3 Questions They Should Have Asked Hillary About Benghazi, But Didn't (And Never Will)

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Submitted by Jake Anderson via TheAntiMedia.org,

The circus is back in town in Washington D.C. (actually, it’s part of a permanent residency), as a congressional panel spent Thursday peppering presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with questions about her role in the Benghazi consulate attack. The attack left four Americans dead, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, and has been the subject of political scandal ever since, with Republicans claiming then-Secretary of State Clinton didn’t do enough to sufficiently fortify the security detail of the consulate.

It’s pure political theater, but sadly, no one on this congressional panel will ask the real questions to which Americans deserve answers. And this is because the real scandal presents questions that can’t be asked, because the answers indict the entire U.S. government.

What was our true geopolitical motive in Libya?

At its core, the 2011 NATO-backed rebels’ deposal of Libya’s dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, involved United States foreign policy interests. As with other recent military actions in the Middle East, it is part of a deep and blood-soaked history of coups that includes no less than 35 countries.

Soon after 9/11, former General Wesley Clark was informed about a memo outlining how the U.S. government planned to “take out” seven countries in five years. Those countries included Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

According to many reports, this plan had been in the works since the 1990s, when the neoconservative think tank, Project For A New American Century which was presided over by stalwart war profiteers Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and others drew up plans for an all-out invasion of Iraq as early as 1998. This plan included comprehensive military actions throughout the Middle East, as described by General Clark.

The overthrow of Libya’s secular-Arab nationalist regime was very much a part of this geopolitical coup, a predicate of which was protecting the petrodollar (which is a term used to describe the world’s dominant reserve currency, the U.S. dollar, which is based on petroleum exports) and establishing a permanent occupying force in the Middle East. When Gaddafi announced in 2009 that he planned to nationalize the country’s oil reserves, he may have sealed his fate.

So, the question for then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be something like this: do you still support the administration’s decision to arm the terrorist group Al Qaeda (remember them?) in order to topple Gaddafi, destabilize the government, and allow the U.S. to install a puppet regime amenable to economic imperialism? The answer would not be politically expedient.

What was the role of Ambassador Stevens in supplying arms to Syria?

A wide variety of news sources have now confirmed the CIA was indeed running an arms smuggling team in Benghazi at the time the consulate was attacked. Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh, among others, dug up more of the facts about what was really going on Libya and why the matter is controversial for all the wrong reasons:

“A highly classified annex to the report, not made public, described a secret agreement reached in early 2012 between the Obama and Erdo?an administrations. It pertained to the rat line. By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria.”

So our question to Clinton would be: how would you characterize Ambassador Steven’s role in the rat line that was running guns to Syrian rebels through Libya?

Did we topple Gaddafi because he was rejecting the petrodollar and threatening to adopt a gold-based currency?

As mentioned above, the toppling of Libya’s dictator was directly related to protecting the power of the petrodollar in the Middle East. According to Anthony Wile, prior to his ousting, Gaddafi had made no secrets about introducing a gold dinar, “a single African currency made from gold, a true sharing of the wealth.”

Gaddafi possessed about 144 tons of gold and believed this gold dinar would prove to be a major financial asset as a national currency. In an interview with RT, Wile said:

“If Gaddafi had an intent to try to re-price his oil or whatever else the country was selling on the global market and accept something else as a currency or maybe launch a gold dinar currency, any move such as that would certainly not be welcomed by the power elite today, who are responsible for controlling the world’s central banks. … So yes, that would certainly be something that would cause his immediate dismissal and the need for other reasons to be brought forward from moving him from power.


“The central banking Ponzi scheme requires an ever-increasing base of demand and the immediate silencing of those who would threaten its existence. Perhaps that is what the hurry is in removing Gaddafi in particular and those who might have been sympathetic to his monetary idea.”

There is plenty of precedence for such a military-backed silencing. Many analysts believe Saddam Hussein’s intent to trade Iraqi oil in Euros instead of the dollar was the final straw before the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

In Gaddafi’s case, his overthrow may have protected our petroleum-based currency from a gold dinar alternative, but it has plunged North Africa into chaos and allowed Islamist militias to gain control over Tripoli.

