The Fukushima Wasteland: "Terrifying" Drone Footage Of Japan's Abandoned Nuclear Exclusion Zone

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While the world has had decades of opportunities to observe nature slowly reclaiming the consequences of human civilization, particularly at the site of the original nuclear disaster, Chernobyl, there has been far less media coverage for obvious reasons, of that other nuclear disaster, Fukushima, where as we reported last night, one year after giving up on its "ice wall" idea Tepco has renewed the strategy of encasing the radioactive sarcophagus in an ice wall.

It was not precisely clear why this time the idea is expected to work after it was nixed last summer.

What is clear is that something has to be done, because as renewed interest in the aftermath of the results of the 2011 disaster once again builds ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the public is realizing just how vast the Japanese wasteland truly is.

And capturing just that, is this eerie drone overflight of the Fukushima graveyard shown in the clip below:


For those curious for more, here, courtesy of photographer Arkadiusz Podniesinski who donned protective gear to visit the "terrifying" - in his words - ghost towns of Futaba, Namie and Tomioka last month, we get an up close an personal photo essay of this generation's Chernobyl.

This is what he found: supermarket aisles strewn with packets. A school blackboard covered with notes for an unfinished lesson. Cars tangled with weeds in an unending traffic jam.

These are eerie pictures from inside the 20km exclusion zone around Fukushima nuclear plant, courtesy of Guardian.


The photographer, Arkadiusz Podniesinski, stands on one of the main streets of Futaba. The writing above him says: “Nuclear energy is the energy of a bright future.”


A street that has been taken over by nature. Four years after the catastrophe – which drove 160,000 people from their homes – much of the region is still too dangerous to enter.


The KFC Colonel and mannequins left standing in a supermarket.  “Here time has stood still, as if the accident happened yesterday,” says Podniesinski of the most-contaminated areas.


An aerial photograph of abandoned vehicles.


An aerial photograph of dump sites, taken by a drone. Contaminated radioactive topsoil from the fields has been bagged for removal and there have been efforts to clean deeper layers. To save space, the soil is stacked in layers.


A restaurant table with crockery left behind by guests. The huge task of decontaminating the area, site of the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986, continues. Thousands of workers move from street to street through villages, spraying and scrubbing the walls and roofs of houses.


Car bumpers overgrown with weeds. Some of the people Podniesinski spoke to doubt the official line that the area will be safe again in 30 years. “They are worried that the radioactive waste will be there for ever,” he says.


A classroom on the first floor in a school. There is still a mark below the blackboard showing the level of the tsunami wave. On the blackboard are words written by former residents, schoolchildren and workers in an attempt to keep up the morale of all of the victims, including “We can do it, Fukushima!”

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I woke up's picture

If this happened in Russia, North Korea or Iran it would be plastered all over the news as the worst disaster ever

Money Boo Boo's picture

years later Dr. David Suzuki a world renowned and ancestral japanese environmentalist has yet to make any mention of this disaster in any great detail since it first happened.  he's a great example of the failure of environmentalists around the world!!! 

nuubee's picture

It's only terrifying because environmentalists shut down all nuclear power plant investment decades ago with their absurd alarmist activism. If not for them, we'd probably have much safer designs by now.

cheech_wizard's picture

Not to mention nuclear fuel reprocessing...

...because it is far better to leave it in cooling pools everywhere.


SafelyGraze's picture

The blossoms have bloomed.
They are fragrant as always,
tsunami or not.

ZerOhead's picture

A lucrative carreer with the Japanese Tourism Ministry awaits you if you can find something innocent and colorful that rhymes with the word "strontium".

ZerOhead's picture

Before I forget... if the Japanese want their Olympics to set the fastest speed records they should start the running events like the Marathon close to the Fukushima reactors.

Stackers's picture

uhm, that video is 1.5+ years old ...........

JohnnyBriefcase's picture

I can't figure out what your point is.

erkme73's picture

On Craigslist - cheap drone, like new, glows in the dark. 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Okay my hedgie brothers and sisters few, ponder this and then question the narrative...

1) Hiroshima and Nagasake were back to being populated and thriving withing a few years (recovery from the FIREBOMBING there). Where is the million year half life nonense?

2) Chernobyl is a thriving wild life area again. No triple deaded foxes or any such mutative  non-sense.

3) Dude photographer goes to all these Fuku cities in a plastic cape and is going to be fine and dandy, no danger from the WORST nuke disaster EVER?

How come plants and animals thrive and flourish in these DEADLY zones?

WHAT my friends is the truth of all this?

Ponder it, search around and be shocked out of your respective skulls...

I'll say no more for now...

Confused's picture

Plastic cape? Isnt this daily dress for Chinese/Japanese in big cities? :-P 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Indeed confused. In Japan, THE MASK is almost de rigueur....even a whiff of a sniff and out come the masks...

Ace006's picture

Short life span of a fox (four legs) possibly will have it die of old age before a slow-growing tumor will kill it.

