Individualism Vs Sacrificial Collectivism

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Free, competitive markets have been the engine for both freedom and prosperity. In addition, free market capitalism is morally based on the principle of individual rights to life, liberty and honestly acquired property, in which all social relationships require the voluntary and mutual consent of the participants.

Private property rights are central to the free society. The most fundamental private property right is the right of each person to own himself – his mind, his body, his peaceful actions, and the fruits of his efforts either on his own or in interaction with others.

The opposite of owning yourself is slavery. Under a slave system some individuals assert the right to own and control the actions of others under the threat or use of force. The slave lives and works for and obeys the commands of another human being with violence the ultimate instrument of control.

Slavery in All Forms is the Opposite of Freedom

For the friend of freedom, it does not matter whether the slave-master is one private individual on his own, or a private group or gang imposing their coercive rule on a number of others in society. Nor does it matter if the group is a political collective that imposes its will on another segment of the society based upon a “democratic” decision-making process.

Regardless of the institutional circumstance and situation under which one person is made to live and work (completely or partly) for another, it remains a total or partial restraint on the individual’s right to live his own life as he sees fit for the purposes that he considers of value and of importance so he may give meaning and possible happiness to his existence.

Critics of this “individualistic” understanding of freedom and its opposite often brand such a perspective as “selfish” or “egotistical.” If to say that an individual should be treated and respected as an end in himself and not the compelled pawn or a tool to serve the ends of another is selfish or egotistical, then the very definition of liberty – if liberty is to mean anything – cannot be separated from the person’s right to be self-oriented.

Individualism vs collectivism picture

Collectivist Confusions and Misconceptions

There is no collective mind, or body, or purpose. The fact is, the world is comprised only of individuals. What often causes confusions and misconceptions is that individuals are born into families, grow up in communities, and live their lives in arenas of societal interaction and association.

And due to this many of the beliefs, values, and purposes we hold as individuals have been taken as our own from the surrounding people, groups, and communities of others with whom we have grown into adulthood.

We find ourselves holding many of the same beliefs, values and purposes as many of the others around us. They are the commonly shared and taken-for-granted ideas, ideals, attitudes, and presumptions about “the way things work” and how things are or supposed to be.

Yet, nonetheless, unless and until those beliefs, values and purposes become accepted and motivating for each and every individual influenced by them, they have no effect or power over him.

These beliefs, values and purposes seem to be outside and independent of ourselves, with a seeming life and reality of their own; an transcendent entity of some sort that defines who and what we are, and outside of which our individual life seems to have neither existence nor meaningful orientation.

Philosophers have referred to this as the “fallacy of misplaced concreteness.” To assign physical or some other objective reality to an idea or concept that is used to categorize or classify a series of beliefs, attitudes, or other characteristics that a group of individuals are postulated as possessing in common and which are then is used to define who and what those individuals are, and outside of which those people have no real existence.

Soviet Collectivism and Social Class-Based Sacrifice

If this seems rather abstract or amorphous, the seeming reality of such a transcendent collective entity into which we are born and live out our lives, and for which we are expected to serve and sacrifice has been used as the basis for some of the most manipulative and brutal ideologies of our times.

Marxian socialism conjured up the image of everyone in society divided into “social classes” defined by whether they privately owned the means or production or sold their labor services to those private owners. It was insisted that these two “classes” of people were in irreconcilable antagonism and conflict with each other over the control and use of the land, resources and capital equipment without which needed and desired goods and services cannot be produced.

In this Marxian world, the property-owning capitalists were the exploiters of the workers, who were deprived of part of what they produced. The Marxian socialists portrayed the human condition under capitalism as a great morality play between the exploited and the exploiters.

By definition, anyone in the other “social class” was an inescapable “enemy” of everyone one in your own social class. The Marxian ideologues leading the socialist revolutions of the twentieth century often viewed themselves as, or at least took on the public mantle of appearing to be, secular prophets bearing sword and fire to cleanse the world of the exploiters denying “social justice” to the greater part of humanity.

To cleanse the world not only were tens of millions condemned to death through execution, torture, slave labor, or starvation, but also all members of the righteous “workers’ class” had the obligation to live, work and obey the revolutionary leaders claiming to speak for the good of “humanity” as a whole.