So our final question to Madam Secretary Clinton (and it’s a doozy): approximately how many innocent civilians have died protecting the petrodollar?

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Fred Garvin's picture

"So our final question to Madam Secretary Clinton (and it’s a doozy): approximately how many innocent civilians have died protecting the petrodollar?"

Answer: None, anyone threatening the Petro Dollar is an Enemy Combatant!

thunderchief's picture

That disgusting look on her face, telling these shills...

"I'm your next president, what are you gonna do?"

God dam this makes me mad.  

Tonald J Drump's picture

>>>>  Hitlery : PRISON 

>>>>  Hitlery : WHITE HOUSE 2016

madcows's picture

She'll be president way before they ever put her in jail.  Hell, Lois Lerner just got off scott free.  That waste hole is so fucking corrupt she'll never even drive past a jail.  Oh, and there's at least 2mm dead people dying to cast her a few votes each.  bet on it.

Tonald J Drump's picture

yes, i realize that madcow...i'm just dreamin' , forgive me

Bobbo's picture

Why, .... of course....

Then there is this:

"What was the role of Ambassador Stevens in supplying arms to Syria?

A wide variety of news sources have now confirmed the CIA was indeed running an arms smuggling team in Benghazi at the time the consulate was attacked. ...."

As I heard it, Ambassador Stevens brokered the deal that sent two black market nuclear weapons to Japan, one of which was used by US-based organized crime to destroy Fukushima.  The other one awaits orders.

Said weapon is rumored to be ex-USSR stock.  Question is, who is the organized crime boss that called the shot?  At the time--ie. a day or two before the big wave--there was a visit to the emperor and family asking for large cash to keep the ponzi game rolling.  Emperor refused.  Bang, Spash, ... Ka-Boom, Ka-Boom, Ka-Boom!

Thus in Bengazi, Stevens was tracked down, caught, "interrogated" for a few hours to get the names of his connections, then dumped nearly dead at a hospital.  Upon admittance to the hospital for treatment of his bruises, he "died".  So, unfortunately he could not testify yesterday as to what HC knew.

On another matter, that fall and head injury that detained Ms. C.:  That was when her military helicopter fell out of the sky onto an Iranian airport prior to an arranged secret meeting to negotiate US-Iran relationships.  She was seriously injured and four people were killed (by gunfire) including the head of her security team.  What was that all about?

Just ignore the hot blowback all over the pacific rim, folks.  Nothing to see here.  Just don't eat the three-legged fish and never go swimming in Pacific.  Really, now, gotta rename that ocean.

woolly mammoth's picture

As I heard it, Ambassador Stevens brokered the deal that sent two black market nuclear weapons to Japan, one of which was used by US-based organized crime to destroy Fukushima.


Why? And you heard it from where?


Majestic12's picture

"[The only question] They Should Have Asked Hillary About Benghazi, But Didn't (And Never Will)"

"Ambassador Stevens" was a known pedophile that had his embassy staffers out soliciting young Muslim boys for sex, in addition to recruiting al qaida members for false flag destabilization of the country.

The "attacking crowd" consisted of mainly angry fathers and a handful of al qaida recruits.

Sympathy for the soldiers, but the loss of a fucking tax-paid pedophile???

That sick fuck was part of the larger "network" running the US government.

Wake the fuck up!!!!!

"Pedophiles Run the U.S Government and No One Gives a Damn"

"The People’s Campaign: The Real Hastert Case- All in One Place"

J S Bach's picture

>>>>> Hillary - Death by Assassination

>>>>> Hillary - Death by Firing Squad

A Nanny Moose's picture

Neither. Drop her in the desert with only her orange pantsuit, and 3 liters of water.

Pure Evil's picture

Not good enough.

Para drop her into an ISIS compound.

On second thought not even a sexually deranged jihadist would touch Ms. Cankles.

