"Carpe Chaos" - ISIS, Israel, Iraq, & Syria: It's All Part Of The Plan

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Authored by Dan Sanchez, originally posted at AntiWar.com,

Israel lacks a national motto. If its leaders are looking for a Latin one, “carpe chaos” would be an apt and honest choice.

“Seize the chaos” is half of Israeli foreign policy in a nutshell (the other half being the instigation of that chaos in the first place). Indeed, even its friends in the media cannot help but put it in such terms. For example, The New York Times recently reported about the:

“…many Israeli leaders and thinkers seizing on the chaos in Syria to solidify Israel’s hold on Golan.”

This refers to the Golan Heights, which Israel captured from Syria in 1967 and has occupied ever since. Even the Israel-enabling United Nations considers that occupation and subsequent annexation to be unjust and illegal. Returning Golan to Syria has long been advanced as part of a potential peace deal.

But now, Israel is using the civil war in Syria as an excuse to expand settlements in the Golan Heights; a senior minister wants 100,000 new residents in the next five years. Its potential uses are manifold:

“The 400-plus square miles of the Israeli-controlled Golan on the northeast border with Syria is both strategic plateau and lush agricultural terrain yielding prize apples, cherries and beef. It is also a vast playground that drew 3 million tourist visits last year.”

This is Israel’s usual M.O. in the Palestinian West Bank as well: forging ahead with illicit settlements to establish “realities on the ground” that will be too intractable to reverse, thereby fixing the occupation permanently in place.

Advocates of the new Golan settlements defend them by citing the chaos in Syria:

“With Syria ‘disintegrating’ after years of civil war, they argue, it is hard to imagine a stable state to which the territory could be returned.”

The Times quotes Israeli MP Michael Oren who adds a blatant lebensraum argument to the case for good measure:

“We need places to build, and the world doesn’t want us to build in the West Bank. I don’t think anyone in the world can come at us and say we’re building on land that’s going to be part of a peace deal if we build on the Golan Heights.”

“Seize the chaos” is not a new doctrine: neither is it limited to Israeli halls of power. A veritable “carpe chaos” manifesto was written in 1996 for a Washington think tank by David Wurmser, an Israel-first neocon (but I repeat myself) who would later play a key role in the Bush administration’s drive to the Iraq War: advising Dick Cheney in the Vice President’s Office, assisting John Bolton at the State Department, and fabricating fanciful “connections” between Iraq and Al Qaeda at the Department of Defense.

David Wurmser

In “Coping with Crumbling States: A Western and Israeli Balance of Power Strategy for the Levant,” Wurmser made a case for “limiting and expediting the chaotic collapse” of the Baathist governments in Iraq and Syria.

Wurmser predicted that “Baathism’s days are numbered,” due to its own inherent failings as a stable basis for statehood. Indeed, he argued, Arab nationalism in general was unsuitable for the Arab people, given their particularist and tribal tendencies. Therefore, its adoption can only condemn Arab countries to forever “fluctuate between repression and anarchy.”

In particular, the Gulf War had “accelerated Iraq’s descent into internal chaos.” To Wurmser, this made the Middle East of 1996 resemble Europe of 1914. Just before World War I, the Ottoman Empire had long been dubbed “the sick man of Europe.” Its imminent demise was beyond doubt; what was in question was who would get to despoil its corpse.

In 1996 Iraq was “the sick man of the Middle East.” Wurmser predicted that, after the inevitable downfall of its ruler Saddam Hussein, Iraq would be dominated either by the Baathist regime in Syria or the “Hashemite” royal house in Jordan.

He characterized Iraq not as any serious threat to Israel or the West but as “the prize” in a Middle Eastern game of thrones:

“The prize itself is more powerful than any of the neighbors that covet it. Iraq, a nation of 18 million, occupies some of the most strategically important and well-endowed territories of the Middle East.”