To not do so, to not sacrifice, work, and live for the socialist collective was a sign that one was a “wrecker,” an “enemy of the people,” or an agent of the “class enemies” trying to undermine or destroy the great socialist revolutionary cause. (See my article, “The Human Cost of Socialism in Power.”)

Soviet Sacrifice in Forced Famine

Nazi Collectivism and Race-Based Sacrifice

The other great and destructive twentieth century manifestation of this fallacy of misplaced concreteness was the racial ideology of the National Socialist (Nazi) movement in Germany. Human identity as a biological and social being was determined by one’s genetic make-up, with the defining characteristic of who and what you were being based on “the blood” that flowed in your veins.

Nazism was an outgrowth of the eugenics movement that asserted that what a person is, was dictated by their genetic make-up. But this was not only a matter of the physical characteristics that one inherited from one’s ancestors through one’s parents. No, it was claimed that genetics also was a, if not “the,” defining basis of personality and behavioral proclivities.

Thus, whether one was prone to be a murderer or a malcontent or a moocher on others could be predicted by one’s biological ancestry. Thus, the “sins” of the father and the mother could be predicted to fall upon the children through genetic transmission. The conclusion was that the spreading of the “bad seed” to future generations could be contained through compulsory sterilization and through managed sexual bleeding to create a biologically and socially superior human type. (See my article, “The Nazi Connection.”)

Hitler and the National Socialists defined “the Germans” as the superior and “master” race in physical, mental and social characteristics; they then proceeded to classify all other “races” in descending order of “purity.” Of course, the “Jews” were placed at the lowest level, as sub-humans portrayed as vermin and rats threatening to biologically and socially undermine and destroy German genetic superiority through interbreeding and social penetration of German society.

In the name of racial purity and protection, all those that the National Socialists classified as “Jews” had to be eliminated. Both German and Jew was defined and identified by pseudo-biological characteristics – the shape of one’s nose, the slope and size of one’s forehead or earlobes, the religion of one’s ancestors as indication of one’s genetic inheritance, and one’s attitude and allegiance and loyalty to the Nazi ideology.

Six million Jews, three million Poles, half a million Gypsies, over ten million Russians and Ukrainians and Byelorussians, were sacrificed at the altar of Nazi racial collectivism. Plus hundreds of thousands of others who fell under Nazi control during the war.

But neither were racially pure Germans exempt from the commanded sacrifice. As the Second World War was reaching its end in Europe in April 1945, Hitler said to Albert Speer, his favorite prewar architect and wartime Minister of Munitions, that if the Germans lost the war they will have failed their “fuhrer,” and had shown their racial inferiority in comparison to the victor to the East (the Russians); the German people will have forfeited their right to exist and should perish in the rubble and ashes of the aftermath of the war.

If Soviet collectivism is estimated to have required the sacrifice of upwards of 68 million lives to build the “bright future” of Marxian socialism, and if Nazi collectivism imposed the sacrifice of as many as 25 million lives in the name of pursuing a racially pure, German-dominated Europe, we continue to see the effects of the fallacy of misplaced concreteness in our contemporary world today.

Collectivism - One Execution Away from Utopia

Islamic Collectivism and Faith-Based Sacrifice

The world has been seeing the return of violent religious fanaticism in the form of Islamic extremism. It has been captured in the imagery from the Middle East in the form of the Islamic State, though it is certainly not confined to this one variation of religious collectivism.

Are you Muslim or are you not? Do you follow the asserted correct reading of the Koran, or not? Are you willing to kill and die in pursuit of the earthly fulfillment of God’s will and purpose?

All non-believers are to be either converted or threatened with death in a multiple of cruel and brutal forms – thrown off a rooftop, beheaded on social media, burned alive in a cage, or shot in acts of mass execution with the victims thrown into rivers until the water runs red. Or forced into slavery for compulsory labor and/or sexual abuse.

And if you are a “believer” it has to be the right belief system of ideas, practices, and rituals within the Islamic faith, otherwise one is condemned to the same fate as the infidel, the non-believer.

