How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State?

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Submitted by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

“Fear isn’t so difficult to understand. After all, weren’t we all frightened as children? Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the big bad wolf. What frightens us today is exactly the same sort of thing that frightened us yesterday. It’s just a different wolf.” ? Alfred Hitchcock

In an age dominated with news of school shootings, school lockdowns, police shootings of unarmed citizens (including children), SWAT team raids gone awry (leaving children devastated and damaged), reports of school resource officers tasering and shackling unruly students, and public schools undergoing lockdowns and active drills, I find myself wrestling with the question: how do you prepare a child for life in the American police state?

Every parent lives with a fear of the dangers that prey on young children: the predators who lurk at bus stops and playgrounds, the traffickers who make a living by selling young bodies, the peddlers who push drugs that ensnare and addict, the gangs that deal in violence and bullets, the drunk drivers, the school bullies, the madmen with guns, the diseases that can end a life before it’s truly begun, the cynicism of a modern age that can tarnish innocence, and the greed of a corporate age that makes its living by trading on young consumers.

It’s difficult enough raising a child in a world ravaged by war, disease, poverty and hate, but when you add the police state into the mix—with its battlefield mindset, weaponry, rigidity, surveillance, fascism, indoctrination, violence, etc.—it becomes near impossible to guard against the toxic stress of police shootings, SWAT team raids, students being tasered and shackled, lockdown drills, and a growing unease that some of the monsters of our age come dressed in government uniforms.

Children are taught from an early age that there are consequences for their actions. Hurt somebody, lie, steal, cheat, etc., and you will get punished. But how do you explain to a child that a police officer can shoot someone who was doing nothing wrong and get away with it? That a cop can lie, steal, cheat, or kill and still not be punished?

Kids understand accidents: sometimes drinks get spilled, dishes get broken, people slip and fall and hurt themselves, or you bump into someone without meaning to, and they get hurt. As long as it wasn’t intentional and done with malice, you forgive them and you move on. Police shootings of unarmed people—of children and old people and disabled people—can’t just be shrugged off as accidents, however.

Tamir Rice was no accident. Cleveland police shot and killed the 12-year-old, who was seen playing on a playground with a pellet gun. Surveillance footage shows police shooting the boy two seconds after getting out of a moving patrol car. Incredibly, the shooting was deemed “reasonable” and “justified” by two law enforcement experts who concluded that the police use of force “did not violate Tamir's constitutional rights.”

Aiyana Jones was also no accident. The 7-year-old was killed after a Detroit SWAT team launched a flash-bang grenade into her family’s apartment, broke through the door and opened fire, hitting the little girl who was asleep on the living room couch. The cops weren’t even in the right apartment. Ironically, on the same day that President Obama refused to stop equipping police with the very same kinds of military weapons and gear used to raid Aiyana’s home, it was reported that the police officer who shot and killed the little girl would not face involuntary manslaughter charges.

Obama insists that $263 million to purchase body cameras for police will prevent any further erosions of trust, but a body camera would not have prevented Aiyana from being shot in the head. Indeed, the entire sorry affair was captured on camera: a TV crew was filming the raid for an episode of The First 48, a true-crime reality show in which homicide detectives have 48 hours to crack a case.

While that $263 million will make Taser International, the manufacturer of the body cameras, a whole lot richer, it’s doubtful it would have prevented a SWAT team from shooting 14-month-old Sincere in the shoulder and hand and killing his mother.

No body camera could have stopped a Georgia SWAT team from launching a flash-bang grenade into the house in which Baby Bou Bou, his three sisters and his parents were staying. The grenade landed in the 2-year-old’s crib, burning a hole in his chest and leaving him with scarring that a lifetime of surgeries will not be able to easily undo.

No body camera could have prevented 10-year-old Dakota Corbitt from being shot by a Georgia police officer who tried to shoot an inquisitive dog, missed, and hit the young boy, instead.

When police shot 4-year-old Ava Ellis in the leg, shattering the bone, it actually was an accident, but it was an accident that could have been prevented. Police reported to Ava’s house after being told that Ava’s mother, who had cut her arm, was in need of a paramedic. Cops claimed that the family pet charged the officer who was approaching the house, causing him to fire his gun and hit the little girl.