Wurmser called for the West and Israel to help the Hashemite monarch of Jordan win this game of thrones by enthroning one of his kin as king of Iraq. He advanced what he termed Jordan’s “Hashemite option for Iraq” as a far superior alternative to a Syrian-dominated continuation of Baathist Arab nationalism. The former, he averred, is “more solid and traditional,” and:

“The Hashemites alone are adept enough in forging strong tribal, familial and clan alliances to create viable nations in the Levant.”

Of course Wurmser’s amateur sociological analysis is poppycock, and the real advantage the neocons saw in the “Hashemite option” was that the royal house of Jordan is obedient to Israel because it is a wholly-owned western client completely dependent on the hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid the US feeds it every year.

Indeed, Wurmser hinted at this real reason when he argued that, if Iraq were to go Hashemite:

“…then Syria would be isolated and surrounded by a new pro-western Jordanian-Israeli-Iraqi-Turkish bloc…”

Thus isolated, Baathist Syria’s own inevitable “chaotic collapse” could then be “expedited.” And the expanded pro-western bloc could:

“…contain and manage… the scope of the coming chaos in Iraq and most probably in Syria.”

This was the “balance of power strategy” Wurmser proposed for the West and Israel, to replace the despised:

“…quest for ‘comprehensive peace?—?including its ‘land for peace’ provision, with Syria.”

Nineteen years later, Wurmser must now be elated that the Golan Heights are, as discussed above, being taken off the table for any future “land for peace” deals thanks to his hoped-for chaotic collapse in Syria.

In fact, mere months before he wrote “Coping with Crumbling States,” Wurmser made the case for implacable antagonism toward Syria as a preferred alternative to returning Golan in particular:

“Given the nature of the regime in Damascus, it is both natural and moral that Israel abandon the slogan ‘comprehensive peace’ and move to contain Syria, drawing attention to its weapons of mass destruction program, and rejecting ‘land for peace’ deals on the Golan Heights.”

Wurmser wrote this in the infamous policy paper “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,” which was addressed, not to Washington, but to Tel Aviv (indicating his true loyalties).

In “A Clean Break,” Wurmser even more expressly made the case for outright regime change in Iraq as a “means” of “weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria.” (This in turn was imperative because, “Syria challenges Israel on Lebanese soil.”)

“A Clean Break” was written under the auspices of a “study group” headed by Wurmser’s mentor Richard Perle and including fellow Perle-protege Douglas Feith. This is extremely significant because Perle and Feith, like Wurmser, also played key roles in the Bush administration’s war drive.

For more details on both the “Lebanese connection” mentioned above and the role of the “Clean Breakers” in starting the Iraq War, see my essay, “Clean Break to Dirty Wars.”

Indeed, it is Washington’s Israeli-occupied foreign policy that has enabled Israel’s “seize the chaos” doctrine by using America’s vast imperial might to create so much seizable chaos in the first place.

As it turned out, Iraq was not nearly as mired in mayhem or blundering toward the brink as Wurmser judged in 1996. At the dawn of the 21st century, Saddam was as firmly ensconced in power as ever. So much for Wurmser as a geopolitical analyst.

This posed a problem. There was no chance of “expediting” a “chaotic collapse” that wasn’t there; a process has to exist first before it can be accelerated. So Wurmser and the other neocons in the Bush administration had to cook up a collapse from scratch themselves.

And it took a full-scale invasion and occupation by a global superpower to make this particular Leninist “omelet,” at the cost of a prodigious amount of “broken eggs”: 4,425 American lives and $1.7 trillion.

But the neocons and Israel finally did get their longed for chaotic collapse in Iraq, along with the deaths of over a million Iraqis and the displacement of millions more. This blood-soaked business is what they call “statecraft.”

Yet, even then, the best laid plans of the neocons and Likudniks still completely failed to pan out.

In both of his seminal strategy documents of 1996, Wurmser imagined that if the Hashemites were installed in Iraq, they could use their influence with a certain prominent cleric there to turn the Shiites of Syria and Lebanon against Assad, Iran, and Hezbollah.