The Islamic collectivism of religious sacrifice requires not only the non-believer to forfeit his life if he does not accept, believe and follow the “true” faith, the believer must rigidly limit his life to the practice and performance of all that is expected and demanded from a member of the community of Islam.

The individual has no right to live, act, or believe other than what the voices who claim to speak for God declare to be the path to righteousness in this life and after. The individual’s mind and body have no existence outside of the prescriptions of Islamic dogma; one is a human cog in the cosmic wheel of God’s purpose as God’s voices on earth dictate your place in the greater and higher cause of the “pure” faith.

In all of these variations on the collectivist theme, the individual is considered “selfish” or “egotistical” if he refuses to accept and act within the confines of the group identity that others conceptually impose on the world and to which he is demanded and commanded to conform under threat of punishment for refusing to sacrifice for a purpose or cause not of his own making or acceptance.

Individualism the Enemy of All Forms of Collectivism

This is why all forms of collectivism – philosophical, religious, political, or economic – reject and condemn all philosophies of political and economic individualism. Philosophical individualism argues that “society” – any formed and continued association of people for shared or mutually advantageous purposes – does not exist and does not have a reality independent of, or separate from, the individual human beings who comprise the participants in these associative relationships.

Political individualism insists that nations and states do not have an existence independent from or superior to the individuals who may be members of a particular nation-state. The purpose of the political authority is to secure and protect each individual’s right to his life, liberty and honestly acquired property (i.e., property acquired through peaceful production and voluntary exchange).

Government’s purpose is not to make the individual a slave or a sacrificial animal to some declared “higher cause,” because there are no higher causes separate from the purposes, values and goals that individuals choose for themselves and non-violently pursues through their actions and interactions with others.

Economic individualism emphasizes that production, work, and creative and innovative entrepreneurial discovery are the results of individual effort and imagination. The “nation,” the “society,” does not produce, work or create. Individual human beings do these things and they do not happen separate from these individual actions and activities.

Economic individualism explains that order and coordination of the actions of multitudes of tens of millions of people do not required government central command or regulatory dictation or direction. From the time of Adam Smith, economic individualists have shown that a system of individual rights, voluntary exchange, and associative interdependence through division of labor – what Adam Smith called a “system of natural liberty” – brings about self-interested incentives and opportunities for individuals to mutually improve their own lives through a network of trades and transactions that rebounds to the benefit of all, without the imposed and compulsory political hand of governmental control.

Philosophical, political and economic individualism, rightly understood, is the ethical and practical bulwark against collectivism and its demands for compulsory sacrifice for imaginary “higher goods” or “greater causes” that justify the denial or reduction of human freedom to the limits of what the collectivist controllers permit.

The philosophy of individualism is the foundation of a free society; it is the basis of a community of men that does not require or demand the sacrifice or enslavement of some for the one-sided benefits of others. Individualism is the premise of a morality for mankind that recognizes and respects the liberty and dignity of every human being. It is the ethical philosophy of freedom.


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BaghdadBob's picture

We are the Borg.....

cheka's picture

under that theory, wouldn't tens of millions of people be better off if a few thousand disappeared?

GernB's picture

The Borg weren't big on theories.

15horses1donkey's picture

Every time I wear a bluetooth mobile phone handsfree I become the borg. Others remind me of this.


Well, maybe not the Borg - but you do expose yourself to more electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation than is necessary.

snodgrass's picture

There were no six million Jews who died under the Nazis. However, 20 to 60 million Russians DID die under Jewish Bolshevism.


Professor Emeritus Joseph Levitt Canadian History Department University of Ottawa fought on the beeches of Normandy during the D-Day landing, and he assured me that six million Jews were exterminated by Hitler. Joe is dead now, but he was an influential figure in my life when I was growing up. I have never doubted that six million Jews were exterminated by Hitler and the SS. Denial of that fact is offensive to Jews, and myself, plus millions of others.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) MASTER OF UNIVERSE Oct 24, 2015 11:44 PM

People these days have no direct proof or personal experience with any of that.  They have no evidence that would cause them to believe anything they are told in general.

