US Military Tank "Intrudes" Into Bombed 'Doctors Without Borders' Hospital, Destroys Potential Evidence

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

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If you’re the U.S. military and you killed 22 people while intentionally bombing a Doctors Without Border hospital in Afghanistan, what do you do next?

First, you deny all requests for an independent investigation. Check.

Second, you go to the scene of the war crime and destroy evidence. Check mate.

From NBC News:

A U.S. tank “destroyed potential evidence” by forcing its way onto the ruined site of a hospital bombed by American forces in Afghanistan, the charity said.


Doctors Without Borders, which ran the facility in Kunduz, said the tank’s “unannounced and forced entry” through the gates had also frightened staff and damaged property.


The allegations came almost two weeks after a U.S. AC-130 gunship bombed the compound, killing at least 22 people including 12 members of staff.


After the U.S. gave shifting explanations for the incident — which MSF has called a war crime — President Barack Obama apologized to the charity last week. The U.S. and Afghan governments have launched three separate investigations but MSF is calling for an international inquiry.


The tank forced its way through the closed main gate of the bombed-out compound at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday (5 a.m. ET), according to the charity. MSF has since pulled out of the derelict site, but said one of its teams arrived earlier on Thursday to visit the crumbling building.


It said the tank’s “intrusion” contravened an agreement between MSF and the joint investigation team that the charity would be “given notice before each step of the procedure involving the organization’s personnel and assets.”


It added: “Their unannounced and forced entry damaged property, destroyed potential evidence and caused stress and fear for the MSF team.”


So I guess now we know why Obama recently announced that he would be halting a planned troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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Latina Lover's picture

Like bad losers, the USSA neocons/neoliberal humanitarian bombers double down on their criminality by hiding their actions. Bombing a hospital and then concealing the crime is job 1 in the books of the psychopaths controlling our foreign policy.

If I didn't know better, I'd think they were working secretly on behalf of Putin, deliberately destroying whats left of the Amerikan reputation...or rather re inforcing it as an exceptional country, where fascism, force, lies and criminal behavior justify the actions of the bankster elitists that rule the USSA.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Nice... that's low even by pentagram standards...

y3maxx's picture

Comparitively, the USSA makes Saudi Arabian beheadings look merciful compared to this hospital bombing.

SMG's picture

This is the kind of stuff that happens when you let your country be run by Satanic Globalists.  I pray enough people wake up soon to stop them.

The Pope's picture

Oops Upside your head.


"The bigger the headache

The bigger the pill

The bigger the doctor

The bigger the BILL"

knukles's picture

Another Noble Savage* Peace Prize comin' right up.

Noble Savage is a kind, non-ethnic, non-racist philosophical concept from the Great French Age of Reason
If you like your dumb shit, you can keep your dumb shit

RafterManFMJ's picture

The Pentagram must've heard there were some US Navy accountants hiding in that hospital, trying to find out where a few trillion dollars disappeared to.  

caconhma's picture

Chicago mobster and war-criminal Obama deserves a second Nobel Piece Prize. Lately, the Western civilization was perverted beyond any recognition. 


Look at "Copyright ©2009-2015 Media, LTD"

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Funny how many people assume that there could only be one media company in the entire world called ABC.

I bet the letters CIA automatically conjures up an image of spys, not cookery.



FEDbuster's picture

Using the 9/11 World Trade Center Playbook, "Quick clean-up to protect the guilty".

cheka's picture

dwob = swamped with organ harvesting allegations (even the founder)

now add obomba groveling

then add the immediate pledge for monetary compensation

= yup, them

johngaltfla's picture

Amazing. The USSR's former leaders have to look at our nation and think "if only we had done it that way" they would still be in power.

Oh regional Indian's picture

This is your Zionist/Talmudic bosses destroying "America" in the eyes of the world.

They want you to be hated, as a people and a nation. Most people cannot separate the idea of America from Americans.

And how can you fight it? All the jew owned media will not allow dissenting voices.

Alternate media/net is also fully in their control.

America is being set up for the great fall and it is sad personally because I know MANY super nice Americans. 

But in the eyes of the world, the great satan is coming good to it's name and few will shed a tear if they see it go down in flames.