And the “Coping” report envisioned a supporting role in that project for Ahmed Chalabi, identified by Wurmser as “one of the most prominent of the Iraqi opposition figures to Saddam” and “himself a Shiite and a close, long-time Hashemite confidant.” Wurmser further anticipated that:

“…pro-Jordan Iraq Shiites as Ahmed Chalabi… would define the Iraqi Shiite community after Saddam’s removal.”

By the Iraq War, the neocons had given up on outright enthroning a Hashemite in Baghdad. It’s one thing to coordinate something like that from behind the scenes, but installing a royal despot through a high-profile American war would have made for unacceptably bad press for Washington.

So Perle and Company settled for a “democratic” “Hashemite option.” In this Plan B, “Hashemite confidant” Ahmed Chalabi graduated from a supporting to a leading role in Israel’s plan for the new Iraq.

Chalabi had long delighted the neocons by feeding Washington bogus “intelligence” on Iraqi weapons that eventually helped to justify the US invasion. On the basis of this rapport, Chalabi assured the neocons that, as a leading light in “democratic” Iraq, he would steer state policy in Israel’s favor. The neocons even swallowed his pledge to build a pipeline for them from Iraq’s oilfields to an Israeli refinery and port.

None of Chalabi’s promises ever manifested. As it turned out, Chalabi was just as much an agent of Iran (enemy to both Saddam and Israel) as he was a “Hashemite confidant.” For more details on this, see the amazing article, “How Ahmed Chalabi Conned the Neocons.”

The neocons and Israel got their war and collapse in Iraq, but it blew up in their faces. The new US-armed Iraqi government, as well as the Shiite militias that do most of its fighting, became dominated, not by loyal Jordan, but by hated Iran. Oops.

And after the war, the neocons were faced, not with Wurmser’s anticipated “Jordanian-Israeli-Iraqi-Turkish bloc,” but what they perceive as an anti-Israel “Shia crescent” including Iran, Iraq, Syria, and (most importantly) Hezbollah in Lebanon. Far from being isolated, Syria seemed to have more friends than ever. Oops.

But Israel sure as hell wasn’t going to leave bad enough alone. Where the subtleties of neocon “strategists” miserably failed, Israel’s influence over the sheer wealth and brute power of the US empire (what Wurmser has called its “raw capability”) would have to make up the difference once again.

So for the sake of Israel, and since at least 2007, Washington, along with its regional allies, has been waging a broad covert proxy war to undermine the “Shia crescent.” This policy pivot, which legendary journalist Seymour Hersh dubbed “The Redirection,” has involved supporting Sunni Islamist mujahideen in Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.

Then, after the 2011 “Arab Spring” of popular uprisings reached Syria, “The Redirection” went into overdrive. The US-led regional coalition (Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc) has been strenuously trying to overthrow the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad since at least 2012 by heavily sponsoring an insurgency led by jihadists including Al Qaeda and ISIS .

Israel has also been contributing to the cause of chaos more directly. Like a prizefighter’s “cutman,” the Israeli military has stood in Al Qaeda’s corner, taking in its wounded terrorist “rebels,” patching them up, and then sending them back into Syria to resume fighting.

In Syria too, the neocons and Israel have finally seen their longed for chaotic collapse, to the tune of a quarter of a million Syrian deaths and millions more displaced (many fleeing to Europe or drowning en route).

As discussed above, Israel has seized on the chaos it has unleashed on its northern neighbor as an excuse for expanding settlements in the Golan Heights.

Moreover, whenever that chaos even slightly spills over into Golan, Israel has been seizing that as a pretext for still more war.

Syrian soldiers are desperately battling Al Qaeda just north of Golan. Whenever a shell strays into the Heights (almost always exploding harmlessly in some unoccupied field), Israel responds by bombing Syrian military positions, thus effectively serving as Al Qaeda’s air force as well as its combat medic.