Alberto Sepulveda, 11, died from one “accidental” shotgun round to the back, after a SWAT team raided his parents’ home. Thirteen-year-old Andy Lopez Cruz was shot 7 times in 10 seconds by a California police officer who mistook the boy’s toy gun for an assault rifle. Christopher Roupe, 17, was shot and killed after opening the door to a police officer. The officer, mistaking the Wii remote control in Roupe’s hand for a gun, shot him in the chest.

These children are more than grim statistics on a police blotter. They are the heartbreaking casualties of the government’s endless, deadly wars on terror, on drugs, and on the American people themselves.

Not even the children who survive their encounters with police escape unscathed. Increasingly, their lives are daily lessons in compliance and terror, meted out with every SWAT team raid, roadside strip search, and school drill.

Who is calculating the damage being done to the young people forced to watch as their homes are trashed and their dogs are shot during SWAT team raids? A Minnesota SWAT team actually burst into one family’s house, shot the family’s dog, handcuffed the children and forced them to “sit next to the carcass of their dead and bloody pet for more than an hour.” They later claimed it was the wrong house.

More than 80% of American communities have their own SWAT teams, with more than 80,000 of these paramilitary raids are carried out every year. That translates to more than 200 SWAT team raids every day in which police crash through doors, damage private property, terrorize adults and children alike, kill family pets, assault or shoot anyone that is perceived as threatening—and all in the pursuit of someone merely suspected of a crime, usually some small amount of drugs.

What are we to tell our nation’s children about the role of police in their lives? Do you parrot the government line that police officers are community helpers who are to be trusted and obeyed at all times? Do you caution them to steer clear of a police officer, warning them that any interactions could have disastrous consequences? Or is there some happy medium between the two that, while being neither fairy tale nor horror story, can serve as a cautionary tale for young people who will encounter police at virtually every turn?

No matter what you say, there can be no avoiding the hands-on lessons being taught in the schools about the role of police in our lives, ranging from active shooter drills and school-wide lockdowns to incidents in which children engaging in typically childlike behavior are suspended (for shooting an imaginary “arrow” at a fellow classmate), handcuffed (for being disruptive at school), arrested (for throwing water balloons as part of a school prank), and even tasered (for not obeying instructions).

For example, a middle school in Washington State went on lockdown after a student brought a toy gun to class. A Boston high school went into lockdown for four hours after a bullet was discovered in a classroom. A North Carolina elementary school locked down and called in police after a fifth grader reported seeing an unfamiliar man in the school (it turned out to be a parent).

Better safe than sorry is the rationale offered to those who worry that these drills are terrorizing and traumatizing young children. As journalist Dahlia Lithwick points out: “I don’t recall any serious national public dialogue about lockdown protocols or how they became the norm. It seems simply to have begun, modeling itself on the lockdowns that occur during prison riots, and then spread until school lockdowns and lockdown drills are as common for our children as fire drills, and as routine as duck-and-cover drills were in the 1950s.”

These drills have, indeed, become routine.

As the New York Times reports: “Most states have passed laws requiring schools to devise safety plans, and several states, including Michigan, Kentucky and North Dakota, specifically require lockdown drills. Some drills are as simple as a principal making an announcement and students sitting quietly in a darkened classroom. At other schools, police officers and school officials playact a shooting, stalking through the halls like gunmen and testing whether doors have been locked.”

Police officers at a Florida middle school carried out an active shooter drill in an effort to educate students about how to respond in the event of an actual shooting crisis. Two armed officers, guns loaded and drawn, burst into classrooms, terrorizing the students and placing the school into lockdown mode.

What is particularly chilling is how effective these lessons in compliance are in indoctrinating young people to accept their role in the police state, either as criminals or prison guards. If these exercises are intended to instill fear and compliance into young people, they’re working.