StychoKiller's picture

Well, you're "Pure Evil, " think up something! :>D

Two-bits's picture



And, a Trump  nomination all but secures that. The Palin strategy with his hairyness to secure her victory in November.




A new idea has germinated in my brain...With Ryan becoming the new Speaker, it is only a single dual-appearance episode to make him the incumbant come Election time...I wouldn't stand  too close to Barry if I were Uncle Joe.

WTFRLY's picture

They took Gaddafi out b/c he was standing up to the whole system, petrodollar and commodities coming out of Africa. Death to the New World Order.

optimator's picture

and how much cash did you and Sid Blumenthal make while people died and you were too busy?

WTFRLY's picture

Exactly, the whole time they keep ignoring the rat line from Libya to Syria. Whole fucking war is dirty.

White House, Media Silent One Year After Murder of US Reporter Who Exposed Western Links to ISIS

JustObserving's picture

Those questions will never be asked in a fascist, police state. The Nobel Prize Winner and NATO converted the most prosperous country in Africa into a failed state. 

Truth is treason in an empire of lies

Gaddafi's Libya Was Africa 's Most Prosperous Democracy By Garikai Chengu

|12 January, 2013| Countercurrents.org:

Muammar Gaddafi inherited one of the poorest nations in Africa . However, by the time he was assassinated, Libya was unquestionably Africa 's most prosperous nation. Libya had the highest GDP per capita and life expectancy in Africa and less people lived below the poverty line than in the Netherlands . Libyans did not only enjoy free health care and free education, they also enjoyed free electricity and interest free loans. The price of petrol was around $0.14 per liter and 40 loaves of bread cost just $0.15. Consequently, the UN designated Libya the 53rd highest in the world in human development….

Under Mr. Gaddafi, education was a human right and it was free for all Libyans. If a Libyan was unable to find employment after graduation the State would pay that person the average salary of their profession.

For millions of Americans health care is also increasingly becoming a privilege not a right. A recent study by Harvard Medical School estimates that lack of health insurance causes 44,789 excess deaths annually in America . Under Mr. Gaddafi, health care was a human right and it was free for all Libyans. ..

 When Colonel Gaddafi seized power in 1969, few women went to university. Today more than half of Libya 's university students are women. One of the first laws Mr. Gaddafi passed in 1970 was an equal pay for equal work law, only a few years after a similar law was passed in the U.S. In fact, Libyan working mothers enjoyed a range of benefits including cash bonuses for children, free day care, free health care centres and retirement at 55….


falak pema's picture

thanks once again to anti-media.org  blog to ASK the RIGHT questions.

Urban Redneck's picture

Then they should drop the amateur tinfoil hatter conspiracy crap from the third question.  The same was asked and alleged by the ignoratti with regards to Iraq and oil-for-euros under Dubya's regime.

If someone actually wanted to find something at the bottom a conspiracy rabbit hole... the might swap the last one for:

1) Did you or your staff have any contact or communications, written or oral, with anyone associated with Goldman Sachs regarding or mentioning Libya in the 6 months prior to US intervention?

2) Which donors to the Clinton Foundation did you or your staff have contact or communications with, written or oral, regarding or mentioning Libya in the 6 months prior to US intervention?

3) Where is Libya's 144 tons of gold today? (just because I'd actually like to know the answer to that one)

Bay of Pigs's picture

The fact you throw around terms like "conspiracy rabbit hole" really weakens your criticism of the article, and the questions asked.

And I think you propabaly know where the physical gold went. At least you "should" know (most likely vaulted and stored in London, and long since gone to the East via the draining hole at the LBMA). And no, that isn't a conspiracy either.

Urban Redneck's picture

"most likely" is not really compatible with actual knowledge- anyone can guess, but she should know.  Besides, once it's in the furnace, gold is fungible, so they could have used to repay a loan from the basement discount window at 33 Liberty.  I'll stand by my criticism of the article, the author deserved it with tripe like "Many analysts believe Saddam Hussein’s intent to trade Iraqi oil in Euros instead of the dollar was the final straw before the U.S. invasion of Iraq.".