It does this regardless of (and generally clueless as to) who actually fired the offending projectile: whether it was the Syrian army, Al Qaeda, or any other faction. As CBS News related in a report of recent such strikes:

“Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, an Israeli military spokesman, said in a statement that Israel holds the Syrian military ‘responsible and accountable for any aggression emanating from Syria.’”

Israel’s self-righteously sociopathic behavior toward Syria and the Golan Heights beggars belief. It’s like some wealthy homeowner taking over his poor neighbor’s backyard and then sending a gang of crazed ruffians to invade his home. Then in the ensuing brawl, when something crashes through the neighbor’s window onto the seized yard, the land thief yells from a balcony, “Why can’t you get your house in order!” and fires at him with a shotgun. Then the thief walks back to his room muttering to himself, “What a hopeless basket case! How I’m definitely not giving him back his yard.”

What makes it especially incredible is that the ruffians in the real-life scenario are Al Qaeda and ISIS. But from the twisted perspective of Israel and the neocons, it makes perfect sense.

Even way back in 1996, Wurmser was already stressing in his “Coping” report that Arab nationalism must be considered enemy number one, and that Islamic fundamentalism was only a distant second.

Wurmser flat-out rejected any pragmatic detente with the Baathists, even for the sake of having a “bulwark” against the spread of radical Islam. He despised any such “peace process” as “prop[ping] up secular-Arab nationalism in its crumbling weakness.” He contended that such a policy is:

“…anchored to the belief that [secular-Arab nationalism] can be “reformed” enough to be resurrected as a bulwark against Islamic fundamentalism. Yet, one of the main strategic objectives of the peace process is to perpetuate Levantine secular-Arab nationalist regimes. Indeed, the previous Israeli government believed that, “[Israel’s] role is to protect the existingregimes, to prevent or halt the process of radicalization, and to block the expansion of fundamental religious zealotry.”

But the present study… shows that the pursuit of comprehensive peace and the effort to harness secular-Arab nationalist regimes such as Syria’s in the battle to stem the fundamentalist tide is not only futile. It is also a dangerous strategic misstep.

Wurmser argued that US support for secular Arab-nationalist Iraq in its brutal invasion of fundamentalist Iran in the 1980s was “an explosive mistake,” as Iraq’s subsequent “rogue” invasion of Kuwait demonstrated. And so:

“The same lesson should now be applied to Syria. It is in both Israel’s and the West’s interest to expedite the demise of secular-Arab nationalism. (…) The pursuit of the peace process is preventing this.”

Secular-Arab nationalism, Wurmser insisted, is nothing but an “obstacle” to introducing better defenses against and alternatives to fundamentalism, and to “more healthy future” for the Arab world.

“The West and its local friends must engage fundamentalism with better associates than Baathists.”

Such thinking would seem to explain the otherwise baffling tendency of today’s policy makers in Washington and Tel Aviv to stubbornly insist on the overthrow of one secular-Arab nationalist regime after another?—?Saddam in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya, and now Assad in Syria?—?even though it invariably leads to explosive growth for extreme Islamist groups in membership, might, and conquests.

Yet, one would expect the 9/11 attacks to have pulled the rug out from under this rationale. Aren’t the 9/11 attacks why the US is raining bombs throughout the Muslim world in the first place? And secular-Arab nationalists didn’t knock down the Twin Towers; Islamic fundamentalists did.

Even ignoring the crucial issues of empire and blowback, and taking militaristic “offense as the best defense” premises for granted, shouldn’t Islamist terror organizations?—?which have actually attacked American cities?—?be menace number one, and secular-Arab nationalist states?—?which have never dared?—?be at most a distant second?

And so, especially after 9/11, wouldn’t creating “jihadist wonderlands” throughout the Middle East by decapitating the secular-Arab nationalist regimes that are the jihadists’ chief mortal enemies be the last thing our government should do? Especially when one of the groups thriving the most amid the chaos is Al Qaeda, the very perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks?

