one, but I did buy more ammo, and there were a lot of other people doing the same thing. "flyover country' isn't allowing the next generation of their children to be raised to fear guns and think they are bad either. The left is losing this one.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Dont forget that as more wetbacks and niggers rape'n'murder, more productive minds see behind the curtain . . . resulting in incremental firearm sales.  It's not just the prepper fringe buying those 15.6 million guns year-to-date.  Bearing arms is a powerful call option. . .  The Islamists knew this just prior to perpetrating the Armenian genocide, and so they ordered the guns be confiscated.  Over here the tyrants understand the importance of taking the guns away.  We'll all know when it's time to kill a mess o'tyrants.  It will be when the gun confiscation act hits the floor of Congress.

El Vaquero's picture


Pew’s latest survey, conducted in July this year, found that opinions had remained largely unchanged since the Sandy Hook massacre.

Almost eight in 10 people surveyed supported laws to prevent people suffering from mental illness buying firearms, while 70 per cent backed the creation of a database on gun sales and almost 60 per cent wanted to see assault weapons banned.

“The public continues to be more evenly divided in fundamental attitudes about whether it is more important to control gun ownership or to protect the right of Americans to own guns,” Pew’s report said.

“Currently, 50 per cent say it is more important to control gun ownership, while 47 per cent say it is more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns.”

To those who want to ban some guns, or to control gun ownership, do you own a gun?  No?  Well, how do you propose to take mine away then?  Any answer you give makes you a fucking hypocrite of the highest order.

Billy the Poet's picture

They're using the same techniques they used to intimidate smokers and promote perversion -- what Holder calls "brainwashing."


Look at the way they bullied a kid for eating a supposedly gun shaped pop tart or the way they lock down schools when someone robs a bank miles away.



El Vaquero's picture

Something is going to break.  When and how, I'll speculate on sometimes, but it is really tough to predict when and how.  But there is just too much tension for things to keep on going as they are.  When it does, the people who are disarmed will be at the mercy of those who are armed, and no matter who wins, how much mercy will be decided by somebody who has the power of life and death over them.


But people flat out refuse to believe that we are economically fucked and that our government is unbelievably corrupt. 

Billy the Poet's picture

Full agreement. On a related note I think that the situation in Syria marks a major turning point in US and world history. This past month will be well remembered like Archduke Ferdinand or the Lusitania. US hegemony breaking down in the most ignominious way and soon to be Iranian troops on the Israeli border.  Where will it lead?

Implied Violins's picture

I'll take door number three: a false-flag attack on Amerikan soil. Maybe even ISIS inspired. Multiple cities simultaneously. Followed by martial law and United Nations troops going door-to-door to TRY to take our guns. Perhaps even after a staged military coup. And if this shit DOEs happen, there will DEFINTELY be civil woar. Prepare for the worst, and pray for the best...

Billy the Poet's picture

Entirely possible but Iran as the scapegoat would seem more likely. Remember, the Sunnis are supposedly the "good" terrorists --even the WSJ says that members of "Al Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra" are "moderates."

And there's always race war for back up. Lots of levers of control.

Implied Violins's picture

SOMETHING is going to happen. I was just mentally masturbating above, but too much is going on lately to believe it isn't coming here, in some form - whether ISIS, Iran, Russia, China etc. Just the last two days I noticed several low flyovers of fighter jets here in Sacramento. Something evil is be prepared, is all I can say.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Just remember . . . when they come to your door to get your guns, MAKE THE FIRST SHOT COUNT.  .308 is OK, .338 is better, .50 BMG is best.  You are shooting for a softball-sized exit wound, and enough splatter to get the next 3 thugs wet.

TongueStun's picture



When they come to your neighbor's door to take his guns away, MAKE YOUR FIRST TEN SHOTS COUNT.....Then the motherfuckers will think twice about going to anyone else's door....

greenskeeper carl's picture

I agree. I don't think they have the balls to really try confiscation though. there are enough people that are so fed up with this shit that they won't hand them over peacefully. A lot of people say "when they pry them from my cold, dead fingers", but if even 1% of the population means that, your talking about over 3 million people. That sure as hell isn't a way Id like to die, knocking on my neighbors doors to take their guns away. Another thing thats worth mentioning, is a lot of people that would act like they are complying by turning over guns would still have some. Plenty of people, Im sure, have some guns that they bought at a store, which means there is a record of the transaction(I, for one, don't believe for one goddamn second there isn't a database with that info. Every single gun you have bought from a store and its serial number is known). But they also probably have other guns that weren't aquired like that. You'd get a lot of "yep, here they are, thats all of them..."

Kaervek's picture

They are not going to take your shitty guns away, it's just going to be martial law. The police is already quite militarized and the military will help with restoring "order".

You voluntarily won't take your gun out the house for fear of getting straight up shot by some recruit who thought your beard looked a little arabic.

Fear. Fear. Fear. It's all they need to control us.

ThaBigPerm's picture

Give them a little slack.  If they reply "wow ... that's a damn good question" then at least you know the gears are turning.

TeamDepends's picture

(Salutes). Barry Obongodinga, the greatest gun salesman of all time. God Bless the Republic.

TeamDepends's picture

Wake up, bitch. It exists in our hearts and minds. The remnant. The 3% that fought last time. Is this thing on?

Implied Violins's picture

THIS is why we play, 'Call of Duty.' I'd bet that's more than 3% of us, BTW.

Real world? What? You just click on this and shit 'splodes, right?


TAALR Swift's picture

The so-called Loophole is a pretext to create a complete inventory and traceability of all arms. The rest comes later.