It's not surprising that old tales are rejected these days.  Right or wrong. 

GernB's picture

And thus they don't see the relationship between the progressive movements and The Nazi movement.

snr-moment's picture

Hey, there has to be some pay off for taking over higher .edu

snodgrass's picture

NO doubt that's how he got and kept his job. By spouting the party line. He's not alone. There are plenty of paid hacks like your friend. The Red Cross regularly visited the camps. They didn't see any gas chambers or notice large numbers of people dying of anything other than typhus. That was the reason for the Zyklon B, the shaving of heads and taking people's clothing away. Neither Eisenhower nor Churchill mentioned anything about any such holocau$$t taking place in their memoirs. The myth of six million Jews is just that - a myth to establish Israhell and to replace Christianity with the worship of Jews who think they are gods on earth. Another thing. People who have died of Zyklon poisoning would be pink in color. Where do you find it mentioned that those bodies found in the graves were pink. Instead they showed all the signs of having died of typhus. It's amazing how people can believe in things when there's absolutely no evidence to sustain it. But I thank the dumbed down schools for training people in believing instead of thinking. Either you're a shill or just another dumbed down member of the public.

StolenFuture's picture

OK, let's take it that all, or even most, of those that died in concentration camps died of communicable diseases. The very fact that all of those people were herded into such conditions by the Nazi government means they were essentially murdered by the regime, especially once the conditions were discovered. Same difference, in my book.

snodgrass's picture

First six million did not die. Second, there was no policy of exterminating the Jews. Third, Most of those who did die in the camps of disease, starvation towards the war's end etc. were not Jews. Fourth, Jews have turned their phony holocaust into a reparations racket and have extracted billions from Germany. Recently Obama decided to give "survivors" money as well. If the Nazis were so good at killing people, who are all these survivors. I'd suggest you read the book The Holocaust Industry if you want to know more. There were also many Jews in Hitler's military - generals, etc. Read Hitler's Jewish Soldiers. I'm tired of arguing with people who either can't read or won't read. Fuck you.

roddy6667's picture

You are talking to the sheeple and contradicting what their Zionist handlers have told them.

The Wizard's picture

The most prolific historian of that period based on his collection of first hand evidence is David Irving. Gathering first hand testimony is how history is supposed to be written. I don't thiink David would apologize for his evidence being offensive to you.

I would suggest reading his books, Hitler's War and Churchill's War. In order to understand WWII one has to have knowledge the previous bankster war called WWI.

roddy6667's picture

How does being in Normandy make him an expert on something that happened (or didn't) somewhere else? And why do you believe this? There are people who landed on the beach at Normandy that believe a 2000 year old Jewish zombie that walks on water and  performs magic tricks will return from the dead and the world will end.

Whowould believe that?


When Joe made sure I knew that six million Jews were genocided in the Second World War he looked me straight in the eyes to make sure I was getting what he was telling me. When a man that fought on the beaches of Normandy looks you straight in the eyes you get the sneaking suspicion that he is telling you the truth, believe me. Moreover, Joe was a top-notch academic Canadian Historian. His work on Canadian historiography was extremely thorough given the peer-review he was subjected to in CANADA. Joe got his PhD from UofT which is a fairly reasonable Ivory Tower as Ivory Towers go. He was an honest gentleman, and a real stickler for knowledge of history because he had twenty million students that would frag him in an instant if he fucked up in any way. Joe was always on top of subject matter in historiography.


Joe was an agnostic Jew. I, for one, very much believe in Jesus Christ, but my belief in Christ stems from Medicine proper. Furthermore, as metaphysicians go, Jesus Christ was the first Physician if one follows Christian Antiquity, Metaphysics, or Hermeneutics.

Dr. Engali's picture

As long as a society is tied to a debt based monetary system they are all slaves no matter what sort of illusion of freedom they live under.

GernB's picture

The debt based monetary system is a symptom of the problem. It was constructed to allow allow the voting public to elect people who control who wins and who losses. It is a collectivist mechanism at its core.

two hoots's picture

Individualism is hard to find after one has been conditioned by:   a nations one currency, its religion(s), language, security, pledges, constitutions, interstates, borders, laws, sports, flags, marriages, families, relations, inoculations, "public" education, etc. all collective stuff.  One discovers/finds that what ever remains is a violation of something/someone.   Individualism is mostly found (these days) in one's mind. 

