US Issues Childish Ultimatum To Iraq: "It's Either Us, Or The Russians"

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At this point, it’s become difficult to keep track of the myriad embarrassments Washington has suffered since the start of Russian airstrikes in Syria. 

There’s the Russian Defense Ministry’s daily video series depicting strikes on “terrorist” targets which makes the US look incredibly inept given how little “coalition” bombing runs have accomplished over the course of more than a year. 

There’s Iran’s overt involvement on the ground which is a slap in the face for Washington as it comes just a two months after the conclusion of the nuclear deal. 

And let’s not forget about the fact that thanks to the terribly convoluted strategy Washington has attempted to implement whereby the US will i) provide behind the scenes support for Sunni extremist groups in Syria, ii) provide public support for Iran-backed Shiite militias fighting Sunni extremists in Iraq, iii) send weapons to Syrian rebels who are fighting the very same Shiite militias at Aleppo, America is literally trying to say that if you’re a Sunni extremist, you’re a friend if you’re in Syria but an enemy in Iraq and if you’re a Shiite militia, you’re a friend in Iraq but an enemy in Syria. 

Through it all, we’ve said that the ultimate humiliation would be for Russia to essentially kick the US out of Iraq. Make no mistake, the conditions are ripe for Moscow to simply muscle Washington out of the way in the country the US claims it “liberated” a little over a decade ago.

There are two main reasons why it will be easy for the Russians to move in, i) Baghdad sees that Moscow is serious about bombing ISIS and the US, for whatever reason, isn't and ii) Iran essentially controls the Iraqi army and Iraqi politics.

In short, this would simply be a sequel to the Russian-Iranian military operation in Syria and the logistics are already in place as Iran’s militias have been battling Sunni extremists in Iraq for years alongside the Iraqi regulars. The newly established intelligence sharing cell set up in Baghdad and jointly staffed by Russia, Syria, Iran, and Iraq is a precursor to what one Iraqi official hopes will be a “full-blown military alliance." 

Needless to say, the US understands all of the above and the last straw apparently came with Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi said he would welcome Russian airstrikes. This week, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, showed up in Iraq to evaluate the situation and in what can only be described as a childish display, told al-Abadi that Iraq would have to choose between the US and Russia when it comes to countering ISIS. Here’s CBS (because to fully appreciate the pettiness, you have to hear it from the Western media):

The U.S. has told Iraq's leaders they must choose between ongoing American support in the battle against militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and asking the Russians to intervene instead.


Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Tuesday that the Iraqis had promised they would not request any Russian airstrikes or support for the fight against ISIS.


Shortly after leaving Baghdad, Dunford told reporters traveling with him that he had laid out a choice when he met with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi earlier Tuesday.


"I said it would make it very difficult for us to be able to provide the kind of support you need if the Russians were here conducting operations as well," Dunford said. "We can't conduct operations if the Russians were operating in Iraq right now."


He said there was "angst" in the U.S. when reports surfaced that al-Abadi had said he would welcome Russian airstrikes in Iraq. The U.S., Dunford said, "can't have a relationship right now with Russia in the context of Iraq."


The choice given to Abadi in Iraq by Dunford on Tuesday is a clear indication that the U.S. is not willing to compete with Russia for airspace over two neighboring countries deeply intertwined in the same convoluted war.


The U.S. and Russia put into practice new rules on Tuesday designed to minimize the risk of air collisions between military aircraft over Syria.


Reuters reports that the U.S. ultimatum to Iraq puts Abadi in a difficult position, as his own country's ruling political alliance and some powerful Shiite groups have been pushing him to request Russian air support.


The news agency said a proposal to request Russian strikes had been put to Abadi last week, but that he was yet to respond.


"Abadi told the meeting parties that it wasn't the right time to include the Russians in the fight because that would only complicate the situation with the Americans and could have undesired consequences even on long-term future relations with America," Reuters quoted a senior Shiite politician close to Abadi as saying.

In other words...