Not from Israel’s perspective. Michael Oren (the lebensraum-loving Israeli official mentioned above) has made it crystal clear that Wurmser’s priorities are still official state policy. In 2013, at the end of his tenure as Israeli ambassador to the US, Oren delivered this parting message through The Jerusalem Post:

“‘The initial message about the Syrian issue was that we always wanted [President] Bashar Assad to go, we always preferred the bad guys who weren’t backed by Iran to the bad guys who were backed by Iran,’ he said.

This was the case, he said, even if the other ‘bad guys’ were affiliated to al-Qaida.

‘We understand that they are pretty bad guys,’ he said, adding that this designation did not apply to everyone in the Syrian opposition. “Still, the greatest danger to Israel is by the strategic arc that extends from Tehran, to Damascus to Beirut. And we saw the Assad regime as the keystone in that arc. That is a position we had well before the outbreak of hostilities in Syria. With the outbreak of hostilities we continued to want Assad to go.’”

Michael Oren

Then in 2014, just after ISIS advanced through Iraq to Mosul and declared itself a Caliphate, Oren said this regarding the conflict between the Shiite-led government of Syria and the Sunni extremists overrunning eastern Syria and western Iraq:

“From Israel’s perspective, if there’s got to be an evil that’s got to prevail, let the Sunni evil prevail.”

Lest he be misunderstood, by “Sunni evil” Oren is here specifically referring to ISIS. This is clear, because seconds before, he conveyed his recognition of the fact that they are indeed “bad guys” by referring to a specific mass-execution that ISIS had just committed.

That is Israel’s position. “Assad must go. We prefer Al Qaeda. Let ISIS prevail.”

In other words: “To hell with your towers, America. And your big city residents can go to hell too, where they can burn along with the Syrian victims of Al Qaeda and ISIS for all I care. Israel has its own regional strategic goals to think of. Now get back to work to pay your taxes so your government can keep decimating Muslim countries for me and my power clique and keep sending us billions of dollars in foreign aid.”

This from “America’s greatest friend in the Middle East.”

Israel would have preferred to have the Levant ruled by stable sock puppets of the West. But failing that, it would much rather be surrounded by an extremist-stricken Muslim maelstrom of mutual massacres than to have in its neighborhood even a single secular-Arab nationalist state with an independent rational leadership, a steady tax base, and a disciplined military.

And for 14 years, Washington has been adopting Israel’s perspective on this question with incredible fidelity. And as a recently-released government intelligence document revealed, it has done so knowing full well that it would likely result in the Levant being overrun by America-hating Islamic terrorists.

And thus it is demonstrated that the only enemy of the American people greater than Israel’s government is our own.

David Wurmser warned that if the West did not adopt his warlike strategic vision, it:

“…will still not get peace. Instead it will look beyond Israel’s borders at secular-Arab nationalism’s final legacy: a chaotic sea… (which will painfully intrude on the West)…”

The West has indeed adopted the neocon/Israeli strategy, precipitating the “chaotic collapse” of secular-Arab nationalism in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. But the chaos has not been “contained and managed” as Wurmser anticipated. Neither has it cleared the way for “a more healthy future” as he promised.

Instead it has created exactly what Wurmser said it would prevent: a “chaotic sea” immersing the entire Middle East and “painfully intrud[ing] on the West.” That chaotic sea is even lapping up onto the shores of Europe in the form of the refugee crisis.

And now that Russia has been drawn into the Syrian war, where its bombers and troops operate at cross purposes with American bombers and proxy fighters, the chaotic sea threatens to become a thermonuclear lake of fire engulfing the whole world.

Israel may eventually see every secular-Arab nationalist regime that defies it fall. It may yet see Assad die in some humiliating way, just as it saw Saddam hanged before a jeering crowd and Gaddafi sodomized in the street. It may also finally see American bombs raining down on Tehran.

