Putin Has Just Put An End to the Wolfowitz Doctrine

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4-Star General Wesley Clark noted:

In 1991, [powerful neocon and Iraq war architect Paul Wolfowitz] was the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy – the number 3 position at the Pentagon. And I had gone to see him when I was a 1-Star General commanding the National Training Center.




And I said, “Mr. Secretary, you must be pretty happy with the performance of the troops in Desert Storm.”


And he said: “Yeah, but not really, because the truth is we should have gotten rid of Saddam Hussein, and we didn’t … But one thing we did learn [from the Persian Gulf War] is that we can use our military in the region – in the Middle East – and the Soviets won’t stop us. And we’ve got about 5 or 10 years to clean up those old Soviet client regimes – Syria, Iran, Iraq – before the next great superpower comes on to challenge us.”

(Skip to 3:07 in the following video)


The hawks overthrew Soviet allies Iraq and Libya.

And they’ve been pushing for regime change in Syria for years.

By bombing Isis, Al Nusra and other jihadis in Syria who are focused on overthrowing Russian ally Assad, Putin has put an end to the Wolfowitz doctrine.

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's Perspective:

25 Page Transcript Western Media Would Rather You Never See


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The entire world is sick and tired of the rothschild/zionist/satanist/luciferic asswipe leadership of america. The thing of it is, so are most of the American People. Sick and farcking tired of all the BS, LIES, baloney pony shitshows, and the dilly-dally scams. It is stupid to pretend to be as stupid as the stupid farks that are portraying this frick-n-frack shitshow. Like, the stupid hurts so badly, seeing how it goes on day after day and the stupid pretend it is all good.

Take the stupidity of supplying and arming a bunch of US taxpayer paid off psycho mercenary crazies to eventually come to America and do the same crazy things there. All as planned, of course. Everyone can thank the commie traitor that sells America's secrets for her foundation donations. Yes, the one and only evil, hitlery claptrap Witch who was responsible for the arms al-CIA-duh/isis/clown face name of the day that they now have from Benghazi. Farking arsehole HAG!

Only they and the complicit media are responsible for ALL the mayhem and murder in the entire world. Everybody knows al-CIA-Duh changed their name to is or what ever the fruit of the day name is because of world scorn and usage of the name, al-CIA-Duh that fit the bill so accordingly.

Stupid babylonians are going down, but are going to take the world down with them. America has been set up and the hatred towards her like it was before nazi germany got whacked, is at a peak. Any day those babylonians are going to instigate another false flag event to escalate the cover up of the economic crash that they also created and planned.

The rothchillians and rottefellers are among the other babylonians that are playing the same old stupid idiotic game of world domination, and population ELIMINATION again. Things will get a lot worse before those who could change it all decide to do something to stop the insane american leadership(puppets) and go after the head of the beast, and not the tentacles. The sad deal is, by then it will be too late and they who helped bring about the coming chaos and world woar, will see their own and themselves killed off by the same beast they propagate and support. Those who call money god, will fall to that god that as seen in the future, has become vapors as the paper money burns. Oh, and that digital thingy, forget it. The babylonian plan backfires and the world power supply goes down so even they can not sustain, much less run a world digital money god command, tax, and control system.

Stupid babyloninas are always going to do something evil. EVERY SINGLE evil THING THAT HAPPENS, HAS THE MONET GOD AND IT'S PROPAGATOR BEHIND IT. Would not be nice if all that horrid energy was put to better uses to sustain and build the world, instead of destroying it? Wouldn’t it be nice if people would follow their hearts, and not the fear conditioned minds? Fear has been the tool of babylon for long too long. The fear paradigm must be broken. Learn to stop in the tracks of fear, and shift to what is in your now, moment to moment.

Go ahead isreal, make your next move. Here is your latest dirty work and what is REAL NEWS. Betcha these ifd chicken fuckers who can only fight unarmed women and children would tuck their little piggy tails between their ballless legs and run if they ran into some real armer troops like say, the Russians?