So once again, it looks as though the US is in panic mode and is willing to pull out all the stops in a desperate attempt to keep the Russians from bombing ISIS in Iraq. 

There are several theories as to why Washington is so intent on keeping Moscow out. The common sense theory that requires no conspiratorial ruminations says that the US is desperate to avoid ceding Baghdad to Russia and the Pentagon knows that with Iran already effectively in control of the army and the government, Russia would find a very receptive military and political environment in Iraq. 

For those inclined to think that in addition to any initial support (i.e. funding and training prior to the official formation of ISIS), the US is still supporting Islamic State, well then the worry for Washington is that Russia simply wipes them out. 

Whatever the case, the story is ultimately the same in Iraq as it is in Syria. The US knows that Russia is effective at decimating opposition forces and for whatever reason, Washington is not keen on being a part of it. In Iraq, that unwillingness has now manifested itself in a childish ultimatum from the Pentagon to Baghdad.

Draw your own conclusions.

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wee-weed up's picture



Soooo... I wonder if this is sorta like Obozo's previous red-line...

Which was promptly stomped all over a long time ago with no repercussions.

What a fukin' pussy this man is...

They must be laughing their asses off over there at him.

Payne's picture

YES, US out of IRAQ !!!!  Iraq would be so lucky, not going to happen.

HowdyDoody's picture

The US? ... Or Russia? ... Hmmm, tricky. ... Could I have some time to think about it? Say 1 millisecond?


Motasaurus's picture

"and take your goddamn PMCs with you"

Manthong's picture

Barry to Abadi upon on learning of Vlad..


Pure Evil's picture

I get it now.

The Shia take over the Middle East, or at least effectively Syria and Iraq, while all the Syrian and Iraqi Sunni move to Europe.

Way to go USA.

johngaltfla's picture

Let's review the Iraqi options:

1. Choose the US and get a dickless short term leader who would let you get ass raped by a camel and a camel rapist from Saudi to keep your oil production at a minimum so they can keep buying American blonde fat titted whores and politicians from both parties.

2. Choose the Russians and make a lot of money, be hated by the "world" especially in the West and not get your ass raped.

Tough choice there.


Muh Raf's picture

you're either with us or you're with the terrorists... oops ... er... you're either with us or you're with the tourists no... wait... er... you're either with us or you're with the republicans, can you help me out here Bibi? what's that... okay, okay, great, got it .... you're either with us or you're with the mufti .... wait, is that with hitler or with the mufti, I forget... ah bollocks I'm not paid to think .... quick where's my golf clubs before Mike gets home with his new strapon 

MontgomeryScott's picture


The U.S. MIC Shadow Government did SUCH A GOOD JOB over there in Iraq that there can be NO DOUBT that the Iraq puppet-installed government will pick TEAM # 1, USA...

By the way, Micheal/Michelle doesn't NEED a strapon. She/he's fully equipped.

Well, I guess the nations that are 'willing' to join the NEXT COATITION of the WILLING (to fight those damned Ruskies in Syria and Iraq and Iran) are fading in to the night. Bibi, though, HE's still here (and Valerie Jarrett, and Rahm Emmanuel, and Dov Zackheim, and fucking McCain; although he's not one of the Ashkenazim tribe).


The 'spelling fairy' app just noticed that you mis-spelled the word 'terrrorrorist'. It helps if you type in the words 'yellowcake' and 'aluminum tubes' and 'weapons of mass destruction' before typing 'terrrorrorist'. 'Anthrax letters' will get you the right spelling, as well. NUCULAR. not 'nuclear'! Fool me once, um... you won't get fooled again! Where the fuck is my Nine-iron?

TheReplacement's picture

Aint none of them you named make the decisions.  They do what the bankers will finance (unless you are the CIA and have a worldwide drug cartel for covert funding). 

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

Um, hello, "...if the Russians were operating in Iraq"? Dude Mr. Pentagon Man, maybe you noticed the drones the Russians just sent whizzing across *the entire Iraqi airspace* at 100m off the ground on their way to Syria, looks like they already are "operating" in Iraq.