Sociologist Alice Goffman understands how far-reaching the impact of such “exercises” can be on young people. For six years, Goffman lived in a low-income urban neighborhood, documenting the impact such an environment—a microcosm of the police state—on its residents. Her account of neighborhood children playing cops and robbers speaks volumes about how constant exposure to pat downs, strip searches, surveillance and arrests can result in a populace that meekly allows itself to be prodded, poked and stripped.

As journalist Malcolm Gladwell writing for the New Yorker reports:

Goffman sometimes saw young children playing the age-old game of cops and robbers in the street, only the child acting the part of the robber wouldn’t even bother to run away: I saw children give up running and simply stick their hands behind their back, as if in handcuffs; push their body up against a car without being asked; or lie flat on the ground and put their hands over their head. The children yelled, “I’m going to lock you up! I’m going to lock you up, and you ain’t never coming home!” I once saw a six-year-old pull another child’s pants down to do a “cavity search.”

Clearly, our children are getting the message, but it’s not the message that was intended by those who fomented a revolution and wrote our founding documents. Their philosophy was that the police work for us, and “we the people” are the masters, and they are to be our servants. Now that has been turned on its head, fueled by our fears (some legitimate, some hyped along by the government and its media mouthpieces) about the terrors and terrorists that lurk among us.

It’s getting harder by the day to tell young people that we live in a nation that values freedom and which is governed by the rule of law without feeling like a teller of tall tales. Yet as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, unless something changes and soon for the young people growing up, there will be nothing left of freedom as we have known it but a fairy tale without a happy ending.


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You dont, you get them out of here!

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-- Make sure your child is multi-lingual.

-- Have lots of gold.  Perhaps some overseas.  Maybe 1% of your assets in Bitcoin.

-- Make sure your child is of strong character (can be taught to a degree).

-- A physically and mentally fit child who seeks out information on his/her own.

-- Teach your child about weapons and how to fight.

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Teach them to not eat donuts offered by these folks...

And not to watch any media owned by them....

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Baby Bladeface (not verified) COSMOS Oct 15, 2015 9:54 PM

Book US government published to this purpose.

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Expalin to your kids that thus type of shit mainly happens in neighborhoods dominated by welfare case broken families and as such they are in little such danger now and will face little such danger in the future if they avoid FSA behaviors, FSA acquaintances, and FSA areas.   

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Teach him to stand for freedom, and lead by example.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Government needs you to pay taxes Oct 15, 2015 10:27 PM

Have him bend over and grab his ankles a lot.

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my nephues like 4chan and the like, this wide range of views is the best exposure to reality they can get in todays propaganda media.

have some gay soup

and if you're black get some gibs and a white woman..barf

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"...How Do You Prepare A Child For Life In The American Police State?..."

Wrong fucking question. 

The framers of the Constitution did not define the U.S. as a God damn police state. Nobody in the U.S. should have to prepare their children to live in one.

Fix America and restore the Constitution by recognizing and containing the psychopaths that created and are running the place - so you never have to teach your kid how to live life in a police state. 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Everyone is thinking waaaaay too complex here.

You have to strike at the root.

How is trust destroyed? When someone you believe in lets you down.

The first BIG lies need to go into the fucking dustbin.


See? Every child has to go through this WHAT THE FUKK moment when they realize their PA-rents have lied and lied and lied....

Teach them and practise with them the telling of reality instead of fantasy. Especially fantasy that translates to fucking gifts and money....

That will produce a child that knows fantasy from reality and what it means to trust.

All this high level hand-wringing is totally USELESS unless the root is set aright...

oh and if you think TRUTH is good....

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Fuck da Police

Comin' straight from the underground

A young nigga got it bad cuz I'm brown...

VinceFostersGhost's picture





Teach them guerrilla tactics......and give them a copy of the 2nd Amendment.


My name is......JOHN HANCOCK.


Teach them to write their signiture....really big.

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One should teach them to question authority...always. Make authority validate itself to them first. Then defy all authority that intrudes on their liberty, which they will find is a life long battle willingly engaged in.