Israeli troops may once again march upon Beirut, and this time see every important member of Hezbollah executed or buried under a prison. (It’s extremely unlikely, but it’s conceivable.) It may then have total sway over Lebanon and untrammeled access to all its natural resources (including the coveted Litani River).

Israel may never have to give the Palestinians freedom, restitution, or peace. And it may never have to give up any of its territorial spoils of war: the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, or the Golan Heights. Golan’s “places to build,” its “strategic plateau,” its “prize apples,” and its “vast playground” spaces may be Israel’s until the end of mankind.

But if that end is a decade from now?—?or a day?—?will it really be worth it?


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I behalf of all good people around the world I want to thank ZH for publishing this article. Everyone everywhere should read it.

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Grokk these...between them, outside of having your blood pressure raised a few bar at least, a deep game appears clear...

Israel is digging it's own grave, every day...a deeply diseased natiional ideology based on a sickening "book" is the source...

Of course, one can keep diving back further in history to find the source (Nimrod, Babylon etc.), but this last 2000 year odd go-around seems definitely to be peaking .....



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Israel appears to be currently leading the way towards the paradox of Neolithic Civilization: final failure from too much success.


While I may not totally agree with the article above, I too admire Zero Hedge for republishing it.

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i also admire zh for continuing to not report on the islamic invasion of the eu...just dried up all of a sudden like someone got a phone call

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So what is Russia up to then?  Bibi was in Moscow days before Putin sent in the aiforce, and now they are cooperating with Israhell providing Russia with intelligence.  What is Putin's real game?

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Obama will not finish his second term!  Current Events Linked to Ancient Biblical Prophecy!


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What's this Tyler's, an openly non pro-zionist piece or cartoon?

Why don't you get Andrew Anglin over for guest piece and then we can directly to the core of the problem, or perhaps that will be just a little to much truth for people to handle.

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joos weakness is money

just send a couple helicopter with money and they will kill each other

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"i also admire zh for continuing to not report on the islamic invasion of the eu..."

Yes, cuz it would be unkind, inconsiderate and "mean-spirited" (lol...that ridiculous, Clintonian phrase) to truthfully report that 70% of these poor "immigrants" are males of military age with zero intent of ever going back.

That kind of thing could get one labeled as a neo-whatever...name the flavor of the hour. 

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"Israel lacks a national motto"


No they do not lack a motto,

since the days of the Six Day War the Motto and battle cry of the IDF has been,

No longer like Masada but like Sampson, if we go we'll take the world with us!

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"Yes, cuz it would be unkind, inconsiderate and "mean-spirited" (lol...that ridiculous, Clintonian phrase) to truthfully report that 70% of these poor "immigrants""


ssshhh!  don't forget once they are in the eu they bring in their wives, children, uncles, aunts, grandfathers, grandmothers and cousins all on the free shit just like here in the usa all under color of law....sshhh!....one would almost think there was a western conspiracy to destroy the native people...not the same but similar to american indians being destroyed by their chiefs being bought out by whiskey, small pox blankets and wampum

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The funniest part of the book is where the money changers get thrown out of the temple. That's a good one!

If they did get thrown out, they were gone for about 30 seconds.

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'Especially when one of the groups thriving the most amid the chaos is Al Qaeda, the very perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks?'
Wtf? I stopped reading at that point.

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Of course Israel has a national motto, " BY WAY OF DECEPTION".  It could be just as easily "divide and conquer".

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It worked on the Canaanites. 

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It worked for America too.  We called it Manifest Destiny and expanded the Country from the east coast to the west coast, killing anyone who got in the way, claiming it was our destiny.  Every nation in history has sought to expand and control their neighbors, Jewish or not.  If the Germans had it their way we'd all be speaking German.  Who knows, If we hadn't dominated North America it may have been the Russians expanding from Alaska to the east Coast.  Japan has done the same and worse across China.  These things always blow up in the face of the aggressors eventually, as it did for Japan, Russia, Germany, Rome, and the ottoman empire too.