Chicken fuckers is what this country of fools will be known as in the future. They could only fight unarmed women and rock throwing children using amerian tax payer paid for high-tech-armaments and dirty evil killer weaponry that only chicken fuckers use.

Now, these chicken fuckers are being spread out all over the world like a virus to strike at the behest of the rothschold puppet master using the evil armies any time to cause a false flag event to start a woar, or something else to distract from the crash.

And they call themselves a nation of God.

Satan/lucifer calls theyselfs gods too.

(how to know a satanist/luciferian=everything they say is opposite of the truth)

Some day babylon. Some day soon:-/Please make the first move.:



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This dude in Canada's had enough...

Canadian candidate Dr. James Sears on live tv

"Why are we murdering people in foreign countries ...in Palestine, in Ukraine, in Syria- instead of spending the money here in Canada? The three major parties support Israel no matter WHAT Israel does, no matter what atrocities they commit.. I'm sick and tired of our money being used to advance the interests of the United States and Israel... the IMF wants us to owe money to sleazy bankers... The media is Zio-Marxist controlled. I don't know what's happened to Canada. Canada used to be the peacemaker..Now we're just Israel and United States, I don't know, can I say 'BITCH' on the air? I don't know, but that's what we are. As far as I'm concerned I've won this debate..."


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You left out the Freak Masons. I thought I would mention it just to cover all the bases on your rant.  In our countries history, when people had balls and said what they meant, when they actually owned their own shit, there was an Anti Free Masonic Party. It is just another forgotten historical footnote. Any good rant about organized criminals, corrupt politicians, organized religion and nefarious secret societies you need to mention the Free Masons. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Masonic_Party

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Were they really, really Free? Maybe as Free as the Free trade in the TPP, i.e. quotas for sugar and probably other things. They always tell you one thing and when you scratch the surface, it's a fake. different.

Putin did not have my permission to set the Wolfowitz doctrine aside. How can he. He's gotta live in a box and do as he is told. Just when you thought you got him in the bag, there's one thing and he rebels. So what are we going to do now?

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Again where is china, dont they want some practice too...or will they be forever on the sidelines FULLY KNOWING they are on a list of countries to be taken down. The Chinese Military branch must be screaming at the political branch to at least be show support of RUSSIA in a clear and visible way.




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Haven't you noticed they already HAVE shown support for Russia. Better to walk softly and carry a big stick.

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Putin has put an end to the Wolfowitz doctrine - end


Then Putin has found a cure for psychopathy; unlikely.


As you know, October is "Pink" month, the month they remind women of the deadly disease brought on women in which the big corporations are raping in billions and they would/will NEVER give you the cure, for their is no profit in a cure.  Stupid is as stupid does.


Pinkwasher: (pink’-wah-sher) noun. A company or organization that claims to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink ribbon product, but at the same time produces, manufactures and/or sells products that are linked to the disease.


Here are the results of those efforts: http://www.cdc.gov/cancer/breast/statistics/trends.htm  (NONE from the disease perspective)

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This shit is from 2007?  

Wow... Just Wow!!  It's only gotten worse since then!

Why is nothing being done?

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The rich are getting richer and the middle class is being dismantled and you say "why is nothing being done?"

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The rich are getting richer..yea, but so can anyone. Why don't ppl understand we can borrow money at 0%? that means we can borrow infinite amounts. If you can't get rich right now you're dumb.

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Nethanyu is about to be eaten by Reptillians!

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the USA people have some cleaning up to do, starting in the White House, every governmental agency and after that probably other federal departments...


BUT have you ever seen Walking Dead clean something up???

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TongueStun (not verified) Oct 7, 2015 9:03 AM

Only assholes use the word Neocon...just like the socialist as$hole who coined the word....Why repeat socialist asshole propaganda unless you are a socialist asshole?



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PoasterToaster (not verified) TongueStun Oct 7, 2015 4:00 PM

Filthy, psychopathic, Neo Con scum.

