Prominent Veterans Group Just Called On US Public To Say No To War

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A group of former U.S. service members called the Veterans For Peace issued a letter to the American public and President Obama today. In it, they outline reasons for the Unites States to immediately end the war in Afghanistan and elsewhere and call on the public to step in to ensure it happens. The entire letter is included below:

President Obama’s decision to prolong the U.S. led war in Afghanistan only ensures U.S. responsibility for more death and destruction. Veterans For Peace condemns the decision and calls on the U.S. public to say no to more war.


Today, President Obama commented, ‘I do not support the idea of endless war, and I have repeatedly argued against marching into open-ended military conflicts that do not serve our core security interests.’ But Veterans For Peace asks, what is this policy but endless war? The U.S. has been fighting in Afghanistan for over fourteen years. What can fewer than 10,000 service members do that more than 100,000 could not? Al-Qaeda is a non-factor in Afghanistan and the Taliban are Afghans. U.S. presence in Afghanistan ensures more Afghan deaths and delay in reduction of violence so that civil society can be rebuilt and peace and justice can begin to take hold. War, Mr. President, has not worked. If you don’t believe in endless wars and you want to be a true Nobel Peace laureate to be looked up to and admired for working for peace in the face of pressure to continue down the road of war, Bring Our Troops Home and put all of the weight and power of the U.S. behind building peace.


In his remarks, the president referred to the Taliban and the people of Afghanistan as if they are two different groups. The truth is that the Taliban represent a portion of the Afghan people. The Taliban are Pashtun tribesmen. Pashtuns are also the majority in Afghanistan. This makes it very difficult to combat the Taliban as they have many sympathizers and supporters who may not actively fight the U.S. backed government, but will not support it.


It is clear that U.S. led efforts in Afghanistan have given more people reason to join the Taliban. A Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 2009 question and answer piece explained, people… ‘join because the Afghan government is unjust, corrupt, or simply not there. They also join because the Americans have bombed their houses or shown disrespect for their values. For young people, joining the Taliban is a way to earn social status.’


That was written six years past, and little has changed. Just two weeks ago on October 3, 2015 the U.S. bombed a Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Kunduz Afghanistan killing twelve medical staff, ten patients and wounding thirty-two others. This type of incident is not uncommon. Amnesty International’s 2014/15 Annual Afghanistan Report says, ‘ISAF and NATO forces continued to launch night raids and aerial and ground attacks, claiming dozens of civilian lives, despite completing the handover of responsibility for security to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) in June 2013.’


The report goes on to say.[sic] ‘There were significant failures of accountability for civilian deaths, including a lack of transparent investigations and a lack of justice for the victims and their families.’ An October 14th New York Times article reports that, ‘Mr. Ghani is not popular among Afghans. And the problems in his government — like corruption and incompetence — run so deep that fixing them will take years, possibly decades.’ Trust of the Afghan government has not increased among the people it claims to represent.


It is true that anti-government forces are responsible for the vast majority of civilian deaths. However, continuing the war does not increase the possibility for reduction of violence to save lives. This makes coalition forces and the opposition complicit in every death. There is little chance of defeating the Taliban because they will not stop fighting until the foreign invaders are gone and there are not enough Afghans willing to possibly die in support of the U.S. backed national government.


There is not a perfect solution to the tragedy of Afghanistan. War has been the norm for the people of Afghanistan for nearly 37 years. The answer to ending the violence there is political, not military. The U.S. must withdraw and give the nation of Afghanistan back to the people of Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan must form their own union. One we may not like, but is theirs. The international community must pressure the Afghan government, Taliban dominated or not, to follow international law and respect human rights. A real diplomatic effort must be brought to bear to end the violence so that the people of Afghanistan can rebuild civil society and create space for human rights activists to struggle for a just society.


Concerns about the threat of ISIL in Afghanistan must be met with more effective efforts to end the violence and wars in Iraq and Syria. U.S. global policy of endless war is merging into a global response of violence. We need a global response that meets human needs and aspirations. War is not the foundation on which to build peace. U.S. efforts have proven that war is the breeding ground for more violence and hatred. We demand a peace plan, Mr. President. We are not war weary, we simply know it does not work.


Finally, there are U.S. service members and families upon whose shoulders this failed and derived policy of endless war will continue to fall. U.S. military personnel have sacrificed enough in blood on the battlefield; wounded and killed. They are burdened with executing a no win strategy. When they come home they face unemployment, homelessness, recovery from physical and mental wounds and high rates of death by suicide. The Department of Veterans Affairs is already overwhelmed, unable to meet the needs of our brother and sister veterans. This policy ensures more of the same on the home front as well. Mr. President, it is clearly time to end this and all U.S. wars. Bring Them Home and Take Care of Them When They Get Here.”

Veterans for Peace is a non-profit anti-war group whose members include U.S. military veterans. You can find their website here.

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Vlad Tepid's picture

Did no one tell these guys that War Is A Racket?

Arnold's picture

Untill I turned six and my first grade teacher called me by a name I did not know, insular Tahiti was mine.

two hoots's picture


 “.... serve our core security interests....”


Maybe if we, citizens, were told what these core security interests were it would help.   Seems “core” should be rather obvious, it is not.  Pearl Harbor was obvious, needed no more ‘splain’n .  Just tell us!


TahoeBilly2012's picture

All Goyim into the meat grinder! Do it for Hillary and Bill!

Bumpo's picture

But we need our troops there to protect opium production to finance our Black Ops programs ...


ersatz007's picture

Opium is so 1800's. The poppies is what we're really there to protect. Otherwise how will our kids enjoy cheap heroin?

TBT or not TBT's picture

We also need to prop up charming local cultures in all their diversity. 

THX 1178's picture

Blaming Obama for Afghanistan? Fuck this twilight zone. Its ok the Bush and family are the Nazis that are responsible for eveything from The holocaust to JFk assassination to 9/11, hes a republican so he thinks people should "keep their money." Fookin retards.

Bumpo's picture

Where do you think Heroin comes from? Lol

Eeyores Enigma's picture

War? We don't have a war anywhere. We just have places where we dump over priced munitions so as to keep industry healthy and the economy going.

Wars are where tow sides fight it out to see who wins. We have not done that in a very long time.


jcdenton's picture

Pearl Harbor was manipulated. It was no surprise attack. MacArthur discovered the task force half way en route from Japan. He had orders not to notify Pearl. Read Kimmel's bio ..

The ground was broke to immediately build the Pentagram on what day and month of the year?

y3maxx's picture


The Vets lead the way....soon to be followed by the Millennials.

Fuck the MIC and John McCain

bigkahuna's picture

We've lost the will to fight because we've realized after a painfully long time that we are dumping souls for nothing other than a bunch of greedy bastards whims.

It has been over for years now. The only "leaders" (aka senior commissioned officers and senior NCOs) left are a bunch of line towing, ass kissing, otherwise inept yes men for the "elite" luciferian bastards.

Soldiers, Sailers, Marines, Airmen - take notice. Hopefully you've already taken notice.


Edit: People of America also take notice - there is an intelligent way for troops to protect American interests without laying waste to wherever we go and without sacrificing our own - what you have seen over the last 20-25 years is NOT IT!!!! Need to help these boys get their message out.

Omen IV's picture

"We've lost the will to fight because we've realized......"

Nonsense -

it has been go along to get along since the -  DRAFT  - was eliminated in 1969 - less than 3 million citizens to include their families are effected by endless War - 1%  of the population - which is why they ended the draft - so they can wage war with those who need the.... JOB.

if the draft was in place (with NO exceptions for 2S status- Student or Conscientious Objector status BS or Medical BS or Religious BS) -  there would be no war because the majority would be at risk instead of a minority.

Vietnam was ended because - "Hell No We Wont Go"  - became the mantra - the military didnt end the war nor did the politicians - the people at risk did!

bigkahuna's picture

You've got a good point about the draft, but I cannot say that I agree with your generalization of people being in the armed forces just because they need a job. That is a generalization and dove tails into making all service members motive for service frivolous and easily comes off as a wedge issue.

There are some there because they need a job and are performing "work". There are some there because they are serving their country, and there are some there because going back to the Civil War, it is their family tradition.

I leave out the motive for their service because I do not want to lump one group of service members with another and then use the motive as a wedge. 

Again, I agree 100 percent with what you wrote about the draft, but the service members I speak of are not the mercenaries who will do anything they are told because they need a job. The ones who have lost their will are those who believed in what they were doing as a patriot and found the truth over time.

Our best hope for regaining our military are the true patriots in there. We are currently on course militarily to repeat Napoleon I at the height of his arrogance (and he had conscription). Spread too thin, not on the right side of the law, biting off more than we can chew. The hubris of our politicians and "leaders" is astounding.

Lorca's Novena's picture

The Millenials? 



o r c k's picture

(for Insular Tahiti)   At least it wasn't Herman

Chuck Walla's picture

"...because the Americans have bombed their houses or shown disrespect for their values."

Goat fucking is a value? Ass fucking little boys is a value? In DC, maybe, but the rest of America doesn't think much of it.  Let 'em have that shit hole back. 

Long Poppies!



Moe Howard's picture

Does that mean they are racketeers? BTW, Smedley wrote that AFTER decades of being an eager participant in the Racket, including being "lent" out to civilian governments within the United States. That is how he earned his money and his fame. Sort of like a mob hit man who brags about his kills. "Yeah, I'm in the Mob, and the Mob is organized crime".

Butler announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in the Republican primary in Pennsylvania in March 1932 as a proponent of Prohibition, known as a "dry".[49] He allied with Gifford Pinchot, but they were defeated by Senator James J. Davis.[50] According to biographer Mark Strecker, Butler then moved politically to the far left, voting for Norman Thomas of the Socialist Party for president in 1936.

Smedley is a mixed bag.

ian807's picture

You mean like conservative republican politicians who work for big government, but get elected by claiming that "Big Government" is the problem?

StychoKiller's picture

Sometimes ya gotta throw a lot of crap at the wall to see what will stick.

BullyBearish's picture

War IS a racket...especially if nothing else is increasing the wallets of our owners in this economy and keeping military-aged testosterone-laden males willing to kill out of the country fighting someone else besides their own  government who considers them less than animals...

lakecity55's picture

We are expending the lives of our servicemen in an unjust war of Imperialism.

Our armed forces should train and be prepared to Defend the US if we are attacked.

And, actually, we need to keep a smaller standing army and enforce the Dick Act of 1903:

We should revert to the original intent of the Constitution and use an American form of the Swiss military system, where we have 5-10 million reservists who train regularly, but who otherwise have civilian lives. I spent 3 tours in the Guard, which taught me a lot and gave me some usable skills.

psyclone's picture

will Hollywood ever get "Ol' Gimlet Eye" off the ground?

Tom Cruise as the USMC Major General and Jonah Hill as the real Jerry MacGuire.

robertsgt40's picture

 What can fewer than 10,000 service members do that more than 100,000 could not?---Oh that's easy.  They can make sure the poppy fields keep on producing opiates at record pace. Then the CIA can maintain 90% share of the world's opium market. Run the profits thru their favorite banks. Even when the banks get caught, ie Barclay's/BOA, they pay their cost of going business fine and continue. Wash rinse repeat 

omi's picture

Is Russian army a racket? They do not too bad of a job with minimal resources.

ThroxxOfVron's picture

Bonus Army 2.0 getting restless..

AmericanWarrior's picture

They claim that this was written by a prominent Veteran's organization, has anyone ever heard of them? In whose definition is it prominent? Additionally, I seem to remember 10's of thousands of terrorists were being trained in Afghanistan each year to go around the world to kill American's and many thousands of them flowed across Iran to settle around Halabja, Iraq. Afghanistan will fall apart and 100's of thousands will most certainly die, when the Americans leave. Additionally, the few girls that currently get an education and the few women who work, will come to an end.

You think things are bad now, wait until we leave, it will be a continuation of a blood bath, that will dwarf anything that is going on right now. People rightly criticize our flawed allies, but they are almost always much better than the alternative. Just look at what happened to millions and millions in Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Iran, when Americans packed up and left.

As to the cynical minded who believe that war is a racket, I beg to differ, there are reasons to fight to protect ourselves, way of life and to sometimes protect others. Just look at where Europe and Asia would be today, if we had just stayed home. Or more recently, if we allowed Saddam to occupy Kuwait or allow him to exterminate the Kurds. America is the one force for good in the world and if we pack up and go home, then no one will make the effort to stop the blood shed and to somewhat mediate the killing, that would be far worse if we left.

I spent over 25 years fighting for America, 10 of those years in war zones, I do not remember one American saying he or she was there to murder people, to earn money for war industries, just the opposite they were there to help others, to protect America and for the watch over those next to them.

The world is a very bad place and would be far worse, if not for the US trying to keep the peace and stop those who have no conscience. Does anyone think for one minute that the world dominated by the Chinese, Russia, Iran or North Korea would be benevolent and help anyone? They slaughter and enslave with no remorse. Russia does little or nothing to prevent or moderate civilian deaths. They just say they don't kill civilians and there lackeys repeat the lies and useful idiots and America haters repeat the lies even more.

God bless, respectfully American Warrior.

Baby Bladeface's picture
Baby Bladeface (not verified) AmericanWarrior Oct 17, 2015 8:24 PM

Excellent sarcasm.


StychoKiller's picture

Ever punch a wall made of marshmallows?  Yeah, you can leave a dent, but it slowly returns to a flat wall.

Sedaeng's picture

This will be a non-story in MSM and completely ignored.  The MIC needs moar countries to destroy, civilians to bomb, infrastructure to obliterate... refugees to create... chaos

blown income's picture

War in the ME are just like Vietnam........un- winable....bringem' back...

J S Bach's picture

Any war is winnable.  You just have to have the drive and passion to do so.  You also need honest leadership whose primary interest is that of the warring nation.  This we definitely do not have in the U.S. since we have metamorphosized into a zombified Gentile body with a Zionist head controlling it.

El Vaquero's picture

You also have to have an endgame in mind.  WTF is our current endgame?  That question has me flummoxed because perhaps there is no endgame. 

847328_3527's picture

<< Any war is winnable >>


... and all wars are profitable ... to someone.

Arnold's picture

I've brought this up before, but glassing an area does not effect deep subsurface resources.

El Vaquero's picture

Yet it can make access to them problematic.  And China may be none too happy about the fallout. 

Arnold's picture

I'm kinda noodling that the military service needs clerk/typist and logistics type people in greater quantities than Seal Teams.

Us Sixty year olds don't mind being Rear Area Mother Fuckers.

Of course, many of us are 'front line' already, paying for these random walks in the park.

But to answer, with little tactical nuke knowledge, two of the dirtiest type of weapons imaginable were deposited in Japan, and compared to their other radiation problems, the legacy alphas , betas, and gammas are pretty subdued.

Main_Sequence's picture
Main_Sequence (not verified) 847328_3527 Oct 17, 2015 1:00 PM

Why does anyone need to win the war?  That's crazy.  A sustained war maximizes and sustains profits.



Scumbag Bankster

snodgrass's picture

War is the path to the totalitarian state. That's why it must be endless.

holmes's picture

Depends how you define victory. Is it killing everyone in the ME. Sure that's winnable.

Is is pacifing the Countries and converting them to democracy and western values? Not happening in a thousand years.

El Vaquero's picture

Somehow, I don't get the impression that either of those are our goal. 

Arnold's picture

I believe Victory smells like jellied, burning gasoline.

I believe I would know it if I see it.

OpTwoMistic's picture

Every action since Korea has been unjust. Banker wars?

Is insanity impeachable?  I served during Viet Nam, for what?

The reason does not matter, we must stop this while we still out number the insane evil.

Freddie's picture

What are "western values?"

We are seeing Germany, UK, USA and other being converted to third worldism and islamism by the Zog-ligarchs.

Bay Area Guy's picture

Any war is winnable if you're truly waging war. The US is not waging war. The US is waging police actions and has so many rules of engagement that it can't win. They're not meant to win. They're meant to give money to the MIC.

If the US was truly waging war in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, as well as against ISIS, it all would have been over with years ago. But that wouldn't have lined enough pockets. So, we get eternal police actions and "nation building" (which more resembles nation destroying to me) that are called wars.