Whistleblower: 90% of Drone Fatalities Are Civilians

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A new US whistleblower reveals that 90% of all deaths caused by US drones are civilians.  And see this, this and this.

The bigger picture:

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Think of all those millions of poor 72 virgins stuck in a bad Barbara Eden movie

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Not counting the poor bird hits.

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Any one that pulls a trigger on innocent women and children, especially those a thousand miles away using this kind of horrid weaponry for target practice to be precise when they go after the American people after the planned crash or set up to lose a world woar, is a CHICKEN FUCKER!

Here is a real chicken fucker doing the evil they do.:



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America goes to war for banksters, the Military Industrial Complex and the depopulation faction. They don't "hate us for our freedoms". They hate us because we're killing their families, friends and neighbors for no reason. Never believe what a politician tells you. They're all liars and they do it all for the lobby money.

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It is shown which information can be extracted from the monitoring of
radionuclides emitted from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant
and transported to Europe. In this part the focus will be on the
analysis of the concentration ratios. While (131)I, (134)Cs and (137)Cs
were reported by most stations, other detected radionuclides, reported
by some, are (95)Nb, (129m)Te, (132)Te, (132)I, (136)Cs and (140)La.
From their activity ratios a mean burn-up of 26.7 GWd/t of the fuel from
 which they originated is estimated. Based on these data, inventories of
 radionuclides present at the time of the accident are calculated. The
caesium activity ratios indicate emissions from the core of unit 4 which
 had been unloaded into the fuel storage pool prior to the accident.


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PoasterToaster (not verified) Oct 17, 2015 1:28 PM

100% of the fatalities are civilians.

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Thanks for posting this, George. You are doing a wonderful job with your links. One thing that's well worth noting is that the drone program is an efficient way to desensitize a ruthless gang of civilian assassins. It's only "insane" in the context of America's international reputation - but then that's pretty much shot anyway. I think I nailed this topic reasonably well three years ago, when I categorised it as a war against women.


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This is a bunch of BS, written by those who support the terrorists and want to protect them. I guess if you support the terrorists and say because they do not wear military clothes does not make them a legal target and because of civilian clothes, they are civilians? 

BS again. Just like Gitmo causes terrs to do what they do, I can't remember any of them saying that, only the dems in America.

God bless, American Warrior.

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I have been in combat in three different countries, and every time that I have been engaged (ambushed) it was "civilians". A uniform does not make a legal combatant, the weapons, actions, and ability to continue to affect my freedom of movement and operation makes a combatant.

Just pay your taxes and be happy you're alive. Weapons are not released on a whim or without reason. People die because they deserve it or because Karma demands it.

The military and O.G.A. are not like you. When we work we don't just do stuff or "wing" it. All targets are vetted.

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You're in a much different military than I was.  We were instructed that we had the right to refuse unlawful orders.  And unlawful orders were when we faced civilians and were ordered to fire.

"Just pay your taxes and be happy you're alive."  Fuck taxes, fuck you, and the government. 

"Weapons are not released on a whim or without reason."  Self protection is a valid reason, the reason why your in the AO is something to question, however.  Why the fuck were you sent there to begin with?!

"People die because they deserve it or because Karma demands it."  Machismo, Been there, done that.  What particular reason is it that they deserve it?  What have they done to you, or more broadly, the US, us, that demands a Karma redistribution?

The military and O.G.A. are not like you. When we work we don't just do stuff or "wing" it. All targets are vetted." LOL, "vetted", You're a Marine, right?

Semper Fi mother fucker.

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Any careless person can harm another.  you should try putting a humanbeing back together some time.  it would heal you.  best wishes.

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Try putting a three year old back together after being run over by a semi,,,pulling his body back from the dual tires...holding his brain in your hand.*

Yeah, I did that, unsuccessfully.  And this was from a common traffic accicent in Florida.

Imagine trying to do that as the result on an American bomb.  I can only imagine the rage.

(*one of my many moments of horror that haunt me still today)


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PoasterToaster (not verified) AmericanWarrior Oct 17, 2015 1:30 PM

You are a terrorist.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) PoasterToaster Oct 17, 2015 1:43 PM

Remember downvoter, how we were all told the Muslims deserved it because their silence over terrorism meant they supported it.  Well, here we have someone who is actively supporting the murder of people in foreign countries with his speech.  What else do you call someone like that?

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You forgot  to add 'They hate us for our freedom' AW..

Don't  worry, I just did for you.

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So being woman or child also does not make them civilians? Or are the 'soldiers' wearing woman, child, and elderly costumes to fool us?


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The good news is that the strikes are far away from us, for now.


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Teh Finn (not verified) Oct 16, 2015 10:36 AM

Oh well.