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I just forwarded this article to my 3 teenage boys.  Will be discussing it with them later this weekend while reloading at the shooting range.

g speed's picture

I never took my kid to the "shooting range" ---just zeroed in in the back yard (100yds rifle center fire, 100ft rifle rim fire, 25 ft pistol)  ----helped them look for and identify game trails, (ie. avenues of approach, fields of fire, crossing points, etc.). Taught them prone, sitting, kneeling, and supported firing positions from hidding. Taught them dry fire practice and cold bore one shot techniques/drills---- the range is the last place to teach your kid good stuff and the first place to go to learn usless stuff. ---just saying----

let the down arrows begin------

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So when the SWAT team crash into your house at 3am in the morning because they think you just might have broken a speed limit and you/your kid goes for a gun and is immediately shot what will you tell them? Nothing because you/they will be dead.

We/you need to ask why the hell are SWAT teams breaking into people's houses in the first place as their first action.

This does not happen in the vast majority of other countries.


g speed's picture

Learning how to use a rifle/pistol has nothing to do with SWAT teams breaking into your house----my comment had to do with wasting one's time at the "range". Being killed by a SWAT team in your house is now about like getting hit with lightning--completely a by chance proposition. Meta data algos pick you out and decide if you live or die---I can't wait till the SWAT teams start showing up at SWAT team members houses --LOL  just a matter of time---

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Never let them know where you sleep. Does your DL have your REAL address on it? Mine doesn't. Remember this is not a legitimate government. You are under no obligation to support anything they are doing. Use their systems for your benefit, and in all other cases undermine them.  And related to that, you are under no obligation to pay taxes. There is no such thing as "your fair share".  They think they own you. You have no obligation to those who enslave, or their systems of enslavement. This "freedom" is an illusion. If you are helping them, then you are simply choosing to make your chains a bit more comfortable. 


And one last thing. The best plan for survival is to be somewhere else when the SHTF. If you reach the point where you have to "stand and fight", then you did something wrong.

FreedomGuy's picture

America was NOT designed for security. It was designed for liberty.

When you realize that you realize how far we have descended and anithetical our present situation is compared to the founding.

Majestic12's picture

"America was NOT designed for security. It was designed for liberty."

From a "full circle", Leftist nuts to Freedom soup student, here is the call to "wake up" for the thinking man/woman:

"Break it down again

So those are my dreams
And these are my eyes
Stand tall like a man
Head strong like a horse

When it's all mixed up
Better break it down
In the world of secrets
In the world of sound

It's in the way you're always hiding from the light
See for yourself you have been sitting on a time bomb
No revolution maybe someone somewhere else
Could show you something new about you and your inner song
And all the love and all the love in the world
Won't stop the rain from falling
Waste seeping underground
I want to break it down

Break it down again

So those are my schemes
And these are my plans
Hot tips for the boys
Fresh news from the force

When it's all mixed up
Better break it down
In the world of silence
In the world of sound

" No sleep for dreaming" say the architects of life
Big bouncing babies, bread and butter can I have a slice
They make no mention of the beauty of decay
Blue, yellow, pink umbrella save it for a rainy day
And all the love and all the love in the world
Won't stop the rain from falling
Waste seeping underground
I want to break it down

Horsin' around
Pray to power
Play to the crowd with your big hit sound
And they won't simmer won't simmer, won't simmer down
Play to the crowd
Pay to the crowd
Play yeah yeah

It's in the way you're always hiding from the light
Fast off to heaven just like Moses on a motorbike
No revolution maybe someone somewhere else
Could show you something new to help
With the ups and downs
I want to break it down
Break it down again

Break it down again
No more sleepy dreaming
No more building up
It is time to dissolve
Break it down it again
No more sleepy dreaming"

Given 90% of the "profiles" here are a handfull of trolls, Please ignore the "rational" (extreme in sheeps clothing) troll comments and downvotes.

Read and think.  You're an Amercian, Goddamit! (seriously)

Majestic12's picture

"Wrong fucking question. "

Thank you, Paveway IV for pointing out how the corrupt assholes strive to "define" the the many Toll profiles here...yeah, duh.

Call a spade a fucking spade!

+183 Trillion!