US decided that flinging drone bombs all over the globe was fair play and did not constitute an act of war...and hey look there are some other guys who have drones too and want to play by those very same rules. 

I can see it now: The Chinese decide the assistant mayor of Tampa, Florida is thinking about doing a terror act sometime in the future and BAM they turn his wedding party into a red mist.

RL Stevenson said "eventually everybody sits down to a banquet of consequences".

Mr. Bones's picture

Why even go on the record making the offer if the choice you don't want them to make is actually feasible, or worse, better than your own offer and the attached strings that the whole planet knows it comes with?

HowdyDoody's picture

Because the US govt is actually now so stupid it believes its own lies, namely that Russia is The Next Hitler (TM)?

Come on, Iraq. Things have gone all the way to the wire. It's time to decide. Are you with the Good Guys (TM) .... or the US??


BarkingCat's picture

He is a fucking marine. They are not known for brains.
I am sure there are a few intelligent marines but all the ones I have known were on the dumb side of the intelligence scale.

Must be why they run around yelling to each other "simplify".

chubbar's picture

The question is why  can't the US work with Russia? What is it about Russia and how they operate that is so objectionable? We now "supposedly" have a common enemy. Russia has first rate hardware and warfighting capability. So, why not team up with them?

It is finally coming out that the US had much different goals over in the ME than what they have advertised all these years. It will dawn on even the dimmest lightbulb that the only possible reason the US has to object to Russia eliminating ISIS and/or lending support to Iraq is because both of those objectives are directly against what the US is trying to achieve.

Pretty fucking sad day when the realization hits that the US is the bad guy and we are really just promoting death and destruction in order to enable us to rape and pillage other countries and their resources.

techpreist's picture

Why can't we work with the Russians? Look at it this way, JFK was the last president to suggest that we really could be at peace with the Russians, and look where it got him:

Lew Rockwell: Why Three Kennedys were assassinated

On a much less violent note, a certain AJ Spiker was quite possibly the first and only GOP state chairman to call for all GOP members of the state to demand their politicians oppose going to war, back in 2013 (Syria). Rumor has it that Governor Branstad himself was personally calling people in Mr Spiker's county, on behalf of GOP National, to get Mr Spiker out of office as fast as possible. Apparently Iowa would have lost first in the nation status otherwise.

I know this one mainly b/c we lived in the same small town, but there are numerous other examples of pro-peace people and whistleblowers suddenly being voted out of office, forced to resign, disappeared, psychologically tortured (Brad/Chelsea Manning), etc. once they present a credible threat to the MIC. It's hard to believe there are people this evil, but they not only exist, but when you see the full extent of the damage MIC, the banks, Big Ag, etc. are doing here and abroad, you will be brought to tears, and rage.

tonyw's picture

Hitler explains it


maybe you would prefer that nice polite Mr Putin calmly explaining how it is


Pumpkin's picture

What is it about Russia and how they operate that is so objectionable?


Lies and deceptions must be maintained and contained.

Nexus789's picture

Nice new embassy building  for the Russians  in Baghdad when tye US leaves.

knukles's picture

I promised to bring the troops home before I left office.  And I've kept that promise.  No longer will we bear the weary misfortune and horrors, waste of precious resources and American blood on Bush's wars.  Fore!

Hulk's picture

If Obama is elected president again, I am definitely leaving the country !!!

knukles's picture

You can shack up with Barbara Streisand.  She left after W was elected.

Progressive bud of mine went and saw her some years ago in SF.  The reviews the following day said that lots of folks just got up and walked out as she started a political diatribe.  Ruined the show.
He said that it was the best part of the evening.
Somewhat incomprehensibly, we're dear friends.  Guess he was just misguided as a child.  He probably thinks the same of me.

BarkingCat's picture

I cut ties with friends that were extreme lefties.

Occident Mortal's picture

Christmas has come to Iraq.