StolenFuture's picture

Ironically, that's the only place it really belongs.

theallseeinggod's picture

Ideas that make people die for the elite are always collectivist. It's always for the greater good and collectivism is the extreme of this greater good.

Give up. Reality is not scientific nor even mathematical.'s picture
Give up. Reality is not scientific nor even mathematical. (not verified) theallseeinggod Oct 25, 2015 8:58 AM

Collectivism represents a real problem for the philosophical notion of any supposed human divined intelligence.

This is because collectivism is more efficient and more dominant in any human social struggle.

From drug gangs to the Bolsheviks and the two major U.S. political parties, it's obvious our philosophical notion of human intelligence has a pretty disgusting fly in the ointment.

So, don't try and impress me with your intelligence.  Impress me with your knowledge of the severe limitations of it.

nmewn's picture

Say, this would be a great time to "collectivize" health care, the national debt, retirements, energy, maybe implement some speech codes & etc...don't you think? ;-)

DaddyO's picture

Let's throw in a totalitarian police state that seeks to disarm anyone who poses a threat to the status quo and I think we have the makings of a perfect society.


two hoots's picture

Free at last, free at last


Skip's picture

Greg Johnson:

More childish hyperbole of the Ayn Rand variety. White Nationalists are collectivists, inescapably, because whenever the common good conflicts with individual interests, the common good must prevail. Capitalism puts private interests before the common good, thus breaking down all national and racial identity. The childish hyperbole is the assertion that White Nationalism thus entails some sort of Communist, collectivist dystopia as hatched in the febrile mind of Alissa Rosenbaum. Even National Socialist Germany was a capitalist society in the sense that there was private ownership of the means of production, individual initiative, etc. It was socialist only to the extent that private interests had to give way when they conflicted with the common good. Thus businesses could not ship jobs overseas to the non-white world or import non-white workers to depress the wage scale. As for individualism, Hitler’s comments in MEIN KAMPF on the importance of personality (meaning individual differences) as well as race make it clear that he understood that the fountainhead of creativity in culture, science, and industry is individual genius. Thus a healthy society gives the greatest possible latitude and support for talented individuals — as long as they do not conflict with the common good. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. National Socialism might as well be called National Capitalism, since it is socialist only in the ethical sense of placing the common good above private interests when the two conflict, but it is not socialist in the economic sense of nationalizing the means of production and imposing a centrally planned economy.

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Skip Oct 24, 2015 11:46 PM

The "common good" is but the will of a tyrant.  You simply offer more proof that the author is correct about misplaced realities in the heads of collectivists.

GernB's picture

Society can't be healthy. It has no health aside from the health of its individual members. Sacrificing individuals for the collective good is just proof the collective is morally bankrupt. Your argument is essentially that it is morally just that individuals be slaves to society.

Urban Redneck's picture

Society can be healthy (or sick).  The author's framing of the narrative as a conflict between collectivism and individualism might be due to the cognitive limits of his perceived audience, or his own, but it is not correct.  

The conflict is actually between forced collectivism and voluntary collectivism.

Society is by nature and definition a collectivist endeavor.  The issue is the nature and mechanisms of the sacrifices of its members. 

How many stackers mine 100% of their gold?  Does some keyboard commando prepper with fantasies of a Mad Max dystopian future and self perception as some Rambo archetype really stand a chance against even a platoon of voluntary collectivist bandits, much less the forced collectivists of the State?

Look at the difference in outcomes between the Waco siege in 1993 and the Bundy ranch siege in 2014... without voluntary collectivism Cliven Bundy would have been barbecued.


froze25's picture

Voluntary collectivism is just another phrase for cooperation of like minded people.

Urban Redneck's picture

Exactly, the problem is that thanks to the dumbed down citizenry and rise of the FSA mentality, modern discussion of individualism tends to focus on rights while ignoring the corresponding responsibilities.   

snr-moment's picture

So those engineers laid off thanks to the H1-B program were for the common good?  It's good to be the king!

snr-moment's picture

Such tripe.  Another piss poor analysis from someone with a chip.