OzFan's picture

God damn pathway, another great post....x2 @ wrong fcking question.

Article with good intentions (i think) but stoopid angle.

Fck fear.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Same like in the old Eastern Ruropean block, lick the boots, stand up or run somewere else :)

338's picture



Cops won't steal from dem dere white folks, nope.


They  put up DUI checkpoints in mainly upper-middle class so they won't have any one with a rifle get out of their ride and fuck up their littlle 'cash in the coffers' party.  Fuckin with middle age white guys with wives and kids is too easy, they'll never fight back.


You sir are one deluded Murican if you think the police state only affect poor people.


But delusion seems to be people pharma of choice anymore, reality really sucks.


And freedom is way too dangerous for this country anymore.  The law and order crowd brought this on, fucking pussy motherfuckers walking around with 911 preprogrammed on their digital lifestyle device in case they can't get fries with their happy meal.

I want some fucking quality Bourbon and it's not even 5AM, I just hate this fucking country anymore.


RaceToTheBottom's picture

Does the lone "s" indicate SARC?   If so, I missed the sarcasm in your post.  Seemed reasonable to me.  

But sometimes I wonder whether I have breathed in parts of the wrong pill.

More Ammo's picture


I agree 338 is spot on, then I am aparently not a reasonable man either. I also learned from another great post here today that I am "Ruthless".


worth reading

erkme73's picture

The one looks like Yellen's sister.

Majestic12's picture

"Teach your child about weapons and how to fight."


All of the above and:

--Teach your children how to love, so the new world is not "the same".

--Teach your children how to "build".

BlindMonkey's picture

Teaching them to have faith in God isn't going to hurt either.  


That may possibly cause some cognative dissonance amongst the heathens here but it is true none the less.

toady's picture

This is harder than you'd think. We've been trying since they were just babies, but by the time they're ten or so they see thru the bible bullshit. "It says this here, it says the opposite there...." after a year or so of that you can see it in their eyes, this is all bullshit. 

Then when they're 15 or so I try again with the "moral relativist", there-is-god-but-the-bible-just-confuses-the-subject talk. It seems to work, and they'll actually talk about church. "That tower of Babel stuff is bullshit" or "I can really see why stealing is bad after today's surmon"

I hope it works, but this church/organized religion crap is definitely not helping. 

Borrow Owl's picture

"That may possibly cause some cognative dissonance amongst the heathens here.."


Now that's some seriously funny irony right there.

Bro of the Sorrowful Figure's picture

and if you cant do that get them out of the system as much as possible. homeschooling, learn how to use firearms, learn how to work early, maybe farming or some sort of useful trade, teach the values of saving, respect for others and never using force unless it is first initiated against you. you know, the things americans used to learn as children. 

Ms No's picture

You would either have to lie to them or tell them the truth. The way I see it if they are old enough to ask the question they are owed the truth. It would really suck to have to sit a 7 year old down and explain to them that the last time this circumstances occurred in history it was bloodbath beyond imagining only this time we are in uncharted territory.  Even worse psychopaths are running the roost, psychopaths don't just kill people for necessity they have hobbies.  The US, Israel, Britian, Turkey, India, China.... the world is turning into an insane asylum.

This is our problem not theirs and if the kids are already here then already here but it is selfish for us to be concerned with who will take care of us when we are old, we should have thought of that before we allowed this place to become an unstable hellhole.

junction's picture

The only solution is home schooling to keep the kids away from pedophile teachers, degenerate school cops and NAMBLA principals.

Demdere's picture

We did, un-schooled him, he started work at 17, at 19 he manages 6 older people in an electronics manufacturing startup founded by senior executives in tech companies in our area.  Kid got his education from Youtube, reading. language tutors, music teacher, soccer club, dance studio.  Very nice kid with a very nice group of friends.

He wrote a note to us the other day from work, where he had spent 3 days solid and slept there, literate, well-organized, good thoughts.  In addition to managing building and shipping, inventory, ordering, writing manuals, taking photos of new equipment, welding frames for displays and equipment, he handles customers phone and email, explains their operations and plans to visiting customer's executives who know him by name and thank him for all the help he has given them.