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But zero wants to bring 100,000 of those "refugees" here

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Civilians are supposed to die in war.  It isn't war unless civilians die, it would just be gang conflict without civilian casualties.

The liberals have tried to invent war that does no harm to civilians.  Clean war is good war.  


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I'm sure Obomber has authorized a few civilian drone strikes out of anger after triple bogeying a par 3

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Before WW I almost 0% of deaths were civilian

In WW I 10% of deaths were civilian

WW II 50 %

Vietnam 85%

Afghan/Iraq etc. 95%+

Weren't smart bombs supposed to better target the bad guys?

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can't say sorry to the world's people - american's never had a say, yet the common folk in the Mid East see us as enemy killers- the reptiles hide behind all of us - there is no america - just  internationalist NWO elites pulling the strings of sociopath politicians - yet the worlds common folk - only see american men and women as the enemy..they hate us and do not hate the 0.01% who laugh at the deaths of common folk by war.

who ordered the bombing of dresden? who ordered the bombing of serbia?

you? me?

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What you are saying is true, but it is us who are supposed to stop them from doing the bombing.  They don't hate us for our freedom.  They hate us for our apathy.

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"They hate us for our apathy."..perhaps, but my apathy keeps me and alot of folks alive..to act against the un seen powerful will bring the wrath of loyal law enforcement and security agencies down on one's head.

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it is not our job - those fighting the americans and west - are fools - they never attack the 0.01% - they kill common folk like the west military - letting the reptiles in power alone..always wondered why the top elite never get hit? me too.

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TongueStun (not verified) Oct 16, 2015 6:36 AM

90% of Drone casualties or 90% of war casualties? I'm calling Bullshit  again....I see a trend here.

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WRONG. It's on the intertubes. It must be true!!! It's settled SCIENCE.

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Fuckin' Intertubes!!  They're everywhere!

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TongueStun (not verified) SamEyeAm Oct 16, 2015 9:34 AM

This is just a dumbphuck article in the first place.


90% = 90%


What's the fucking difference how they are killed? Do the dead people feel any different?

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Obama admits to training ISIL


...so is Obama a secret Wahabist terrorist?  Isnt it illegal for the US to support terrorism?  Shouldnt someone prosecute this traitor president who have violated US laws and the constitution by supporting terrorists who have killed americans and other innocent peoples?


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Was it in the WaPo? If it wasn't in the WaPo, it didn't happen.

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hehe what the hell is a civilian.  you're either with me or against me

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90% of all deaths in all wars are civilians on average.

Sounds like one of them side deals. Take out my trash and Ill take out yours. 


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 American police are killing more Americans every year than the whole damn drone project put together.

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Where are all the anti-war protesters, the "Bush lied, kids died" crowd on this?

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Public protest and dissent were effectively dealt away with by the Joint Terrorism Task Force (FBI, DHS) during Obama's first term.

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Aparrently in the same place the Bush-can-do-no-wrong crowd was when Bush was in action. A pox on both their houses.


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{raising hand}  That was me.

Was dead asleep, ignoring everthing.

Until TARP.

That was an icy bath over my sleeping, smokin'-hot, bod.

Sputtering awake, and starting to pay attention, my studies took hours into the night.

My smokin' hot bod developed secretarial spread, my gut went soft and fell over into a shed over my nads, nerve damage set in to where I can barely type without a typo, and I'm starting to think I've got oldtimers with the amount of lies and bullshit we're being told on a daily basis.

When we finally revolt, I honestly volunteer to help hold the rope, any rope.  But we're going to have to drag out everyone from Nixon forward for the rope to have any validity.  I might need gloves.

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TongueStun (not verified) HowdyDoody Oct 16, 2015 6:31 AM

Who are you talking about, the socialist jew media who blamed Bush 24/7/365? You know, the same cowardly lying jews who have never blamed Obama for anything?


Bush was an American hero compared to the POS we have now.

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Bush was a stool sample compared to a stool softener


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The sheeple are fooled to believe that drones or any machine makes better and/or infallible decisions. A war crime defense that the machine did it is no better than I was just following orders.

Does the drone make positive victim identifications? It cannot and does not. This is the text of US Law (18USC2441)defining a war crime against persons taking no active role in hostilities, "(D)Murder.— The act of a person who intentionally kills, or conspires or attempts to kill, or kills whether intentionally or unintentionally in the course of committing any other offense under this subsection, one or more persons taking no active part in the hostilities." https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2441

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..............sure makes ya proud to be a 'murican, don't it?


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Looks like I have a serial stalker here now on ZH who is so butt hurt (s)he just automatically downvotes me 10 seconds after I post something.  I guess I should feel flattered.

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Serial downvoter...looks like everyone on this article has at least one downvote.