Bay of Pigs's picture

I think its pretty clear Saddam Hussein would have rolled right across Saudi Arabia after he took Kuwait. That's the reason why the US intervened, not because he was trading oil in Euro's.

Speaking of "knowledge", I'm not sure what your issue is with the US military protection of the Petrodollar (USD). Been that way for decades.

Urban Redneck's picture

Protecting the petrodollar (or trying to) happens regardless of the intervention in Iraq, and in this case wasn't causal to the decision to invade.  Iraq had already been selling oil in Euros for years in 2003 (because of Saddam's earlier Kuwait adventure), and continued to do so even after the US intervened and Bremmer showed up with his combat boots and disastrous ideas.  When the Euro transition was made Iraq's oil was controlled by the UN kleptocrats responsible for the "oil-for-food" payola.  So the Euro decision wasn't even Saddam's, he could only "recommend" and not actually "approve" the change, which was ironically implemented over the express objections of lower level UN bean counters (and not so ironically by US lobbyists).  At the time of the 2003 invasion there were still tens of billions in outstanding UNCC claims to be paid before control was returned to whomever was running Baghdad, and they were eventually paid.  The cost of the US using Kuwait as a launch pad for the 2003 invasion of Iraq was that the US wouldn't seize the Kuwaiti oil, which they couldn't do anyway because the UN kleptocrats wouldn't have allowed it and had international law and public opinion on their side (absent a John Bolton renovation at UNHQ).   

UnpatrioticHoarder's picture

The 144 tonnes of gold was critical for keeping the Western financial system ponzi afloat. Gold price suppression requires new supplies. Hitler had a similar problem, that's how WWII started.

dot.dot's picture

That bitch is a witch.

Dr. Engali's picture

Of course the wars in the middle east are all about preserving the petro-dollar. Why the fuck do you think the first thing .gov did in Iraq was to fly in plane loads of FRNs? To buy up all the camels and sand? But don't hold your breath expecting your question to be asked and enjoy the show. According to Madeleine Albright, the price is worth it:




Sleepless Knight's picture

There is no such thing as a intellegence committee in DC. Just high level group therapy to show the sheep that they are doing something.

Hohum's picture

Libya, other than Benghazi, is Exhibit A as to Mrs. Clinton's incompetence.

firstdivision's picture

Last question should have been 'Since you're too weak to leave a habitual cheating husband, what makes you think you're strong enough to lead a country"  I'd pay every penny I have for that question to have been asked.

DontGive's picture

It's not cheating when half the staffers and Hillary know what's going on behind closed doors. What is "is"?

Jackagain's picture

Email that question to Trump....

Ignatius's picture

I was with ya right up to the "every penny" part.  To pay her not to speak, on the other hand....

o r c k's picture

Depends on the definition of "habitual".

dot.dot's picture

Agreed.  A follow-up question could be "What can you tell us about Bill's trips to pedophile Island?"

Dick Buttkiss's picture

She's too power addicted to even think of leaving a sitting or former POTUS.  And she is as sociopathic as any sitting or would-be dictator.

A truly soul-less human being.

Assuming human even applies at this point.

loveyajimbo's picture

Make it real simple... Hilly-Roid has already admitted to enough to have her Secret Clearance revoked... this would render her inelgible to become President.  Thus would end the candidacy of the most malignant POS swine in the history of US politics (Yes, Bath House Barry is close, he is definately #2, just smell him).

11b40's picture

On a technical note, where does it say you have to pass a security clearance to be President?  I don't recall ever seeing a word about it. 

Who was the first President to have to get a clearance from some intelligence agency after being elected by the people?

Answer - It has never happened.  The Preisent's security clearance comes from the people, as does members of Congress, who also do not have to get a pass from the FBI, CIA, or any other Doo-dah agency.

combatsnoopy's picture

Sad since we're referring to the COMMANDER IN CHIEF.   I think they all should be required, since the military is.  