Apply Force's picture

Oh Regional -

Yeah - the wildlife in the video here was abundant and healthy - -er, ah well, I guess there was NO wildlife to be seen in any way, shape or form.  I think the non-exclusion zone Fukushima radius kids seeing a 5000% increase ("officially") in Thyroid cancer would question your narrative.

And maybe read up a bit on Chernobyl instead of watching the docu-dramas proclaiming "thriving wildlife."  The now much lower and far less diverse wildlife population surrounding Chernobyl leads far, far shorter lives.  Bio-accumulation is a bit of an issue with animals like us apes that live longer than a fox and take a bit of time before being able to reproduce. 

Agree that if you were a plant that you could likely incorporate some radioactive material into your structure that may not cause life-threatening issues, but woe to the vertebrate's DNA that consumes said plant over time.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Don't Apply Force, Apply logic and mindfull-ness...

re-posting the linnk below...

Open thine eyes....all the logic you state has been fed to the same academic jew-mafia....

Yea there are radioactive elements, that is why they are using them on warheads (depleted, whatever that means)...bombs, nuke POWER, total bull-poop....



Apply Force's picture

Galen Winsor is less than impressive, and OK by me if you say the US carpet bombed Japan and dropped no nukes - I think all bombing is bad, nukes or no nukes.

Any rebuttals as to the rest of my post??

Oh regional Indian's picture

The point of the link was the article, I agree, Galen W is not impressive and in fact a strange one (as in don't know how to place him in the scheme of things).

That said, no wild life in pictures because generally in Japan (I know, have worked in and visited many times)....there is hardly any wild life visible anyways. It is like the nation has been sanitized of it's wild life. Only zoos (it is a people zoo anyways). 

Also, the rest of your scientific facts are based on the original lie and all the half-truths and outright lies put upon us for the last 70 years.

Just think of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, why are they completely habitable with normal radiation levels and have been pretty much since the bombing. No abnormal cancers either.

There is no such thing as an atom's another Zio-Jew psy-op (long running and very successful) on the world...

And note, radioactive elements exist, but that is about it :-) You'll have to dig around and see for yourself, such positions (I had it) cannot be explained or argued, because pre-convceived notions are hard to extricate.

Apply Force's picture

I guess I'll take your word, then, that a fairly large area of Japan not inhabited for 4+ years has somehow been cleansed of birds rather than totally repopulated by birds    ....or dogs, or rats, or bugs, etc.

The difference in the amount of nuclear material in said "supposed" Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombs compared to the amount of nuclear fuel at Fukushima is a non-starter.  It's comparing a flea to the Hulk.  Exposure (external) compared to contamination (internal) and dosage all play a pretty major role in outcomes.  Just ask Marie Curie.

I'm not saying we're not constantly lied to through the usual channels of transmission, I'm saying that hairless apes are not to be trusted with systems that can cause widespread damage.  IMO nukes are not worth the risk/reward - too much tail risk.

Four chan's picture

poor fukushima.  shame on you general electric.

Vincent.Vega's picture

> poor fukushima.  shame on you general electric.

I wouldn't blame it on American engineers.

Magna BSP: The Israeli Connection to 3/11 Terrorism at Fukushima:



If you stop for a moment to think (like, really _think_, not about pussy or alcohol), you'll soon realize how phony the historical picture is most people's heads is, thanks to the great Ministry of Information.

All sheeple know is a pile of hoax- and mystification-based BS, starting from "genius" moron Einstein (project "Enstein" was created by Oppenheimers to suppress any evidence of the Luminiferous aether, super-rarefied gas, despite of results obtained by Michelson-Morley's and by others), Nukeless Hiroshima and Nagasaki carpet/fire bombing: Hiroshima and Nagasaki carpet bombing:, the Moon Hoax filmed by Stanley Kubrick after having perfected his techniques in "2001: A Space Odyssey", etc. -- even Newton's Laws only work for the first four planets since they are based on the empirical evidence collected by Tycho Brahe and his apprentice Johannes Kepler over the course of 20 years.

Oh regional Indian's picture

BINGO vincent, and thanks for the link.

This is too much revisionism even for the hedge I think.

And yes, jewish bastard scientists (Oppenhiemer, Einstein et. al) were behind the manhatten project money heist...

I bought the lie, now I've discarded it, completely....

Doubleguns's picture

Something is not right. Pleanty of farms still being plowed and planted. Huge fields NOT over grown and I am not talking about the storage of contaminated soil fields and no debris on the roadways just seem to scream its not abandoned completely. There might be a logical explanation but I cant think of one in a nuclear contaminated zone. 

Not Too Important's picture

Plenty of farms still being plowed and planted, and the food shipped around the world.

I wouldn't eat it, nor my or anyone else's children.

Poisoning the world on a massive scale. Popular in school lunches, because it's so 'cost effective'.

EuroPox's picture

Forget the strontium, if they actually build that ice wall (unlikely I know but - but if), then they will trap all the ground water inside the wall and there are a couple of red-hot balls of corium just sitting there (well OK, melting through the ground) - so what happens?  It will be the world's biggest geyser!  Shooting a tower of (radioactive I know but maybe we don't mention that) water into the air every (say) 10 minutes (I don't know if it is '10' but it can be calculated quite easily).  At night it will be a light show as well.  Think of it, the biggest and best geyser in the world!