It was a nation created by the sword and gun and is now being killed by it....

There is one solution. One single solution and yet all the well meaning intelligensia on this site too will deride/downvote etc.

Stop eating meat. Especially meat that is so cruelly kept and slaughtered that it WILL reflect on and in you. We are what we eat.

The daily creelty practised on millions of animals EVERY DAY in America is the single cause for all the madness and mayhem and people losing their minds....all the tv and meds and other de-humanizing tools come later.

Any wonder America is full of Chiken-shits and Cow-ards?

Harsh truth, face it....right food, right living....

But there will be angry cires and gnashing teeth of biblical justifications and neanderthal Proto diets....ALL BULLSHIT...

Boycott meat, even that killed kindly by thine own hand...

All the diseases, all the schizophrenia, all the mental instability will start to slip away...

A sign, for all those with children: Children initially HATE the taste of meat. MEat addled parents keep on keeping on till a child finally gets used to it and then likes it.

Plus, can you eat RAW meat? Every day....for years? And live?

You can on fruits and vegetables...


It really is that simple.

Practise kindness... :-)

Monetas's picture

I'd rather be a lean panther .... than a hippopotamus, elephant, water buffalo .... or other vegetable eating cow ! Gandhi was a racist pedaphile .... otherwise, he was a POS .... who set back the Anglification of India ? Vegetable fires (forest fires) .... are way more destructive .... than livestock grazing ?

Monetas's picture
Monetas (not verified) Monetas Oct 17, 2015 4:53 AM

All a human needs .... is meat, animal fat and water .... strangely, that's what we are made of ?

Oh regional Indian's picture

That's right DOOFUS> That is why trees eat trees to grow and sustain themslves. Trees consume Bark, Leaf and Sap because that is what they are made of. See? 

So simple....

You are now a confirmed total doofus, but a lean panther doofus. Way to connect dots...

Dapper Dan's picture


Indian J Psychiatry. 1993 Jan-Mar; 35(1): 11–17. PMCID: PMC2972559 AN INCIDENCE STUDY OF SCHIZOPHRENIA IN INDIA

The annual incidence rates obtained were 4.4 and 3.8 per 10,000 for rural and urban areas, respectively

In the United States that figure is 7.2 per 1,000

Oh regional Indian's picture

Inrteresting stat there DD. Note Indian are per 10,000 and US per 1,000.

Sadly though, with the advent of McD and KFC and their ilk in India, we are all now going mad together....

bentaxle's picture

"..... Obama deserves a second Nobel Piece Prize....."


Did you use "piece" intentionally? Kinda changes things.

jeff montanye's picture

since you mention it, here is the rabbi tasked with running that down, seriously:

btw they announced the trillions lost on 9-10-01.  slow news day.

oh and that same rabbi helped run the israeli company that sold the mechanisms installed on at least some of the hijacked planes that let them be controlled from the ground no matter what the on plane controls did.  the mechanisms were sold as a hijack prevent device (last u.s. highjacking was d.b. cooper in the '70's).  wouldn't put it in a movie; no one would believe it.  he also investigated the earlier wtc bombing in '93.  my but he did get around.


glenlloyd's picture

No, it was someone who wanted no part of Obamacare...

Ignatius's picture

I think it's become obvious that criminals are now firmly in charge of the US government and the military.  I would really prefer that this not be the case.

trulz4lulz's picture

Its blatantly obvious by now. or at least should be to anyone with an iq...any amount of iq at all should be able to understand, finally, what exactly has happened.

Ignatius's picture

I've spent a lot of time studying 9/11 and such and one gets to realize that it's not really necessary (though enlightening and helpful) to uncover the hidden conspiracies as there exists ample evidence of corruption where the facts are not the least in dispute.

Implied Violins's picture

Yes, and for those now ready to open themselves to the facts as they repeatedly prove themselves across ZeroHedge's pages, I'll post this link again as it summarizes pretty well what is going on:

I keep getting red arrows for posting this shit, but I'll keep doing it because I firmly believe it's true and the more people that know it, the better when the shit hits the fan for real HERE.

trulz4lulz's picture

The sell (West Ptro$) is high. the buy (BRICS rub/yuan ptro) is low. I get it. The real questioin to everyone here is it going to crack off?/ The ansewr is anyones guess.

