Caught On Tape: Russian Warships Launch 26 Cruise Missiles At ISIS Targets

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On Monday evening, we detailed the Russian hardware being used in Moscow’s campaign to rout anti-regime forces and restore the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. 

As we noted in our preface to that feature, “watching Russia effectively humiliate the West by bragging day in and day out is nothing if it’s not amusing, and indeed the leaked diplomatic cable from 2006 which outlines Washington’s intent to effectively start a civil war in Syria leaves one completely uninclined to be at all sympathetic to the ridiculous situation the US and its allies have found themselves in.”

That, along with the fact that Western nations like France are not only unwiling to admit that the West's participation in Syria has been an outright disaster, but are now set to "correct" a refugee crisis by bombing the very place from which the refugees are fleeing leaves us inclined to highlight the following video (out today from the Russian Defense Ministry) that shows what happens when a military superpower decides that because an existing aerial campaign has become akin to shooting fish in a barrel, it might be time to do some sea-based target practice on a few Nike-wearing, black flag-waving jihadists…

From RT:

Russia’s Defense Ministry has published a video of its warships firing cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea to hit the positions of Islamic State militants in Syria.


“[Last] night the ship strike group of the Russian Navy, consisting of the Dagestan missile ship, the small-sized missile ships Grad Sviyazhsk, Uglich and Veliky Ustyug launched cruise missiles against ISIS infrastructural facilities in Syria from the assigned district of the Caspian Sea,” the ministry said in a comment under the video.


According to the ministry, the Russian military attack was conducted “by high-precision ship missile systems Kalibr NK, the cruise missiles of which engaged all the assigned targets successfully and with high accuracy.”


On September 30, Russia launched its military operation against Islamic State at the request of the Syrian government. Since the start of the operation the Russian military have destroyed at least 112 objects, including commanding pints, ammunition depots and armored vehicles belonging to jihadists.

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What's BOOM! in Russian?

Bunghole's picture

Thank you Russia for doing the job the Pentagram refuses to do.

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I am an objective despiser. Something tells me if the Pentagon wanted them off the map they would have been.  This is just a show...good cop....bad cop...hate the the yank..hate the the ruskie...hate the ruskie. Not sure who they are trying to impress/convince. Both sides, or, perhaps the same side are a bunch of fucking lunatics. 

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how do you say FU, non-Caucasian mongrel in Russian?

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It's about time somebody openned an extra large size can of industrial strength whoop ass and used the entire contenets on ISIS.

Why doesn't Obama go on TV and explain why anybody in the US should give a wet shiite about any of this?

Slomotrainwreck's picture

Why doesn't Obama go on TV and explain

Because no Russian missles hit a Hospital?

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Putin 3:16 says: "I just whooped your ass!"

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All here.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but don't those cruise missiles fly through other countries' airspaces?

To reach Syria from the Caspian Sea, cruise missiles would fly, what, a few hundred feet OVER the ground (NOT in space), and those countries would be (shortest route) Iran, Iraq then Syria.  Otherwise over Turkey...

BurningFuld's picture

Would have had to go over Iran and Iraq and they are Russia's friends as of late.

Manthong's picture

So, if the ISIL moo-jew-ha-deen show up with low battery life Stingers, should we expect some fireworks over there?

Manthong's picture

I don’t think anyone appreciates just how cool our Russian friends are,,    

..but I’m liking them the more I see them.

FU State Department…

They are just as crazy (crazier?) as we are..


philipat's picture

The Pentagon's response will be to start work on the next Group so as to perpetuate "The War on Terror"?

booboo's picture

Obongoski solution is put moar gay in command of U.S.A. military. Fox Hole need decorated with matching drapes and carpet.

Manthong's picture

yes.. yes..

dancing boys.. that's it...

we need need faggot dancing boys at the hightest level of command.

WTF could be more appropriate for the sorry ass, F'd up, bsg of crap that purports to be leadership s the alleged "government" today? 

Nenad's picture
Nenad (not verified) Manthong Oct 8, 2015 6:41 AM

Obama will not finish his second term!

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38DD - They can fly withing a few hundred feet of the ground, but you can program them for any route/altitude. I'm sure Russia wasn't worried about evading radars so they used a more reasonable altitude to keep them from bumping into anything near the ground along the way. They would have had to be pretty high just to get over the mountains in Iran - something like 15,000 ft.

By the looks of this graphic (if it's accurate at all) they were routing them between the 'big' cities in Iraq: Baghdad to the south and Erbil/Mosul to the north. Range wasn't a problem - the published range could have taken these all the way to the tip of Yemen (acutal range is much longer).

Permission to overfly from Iran and Iraq wouldn't be a problem. The Turks/NATO would never allow them to overfly Turkey.

August's picture

Russia's forces in coastal Syria, and offshore, are no doubt carefully watched by the USA, in order to quickly warn US assets when the Russians fly their sorties.

By striking overland from the east, the Russians might have just killed a major fraction of the CIA/Academi guys still in Syria.

Yippee Ki Yay, Motherfuckers.

Paveway IV's picture

"...By striking overland from the east, the Russians might have just killed a major fraction of the CIA/Academi guys still in Syria..."

That's maybe a bit of an exaggeration, isn't it, August? There's got to be a couple million in Syria by now, minimum. Most of ISIS, al Nusra, the FSA, and probalby a good portion of the Syrian Army has been replaced by CIA/Academi guys. The Rojava Kurd military and civilians are pissed because they were ALL replaced and are now jobless and homeless. The refugee crisis is our fault because we replaced so many people in the Turkish refugee camps with contractors that the real refugees are being forced out. In fact, I'm pretty sure most of the general Syrian population has covertly been replaced by CIA/Academi guys - even the kids (we use little people as replacements).

And Assad - do you think that's really him, or merely a cleverly disguised CIA/Academi contractor that went under the knife to LOOK just like him? His wife and kids were secretly replaced years ago. That's were we get a lot of solid intel from.

If the war in Syria ends suddenly, the U.S. jobless rate will ratchet up another 3% overnight because of all the unemployed Academi people. Which brings up another interesting point. Those employees at the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and the Labor Department? Yeah... CIA/Academi.

Tarshatha's picture

Lmao, this wasn't about killing ISIS. Think about it, would you kill a fly with a hammer?

it was about putting the US and Europe on notice, big time!

26 cruise missiles fired from the Caspian sea, so let's see, how many European cities could have been taken out with  a similar launch out of the Black, Mediterranean, Baltic and North Seas?

How many US cities could have been leveled by similar attack from Russian and Chinese subs?

It's game nobody wants to play except for Israel, the ones truly behind all this ME bullshit.

I hope Tel Aviv gets turned to glass if shit kicks off.


Lea's picture

"Lmao, this wasn't about killing ISIS. Think about it, would you kill a fly with a hammer?"

It's been explained by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Some of this ISIL terrorists have air defense systems, and the Russian military is not willing to risk the lives of their pilots. Long-range missiles were therefore the best way.

From 38BWD22, quote, "Please correct me if I am wrong, but don't those cruise missiles fly through other countries' airspaces? To reach Syria from the Caspian Sea, cruise missiles would fly, what, a few hundred feet OVER the ground (NOT in space), and those countries would be (shortest route) Iran, Iraq then Syria".

Correct. That, indeed, was the missile trajectory, as explained in English, with an accompanying diagram, by the Russian Ministry of Defense on the Russian news channel RT.

38BWD22's picture



Thank you for the info.

Freddie's picture

I red a story a few months ago and I cannot find it.  Supposedly, Russia has some subs or will have some subs in the Caspian.  They will have Bulava's which can fly 6,200 miles.

Because the subs are not in the ocean, they are not counted as part of the number of nukes with missile treaties.  There are no other subs or really any enemy ships on the land locked Caspian.  So they can park these subs in the Caspian and reach any place in the world.

presilove's picture

Those agreed to let russia fire the missiles across their countries. They have even formed an alliance(iraq,iran, syria and russia) to share intelligence. so stay tune to more flying missiles 

IronForge's picture

Saw the Vesti News(RUS), Le journal de 20 Heurs(FRA), and others cover it in a World News Mashup I get at home.

The Vesti Team clearly explained that they've been working with the IRNians and the IRQis on this for days.

Unlike Team_USA, the RUSsian's operative words are "working with"...

...and they confirmed their Hits with Drone Coverage (notice no weddings have been hit).  Very classy.  I'm sure the Russians are keying up more Cruise Missiles for Launch - maybe spinning up the Factory Lines as well.  I'm sure this has awaken everybody who has some skin in this game.

Arnold's picture

Nothing beats real world testing of systems.

US  has had its' opportunity, now the former Soviet's turn.

Max Cynical's picture

"Lmao, this wasn't about killing ISIS. Think about it, would you kill a fly with a hammer?"

It's called shock and awe!

SmittyinLA's picture

I don't think it's Israel as much as Zionism, they're incompatible, literally at war with themsevles.

Divided Israel's days are numbered.

You can't push independent sovereignty (Israel) and globalism (Ukraine) on the same nuclear armed planet.

No substitutions, either or!

Choosing both is war.

Antifaschistische's picture

Just out of curiosity, does the Russian Military mandate a certain percentage of African Heritage  persons, Hispanics, Asian Pacific Islanders and then Women?

I knew there had to be some reason why Obama hated the Russians.

datura's picture

no, Russians have no "quotas" in anything. They don't understand positive discrimination:-) On the other hand, I find them to be far less racist in general, than Westerners. After all, Russians have lived with other ethnicities and cultures for many centuries (muslims, buddhists etc.). As for minorities in Russia, there is not many African heritage persons, but a lot of Asians everywhere. This is a great video from one of the Asian republics of Russia with a message to white-supremacist Ukrainians:


SmittyinLA's picture

Actually a Russian bomb did hit a MSF medical facility in Syria, it was a bad week for MSF they got hit by both USA and Russia, thing is Russian people don't care if they bomb the enemy, THAT'S THE IDEA!

Element's picture

We'll all just agree to pretend you didn't really say that.

Al Gophilia's picture

This looks like a slightly more sophisticated production than the graphics presented by the Western Media and Pentagon explaining how a Russian based missile shot down MH17 over Ukrain. That said, this just out on that topic;

EuroPox's picture

Typical MSM reporting there from the Telegraph and they don't allow comments on the article.  Also it is odd that the Ukrainians are saying that BUK missile fragments have been found in the bodies but the Australian autopsies (evidence has been presented at a coroner's court in Melbourne Australia) showed that metal fragments were found in the bodies but were very rare (25 metal fragments in 27 bodies) - now I am no expert but if a BUK had exploded near a passenger jet, I would have thought you could reasonably expect to find hundreds of bits of metal in each body.  Source:

Jack Burton's picture

You are right. A BUK detonation would have produced a huge cloud of projectiles. Tens of thousands. But MH-17 shows no damage consistent with such a detonation. It does show damage of an Air to Air missile with much smaller detonation, and also clear evidence of 30MM cannon fire.

It is believed the Ukrainian jet first released an air to air missile which took out an engine, the aircraft them began a turn losing speed and altitude, allowing the SU-24 to approach and finish it with it's cannon. Witnesses on the ground, dozens of them report seeing and hearing just such an event.

I posted many videos on Twitter of a BUK launch and interception of a target aircraft. The massive vapor trail leading to the target would be somthing no body could forget, or miss seeing. Thus no BUK was fired. The vapor trail lasts for anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes, so no way would it not be seen.

The Australian report found no evidence of BUK shrapnel in the bodies. This was reported, but is now being covered up as far as possible.

MH-17 is being covered up because the USA lied about this event, and Kiev is also running scared from the evidence. If we just investigated existing evidence, Kiev would be found guilty at once. Since the evidence is being hidden, including Black Boxes, Air Traffic Cntrol Tapes and Air Traffic Controller, along with reports from pilot autopsy. etc.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

If Russia had any responsibility in downing MH-17 [regardless if it was intentional or not], it would have been all over western propaganda media outlets over the past year. It would have been nonstop bashing from every CIA asset in the media and then some. Instead... silence. It's pretty fucking obvious who is responsible if you're not a retarded degenerate lamb like most 'muricans.

Element's picture

They are waiting for the professional investigation to finish and report its findings.

researchfix's picture

The story of MH17 is told by 120 tons of gold shipped from US to Netherlands short after.

After all, the Dutch are a trading nation.

Element's picture

I hear they have anti-matter warheads, so it could be several thousand trillions projectiles.

Muddy1's picture

Just think of how the Cuban missle crisis would hav ended if the Obama administraion would have been in the White House.

Muddy1's picture

And Putin doesn't want a Nobel.

Manthong's picture

WTF ????  I wa just a kid back then and it scared the heck out of all of us..

Guess what.. your kiddies will have even more fear,, and rightfully so ,, how do you spell "fundmental transformation" ?????.

ISEEIT's picture

Please. Whoever down votes this, I beg you to reveal yourself.

At length would be nice-:)

My guess is that you are quite clever, very informed, a person seemingly, and quite possibly..legitimate insofar as having especially sufficient passion regarding that which you propose to know.

Just 'splain yo'sef da.