Handful of Dust's picture

So, when does this radiation hitcoat Kornifornia again?

giggler321's picture

Who else thought it was downtown Detroit?  Every wondered what a place looks like a currency collapse?

EBay Japan has some great deals right now - just make sure use a geiger counter on receipt.

armageddon addahere's picture

"So, when does this radiation hitcoat Kornifornia again?"

Spring 2012

Central Bankster's picture

Why does some of the footage look like CGI?  Did they put the video through some type of color filter?

Not Too Important's picture

One to three weeks after the explosions and counting, for a billion years or so.

CClarity's picture

Those trees shouldn't be blooming in September.  Either dates are wrong or this is a mutant outcome.

caustixoid's picture

Go to youtube and you'll see the drone video was taken in spring 2014.

Syrin's picture

Still better than Detroit

mc225's picture

so, 3 years after the accident...

Not Too Important's picture

It's now almost 5 years after the accident, and childhood cancer rates are over 5,000% and growing:

UPI: ‘Skyrocketing’ cancer cases in Fukushima — AP: ‘Alarming’ cancer rates after nuclear disaster — Times: Child cancers up 5,000% — Radiation doses may be “considerably higher” than estimated — Expert: Cancer outbreak shows officials must now prepare for onset of leukemia, other diseases (VIDEO)

ZerOhead's picture

The atoms have fissioned.

They are spreading as always,

icewall or not.

PartofOne's picture

The water wave crash,

After the hideous crime.

When will justice win?

ShakaZulu's picture

I am a man who

believes in what is real so

the earth is dying

Marco's picture

Fuel reprocessing doesn't appreciably reduce nuclear waste, it's only reprocessed once because reprocessing MOX waste is too hard and the reprocessing creates it's own waste. It's pretty much a wash, except for the billions it costs of course.

It's either a way of getting weapons grade plutonium or a boondoggle.

Not Too Important's picture

"Not to mention nuclear fuel reprocessing...

...because it is far better to leave it in cooling pools everywhere."

Several nuclear fuel reprocessing plants have been built around the world, or as in Savannah, GA, close to completion. The problem is, none of them work safely enough to continue operation, and Savannah has been shut down before completion, because the tech doesn't work. At some point, it isn't worth the hundreds of billions of dollars to build tech that doesn't work, bribes or not.

Not to mention, older design NPP's are not designed to run reprocessed fuel, or MOX. It's like putting rocket fuel in your Chevy. Unit #3 in Fukushima was running MOX illegally, and what happened there defied all the rules of nuclear physics when it collapsed in on itself. The operator's accounts were stunning in their description of what occured.

Dry casks last about 35 years, then they and their contents need to be recasked or buried.

Fuel rods in pools will need to be cooled for a billion years.

We'll be long gone - all life on this planet - in less than 200 years thanks to the failure of nuclear power.



Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

Sounds like they've got the cooling part worked out - courtesy of the Pacific Ocean.  Drink it in, Kalifornia!

Money Boo Boo's picture

nuclear energy is a repeat of finite carbon produced energy a.k.a it will run out because there's only a finite supply so why bother building huge global nuclear infrastructure only to have viable uranium supplies run out in a century or two???  plus waste disposal is a major drawback. Thorium sounds good but as of yet no one has bothered to really scale that idea to a global level so it's still all theory.


the best arguemnt i've heard about nuclear is there is not enough and never will be enough trained engineers in the world who could service and manage the amount of nuclear energy the entire world would need to replace carbon energy plus the length of time and amount of resources to even build enough plants would never be feasible_ Chris Martenson talks alot about this

cheech_wizard's picture

Please leave stupid at the door... There is a simple reason why uranium is better, yes, better than coal, gas, oil, and all the rest.

>It would take 2 million grams of oil or 3 million grams of coal to equal the power contained in 1 gram of uranium fuel. Unlike oil and coal, nuclear fuel is recyclable and, in a breeder reactor, can actually produce more fuel than is used up!

Now just shut the fuck up over a topic you know absolutely nothing about.

samsara's picture

Shut the fuck up.  THere were hundreds of trained scientists and engineers in Japan, Russia(Chernobyl),  and Pennsylvania. 

Didn't help.  

3 Mile island is still a tomb,  and it was only a few hours away from being a Fukushima.  It is still sealed up,  Just like Fukushima for a thousand years.

Peddle your "if only they...' somewhere else.

They were human,  they DIDN'T.   

Freddie's picture

I support barium nuclear enema power where the elites would get highly radioactive barium and cesium 137 enemas.  A little MOX too.

daveO's picture

3 mile Island was, more than likely, sabotaged. It, and The China Syndrone(propaganda film) which was released the same month,

sealed the industry's fate. Rockefeller's puppet, Carter(Navy Nuke), blocked it's growth. Speaking of the US Navy. They have the most reactors and no accidents to date.