You don't need school, adult education classes take illiterates, put them in a classroom for 2 weeks, give them books and send them home.  2 years later they can go to college.  Which our son says he will start in January.

Grow up first, academics later.  Mere literacy is easy in a world of computers

freedogger's picture

Well done! America needs more parents like this!

August's picture

Friends don't let friends raise children in Metropolitan Amurika (some rural nooks and crannies may be OK).

I suggest the South Pacific, but they'll have to watch out for the stingrays.

VinceFostersGhost's picture




If you look out the can see the new ISIS Syrian terrorists refugees moving in.


No worries....we have drones watching them....and they're also watching you.

Gold Eyed Cat's picture

A life lesson I never forgot!

I once got a C in English lit and I freaked out.  I had all my graded homework and test papers. I liked the class, but I had challenged my teacher on several basic lines of Shakespeare.  I couldn't understand how a teacher could not be aware "Get thee to a nunnery" was written to have a double meaning!

My parents told me the truth.  Teachers are just ordinary people.  Some are brilliant and love teaching.  Some are nasty and stupid and lazy.  We had an impromptu meeting with the headmaster and called the teacher in.  The teacher stalled for about 20 minutes and then showed up with her grade-book.  My line of grades had been whited out.  She claimed it was an honest mistake and changed my grade to an A.

Tell your kids, cops are just ordinary people.  Some are going to be ignorant ass-holes hopped up on steroids.  A few will be decent human beings.

Tell your kids every single TV show and commercial, and every single news segment and Tweet is an attempt to influence their decisions.  Ridicule commercials.  Laugh at emotional political pleas.  

Remind your kids that there are still lots of good things in the world. Always point out the good stuff.

And it's perfectly acceptable to shun organized religion, but to be a moral and spiritual person.  The bible was written by men that didn't even own spoons and forks.  Some bible verses are going to be nonsense.  But it is an amazing book full of history and life lessons.  You can find lots of good in it.  Ignore the jerks that use religion to further their personal agendas.

Be skeptical.  Be as self-sufficient as possible.  Be picky on who you invite into your life.  Look for the good.  Surround yourself with people you can depend on.

And if ever in doubt, refuse to decide. Sometimes the only way to win is to NOT PLAY.  Trayvon Skittles and Zimmerman McGruff is an excellent example.  The news pitted one side against the other and the entire country lined up.  But the truth is TWO idiots ran into each other on a dark and stormy night, and they both got exactly what they deserved.

Team Trayvon, team Zimmerman.  Red team, blue team.  Shias, Sunnis.  Israelis, Palestinians.  It's perfectly fine to believe they all suck, and none deserve our support.



Bank_sters's picture

Tell them about 911, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon crimes carried out by the shadow govt and foreign govts.   The matrix IS real, son/daughter.  



Naturally when a guys FAKE legs are "blown off"  and you have ambulances lined up 2 blocks away, you throw them on a wheel chair with Carlos the NWO stooge Arredondo for  a photo op ride.   And then you trot them out a few weeks later looking plump and rejuvenated at a Boston bruins game.

Sandy hook


And tell them to stay away from Psychopaths like Hildabeast.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

"And tell them to stay away from Psychopaths like Hildabeast."

Teach them how to recognize a psychopath and they will keep themselves away.

troubledasset's picture

I've already been down this road by publishing GoodNight Drone

I keep a copy in both of my children's rooms.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Way to go TA, what great graphics...

India/Indian's need to see this stuff, it's so far from people's perceived reality yet right in their faces....

stant's picture

Get rural and off the radar

Talleyrand's picture

Yeah, rural. Like Uruguay.

Rock On Roger's picture

Lotsa rural in Russia.

Kinda like this family's place;

Fahque Imuhnutjahb's picture



Many of them don't seem to mind.  If the transition is gradual enough, then we'll sleep walk right into it;

except for a few George Carlin types that the youth probably won't listen to, even if they know of them.

In the end we, (the informed & disenchanted), are seen as being Randy Quaid.