It’s like some wealthy homeowner taking over his poor neighbor’s backyard and then sending a gang of crazed ruffians to invade his home.

Sounds like a great description of the Syrian armies actions leading up to the six day war.


In the years and months leading up to the 1967 war, Syria had played a crucial role in raising tensions by engaging in acts of sabotage and incessantly shelling Israeli communities. The second half of 1966 and spring of 1967 saw increasing friction and incidents between the IDF and Syrian forces. In response to a false Soviet warning on May 13, 1967 that Israel was preparing for an imminent attack on Syria, Egypt and Syria activated a mutual defense pact, and Syria massed troops on its border with Israel.

That border ran some 40 miles, from Kibbutz Tel Dan in the north down to the Sea of Galilee, with the Syrians occupying the high ground. In the northern half the terrain was extremely steep, rising up at the border or just after the border, while in the south the rise was a little slower at first. The escarpment and the plateau behind it, at an elevation of about 2000 feet, are known as the Golan Heights, and the Syrians had been fortifying it for 18 years. Over most of that time Syria had also often shelled Israel’s northern communities.

By 1967 more than 265 artillery pieces were aimed down at Israel, and on the plateau itself Syria had constructed a dense network of fortifications, trenches and concrete bunkers with overlapping fields of fire, all sitting behind dense mine fields. Just before the outbreak of the war the Syrians forces in the Golan totaled over 40,000 troops with 260 tanks and self-propelled guns, divided up among three armored brigades and five infantry brigades. Facing them, the Israelis were heavily outgunned, with just one armored brigade and one infantry brigade.

Although Syria maintained a radical and aggressive posture towards Israel, it counted heavily upon the initiative and success of the larger and better trained Egyptian army. During the first day of the war, on June 5, Syrian planes attacked communities in the north of Israel, including Tiberias, and attempted to attack the Haifa oil refineries. The Israeli air force responded later that day with an attack on Syria’s airbases, destroying 59 Syrian aircraft, mostly on the ground.

In the early morning hours of June 6, however, Syria intensified its attacks, launching a heavy artillery barrage against Israeli civilian communities, and then sending two companies of infantry across the border to attack Kibbutz Tel Dan. The Kibbutz’s defenders held off the attack, and twenty minutes later the Israeli airfare arrived and drove the Syrians back over the border. Despite other incursions into Israeli territory, which were also driven off, with the bulk of Israeli troops still fighting in the Sinai and the West Bank the Israeli army could not go on the attack against Syria.

On June 8, the fourth day of the war, Syria accepted a UN cease-fire, and for five hours there was a lull in the shelling. But then the barrages resumed, and state radio announced that Syria did not consider itself bound by any cease-fire. Apparently their formidable defenses in the Golan and the fact that Israel had not yet attacked led the Syrian regime to the false conclusion that their positions were impregnable.

(Arab-Israeli Wars, A.J. Barker, p. 90)

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Very good indeed. In a weird way, it advocates for Trump, who would shut down these wankers and their insufferable horseshit once and for all.

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 I'll stick my dik in the candle wax.

 This is a well written article. Come on you whimps!


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Well, one thing is for sure.

FalconFlight wont like this article.

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Well, let me guess... Moar chaos it is then?

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Israel lacks a national motto.

How's about, "Never Pay Retail!"

Just trying to help...

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I always thought it was "Never Again"

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Actually it's "Never Forgive, Never Forget", perhaps one of the most hypocritical national brainwashing/propaganda  slogans in history, given their history that is.....

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The mantra is slowly switching from «Never again» to «Never happened»....

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Israel lacks a national motto.

How's about, "Never Pay Retail!"

How about

"Arbeit macht frei"
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Usurious (not verified) Oct 10, 2015 9:27 PM

one word...........FUCK ISREAL

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there's a better option, starts with N

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"I must die so that my people can live. But my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know I was right."---Hitler.