Mr. Magoo's picture

Only a sith deals in absolutes

TBT or not TBT's picture

And Star Wars is a childish story.  Entertaining but...turn that one around.  Jedi are then relativists without fixed principles.  

Lockesmith's picture

Perhaps, in issuing this absolute, Ben was tacitly implying his support for the dark side

Freddie's picture

What would anyone in their right mind want to be friends with the USA?

Putin generally just wants to do business with other countries. 

The USA/NWO/ZWO just want to destroy other countries, loot them and then force them to take out IMF loans to rebuild.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I agree. I see no way how this is bad for the American taxpayer or the American soldier. Time to cut out loses and move on.

Freddie's picture

He is truly evil but the Bushes and Clintons did the same damn thing in the middle east.   Mass murder of innocent people.

uhland62's picture

What they really wanted was perpetual war there for the military industrial complex and feel good about primacy, leadership etc. They did not get in to solve a problem, they got in to have another theatre of war, and when it's all looking like Dresden they look for another target. But the profits made from the destructed areas are never big enough to cover the loans - the crunchpoint will come soon because this was never sustainable.

TheReplacement's picture

In other words, this is the foreign policy equivalent of Keynsian monetary policy.  Maybe all these policies are not policies at all but a common pathology expressed in varying hues. 

Ignatius's picture

It's hard to imagine that Iraq will say, "Oh, please, don't leave. We want you here. Attack us again, that was fun!"

uhland62's picture

... not to forget that many Iraquis fled to Syria when the US bombs hit Iraq, just after the 2003 invasion. It couldn't have been so bad in Syria then. What changed? (rhetorical queston). 

Blankone's picture

No way that huge base/city is abandoned that easy.  I smell a trap.  Russia is not prepared to take on the bombing of the insurgents in Iraq at this time.  But maybe they could still do so.  If Iraq turns to Russia then perhaps the US has prepared the stage for ISIS to rush the Iraq forces along with covert opps to conduct assasinations followed with a new puppet govt.. 

Instead of letting Russia/Iran steadily push the fight into Iraq they force the events on a time frame that to the benefit of the west/ISIS.

A cleaver response would be for Iraq to openly choose Russia, declare (for safety sakes) a no fly zone over Iraq except for Russia, Russia to finally supply the S-350/S-400 to Iran and Syria along with key placements in Iraq (if Russia can defend those placements).

The US volunteered to leave so take them up on that, just avoid the political assasinations most likely already planned.

socalbeach's picture

"It's either us, or the Russians" sounds like the PR version of what was really said:

U.S. Tells Iraq: If You Ally w. Russia Against ISIS, You’re Our Enemy

Flagit's picture

So, the US it threatening to stop fucking up their country?

The inmates have long left the asylum.

Perimetr's picture

Mission F*kcing Accomplished!!

The central planners's picture

Remember when Putin warned the US about funding terrorism that it migh have blow back to them? Well this is what he was reffering to. Now it using the same excuse to muscle out US.

TheReplacement's picture

Would you rather he had a backbone and started a war with Russia?  We have enough trouble with his policies in this country.  We don't need any more real shooting wars with outsiders.

Macon Richardson's picture

Why do you presume that Obozo has any say at all in whatever decisions are made. Please pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. He's Obozo, great Oz.

freewolf7's picture

"We'll take the Russians."

Fahque Imuhnutjahb's picture

...and let slip the sniveling bastards of WOAR!!

sumo's picture

Speaking of which, we need John McCain to get over there pronto and do what he does best ... crash planes and confuse Sunni with Shia.

The Dogs of Moar's picture

There's trickery afoot.

I better let the Kremlin know.

doctor10's picture

sooo...basically in the last 12 months Obama has manged to blow out a decade of investment of American's lives, their military, world prestige and about 5 trillion dollars of her treasure.

either he has put the lie to America's middle east interests or his and his team's (including that sad former Sec State trying to defend her actions in front of that committee yesterday) incompetence transcends imagination

I am Jobe's picture

So what will happen the Yellow ribbon sales and the inbred fucks in USA chanting Support the Troops?