"Even National Socialist Germany was a capitalist society in the sense that there was private ownership of the means of production, individual initiative, etc. It was socialist only to the extent that private interests had to give way when they conflicted with the common good."


So, the common good was starting and then losing WWII.  When is it my turn to define the common good?

snr-moment's picture

"National Socialism might as well be called National Capitalism, since it is socialist only in the ethical sense of placing the common good above private interests when the two conflict, but it is not socialist in the economic sense of nationalizing the means of production and imposing a centrally planned economy."


And this merely reflects a realization that you cannot achieve lofty, er goals, under collectivism.  Good luck escaping your programming.

Nobody's picture

The Nazi party instituted universal health care, centralized control of education, and the nationalization of transportation among many other aspects of German society. Owners of industry had to be card carrying members of the party in good standing (read monetary contributors).
High ranking members of the party from Hilter on down repeatedly remarked on their hatred of capitalism.
Your premiss is very wrong and your slap at Ayn Rand juvenile.

besnook's picture

it isn't that complicated. man is a hybrid pack/herd animal. man naturally looks for a pack to join and raise a family within. the herd is made up of all these packs and then there are all these different herds essentially competing for the same space and resources. in all these cases the individual is looked upon with suspiscion just as any other outsider would be looked upon. the individual is the odd man out. he may be the oddest man out.

designing a .gov that [protects this person protects all people. the insurmountable problem is convincing the herd that protecting the worst of us is the best way to protect all of us from the powers of .gov.

two hoots's picture

for clarity, is the worst of us defined as the odd man out?

StolenFuture's picture

Nah, that's usually the one trying to convince us that it's in our own interest to protect him. The worst rise to the top.

besnook's picture

in any system that depends upon a high level of conformity to function smoothly disruptions cause tension. a nonconforming individual causes tension. he doesn't fit in by his choice or the pack/herd's choice. he is the odd man out. he is bad. he is the worst of us.

Aquarius's picture

Indeed, The Individual walks his own path, as it has been said, and is the enemy of the Collective. A society is not necessarily a Collective, but can be morphed into a Collective through "Tribal Nationalism"; an Universal Principle.

The Collective demands sacrifice; your Sacrifice and offers a Theme, a Belief, a false Myth for those who eslave themselves to the Collective; Eric Hoffer called them: "True Believers".

In analogy, it is as if you check in your Operating System when joining the Collective, an they replace it with a RISC system - limited and constrained, to support this Collective to death. You get the Dogma and the Rites; you obey and believe.

One is born an individual naturally and creatively but immediately upon the moment of birth, he is captured and immersed into the propaganda of the insane:

Three Principles:

  1. Obey and Believe the Collective, at all times
  2. Pay your Taxes and then die, fucker,
  3. Protect the Collective, at all times.

The Hero (Joseph Campell) needs to take a Journey, in Risk, alone. If he/she finds himself/herself, this is Providence. If not, this is Destiny; too bad, but you tried and this is all that counts; For Better of for Worse. Up to You.

I have wondered why, all my life: My response to date:


The Force Awakens (forgive me the dramatic borrowed but it seems appropriate)

Credit to Lucas Films.

It starts to appear to me that the concept of One Supreme God (Egypt ~1300 BCE / India Circa 8,000 BCE) had an amazing impact on humanity.

Simple really; this idea froze, or manipulated, naturally, the minds of the proto-humans to an external, single projected focus point which appears to me to be the stimulus for pursuing Technology, which really did not exist much at that time, especially in language; as it remains today, but this is now obviously changing, on a global scale.

I am speaking, in general, but by this shift, the gaze of Humanity from "the Gods", all of them (multiple causal energies believed to be creative, maternal and paternal, eg rain, storm, crops, fire, death, thunder, etc., etc.), to a single point of reference, from where humanity began a new cognitive behavioural agenda; it lost the ability to comprehend holistically. It became reductionist, specialized and compartmentalized; destructive, duplicitous and irrational. Here is then, Julian Jaynes grande Opus, 'The Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind and the Birth of Consciousness'.

