US Foreign Policy Explained (In 1 Simple Flow-Chart)

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No Exit...



h/t @Ognir2

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they forgot the part where the USA destroys the nation's infrastructure and then uses that as an excuse to allows large numbers of 'refugees' from all over the world who pretend to have been from that invaded nation, but are really just here to work and drive down wages and increase corporate profits...which the media then plays along with because the media is funded by big corporations who buys ads in the media

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Also left out the Jackals and Economic Hitmen. And the jamming of IMF debt onto the country to make its dictator rich while western corporations steal all the resources, make massive profits, and impoverish and indebt the native people.

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Uh, wow.

Nice one, Banzai. got a Cliff Notes version? :)

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That must have taken you a month to make man! WOW!

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Also brilliant William. Congrats :-)

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Andy Singer draws Kindergarten stick figures.

William Banzai 7 (Esq.) paints the Sistene Chapel.

GOLDMAN SACHS- GOD sees it all-but-doesn't give a damn!


It appears you forgot something. Did Seyfried? ; )

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I went through the whole story the first time I posted it. I will tell you this, it takes more work to go and heavily modify an existing chart.


I admire your efforts and can imagine it takes a lot of effort to re-jig. Well done! I was just snarkin' that the Grand AGW conspiracy was unseen here. You KNoW, MEANie me, always threadjacking ; )

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All planning is conspiracy. Government planning is conspiracy. All edited reporting is conspiracy.

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I would have thought that there would be a connection to the Clintons or the Democrat National Committee, but I guess they're really just as clueless and unconnected as the rest of us.

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@wbanzai why are the aliens and bacteria related to each other?


  there a two mcdonlads and god is below illuminati and goldman sachs hhhhhh

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An infographic into the mind of williambanzai7 that will keep you busy (and maybe give your own mind a headache). Onward thru the Fog that is this world.

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Brilliant flow-chart.

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except the box that says "success" is entirely imaginary

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No excellent play by Jean Paul Sartre. Not that I expect anyone other than, say, WB VII, to have actually read the damned thing. Unplug and read a book or go to a play - not a movie - Hollywood has compromised the ability to tell a real story to spewing .gov propaganda these past few years. Gettin' grouchier as the sky falls, sorry to take it out on like-minded folk.

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 Tyler, you made my day. Fantastic observation, in its' simplicity.

  Where would you like your case of Crystal shipped to?

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Nice. You've inspired me to obtain my certification to teach U.S. Government, 7-12. What a handy "manipulative" to use in class!

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williambanzai7 long did that take?

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  It's time to add to my Snazzle art colection. That piece will find sanctuary next to " Blow Hole- Jamie Dimon" And the banksters in the jacuzzi with a toaster.

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If it makes money for the M.I.C. and the banks it's "bomb's away" for the New Rome!

Mordor on the Potomac, Satan sitting on his throne on Wall Street and in Brussels.

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Wasn't one of the charges against the Nazi leadership "waging an offensive war"? Resulting in well-known sentences?

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yomutti (not verified) Oct 10, 2015 7:01 PM

The Russian flowchart is much simpler:

Is the country more than 250 miles from the Russian border?

If no, make them suck Putin's dick. If yes, screw it, because Russia is too weak and poor to have any influence there.



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TongueStun (not verified) yomutti Oct 11, 2015 7:55 AM

What's Obama's nutsack taste like, Reggie?

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Demoncracy of America & Europe

With Obama as the Demon-In-Chief

As directed by Cabal banksters & corporations