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TongueStun (not verified) Usurious Oct 11, 2015 8:02 AM

FUCK IS REAL ....that's three words.....Obama voter, huh?

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I am reading unconfirmed reports that Turkey has shot down a Russian jet over its airspace.
If true, this conflict is about to get much nastier.

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originally from same social account  that said Russian Armata tanks sighted in Ukraine

and other crazy claims..

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The source is social media.

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TongueStun (not verified) conscious being Oct 11, 2015 8:05 AM

So 99% of Americans think it's true then.....What's your point?

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I am reading unconfirmed reports that Turkey has shot down a Russian jet over its airspace.
If true, this conflict is about to get much nastier.

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TongueStun (not verified) FedFunnyMoney Oct 11, 2015 8:07 AM

I read that too.....apparently there are 17 people here who cannot read.

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Either way, i have ring of fire playing over and over in my head.  I must add that to my tunes list... popcorn and that song as i watch the eastern seaboard light up in thermonuclear hell... what a day!  It will be Bush's fault anyway.  America, you have a huge plot of purple mountain majesty up you ass...wake the hell up.

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After reading that I now know why the Jews are so hated as well as the U.S. and her allies by Muslims. The Germans were punished for their atrocities but the West and Israel seem to be able to do what they want to millions of people. A very thought provoking article.

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Usurious (not verified) kiwigal Oct 10, 2015 9:38 PM

there is no proof of German "atrocities" except from the 'jew stream media'.......put that in ur pipe and smoke it.....


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"These Holocaust deniers are very slick people," says Steven Some, Chairman of the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education, "They justify everything they say with facts and figures." (Newark Star-Ledger, Oct 23, 1996, p 15)

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yeah it's pathetic. You can't justify the Holocaust on facts  -it's a religion  -a state religion. You just have to have faith  - if you don't you are are surely damned  -not in the next world, but this one. The Zio-Inquistion will assure it. 

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But I thought six million sounded really ---you know --precise and acurate.  Come to think of it haven't I heard that six million thing somewhere else----na--couldn't be--must be my imagination----

six million--the jewish number---

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Either way, the concept that mankind can and IS REPEATEDLY lied to at an unimaginable success rate is downright frightening.  We will be fed anything and form opinions to act as they want us to act.  Makes you wonder about social media, where one can be unfriended out of existence, or liked into the presidency.  We are SO SCREWED. 

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Anyone who actually takes the time to study the facts can learn it's mostly BS.

Work/internment camps existed, but there were no gas chambers and there were no crematoriums that could dispose of anywhere near the amount of bodies claimed. The people that died (and the post war pictures we are fed) are mostly typhus victims. 

Even the "confessions" from Germans were taken under torture. 


Oh and the number 6 million as it relates to  Jews massacred had been used in the 19th and early 20th century several times unsuccessfully in the same fashion. Encyclopedia Britannica circa 1910-1916 has a paragraph claiming 6 million jews were massacred in modern Ukraine. 


The lie is very strong, and even in the face of facts I wanted to give the official story the benefit of doubt until I cracked open an ENcyclopedia Britannica from 1911 (or 1913) and read that "6 million" massacre pararaph. Coincidences and mistakes like that don't exist. It's, for the most part, bullshit and they were stupid enough to use a number they tried to previously. 

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Usurious (not verified) HerrDoktor Oct 10, 2015 10:26 PM

call me when u get Lindsay Grahams cock out of ur mouth........



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My misake, it was from Britannica 10th edition (1902)



The specific quote reads:"Though anti-Semitism has been unmasked and discredited, it is to be feared that its history is not yet at an end. While there remain in Russia and Rumania over six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded.."  pg.482


This number was also again brought up in several sentences in the 11th (1910) and 12th edition Britannica, under the same context of persecuted 6 million jews. 



There is also a page here that aggregates more articles that can be referenced in regards to the made up 6 million: