Trump: Bush Had “Advanced Notice” of 9/11

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Donald Trump says that George W. Bush knew 9/11 was coming and had "advanced knowledge" of the attack, but he failed to stop it:

He's right ...

Overwhelming evidence shows that 9/11 was foreseeable. Indeed, Al Qaeda crashing planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was itself foreseeable. Even the chair of the 9/11 Commission said that the attack was preventable.

A top NSA whistleblower says that the NSA had all of the information it needed prior to 9/11 to stop the attacks. The only reason NSA didn't share that information with other agencies is because of corruption ... in an effort to consolidate power.

In reality, widespread spying by the U.S. government on Americans began before 9/11 (confirmed here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here). And the government tapped the 9/11 hijackers’ phones, and heard the 9/11 hijackers’ plans from their own mouths.

Why didn't this stop the terror attacks?

Top security experts agree that mass surveillance is actually ineffective … and actually makes us more vulnerable to terrorism, because it distracts people and resources from tried-and-trued counter-terrorism efforts which are effective and actually work.

For example, the former head of global intelligence for the NSA – Bill Binney – says that the mass surveillance INTERFERES with the government’s ability to catch bad guys, and that the government failed to stop the Boston Bombing because it was overwhelmed with data from mass surveillance on Americans. And see this.

Binney says government officials and contractors actually don't want to solve the terrorism problem ... Because once they solve it, they don't have the "problem" to use as a basic justification to get more money (note ... the video clips below are very brief clips which are well worth watching):

Binney says "the primary reason [the government is spying on everyone] is for money and building an empire". But that - by pulling in information on all Americans - it's making us more vulnerable to terrorism:

And he says that it would be easy to audit the intelligence community to avoid corruption, fraud and waste ... but intelligence managers don't want any oversight:

It's not just Binney ... high-level NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake (and see this), NSA whistleblower Russell Tice, very high-level congressional committee security staffer Diane Roark and Edward Snowden all say that mass surveillance within the U.S. is a corrupt power grab ... not an effort aimed at stopping terrorism.

Postscript: The question of whether or not 9/11 was a false flag is beyond the scope of this post.

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Magnum's picture

Great write-up from the author GW, and a blockbuster performance in the comments by wordsmith hasbara Urban Reddnekk. This is one perfect example right here. Wow.

Urban Redneck's picture

Hey dipshit, why don't you have the balls or brains to post to me directly?

It's not like we can't all discern that you are illiterate based on that comment.

Bopper09's picture

They'll 'end' terrorism about as likely as they'll find a 'cure' for cancer.  Everything becomes SO much clearer when you follow the fucking money.

Teh Finn's picture
Teh Finn (not verified) Oct 21, 2015 1:31 PM

Way to round up the David Dukers/Pallis into one ugly Dukerstan thread.

*slow clap*

Fish Gone Bad's picture

For an experiment, let's all say that everything GW has said, and everyone who corroborated what GW said is true.  That would make everyone reading this (essentially) the smartest cows in the slaughter house. 

HoserF16's picture

All you need to know:

Enjoy and you're welcome...

bunnyswanson's picture

Does George Bush have blood on his hands?

(There's a song .  Killing Joke, featuring Yours Truly, GWB)

Able Ape's picture

When you cut the top 50' from a 300' tree, it doesn't collapse into a heap on the ground...The only thing on the ground would be the 50' cut portion...

moneybots's picture

"When you cut the top 50' from a 300' tree, it doesn't collapse into a heap on the ground...The only thing on the ground would be the 50' cut portion..."


A 110 story building is not a tree. 

MoHillbilly's picture
MoHillbilly (not verified) moneybots Oct 21, 2015 9:25 AM

I admire your effort, but, you are wasting your time here. My favorite is "Jet fuel can't burn hot enough to melt steel"  Response, take an acetylene torch, open it up full ,light it and try to melt steel. Won't do it. Now, add oxygen to the mix, okay starting to slowly get somewhere. Now add a blast of compressed air to it , cuts like butter. Wonder what kind of air blast a 757 at full speed would bring to the table? Heat and compromised metal integrity caused collapse 

AGuy's picture

Don't need to melt steel, just need to soften it. Steel starts to loose it strength at about 600F. Building also acted as a oven trapping heat in the ceiling joists. Once the ceiling joist began sagging it was all over. Once One floor collapsed the lower floors could not withstand the tremendous dynamic forces.


maxwellsdemon's picture

WTC 1 was blown out laterally; the rubble pile was  A CRATER !!!!!!!

The center of the crater was at STREET LEVEL;

WTC 7 less than half as tall as WTC 1 (and the basement was 40 feet deep compared to 60 feet deep for WTC 1) had a 60 foot tall rubble pile; pause this at 40 seconds to see how tall the WTC 7 pile was:


pause this at 1:17 seconds to see that the WTC 1 pile was  a crater !!!!!!!


The only way a crater to form would be from EXPLOSIVES BLOWING MATERIAL OUT LATERALLY



bid the soldiers shoot's picture

If a character with the monicker of maxwellsdemon is correct, then it is obvious George W. Bush did not plan 911.

In October 2000, approximately 11 months prior to September 11, 2001, Andras Szekely was collecting English Ivy cuttings at the Gomel Chesed Cemetery located at Mccellan and 245 Mount Olive Avenue, which is near the city lines of Elizabeth and Newark, New Jersey. While in the cemetery, Szekely overheard three men, speaking in Hebrew, say:

“The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September.”

It was planned well in advance of his election in November 2000.  Probably by his father, the ex Chief of CIA, George Other Bush, the Happy-Go-Lucky sky diver.

Dead men tell no tales and it was Happy Bush who wanted Saddam dead and thus unable to spill the Bush Beans about all the deals done with Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war, when he was Reagan's V.P.  Ditto Noriega whom Happy Bush was content to see wearing an iron mask in the Chateau d'If forever.

Yes, little Billy Bush had advanced knowledge of the "False Flag" attuck.

Why the fuck do you think he was under a desk in a kindergarten class in Florida?

double duh.


btw.  the twin towers false flag attack was merely the "casus belli" for the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the vanguard of the destabilization of the Middle East which began with the Syrian rebellion in 2011 and was called the "Arab Spring"





bunnyswanson's picture

Missing 2.6 trillion from Pentagon funded 911 and put into action the characters around us, acting school, agreements, pot of gold at the end of the rainbow covered in blood and tears...skits coordinated.

911 erased evidence and killed eye witnesses

A 15 min Little jiggle of memories, a recap and tune which may be about 911 but it is rap so not sure.  Well done

JEB BUSH vs DONALD TRUMP Truth 9/11 Was a Inside JOB George W. BUSH WTC / PENTAGON

Follow the money.  I personally believe buildings were erected for this reason, wipe clean traces of financial fraud in high places and take over nations.  Devious minds hard at work for centuries.  It's their Mode of Operation. 60 min Corbett Report (well done)

JEB BUSH 9/11 DONALD TRUMP - Follow The Money - 9 11 Trillions WTC

One more (10 min)  What is more important than 911?


Former George Bush Chief Economist Says 911 Was An Inside Job
Dr. Bonzo's picture

If you're raising your hopes Trump would ever support an independent investigation into 9-11 don't get your hopes up. For all his bluster and rhetoric, Trump is an insider's insider.

Ivanka married into Jew money, you can bet there won't be anything resembling an inquiry into Israel's role into 9-11 in a Trump administration. Fuggetaboutit.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Trump had better have a LOT!!! more than his opinion on this one. If he just made the comment casually he will be crucified. If he does not have more proof that a few YouTube videos he will be hounded by this for the rest of the election cycle.

If he said it and he does not get hounded...that means he has been anointed....though I do not see how a guy like Trump could make such a deal with the powers that be (since I believe he thinks he IS a PTB.)

besnook's picture

may have read it already but this is what trump knew at the time.

iAmerican's picture

Managed by Rockefeller-stooge Cheney in the WH bunker ( 9/11's false-flag terror attack was committed for false-war to shore up Rome's America-destroying FedScam, threatened by Saddam's switch to Euros, and various proposed gold-backed currencies.

Turns out mini-nukes brought down the WTC (, obviously stored at the Israeli embassy to the UN ( prior to placement and detonation.

This is why the towers vaporized and pools of molten steel took three months to cool before they could be removed: only holograms "hit" the towers (

...and "poof," papal partner banker-intermediaries Rothschilds' bff Rockefellers' asbestos-laden "White Elephant" was "gone."

The dozens of Mossad mechanics arrested on 9/11 in the area, with explosives in their possession, and deported were working in conjuction with the same Roman Catholic CIA/FBI found guilty of the murder of President Kennedy (viz. 'Hunt v. Marchetti'), to restore Rome's FedScam JFK had ended, and to keep us as papal catspaw in Indochina, reversing the presidents's NSAM263 military withdrawal order after 120 of us had died, to send 58,000 more to their graves, and millions of innocent Asians, for lies told by traitors.

Truth is of God, as too is America: by covenant and prophecy Isaiah's actual "Zion." Those who are allergic to it and The Constitution are servants of Satan, riding upon the Beast - soon, by grace, to be cast down, praise God.

snodgrass's picture

There was no radiation that would indicate that mini nukes were used. However there is a peer reviewed study showing that nanothermiites were found in the dust, proving it was a controlled demolition that brought down the towers. The planes were just a magician's trick - a diversion from the real reason why the towers fell. Same at the Pentagon. The plane heading towards it wasn't shot down because Cheney ordered it be allowed to proceed. Explosives in the building covered the plane as it flew over. A missile was launched to make it look like a plane hit the building.

iAmerican's picture

Nukes were used: - incontrovertibly. Only Hasbarah trolls, traitor disinfo agents, and 'useful idiot' morons say otherwise.

moneybots's picture

"Same at the Pentagon. The plane heading towards it wasn't shot down because Cheney ordered it be allowed to proceed. Explosives in the building covered the plane as it flew over. A missile was launched to make it look like a plane hit the building."


People saw a jetliner strike The Pentagon.

iAmerican's picture

Met one of the "government's" "official" witnesses in a completely normal social gathering at Arlington in '09 and asked the person, for history's sake, to recall the witness for me of the "plane's hitting the Pentagon."

Giving the liar's tell, averting the eyes, the person said "It happened just like they said."

A satanically-conformed, hysterical papist volitionally in league with the Roman Anti-Christ's Talmud/papist Fifth Column.

moneybots's picture

"There was no radiation that would indicate that mini nukes were used. However there is a peer reviewed study showing that nanothermiites were found in the dust, proving it was a controlled demolition that brought down the towers."


The towers fell due to out of control fires.

Heterodox economics's picture

Trump blasts both the Federal Reserve and the military-industrial complex in just a week.

Mr. Trump, I hope your personal security is top notch.


ersatz007's picture

He's gonna need his own personal NGSP - nail gun suicide patrol.

TeethVillage88s's picture

I haven't read or listened to the video and article yet.

But if you read Tom Clancy novels you would have predicted 9-11 style attacks.

It is very clear from reading the fiction, but more so when you know that Tom Clancy was called to US Congress to Testify about where he got his knowledge of US Military Systems and Doctrine.

That should be enough for a US Congressional Investigation of the Neo-CONS, their contacts, their funding, their communications, their reach into US Intelligence Agencies. Obviously this would also touch on Israel.

xavi1951's picture

BUSH DID IT!  There, can I call myself a GW fan now?