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"zionazis" covers everyone and excludes the innocent.

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Because that leaves out the non-Jews like Bush & Cheney, for example.

Plus, it really isn't "Jews", it is Zionists.

Like the vast majority of people of all faiths (yes, even Muslims), the majority of Jews go about their lives in peace, harmony, and good will toward others.  It is the extremists of all stripes who are the bane of civilizations.

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Hard to believe so much evil came out of Wyoming

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Where does Wolfowitz type thinking come from? He cannot be alone in his thoughts and there must be a purpose to it.

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Wolfowitz type thinking is spin off of Angl American establishment that grew out of Brtish empire/banking/trade ..some say reverts back to East India Trade cartel..but recent history, read for free online insider chronicler Georgetown U. Professor Carrol Quigley, who lays it out in Tragedy and Hope.http://www.amazon.com/Tragedy-Hope-History-World-Time/dp/094500110X........ of his uotes: It is this power structure which the Radical Right in the United States has been attacking for years in the belief that they are attacking the Communists.


Thus, the use of fiat money is more justifiable in financing a depression than in financing a war.


By the winter of 1945-1946, the Russian peoples were being warned of the dangers from the Westt.

In post Cold War guys like Harvards Samuel Huntington...discussed Anglo..American hegemony in Clash of Civilizations.     Another who laid out the post Cold War game plan ..Francis Fukuyama in his The End of History. pentagon adviser Thomas Barnett laid out the countries to be taken sown in The Pentagons New Map. The guy is a wack job, but pentagon took him seriously. Followed by PNAC..Project for a New American Century?..guys like Wolfowitz, Kagan, Kristol, Cheney et al first proposed invading Iraq a second time. But the genesis for fucked up US policy on steroids, was fall of Soviet Union. That is when elite, shadow govt and banking class from IMF TO World Bank to BIS came into their own. I recall this invade and bring democracy and KFC capitalism began in major policy journals in 1992..just about same time HW BUSH gave his ""new world order" speech at UN. It has been FUBAR evrr since. Given what ""economic advisers" from US like Jeffrey Sachs, Larry Summers, Jonathan Hays caused in early days of new Rusdia, I do not blame them if they hate our guts. We have created chaos and destruction from Balkans ""war" to Ukraine ..Iraq..Libya..Syria. we have turned into a rabid stupid uncontrollable beast. Wolfowitz and his ilk were midwives. Enclosed pertinent links that may be helpful.          http://www.amazon.com/Clash-Civilizations-Remaking-World-Order/dp/145162...... and Francis Fukuyama...Yoshihiro Francis Fukuyama (born October 27, 1952) is an American political scientist, political economist, and author. Fukuyama is known for his book The End of History and the Last Man (1992), which argued that the worldwide spread of liberal democracies and free market capitalism of the West and its lifestyle may signal the end point of humanity's sociocultural evolution and become the final form of human government. However, his subsequent book Trust: Social Virtues and Creation of Prosperity (1995) modified his earlier position to acknowledge that culture cannot be cleanly separated from economics. Fukuyama is also associated with the rise of theneoconservative movement,[2] from which he has since distanced himself.[3]


Fukuyama has been a Senior Fellow at the Center on Democracy, 




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dress British think Yiddish ... has been around for  long time in London.

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That type of thinking comes from zion.

Rothschild rule the world type thinking.

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Rockefellers don't even count any more? How the mighty have fallen.

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Says the voice of zion.

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Where does his thinking come from?

Wolfowitz is a dual Israeli-American citizen, which in reality means he is an Israeli citizen who is loyal only to Israel.

His thinking is no different than any of the other Nazis who run Israel.

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Jeb Bush looks like an incompetent first grade teacher whose uncle is the principal...

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Wolfowitz deserves to have a white-hot poker jammed up his ass one silly millimeter at a time - and believe me, I would be displaying my kind and gentle side...

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Work some whiskey pete into the act, just for the irony.