11b40's picture

You probably ought to give that a little thought, or don't you think the intelligence agencies have enough power?

There would also be a little matter of amending the Constitution. 

Duc888's picture



"On a technical note, where does it say you have to pass a security clearance to be President?  I don't recall ever seeing a word about it. "


Your right in a sense.......... but King O can't even pass RealID.  Technically he couldn't get a job at Sears loading dishwashers onto the delivery trucks.

Hubbs's picture

I even wonder about the 9-11 issue that Jeb Bush may want to keep quiet about, and not try to defend his brother W, nor bring up the issue of national security again. If Trump brings up the issue of 9-11 too often, he may (deliberately?) awaken a sleeping giant (of conspiracy) that will show that indeed George W Bush et all have been involved in even bigger conspiracy.


It is hard to believe that for now at least, Trump goes along with the party line that the Terrorists (Saudis/Al Queda ) were behind 9-11. He must know that it was an inside job. If Trump were to get to ruffled, would he start challenging the whole 9-11 story to weaken Jeb Bush? assuming Jeb Bush is the establishment's to be a ppointed president vs appointee Hillary Clinton.


Hilliary and Bill have the Banks behind them for rescinding Glass Stegall and making Student loans non dischargable which may be why Biden decided to not run-he had no support of the banks who are supporting either Bush or Hillary.

11b40's picture

Glass-Stegall, yes.  Student loans, no, not unless Clinton was President in 1976.


"Student debt cannot be “discharged” – that is, voided by a judge and removed from the borrower’s legal obligations – under current bankruptcy laws except in rare, extreme circumstances. Those laws date to 1976, when Congress decided that allowing student debt to be dischargeable would encourage graduates to declare bankruptcy without ever trying to repay their loans. In the decades since, bankruptcy rules for student loans have grown so strict that the debt may follow borrowers to the grave, as it did with Jermaine Jones in 2009 and Freddy Reynoso in 2008. Gambling and credit card debts are treated more favorably in bankruptcy than are student debts."



wmbz's picture

The CACKLING CUNT could have walked into the hearing with a bucket of shit and flung feces all over the place and nothing would have been done.

The ass licking MSM would hail her actions as heroic.

It is the most dangerous and sicking circus in the country.

Yet once again the brain dead Amerikans will vote for a new slave master! And cheer about it!

The USA was lost long ago.

Oldballplayer's picture

You said someone had to pick up the guns that were laying around everywhere.

Where are they, how many did we pick up, and how did they get where they are now?


Also, you said that "You" went through the SB emails and decided what was good or bad.  But previously you said that your lawyers did that, and that you did not know the 'criteria' for said decision making.

Were you lying then, or are you lying now?

SmallerGovNow2's picture

yes and yes, whenever you see the cunts mouth move, she's lying...

Oldballplayer's picture

I called her a cunt the other night and my wife freaked.  Not because I called Hillary a bad word, but my wife hates the word cunt.  So I asked her if twat would work.  Nope.


I settled on decaying, putrified, gash,

11b40's picture

Hard to believe you actually have a wife, as it is with many little stunted men here who just love an opportunity to exhibit their misogynistic skills.  There seems to be no hatred greater than the hatred directed at highly intelligent and skilled women by some of you boys.

Now, I don't care for either 'party'.  Anyone who watched much of the spectacle yesterday and still believes in one or the other party is seriously deficient in analytical skills.  It does occur to me, however, that the mention of either Pelosi or Clinton brings out a howling pack of posters who sound like their mental & social development stopped at about 13.  I personally find it amusing that the loudest uproar is directed at these 2, as they consistently kick the asses of their Republican counterparts.  I can imagine the down votes now, but this has nothing to do with liking or not liking either of these 2 women, or agreeing with their positions.  It is just fact that they make the men look bad, and the harder the men try, the worse they look, as they are reduced to name calling and slander by their frustration at being beaten time and again  Pelosi, for instance, knows how to manage her side of the aisle, while the other side can't even find a leader.