This major shift in coogntive order and organization, has caused the gaze of the individual enquiry mechanism to be disrupted from matters of Universal enquiry as well as, from enquiry into self. Man is a delicate creature; his evolution is towards Spiritual Intellest which has nothing to do with Intelligence; Mind alone evolves.

I have written for many years now that the cycle of Life evolves from a singularity to complexity and then onwards to a qualitative simplicity and so forth. A qualitative simplicity is a Symbol (R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz), dense with organized and indexed complexity, which impacts upon the wide yet full Spectrum of Human consciousness at its evolutionary stage, satisfying all of the similar natures, in all dimensions; this 'sensed' stimulation being due to the natural processes of complicit evocation.

I say this and posit here, that this focus is now dismantling; unraveling; it is becoming undone; the Internet is providing wide horizons and hence many yet unconsidered questions; the gaze of humanity is seeking the horizon and beyond; indeed, the Universe and its Principles. Humanity is looking around, outward and inward while lsong its focus upon the singularity. The Human Mind, appears to be commencing to function again, in volume. 

I believe that we are entering a new scientific Age of Consilience, where knowledge is a Unity; that is to say, knowledge is coming together. Well, over the next 3,500 years or so.

Yes, what is happening in the Middle East, and elsewhere, is the destruction of those focal points amongst the popular intensities of huge populations. Institutional Religion, their Politcal Cults and Sects are beginning to dissipate (and not before time either) to be replaced by a more Universal perspective and bias.

Power is an entity in its own Right; a life form but no human. Power is numercially dependent. Power is a politicalized Cult and built upon a captured belief belonging to a culture, a tribe; a Society. Empire is Power. Power is self centred and can be defined as a single celled Amoeba - much like a cancerous parasictical virus that destroys its host. Power has one agenda- self survival and its strategy to attain this immortality, is Growth.

Ignore Power and it dies; this is the only antidote.

Government is Power; it is always growing. No matter how you Vote, Government ie Power, always wins.

References: Julian Jaynes, The Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind and Birth of Consciousness.

Consilience: Edward O. Wilson

Rene A. Schwaller de Lubicz

Hannah Arendt

Genesis:  Adam and Eve, the Solar Temptation - Dr. P. Engel The metaphysics of Man and the evil of the Collective. (my interpretation).

Joseph Campbell

And all those Giants that went before me. Courage is the Volitile Will to find and acknowledge yourself.

Ho hum




Aquarius's picture

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation." - Thoreau

palmereldritch's picture


Joseph Campbell's 'lingua franca' was the JUNGIAN Hero and the Collective CONSCIOUSNESS and you will have to delve into that specific concept not your misleading pseudo-Communist labels and past the general Egyptian mythology (being a derivative of Babylonian mythology...being a derivative of Sumerian history) unless you want to be left just holding a bag of magic beans...

but as Thoreau would say...'Talk to the cabin in the woods...'

Aquarius's picture

"....because quite frankly buying into this central bank-driven mania confirms most investors are from another planet bereft of common sense..." Tyler Durdan

Are you from another planet also?

Ho hum

Aquarius's picture

Screams of Heinous and hysterical Laughter (SOHAHL)


The EU doesn't recognise democratic elections- Who would of guessed?

Power is in Control so screw everybody - The Banking System is hungry.

Portugal? Will NATO start bombing to protect the citizens?

Will the "moderate terrorists" be redirected to Portugal as refugees?

When does the US start dropping arms and Toyotas?

These Clowns just can't help themselves - probably because they all come from other planets - or that is their excuse; More like their programimed risc chips got fried.

Naked "True Believers". This is really funny.



Aquarius's picture

In addition: Portugal

"This serves as a warning that whatever form of government we attempt to create, it will always try to preserve its own self-interest. "

Of course, Power is an entity of itself; it is government and no matter how you vote or what you say, only government wins. Government doessn't give a shit about YOU because it is NOT HUMAN.

Power is a parasitical Predator that feeds on Humanity.

When will we ever learn:

Man does not Manage his own affairs, as he Kneels before Power.

Ho hum