Alananda's picture

Having followed GW and his postings for some years, I note GW's unwillingness to point to the involvement of "dualies", "Israel", "Mossad", or other unmentionables in the planning and execution of 9-11, though GW like Michel Chossudovsky (, brought on line 3 days before 9-11) point finger after finger at the US for all the world's disease.  Trump and Bush RE 9-11 just more misdirection.

TeethVillage88s's picture

A good Question.


We live in a state where our statements could lead to being sidelined and ignored, but also where the propaganda is so thick the truth and questions about Israel and US Foreign Wars are rejected out of hand.

It is like a Systemic Problem that makes the heroism of whistleblowers all the more brave.

GW and others seem further down the road. So I don't have much to add.

- What is it 100 years of total State controlled Propaganda about Wars, Banking, and Corporations??

George Washington's picture

Government Officials Say 9/11 Was State-Sponsored Terrorism … But Disagree About WHICH Nation Was Behind Attacks

Personally, I believe that rogue intelligence and military officers of 3 countries worked together to carry out 9/11.  Guess which 3 ...

Goldilocks's picture

"Indeed, Al Qaeda crashing planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was itself foreseeable."

...but that's not what happened.

see the hole...

wtc woman in a hole Edna Cintron new footage (2:02) plane!

"Postscript: The question of whether or not 9/11 was a false flag is beyond the scope of this post."

...yeah. apparently.

"In reality," 911 happened b/c there was a consensus to make it happen!

SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 (1:31:43)

Dr Judy Wood : Evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11 (2:24:57)

9/11 BOMBSHELL: METHODICAL DECEPTION — Rebekah Roth (1:14:10)

Duc888's picture



Goldilocks, the Methodical Deception video is amazing.  I watched it a few weeks ago.  Jeez, that lady is tenacious, extremely thorough...

Lyman54's picture

You can use a cell phone in an airplane with no problem.  That was the first thing we tried when cell phones came out.  There is no problem at all.  Anyone with an airplane can tell you that.

bunnyswanson's picture

Theory is the jetliner was moving at such a high speed, the tower pings would be lost before another tower could pick up the signal, causing disconnects.

analyzer_66's picture

Ha ha  yeah right.  And our Air force jets routinely skip and miss out on jets that deviate, even slightly, from their flight plan routes.  And while we're at it, jet fuel burns so hot that it can melt metal, collapse buildings and leave pools of molten metal for weeks aftewrweards, just like thermite !!  Oh, and all the surveillance cameras near the Pentagon somehow missed the "plane" that crashed into the Pentagon except for one camera at a gas station that somehow, by mistake, caught 7 frames of video of a "plane" striking the building.  Oh, and one of the hijackers was granted a fireproof passport that miraculously floated down right into the hands of an FBI agent waiting in the dust below the Trade Center buildings.  Come on.

jeff montanye's picture

we can't let up.  one can argue for days about jfk and it's just not enough.  he was misunderstood and nearly half voted for richard nixon anyhow.

but 9-11 is different. thousands of everyday people were killed for moar war. it was a rather buffoonish plot with way too many moving pieces.  

it can and will be broken.

prymythirdeye's picture

Thousands of people were not killed on 9/11.  Definitely a controlled demolition in NYC but not with 3,000 people inside.  It's just not true.  Please check my links out before downvoting my comment.  And fight your cognitive dissonance with every bone in your body.

World Trade Center Occupancy FOIA 1972-2001:

What Happend To The Planes and Passengers?:



Alananda's picture

Interesting appellation you have:  Q.  Did you miss adding /sarc or not?

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

I have an excellent idea for "the Donald" as he put his foot in the middle of it most definitely by accident...

Mr. Trump "tear down this wall"!...

Sign it and give us once and for all a genuine investigation as a native New Yorker who lives within spitting distance of Ground Zero and saw the worst of it albeit from his "tower"!