Implied Violins's picture

My guess? And this is just free-flow, off the top of my head half-assed rambling based on what I've read:

There will be a widening of the war overseas, eventually resulting in hot war with Israel/Iran/Russia/China/USA etc. all involved directly. At some point, it will come HERE, in the form of troops on the streets, probably some event precipiating martial law like 'ISIS' or even Russia/Iran/China etc. bombing a city (or multiple cities).

At some point after that - probably once gains have been consolidated for the globalists/enough people have bought the farm, there will be a military coup here, removing O-boy and his crew (and predecessors) with all the evidence of assholery as presented on these pages used to convict these sacrificial lambs as a 'feel-good' moment, possibly even with multiple revlations like JFK, 9/11, vaccines, GMO's, Geoengineering, repression of favorable energy technologies etc. to placate the masses and make it look like 'good is being done.'

Meanwhile, someone with 'sound money policies' will be placed as president (Ron Paul or a knockoff), the FED will be audited/ditched when it is seen that we have NO GOLD whatsoever, and we will be forced to have a national currency for local goods...and, use the SDR (special drawing rights) for international trade...which will be issued under the auspices of the BRICS/BIS/IMF or whatever alphabet letters they use this time - but in the end, the globalists will have what they want: GLOBAL government control, and TOTAL currency control.

Meet your new masters, same as the old masters...

trulz4lulz's picture

At least you arent asking for too much!! haha nice. I concur. If anyting it would make for a good movie. lets make that movie.

roccman's picture

That ain't the half of it.

The end game includes interdimensional egregores.

Magick is behind all of this. Likely a mantis like priestess.

This is about the darkening of the soul. The snuffing out of life.

The creation of a counterfeit reality... Ruled by very dark forces.

trulz4lulz's picture

Isnt that the story line to conan the barbarian?

Oh regional Indian's picture

roccman has it right.

Which is preciisely why this "war" can first and only be won at a personal level.

By first "knowing" and then refining ourselves to literally and figuratively adn vibrationally rising above the madness...

First win the great battle for your own soul....

One man's way (mine), perhaps slightly clumsily presented...

Implied Violins's picture

What happened to the edit button? Anyway, here's the latest Brandon Smith article, explaining even more what we are seeing (and I hope we see this article here on the Hedge):

Socratic Dog's picture

Agreed Iggy.  The key with 9/11 (as with kennedy's assasination) is not who dun it, but the obvious fact there were government cover ups.  Complicity after the fact makes you every bit as guilty as before the fact, under US "law".  It's called conspiracy.

Of course, it helps to know it was Israel and the CIA who dun it (maybe in both cases, I'm starting to realize).  But the most important message is that your government has no problem with killing Americans, lots of them.

Grumbleduke's picture

They wake up, alright. In search for the remote.

SuperRay's picture

Allen Dulles on the Warren Commission's bogus report: "the American people don't read."

Obama's handlers new conclusion: "the American people don't give a shit"

My conclusion: fuck'em. They deserve exactly what they're about to get.

Ignatius's picture

This depressing reality will affect ALL of us.

Overfed's picture

Just when we thought .gov couldn't get any more insane and out of control....

Whalley World's picture

Wait a second here, G.W. tried to help the terrorists by treating them tenderly.  I think they call it tenderizing them.

Now Obama feels bad about bombing the hospital and just asked the mess be cleaned up. 

No harm done,right?

formadesika3's picture

Good one. Clearly, that tank was there to secure the site against interference by MSF in possible evidence-tampering. Look, if we have to use 3-letter acronyms, they should be in English. Period.

SWRichmond's picture

Nice... that's low even by pentagram standards...

No, it's not, it's SOP for any federal agency.  From the Kennedy assassination to the Branch Dividians to 9/11, desroying evidence after the fact is standard procedure.

Abitdodgie's picture

What is really low is the people driving the tank , hopefully they will commit suicide in the years to come. Order followers all the same , dumb as f**k.

robertsgt40's picture

This is SOP for war criminals. How long dod it take to start removing the evidence from the country's biggest crime scene ever? 911 Same fingerprints