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4 Russian warships launch 26 missiles against ISIS from Caspian sea


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And all the missiles hit their targets - from 1,000 miles away. That has got to be an expensive way to do bombing.

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Russian ships in the Caspian may have been used to demonstrate Russia's long-reach missile capabilities.

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From the Caspian Sea! Good luck getting US hunter-killer subs into there. Good luck targetting the ships by any other means too.

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Also that Russia doesn't just keep ancient gunboats on that inland sea,

Those missiles could just as  easily have been aimed at US bases in Afghanistan.

I think that was the real message.

Fun watching Obozo and state flopping around like dying fish, without a clue

about how to react.

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Expense way to send a bomb, yes.

But a cost-effective way to send a message.

MSimon's picture

No expense is too great to send a message. Until it is.


False. What's your fucking problem?

MSimon's picture

OK no expense is too great.

An estimate of what the war is costing Russia.


Looking around I found out that Russia depends on Western companies for oil field eqpt. The war is causing it to defer projects.

On top of that Russia needs to balance its economy with more consumer manufacturing. The war is deferring some of that that.

War steals from the future. And then there is this bit of news. Propaganda or reality? Or a set up for a false flag attack?

FBI has foiled four plots by gangs to sell nuclear material to ISIS: Authorities working with federal agency stop criminals with Russian connections selling to terrorists


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Aljazeera and dailymail? Seriously? Sunni and Jewish owned propaganda as references? Puh-leeaassse.
Isn't it convenient the MSM found this Nuclear material story and has been trying to connect it to Russia with their associative word play.

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"An estimate of what the war is costing Russia."

The cost of this bombing campaign against ISIS is costing Russia, there is no hiding from this fact, but the cost is also being burdened by Syria and Iran. Secondly, the Military Industrial Complex(MIC) does not have total control Iran, Syria and most importantly Russia, like it does over the U.S government. IE; The Russians have flown to date less than 100 sorties and have significantly downgraded ISIS, to the point western governments and media have been bitching about the loss of innocent civilian life(translated; U.S, U.K and allied special forces are being killed by Russian bombs).  Conversely the U.S air-force have officially flown over 1800 sorties in an attempt to downgrade ISIS and have been unsuccessfu to datel. 1800 sorties and a lot of bombing achieving nothing, is a great payout for the MIC. 


So an obvious question must be asked. The Russians have flown and bombed just 4% compared to the U.S air-force and have downgraded ISIS. Are the Yanks vastly inferior and incompetent than the Russians? And if the answer is no, then the only logical conclusion must be the Americans never really targeted ISIS and we the public are being fed a pack of lies and propaganda. 

minority's picture

Spot on. US have been bombing strategic Syrian infrastructure components mostly roads, bridges, dams, power plants ... good thing US populace waking up ...

Tyrone Shoelaces's picture

Kinda like what we did in Libya, destroy their infrastructure and set them back 60 years.

All because of the African Gold Dinar they had planned.

MSimon's picture

More likely the ability to add and subtract.

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BREAKING - Russia launched 26 cruise missiles from Navy ships in the Caspian Sea against ISIL targets in Syria.  sputniknews.com

Supersonic - type 3M-54, long range, nuclear capable.

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A Russian woman in the video calls Syria a 2nd Afghanistan. She is not too happy about it. - About 4 minutes in.

Mike Masr's picture

Just like Afghanistan and Iraq were 2nd Vietnams. I don't see any victories or hearts and minds we've won in either of these wars. Just over a million dead civilian bodies and much more Islamic extremism!

CharlieMike's picture

Are you sure that wasn't the objective?

Quinvarius's picture

What does she care how many Afghanistans Obama gets the US involved in?  It is only Afghanistan from the US point of view.  And no, it is not another Afghanistan for Russia.  The Rebels are artifical.  The government of Syria will easily consolidate power, generate revenues, and carry on without Russian support, after this is over. 

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Here's the real diff: Russia didn't need Af-Pak, but they do need a warm-water port; the Rus woman is right, they'll be there for awhile.